What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 34

Chapter 34 The state of his heart

In the eyes of others, Brother Zhang is only enthusiastically promoting the content of horror games, but in Zhang Yao’s view, at this moment, Groups of ghosts.

She couldn’t speak, because fear and absolute oppression made her succumb to her inner timidity, and she could only watch her friend being led into the abyss by this strange man step by step.

I thought he was clean just now? no no no , wrong, really wrong. This man is too terrifying, he is so terrifying that he has no concept of right or wrong, and he can even use those weird things to play with the lives of the world.

Under Brother Zhang’s hard selling, the men also gathered around before, and they also looked at the content on the paper curiously, and curiously asked Brother Zhang about this thing. concept.

“It should be more popular.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “My younger sister usually likes to play, but she always eats them later, so I put it All of their little toys were confiscated, and I promised them that if they cooperated, I would give them a chance to die.”

“Listen to what you are saying…” Brother Zhang, who made a sarcastic remark earlier, said The woman sneered at Brother Zhang again: “This thing you can say is the same as the real thing.”

“Try it.” Brother Zhang flattened many sheets of paper with crooked faces. On the table, this looks like the work of a primary school student, but it is such a tender brushstroke that reveals the gloom and horror: “There will be no problem.”

This is heard in the ears of others It was a clumsy magician’s performance, but in Zhang Yao’s ears it turned into a whisper of a demon. She tried to stand up more than once to stop her, but every time she collapsed to the edge, because as long as she got up, the man next to Zhang Jiachang would be able to do it. The evil spirits would turn their heads in unison to look at her.

Those filthy, terrifying, drenched with blood humanoids are the big fears she has never seen before, not the long-haired woman on the bus stop or the pale child standing on the side of the road. The horror of analogy.

She once thought she was the most miserable person in the world, but today she realized that she was not, because she had never seen such a terrifying scene before.

“Can everyone participate?”

Someone asked with great interest: “How?”

“Nothing special. “Brother Zhang ordered some papers full of graffiti: “Every four people in a group, choose a piece of paper, then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and meditate in your heart, ghosts, ghosts, come to me, and then you can enjoy The game is over. If you feel unbearable, you can quit at any time.”

Hearing what he said became more and more mysterious, more and more people around were eager to have a try, while Zhang Yao was not She shook her head vigorously in the distance, but it seemed to no avail, because she was covering her mouth tightly to prevent herself from making a single sound.

In the end, the game is still started. Some people choose the pen fairy, some choose the dish fairy, and the others also choose the ghosts they think are exciting, and then start under the guidance of Xiao Zhang. up the game.

“Ghosts, ghosts, come beside me.”

Just after the first random “incantation” was uttered, the light in the entire space dimmed, and Brother Zhang was behind him. A white-faced dark circles covered with bloodshot eyes with black hair and black pupils disappeared in a swish.

The lights in the room were all turned off after the sound of ka ka at this time, and the windows of the huge smart screen were also switched to the shading mode when the power was off.

Zhang Yao raised her head and looked around in amazement, because she knew best about the situation in her own home. Unless the entire GZ was hit by emp, there would be an impossible power outage here. The entire power supply system includes wind energy, solar energy, self-generation and The grid is mixed with electricity, even if the electricity is not enough, hundreds of batteries can support the operation of safe mode for more than ten hours.

But now my home has lost power, even the emergency lights have been turned off, and all around is plunged into deathly darkness.

She quickly fumbled for her mobile phone to turn on the flashlight, but in the next second she saw Zhang Jiachang standing in front of her. This sudden shock made her throw the mobile phone directly.

“Don’t throw things.” Brother Zhang took the phone and gave it to her: “Take it.”

The light of the phone reflected on Brother Zhang’s chin, It made his facial features gloomy, and the voice that used to make people feel very comfortable now also feels distorted.

“You…what do you want?”

“It’s just playing games.” Brother Zhang sat gently across from her: “They all entered his heart, If you are out of the game, you will be awake.”

Zhang Yao saw that even Zhu Zhenzhen beside her fell into silence, she couldn’t help but get nervous, looking at Xiao Zhang’s appearance, she couldn’t help but hit Chills.

“It’s just a game.” Brother Zhang was still a little shy, and kept laughing at Zhang Yao: “Don’t worry, I’ve tested them all, there’s nothing special about them, there is a heart problem. , I have already arranged, he can’t see anything the whole time.”

“He… what can they see?”

“The plot kills.” Xiao Zhang Brother scratched his head: “Do you want to take a look?”

