What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Immersive Ghost Experience

Dingxing’s Crown Prince is sitting in Zhang Yao’s room, but there are only three people around, one is his The female companion, a well-known big X in the circle forces Zuo Danshuang and an acquaintance who is not very familiar.

With him, it’s exactly four.

Four people are sitting at the square table, each with a finger on a small china plate. They don’t know why they are sitting here or where the others are going.

The surrounding environment flickers, the entire world becomes misty, and all the colors appear dim and dark as if through a strange glass lens.

If what the others see is a realistic haunted house, then the four of them are in a real but not-so-real environment.

“I remember it was getting dark all of a sudden.”

Zuo Danshuang sat there looking at the porcelain plate under his fingers, and looked at all around blankly: “Others. Where is the person? Huang Shao, what’s going on?”

Dingxing Crown Prince heard his words, but he was also confused, because what he encountered was no different from Zuo Danshuang, his last The memory was warning that annoying Zhu Zhenzhen, and then suddenly she sat in front of this small table.

The watch on my hand points to 5:40 pm, but there is already a feeling of late night outside. Only a few street lights are still on in the originally lively city, but the street lights on the wide road are not. Not a single car can be seen.

This is almost impossible in a city that advocates night culture. Everyone present is a big player, and no one has ever seen such a lonely city.

“We’re playing Disc Fairy, right…” Zuo Danshuang suddenly asked again, “I think I’ve heard it before, saying that Play Disc Fairy can’t be stopped without sending it away, but who knows what to do? How can I send it?”

This noisy guy kept talking, and his voice formed a very strange reverberation in the empty room, which made the already strange atmosphere even more abnormal.

“Young Master Huang, say something.”

“Shut up.” The cold sweat dripping from the forehead of Crown Prince Dingxing was dripping down because he Just now I tried to remove my finger from the porcelain plate, but an invisible force bound him, making him unable to move at all.

And there was a vague feeling that something was shaking back and forth, and even he could vaguely hear some eerie laughter echoing in his ears.

All these signs indicate that their current situation is not that good, but Zuo Danshuang doesn’t seem to have any feeling, his scratching his ears and cheeks is really unbearable.

“I’m in a rush to urinate.” Zuo Danshuang got up suddenly, released his hand from the porcelain plate, and walked straight to the bathroom.

This time, the hearts of his remaining three people were completely chilled on the spot, and it was just like the old saying, what one fears is what comes to pass, with the blessing of pig teammate, their hands The porcelain plate underneath shattered.

Then all the lights in the room went out with a whirring sound. In this environment where you can’t see your fingers, the adrenaline of the three people in the room instantly soared, and they didn’t dare to move. At this moment, Shao suddenly said, “Zuo Dan has gone to the toilet. There should be three of us here, right?”

“Well…” His female companion responded in the dark, but she But he continued to say with a trembling voice: “But I think there are four…”

In fact, Young Master Huang also felt the same way, obviously that top fool has left, but there is still a fourth beside them. A breath exists.

But none of them dared to ask or mention it, until after the sound of the toilet flushing, Zuo Danshuang walked back carefree. Seeing that it was so dark, he quickly took out The mobile phone turned on the flashlight: “Why? You guys look quite nervous.”

Zuo Danshuang shook each of their faces with the bright mobile phone, then looked down at the table The broken porcelain plate suddenly screamed: “How did you break this thing! I heard that if this thing is broken, it will kill a ghost!”

His frightened and flustered made others Several people were even more frightened, but he himself seemed to be okay, and pulled out a piece of jade from his neck: “But I’m not afraid, my piece of jade has been opened. When I was playing in Wutai Mountain last year, a Taoist priest said that I have had a jade in the past two years. Blood Light Disaster, he sold me a piece of jade, what is there for me to protect you!”

He is still strictly practicing the code of conduct that is the most powerful in his circle, at this moment There was still no sense of crisis and urgency, and he even shouted that something dirty was coming at him.

With this pig teammate, other people’s psychological pressure increased, and at this moment, the curtains of the room began to move without wind, and it looked like a person was coming from Pass by the window.

But everyone noticed this, but Zuo Danshuang didn’t seem to see it.

Suddenly, Young Master Huang felt his shoulders sink, and there was a sound of breathing in his ears, and the coldness of the breath hit his face, making his hair stand upright.

He whispered to the female companion opposite in a trembling voice: “Is there… something on my shoulder?”

