What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Dare to provoke and dare to stand up, and be considered a man

“Okay, brother, you have practiced. I’ll touch it again.” Brother Zhang’s man did not lose his temper after he got up from the ground, but extended the hand full of excitement and wanted to touch Brother Zhang’s chest again, but was pushed away by Zhu Zhenzhen: “Go away, pervert, Don’t touch my friend.”

The boy looked at Zhu Zhenzhen with a smile on his face and said, “Okay, Zhenzhen. When did you meet such a stubborn guy, that pectoral muscle ka ka.”


Zhu Zhenzhen ignored him, just pulled Brother Zhang aside and explained in a low voice, “That person is Zuo Danshuang, he is a well-known big X in Zhang Yao’s circle. He is quite good, but his brain Maybe it’s not very good.”

Zhang Jiachang glanced down at his chest and took a half step back: “Does he only touch men?”

“He’s a fitness practitioner. I like muscles more than women.”

Xiao Zhang heard this and looked back, and found that Zuo Danshuang was actually looking at him, his eyes were even squinting, making people tremble .

“Actually, everyone in Zhang Yao’s circle is pretty good.” Zhu Zhenzhen laughed at brother Zhang: “It’s just… a few are more or less seriously ill.”

Actually Even if Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t say it, Zhang Jiachang knew that because his hearing was extremely sensitive, most of the men who came were talking about games, football, snooker, and the ten tricks of hell.

But the question is about women. It seems that most of them don’t have any specific difference. These women are actually very gossip when they get together. For example, the Senior who deleted Zhu Zhenzhen yesterday, the female companion beside him is Discussing Zhu Zhenzhen with others.

Anyway, the content is nothing more than what Zhu Zhenzhen toad lusting after a swan’s flesh and the like, saying that she went to France just to get gold plating, to get the name of the nouveau riche and the second generation ancestor Jump up to Level 1, and still have a bad heart for the Crown Prince of Dingxing.


These two words seem to have some meaning now. The entry in Brother Xiao Zhang’s dictionary has been updated again. In addition to illegal intentions, the original meaning of wrongdoing is that the identity does not match. Nowadays, the pursuit of the upper position by the lower position can also be called unscrupulous.

Interesting, it turns out that there is a chain of contempt between rich people. People like Zhu Zhenzhen don’t look down on the second generation of rich farmers like Yang Junfeng. Children from long-standing families are called upstarts.

Interesting, this world is really interesting.

Brother Zhang smiled and listened to Zhu Zhenzhen’s introduction there, but at this time, the crown prince who was very prosperous had already come behind Zhu Zhenzhen. He first smiled and nod to Zhang Jiachang, and then motioned for Zhu Zhenzhen to go. to the side.

The two chatted in the corner afterward, while Zhang Jiachang, who was bored, studied carefully while standing in front of a TV wall where people could interact.

He thinks this place is amazing, it’s full of things he doesn’t know, and everything can fully reveal the attributes he doesn’t know, but he doesn’t care and just feels very happy, because there are I was very lucky to have the opportunity to come into contact with these things. The other things are actually nothing. If you don’t know it, you don’t know it. After all, he really doesn’t know it.

“Do you like it?”

Zhang Yao came to him with a strangely colored drink and asked softly. Zhang Jiachang looked back at her, only to realize that this round-faced girl was only a little shorter than him, and her height was definitely over 1.75 meters.

A baby face with such a tall royal sister’s figure really has a contrasting cuteness.

“I like it.” Zhang Jiachang said with a smile: “It’s beautiful.”

“One million seven hundred thousand.” Zhang Yao patted TV wall: “Just this wall .”

“It’s really expensive.” Zhang Jiachang shook the head: “The price-performance ratio is not high.”

Zhang Yao covered his mouth and smiled and leaned back and forth: “This price-performance ratio is already very high, This is the most advanced somatosensory screen in the world, and it can convert 255 frames of real-time images.”

After she finished speaking, she pressed Zhang Jiachang a few times and took a step back. Then I saw the silhouettes of the two of them appear on the TV wall by a lake. The picture was vivid, almost reaching the level of video.

“After wearing VR, you can be in the scene.”

Zhang Jiachang shook his head after listening, and the person on the screen also shook his head, and he stretched out his hand , the people inside also stretched out their hands. I felt novel and fun all of a sudden, but this thing is fun to say, but the price/performance ratio should be low or low, because this immersive experience is a bit far-fetched.

“How is it?”

Zhang Yao looked at Zhang Jiachang proudly: “You can come to me anytime you want to play in the future, I basically don’t go out.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Jiachang thanked with a smile: “But the price/performance ratio is still low…”

After he finished speaking, he reached out and lightly touched Zhang Yao’s eyebrows, but for a moment Zhang Yao felt that he Her consciousness entered a black hole, and when there was light in front of her again, a huge and calm lake appeared in front of her, with sparkling waves and beautiful flowers all around.

When the warm wind blew her face, she couldn’t help taking a deep breath, but found that there was still the fragrance of earth in the wind. Reach out and touch the surrounding flowers and grass, the unique touch of flowers and grass is so real.