“Want to…” Zhang Yao looked at Brother Zhang again: “who the hell are you?”

“I… I’m an ordinary person.” Brother Zhang replied seriously: “I just promised those dead souls something, so… as long as they can complete their work, they can die, which is good for them. And your friends Don’t everyone like excitement? Let’s all get what we need.”

Zhang Yao stared wide-eyed and asked incredulously: “Can you communicate with those… those things?”

“It can’t be called communication, but I think they are quite pitiful.”

After Xiao Zhang finished speaking, he slowly pointed to Zhang Yao to extend the hand, but this time, Zhang Yao was caught It was staggered. Brother Zhang tilted his head and looked at her. After a long hesitation, she put her head towards him again.

With a single tap, she once again had that wonderful sense of suspension, and when all her senses returned to normal, she opened her eyes and saw that she was in a huge uninhabited town. , The place is rundown, gray, and lifeless, surrounded by unidentified bird calls.

And at this moment, Zhu Zhenzhen rushed out from the corner with a group of girls, and behind them there was that kind of terrifying sound effect.

They screamed and ran in front of Zhang Yao, but they didn’t seem to see her at all. Zhang Yao tried to call but got no response.

At this time, I saw a bloated body with a strange and swollen thing several times longer than the average person’s neck, slowly walking out from the place where the girls ran over, and using it in the mouth while walking. Weird voice shouted: I saw you.

In this scene, Zhang Yao was walking straight back, and she even felt like she wanted to run away, but Brother Zhang held her back from behind.

“It’s all right.”

As expected, this strange thing took heavy footsteps and chased in the direction of Zhu Zhenzhen’s entire group, without even aiming. Take a look at Zhang Yao.

And one of the girls in front fell to the ground and was about to be overtaken by this thing. Zhang Yao’s heart hung in her throat when she saw it. He was held by Brother Zhang’s sleeve.

It was a gap of two seconds too late, the ghost had already jumped in front of the girl who fell, but at this moment, Zhu Zhenzhen, who had been screaming with fright before, jumped out immediately, she Holding a piece of wood in his hand, he was crying and waving, but he couldn’t work hard.

But that obviously couldn’t do any harm to this thing, and then saw that ghost thing and picked Zhu Zhenzhen up.

Seeing Zhu Zhenzhen’s painful struggle, Zhang Yao became anxious once, but this time she obviously didn’t feel restless, she just turned her head and looked towards Brother Xiao Zhang, who just shook his head to signal her. Don’t go forward, and then slowly drag her to another place.

The second place is a location similar to an abandoned hospital. The players of the second group are slowly exploring inside. They didn’t bring anything, but through various clues and ways, they found the manufacturing torch. The entire group groped forward in the dark corridor, trying to find a way out.

But just after they passed a dark room, the door of the room was opened with a creak, and a head appeared sideways beside the door, very quietly observing those cautiously people. .

Perhaps he felt someone behind him, and the person in front turned back suddenly, but the ghost that was there just now disappeared.

“Is this the kind of stimulation you’re talking about?” Zhang Yao looked at Brother Zhang curiously: “How did you do it?”

“Well, it’s like… Hypnotize.”

“But hypnosis is not like this. My family has tried hypnosis many times in order to cure the problem that I can see strange things.”

Little Brother Zhang opened his mouth, but did not explain, just…

“Cognitive impairment.”

As one of Brother Zhang’s three magic skills, the cognitive impairment was launched, completely changing Based on Zhang Yao’s understanding of hypnosis, what she still had doubts about has been completely changed, and it is believed that this is the long-lost “ancient method of hypnosis”.

Why do you say that cognitive impairment is one of Brother Zhang’s terrifying stunts? It’s because this skill can successfully complete the classic urban legend, in case something goes wrong.

This sentence usually appears in the comments below some magic shows, but is it a complete joke? Actually not quite.

It’s just that no one else can be like Xiao Zhang, who can both make people cognitively impaired and make people or things cognitively impaired.

His current identity will not be questioned, because in the concept of Zhang Yao and everyone, he is a juggler, and there is also his “accomplice” Zhu Zhenzhen. The cognition of Brother Xiao Zhang is more specific in the system of Xiao Zhang. Since he is “a warlock who has inherited the tricks of the father Taoist temple”, the setting of inheriting the Taoist temple has completely supplemented his personality here.

And are those who are pulled into the realm of “his heart” treated the same? Of course not, the pampered young master who threw Zhu Zhenzhen’s self-esteem on the ground and trampled on it, is now experiencing the greatest terror in her life so far.

(End of this chapter)

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