The female companion trembling with fear looked up , but didn’t see anything, so she shook the head like relaxed, but the next second, just behind Young Master Huang’s head, slowly moved out a face that looked exactly like him, but this one There was a weird and stiff smile on his face, and a hand slowly touched Young Master Huang’s face.

Seeing this scene, his female partner shrieked and fell to the ground, leaning on the carpet with both hands and pushing back hard, until it hit the wall and stopped.

Seeing the expression on the female companion’s face, Young Master Huang knew what was going on, even if he was slow, his expression began to distort, and his whole body began to tremble while sitting there.

“What the hell is there…you talk about it!”

Huang Shao sat there trembling and questioned, he could only feel something but couldn’t see what it was. What, this fear from the unknown is even more terrifying than what is actually seen.

But it’s okay not to ask, as soon as he asked, his female companion and the friend who didn’t know well both ran away, and they disappeared in a blink of an eye.

“Zuo Danshuang!!!”

Young Master Huang shouted loudly, Zuo Danshuang replied neatly, and then hurried to him: “Why? Where are they?”

“Hurry up…I have something on me!”

Zuo Dan took out his mobile phone and took a picture, but his face was full of expression Confused, he asked, “No.”


“No, if you don’t believe me, I’ll take a picture of you and see for yourself.” Zuo Danshuang took out his phone and pointed it at Young Master Huang clicked a photo, and then took the photo to Young Master Huang: “Look.”

In the photo, only Huang Shao was sitting there alone, his expression was very distorted, But really didn’t see anything else.

But his feelings won’t lie, he can really clearly feel that there is something…

The sense of fear becomes more and more obvious with the clear touch. The fear of being invisible but invading his bone marrow made him almost hysterical.

“It’s okay, Brother Huang, I’m here to accompany you. My family has fortune-telling for me in the past. My life is righteous, and all evils won’t invade.”

But Huang Shao He obviously couldn’t listen to his fart, because in his eyes, everything around started to change strangely, everything began to gradually become old, cracked walls, dusty furniture and broken furnishings, plus With the constant calls in his ears and the fear that made his body unable to move, he now really felt what it meant to be alive rather than dead.

But on the other side, Brother Zhang was sitting at the coffee table, and on the opposite side was Zhang Yao, the owner of the house. She was the only one of all people who did not enter the realm of “his heart”. People were sitting there drinking tea, and there were two rows of sleeping “friends” sitting on the sofa next to them, which seemed a little scary.

“Actually, there is nothing wrong with Yin-Yang Eye. Usually, people with Yin-Yang Eye have spiritual sense and spiritual power that exceed the ordinary person. Ghosts demons and monsters can’t do anything to you.” Brother Zhang said slowly: “Fear basically comes from the unknown and lack of firepower.”

Zhang Yao looked up at Brother Zhang and carefully organized a After the speech, he opened the mouth and said: “Since you are a warlock, why do you still work in Zhenzhen’s company? If you want, I can help you find a better job. I still have some connections in this regard.”

Brother Zhang shook his head and smiled: “I don’t care about the quality of my work, but mainly because… I’m not very good at describing it, anyway, it’s because I lost ten years, and I want to put my work together. Make up for it in ten years.”

“I understand.” Zhang Yao nodded, and then refilled a cup of tea for Brother Zhang: “Then I will stop talking nonsense, but I am still a little strange, why do you Would you like to let me know your identity?”

Brother Zhang was still smiling, looked Zhang Yao up and down and said, “Because you are a mental patient.”

Zhang Yao Staring at Brother Zhang with incredulous eyes, he suddenly covered his mouth and laughed.

After laughing enough, she turned her head and looked towards her friends who were still sleeping: “Then how do you explain my friends?”

Brother Zhang took out a piece from his arms. Pan sandalwood, slowly lighted up. Zhang Yao fanned with her hand: “It’s so fragrant.”

“Well, let’s say it’s a surprise prepared by a warlock for everyone.”

Zhang Yao pursed her lips and smiled. When she got up, she had experienced it personally just now, and could know how exciting the immersive stimulation was. She was, however, somewhat concerned that excessive shock would permanently traumatize her friends.

The things in his mind are still going on. The excitement of that kind of fear makes everyone except Huang Shao very excited. Only Huang Shao experienced a real near-death experience. He was completely immersed in it. In that pure spiritual fear, he is always challenging his own limits.

(End of this chapter)

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