What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Xiao Zhang’s exclusive back to kill

Qing Lingzi, now also known as Tao Zhimo, this name is the name this woman once used in the land of wind and dust , Qing Lingzi felt that it was not bad, so he took it and walked around the world.

But now Qing Lingzi has encountered one of the most terrifying setbacks in his life. The place where he hid treasure has now become a large shopping mall. in the long river.

He could feel his darling down here, but where exactly it was was not so real.

So he stood in front of this mall and racked his brains, recalling all the memories of the two people he had met before, and finally came to a conclusion, that is to find a way to find a job here, and then in little by little Locate your baby.

This place is too big, and the two thousand years of the blue sea turned into mulberry fields is too terrifying, Qing Lingzi remembered that there was once a lake here, and there was a huge rock beside the lake that could not be moved by man. , Judging from the size and material of the stone, Qing Lingzi believed that this thing would remain even after eternity.

But now come over and take a look, let alone the stones, the lake is gone.

It is necessary to dig a box within a radius of five miles, and there is no reference object. It is very difficult to operate by only one person, and it can even be said to be impossible.

But without those treasures, Qing Lingzi would hardly have any potential to turn around, because he is incomplete, he is incomplete!

“Zhao Gao, I am your ancestor!”

Qing Lingzi cursed silently, if it wasn’t for the eunuch he believed in Zhao Gao back then, how could it be based on his cultivation base Falling into this field, it is even more impossible to be pulled into Earth Palace by a few trifling soldiers and buried alive.

But now two thousand years have passed, Zhao Gao’s ashes are almost turning into fossils, but he is resurrected…

Damn, how to describe such a life is wonderful enough Woolen cloth?

But it’s okay, because he is in body possession. Although this Tao Zhimo’s life is quite miserable, but the procedures are sound, Qing Lingzi used her identity to find a Changbai in this shopping mall. The work of the class shopping guide, specializing in selling that kind of handicraft to the customers who enter the store.

He, Qing Lingzi, a master of the three cultivations two thousand years ago, commanded 30,000 warlocks and could challenge the First Emperor head-on, regardless of whether he succeeded or lost in the end, he was still a hero after all, and the eagle looked at the wolf. Let Zhao Zheng shiver coldly, let Lu Buwei kneel down and kowtow, let Zou Yan sing his praises, let Wang Jian be under the city but stop and dare not go forward, but now he is standing at a counter in a big shopping mall facing the heavily-makeup woman and The fat and greasy man shouted “Welcome, what do you need?”.

Baby’s heart is bitter…he is really bitter, but his body is broken, his magic power is incomplete, his Divine Soul is missing, and he doesn’t know when he can get the baby back, so there are some things he really can’t do. .

“Hello, welcome, is there anything…need?”

A couple of men and women came to the door. But he still insisted on finishing what he should have said.

“The men’s clothing in this store is pretty good, and the temperament fits you very well.”

Zhu Zhenzhen walked into the store first, and she was already carrying a lot of things in her hands. , Although she came to buy something for Brother Zhang, she still couldn’t hold back and bought a bunch of them.

She took Brother Zhang into this fairly good clothing store. Her first reaction was that she felt that the shopping guide was a little weird. He also stared at Zhang Jiachang the whole time, with a gloomy and uncertain expression.

“You know her?”

Zhu Zhenzhen asked Zhang Jiachang in a low voice when she was choosing clothes: “The shopping guide is staring at you the whole time.”

Brother Zhang looked back, and then called the head: “Maybe I think I’m handsome.”

“You are stinky…” Zhu Zhenzhen hit Brother Zhang with a smile: “Hurry up and pick, time It’s almost too late.”

And Qing Lingzi looked at Brother Zhang, it really wasn’t because he was handsome, but he saw at a glance that this person was Innate’s Spirit Physique.

What is the concept of Innate’s Spirit Physique? In warlock’s theory, the existence of this thing is like accidentally discovering a jade stone in the deep mountains of the northeast, and this jade stone has been under the wind and frost for years It presents a sense of crystal clear and near-transparent, and because of some chance, there are natural lines on this jade stone, and these lines are combined into one word by chance. One can imagine the preciousness of this jade stone, and the young man in front of him is probably equivalent to the words on this jade stone, which happens to be “the bright moonlight in front of the bed, it is suspected that it is frost on the ground”.

The two looked at each other. Brother Zhang had actually discovered Qing Lingzi’s identity, but he didn’t say anything, and acted as if he hadn’t seen her, completely ignoring her existence.

So now there is a strange situation on the scene. A young female shopping guide looks crazy at a male customer, and almost rushed to him with saliva from the corner of her mouth to smell it.

