What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 32

Chapter 32 The pen fairy, the pen fairy…why haven’t you come yet.

Zhu Zhenzhen parked the car and brought Zhang Jiachang to a large apartment? Or called a luxury community? Anyway, it can’t be called Tongzilou.

This place is very strange. There are only four or five buildings in a community, and the elevator can only enter the floor that has been reserved or has a floor card.

They are going to the 22nd floor this time. The elevator is slow and steady. Brother Zhang is standing inside and counting the floors silently. I feel that this elevator without advertisements and showing the outside scenery in real time is very interesting. .

And Zhu Zhenzhen thought he was a little cute, because only children would pay so much attention to these strange corners.

When the elevator arrived, it opened directly to the room. There were no corridors and security doors. What surprised Zhang Jiachang was that there was only one house on the entire first floor.

You must know that this city can be described as extremely expensive land, and this community is in a prime location, so one person occupies one floor. It is more than 100 square meters, and standing here feels like walking into a luxurious foreign world. This place is not only luxuriously decorated, but also has all the facilities. There is even a swimming pool on the top floor. There are dozens of sets of game equipment in an entertainment room, and these things are all seen by Brother Zhang in the movie.

Zhu Zhenzhen walked over and handed the bag to the nanny, and then she and Brother Zhang came to one of the sofas. There was already a person sitting here, a girl with a round face, sitting on the brush. Holding the phone, she looked up at Zhu Zhenzhen and said, “Where’s the man? You are too embarrassed to come without a man?” Brother Zhang looked at him, and then turned towards Xiao Yuan face nodded: “Hello.”

Xiao Yuan face screamed and jumped up: “I really brought it!”

Seeing her surprised appearance, Brother Zhang looked somewhat embarrassed, but the little round face looked at him with interest, then turned to Zhu Zhenzhen and said, “This is your male god? It’s done. ? Yes!”

“Actually…” Zhu Zhenzhen glanced at Zhang Jiachang, hesitated for a while, but then decided: “Yes!”

“Your taste is quite bland. ”

The little round face looked at Zhang Jiachang again. He obviously belonged to the ascetic style of painting, which was different from everyone in their circle. That light and ethereal temperament was Rarely seen.

How to describe it, going to that station can make people dream back to the evening self-study in the second year of high school within ten seconds, which is the kind of evening style and ignorance.

“Hello.” Xiaoyuan extended the hand with a smile at Brother Zhang: “I’m Zhenzhen’s friend, you can call me Zhang Yao.”

” Hello, Zhang Jiachang.”

Brother Zhang shook hands with her lightly, then stood aside, not speaking, but constantly looking at the surrounding environment, his attention was not at all. Not on the master in front of him.

“Come, come…”

Xiao Yuan face pulled Zhu Zhenzhen aside and asked in a low voice, “Where did you lie?”

“What a lie… You just don’t like me so much?”

“That’s not the problem, you must have found someone from outside to help you, you are not worthy of him at all.”

“What!!!” Zhu Zhenzhen’s eyes widened, her hair almost exploded after hearing Xiao Yuan’s words: “What do you mean?”

“elder sister, I’ve seen many men, but I haven’t tried this kind of thing yet. I’ll ask you to let me.”

“Why do you talk nonsense…” Zhu Zhenzhen Bai She glanced at Xiaoyuanlian: “open your mouth and come.”

Xiaoyuanyan glanced at Brother Zhang who was studying the table pads on the table, and then said to Zhu Zhenzhen, “Look at him. Your eyes.”

“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

“You are tender, you are really tender. Me, Zhang Yao, GZ Stark. No man can resist My charm, do you admit it?”

Zhu Zhenzhen pouted, although she had to admit it, she was still somewhat dissatisfied, but this little round face was really irresistible to men, the main thing It’s because she’s different from other women in the circle. People play with designer bags, clothes, and jewelry, while she plays with high-tech.

When a person invests all the money invested in luxury goods into high-tech products, he can be fully intelligent even when he throws a shit.

The expensiveness of this house is not actually its location and size, but the bits and pieces that are really expensive here, because this room is completely covered from floor to ceiling, from kitchen to toilet. It is a top-level intelligent product, a cutting-edge product customized from major technology companies in the world.

Everything in here presents an obsessive gesture, whether it’s the tablecloth that can read dynamically while eating, or the surrounding glass, walls and floors that can be simulated holographically. It’s the stuff that makes men obsessed.

“But look, since he came in, there was only a little curiosity in his eyes, no surprise, no greed, and no make a fuss about nothing. Who have you seen this calmness from?”

Hey, don’t say it…she has never seen anyone who came to this place like Xiao Zhang and remained so calm. When I was in this place, I would act like a rookie who came from the countryside and just came to work in the city, making a fuss about nothing.

In addition to being curious, Brother Zhang really didn’t show any special emotions, except for standing by the wall and staring at the changing scenery on the wall. It’s a bit ridiculous.