The warm sun in the sky, the surrounding breeze, the scent of flowers, and the humming of bees accompanied by the humming of the ears and the thumping sound of fish leaping over the water in the distance, all at once lifted her from the reinforced concrete world. Pulled into this hidden land of peace and prosperity.

But soon she heard a snap of fingers in her ear, and everything disappeared. After a trance, she actually returned to her home again. It is Zhang Jiachang.


“It’s cost-effective if you don’t need money.” Zhang Jiachang said with a smile, and then walked to the side to study the sweeping robot on the ground.

Zhang Yao quickly followed, but when she was about to ask a question, she heard a fierce quarrel broke out from Zhu Zhenzhen.

“Why? Where did you get your confidence? Why did I come here just to anger you, what’s so great about you?”

Zhang Yao just glanced at this indifferently. Zhang Jiachang, then walked forward quickly, but before she could pass, Zhu Zhenzhen had already walked aside with red eyes, but Zhang Yao had nothing to say, just smiled at Dingxing’s Crown Prince, Then he returned to Zhang Jiachang’s side: “Don’t you go to coax?”

“I can’t coax people, I coaxed my younger sister.” Zhang Jiachang got up and glanced at Zhu Zhenzhen: “But she I’m sure I won’t eat KFC anymore.”

Zhang Yao really couldn’t hold back, pu’ sound laughed: “Have you always been such a straight man?”


Brother Zhang scratched his face, but laughed did not give a formal answer, Zhang Yao continued to ask: “What was that just now, just what I saw.”

“His mind.”


“His mind.” Zhang Jiachang explained naturally: “Huimeng, his mind and Fallen Yuan are all fine dividers. It’s a technique.”

“You can…this?”

“I can do magic.” Zhang Jiachang took out a coin, and with a flick of his finger, the coin was disappeared: “The technique is very good.”

Zhang Yao pursed her lips, but did not ask any further questions. He went directly to Zhu Zhenzhen’s place, and the two chatted in a low voice.

Actually, Brother Zhang wasn’t bullied and pushed out here. He didn’t look shabby, and he didn’t make much noise. Lastly, he slapped Zuo Danshuang dry. Everyone is watching the flipping thing. After all, Zuo Danshuang is a well-known big X in the circle, but his battle strength is really okay.

But instead of discussing him, they discussed Zhu Zhenzhen. Many of those female guests refocused their attention on her because of the dispute between Zhu Zhenzhen and Dingxing Crown Prince just now. The daughter of a nouveau riche wants to follow the plot trend of Aristocratic Family pampered young master “, and Zhu Zhenzhen has become the person who was cold and violent in the center of public opinion.

“I don’t think so.”

While a group of girls were discussing Zhu Zhenzhen’s shameless brazenly, Zhang Jiachang stood by the top secret.

“I don’t think Mr. Zhu is that kind of person.”

Brother Zhang’s actions were out of order, and all these gossip girls were completely blinded. They looked at Brother Zhang. He couldn’t react all of a sudden, he just focused his eyes in his direction.

“You know what, we see people like Zhu Zhenzhen a lot.”

“No.” Zhang Jiachang shook his head and said, “You must have misunderstood.”


In the face of a serious and upright brother Zhang, these women actually have no better way, but one of the girls looked at Brother Zhang up and down and said with a smile: “I see you You came with Zhu Zhenzhen, why? Are you in such a hurry to protect the master?”

Zhang Jiachang blinked quickly, then actually took out a piece of paper from his pocket, and bluntly took it out. It came out, the kind without a little prelude: “Are you playing pen fairy?”

Although the content of what he said was somewhat incoherent and even incoherent, the mysticism thing is still true It’s quite curious.

“I’m a magician.” Brother Zhang smiled and took out the coin again. After playing with a few flowers, he asked sincerely again, “Are you playing pen fairy?”


“Is there a dish fairy?”

“Yes.” Brother Zhang took out another piece of paper from his pocket: “Die Xian, Chopsticks Xian, Yin Eclipse God, Demon God It’s very exciting.”

The people around are a little confused, but they only think that Zhu Zhenzhen’s male partner in front of him has some brain problems…


But at this moment, Zhang Yao buried her head under the sofa, trembling violently, trembling uneasy. Because when Zhang Jiachang took out the stack of papers, she saw countless Evil Spirits gathered around him, they were wandering in a small range, like KTVPrincess waiting for the flop, but… this is too It’s also a little scary, and at this brief moment the entire room suddenly intelligently activated the heating adjustment system, changing from natural wind to heating, the surrounding temperature dropped rapidly, and even the windows turned on the de-icing mode.

“Let’s play Pen Fairy.” Zhang Jiachang recommended again: “It’s exciting but not that exciting.”


Babies , there is no way… to control the number of words before putting on the shelves, the editor said that there will be more when the big recommendation is made. You know what I mean, darlings, this is what the new book period looks like.

And I’m the 20th on the new book list now, everyone think of a way to make Brother Zhang jump up, I’m really more serious about this book than Song Beiyun, you should all be able to. It looks right.

(End of this chapter)

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