“This shopping guide is so disgusting…”

Zhu Zhenzhen also found the problem, and dragged Brother Zhang to go out: “Let’s go quickly and look elsewhere. Look.”

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, just nodded to Zhu Zhenzhen, and then followed her out of the store.

As soon as they walked on the front feet, Qing Lingzi woke up on the back feet. He patted his face hard, and still looked at Brother Zhang’s back in disbelief.

But at this moment, Brother Zhang happened to look back at him. At that moment, Qing Lingzi felt that the blood all over his body was frozen, and the feeling of suffocation spread to his whole body instantly.

From the day he was born to the present, even the day he was buried alive, he had never experienced such fear and despair. With just such a glance, he felt that there was not a single muscle in his body that could obey him, if not for ten minutes. He just went to the toilet, and now he is urinating.

Little Brother Zhang laughed at him, but Qing Lingzi collapsed to the ground. Seeing this, the people around hurriedly stepped forward to help him, but he could no longer hear any sound. There was only a buzzing sound in his ears, and he was breathing. He also became hurried and nervous, and then passed out as soon as his eyes darkened.

It probably didn’t take long for him to faint, maybe it was more than ten seconds, but Zhang Jiachang’s silhouette was no longer in his sight. It was just such a big horror that made him linger in fear.

“It’s fine…just a little hypoglycemia.”

Qing Lingzi politely rejected the suggestion of his colleagues to let him go to the hospital and took a sip of water to calm down. It completely recovered.

And at the moment there was only one question in his mind – what the hell was that just now!

Although I am at a low point now, I used to be immortal in general. Even if True Immortal comes, I will definitely not let myself become like that. More importantly, the other party just looks back and smiles.

“Have you seen that shopping guide just now? You’re almost drooling. It’s really disgusting.” “It’s the first time I’ve seen a woman with that kind of expression. It’s too foul.”

“Not necessarily.”

“Not necessarily what?” Zhu Zhenzhen asked curiously : “It’s really the first time I see it.”

“I’m not necessarily talking about a woman.”

Zhu Zhenzhen was stunned and looked up at Zhang Jiachang: ” Wouldn’t that make it more disgusting?”

“Well…” Brother Zhang also nodded and said: “It seems to be quite disgusting.”

The two then wandered around the mall again. It took about an hour for Zhang Jiachang to finally buy a suit.

speaking of which Xiao Zhang is really weird, it seems that most of the clothes are weird on him, not suitable for being too serious or too lively, just Only clothes that are simple and flat with a little juvenile feel are the most suitable for her, and the only things that can be chosen are shirts, jeans and other clothes.

So Zhu Zhenzhen and him turned around for a long time, and finally only bought a gray long-sleeved shirt, a pair of unpretentious jeans and a pair of rather old-fashioned black leather shoes.

Not to mention, just wearing such an ordinary, simple dress made Brother Zhang look like a school senior in the 1990s.

“You laugh.”

Zhu Zhenzhen stood in front of Brother Zhang with her arms crossed: “It’s bigger.”

“Oh…” Little Brother Zhang tried his best to smile, even looking a little stiff.

“Perfect!” Zhu Zhenzhen gave him a thumbs up: “Go! Let’s go.”

When sitting in the car, Brother Zhang was actually a little nervous, he didn’t understand Having passed the scene Zhu Zhenzhen described, I don’t even know how to communicate with Zhu Zhenzhen’s friends.

“What should I do later?”

“What should I do? I’ll think about it.” Zhu Zhenzhen drove the car, her brows furrowed: “You just say you are my friend .”

“And then?”

“Then…” Mr. Zhu fell into deep thought again, and waited for a long time before opening the mouth and said: “Just say it. .”

“Then won’t you be looked down upon?” Brother Zhang pointed at himself with a smile: “I’m just an employee under your command, with no knowledge and no money.”

“Maybe someone will make things difficult for you and let you play some games, will you?”

“I won’t, but I can play with them.” Zhang Jiachang said truthfully: “Generally What game is it?”

“It’s a party game, and if someone says something outrageous, just tell me.”

“Then if it’s too much for you What about it?”

“Just help me beat up!” Zhu Zhenzhen raised her small fist and waved in front of Zhang Jiachang: “Are you okay? But it won’t really be so excessive. , you can rest assured.”

“Then can I let them play Pen Fairy?”

“Do you still know that stuff? Yes, of course.”


“en. “Zhang Jiazhen Zhang Zhen nodded, sat up straight, whispered, “I’m pretty good at playing Pen Fairy.”

She just smiled slightly at this, she also didn’t ‘t expect Brother Zhang would come up with such a simple game content and return the pen fairy… That’s something she didn’t play in junior high school. How can someone still play the pen fairy now? It’s really interesting.

(End of this chapter)

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