“Okay, but next time you cheat again, don’t blame me for being angry.” Xiao Yuan turned her head to look at Brother Xiao Zhang again: “And this one is fake.”

“How do you say?”

“You are so vulgar, how can you possibly like such a man.”

The words of the small round face made Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “What nonsense are you talking about.”

“That’s not nonsense. Anyway, the moment I shook hands with him just now, I thought this man was awesome.”

Zhu Zhenzhen He raised his brows: “Where is it good?”

“Haha, Sepi!” The little round face patted her butt hard: “Of course it’s good everywhere, you know because I can see it since I was a child. Strange things, so…it feels a bit special.”

“Didn’t the doctor say it’s a hallucination, it’s a hereditary mental illness.” Zhu Zhenzhen curiously asked: “And twenty years old Isn’t it much better after that?”

“It started again recently, and it’s getting worse, so I asked you to come together more, I can’t sleep alone.”

“Did you go to the hospital…”

“It has nothing to do with the hospital.” The little round face used her chin to pick Brother Zhang who was far away: “The moment you came in, I saw it before. I was a little surprised, but when I shook hands with him just now, I could immediately feel the kind of stability he brought me.”

Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t understand, But she knows that her good friend has always been plagued by mental illness and rarely goes out. She said that she has Yin-Yang Eye since she was a child, but in fact, everyone knows that it is just her hallucination.

“Is it serious since half a month ago? Are they not only roaming the streets now, but also often appearing behind people.”

Suddenly a male voice The appearance made Xiao Yuan face startled. She raised her head and found that Zhang Jiachang, who was twenty meters away just now, appeared beside her like a teleportation, and Zhu Zhenzhen was also startled by his sudden appearance.

“Well…half a month money suddenly became serious, you…how did you know?” Xiaoyuan looked at Brother Zhang in astonishment: “Yes…appeared behind people.”

Brother Zhang nodded, but didn’t say anything: “It’s okay, it’s all harmless.”

“It’s harmless…you…” Xiaoyuan raised her face in shock. He started to look at him: “Can you see?”

“They generally don’t appear in my field of vision.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “But your situation is not special, about 100,000 people There will be one, what you see is basically incapable of interfering with the world.”

Zhu Zhenzhen’s expression also became strange, and Zhang Jiachang turned his head to explain: “Behind me is the Taoist temple, My father is a Taoist priest. She is not mentally ill, she is just a simple Yin-Yang Eye.”

Xiaoyuanyan raised her head and blinked at Brother Zhang, and Zhu Zhenzhen also asked in disbelief : “You still understand this?”

“I really understand a little about this.” Zhang Jiachang laughed: “Otherwise, how can I play with the pen fairy.”

“Playing with the pen Immortal???” Xiao Yuan face exclaimed: “Don’t play with that… it’s very dangerous.”

“It’s okay.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “Stimulation within the safe range.”

Just as Little Round Face was about to continue her questioning, her guests came one after another. These are some well-known local rich second-generation people, like Zhu Zhenzhen.

Little Round Face doesn’t usually go out. Most of the time, he invites these people to play in the house to dispel the fear caused by the weirdness.

There were twenty or thirty people who came, both men and women. Zhu Zhenzhen basically knew them all, and there were a few who were not pleasing to the eye, but when a person walked in, her complexion suddenly changed.

Feeling that Zhu Zhenzhen’s mood was fluctuating greatly, Brother Zhang also turned his head to look over, and found that the Senior who said “We are not a world person” to her yesterday was actually saved. He started walking from a distance.

‘This is embarrassing. ‘

Brother Xiao Zhang thought so, but when he went to observe Xiao Yuan’s face, he found that she had already stood up enthusiastically to greet the guests. On the contrary, Zhou Zhenzhen said with a stiff smile, “I’m going to the toilet”, so she ran away.

Seeing a group of them gathered here, Brother Zhang didn’t know what to say for a while, but suddenly a hand was pressed on his chest at this moment.

“Let, let, let, let me. Let me see if my spirit girl has become more energetic recently.”

The speaker’s voice is very frantic, he He pushed Brother Zhang, who was in the way, but found that he couldn’t push it at all…


The man stopped and pushed Xiao Xiao again. Brother Zhang, but he is still completely motionless, which can activate the stubborn temper of the incoming person.

“I don’t believe it anymore!”

Little Brother Zhang didn’t say a word, just quietly watched the man who was a head shorter than him keep pushing him, Until he started to spit into his palm, Brother Zhang finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

“It’s not necessary.”

He patted the boy on the shoulder, the boy only felt that his body was suddenly pressed against the top of the Mount Tai, and his knees slammed down. The child held on, and knelt down with a click.

Brother Zhang said that when he was late, he put two horns under his knees, so that he would not break his knees.

It’s just this posture…

“Holding the grass, so open?” Zhu Zhenzhenzhi, who came out of the toilet, saw a side view, just the normal angle of Zhang Jiachang and the boy It’s all been covered up, and only a very imaginative picture can be seen: “Okay… It’s been very exciting recently.”

(End of this chapter)

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