What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Became a Little Star

Haozi walked into the milk tea shop with exhaustion, but he didn’t see Brother Zhang, only Thunder Dragon Standing behind the table with his head thrown back in a daze.

“What are you looking at?”

But Thunder Dragon didn’t answer Haozi’s question, just stared straight at the beam above.

Haozi felt strange and walked over and followed his line of sight, but what he saw was that the seals on the top were burning one by one.

The burning of each spell represents the death and departure of a terrifying Demon God. This is the dream of many Fellow Daoists. Countless people lost their mana, limbs and even their lives to save this thing, but to no avail. But now, they just disappeared.

“Do you want to call the fire department, what if there is a fire?”

Thunder Dragon’s words almost choked Haozi, Haozi angrily said: “Let you If you don’t learn the theory, you fight all day long, and the Yin Fire can’t burn the real thing!”

β€œI know.” Thunder Dragon said blankly: β€œYou said that the boss has no Taoism, How the hell did they get rid of them?”

“You don’t understand that. The so-called truth, Martial Arts is also Tao, and physics is also truth. In the final analysis, everything in the world is different routes to the same destination. Ji Gong How can I survive by eating meat, Brother Zhang must have a way.”

The two of them were talking when they suddenly saw the myriad forms Eight Diagrams Disk on the wall move by itself, and they all joined together. Qi looked towards the wall, and saw the Eight Diagrams Disk making a mechanical crisp sound, and golden-bright and dazzling peach blossom branches were growing around.

“Myriad forms are updated, or not. Divine Immortal has moved…” Haozi stared wide-eyed said in disbelief: “What’s wrong?”

“What do you mean? “Thunder Dragon couldn’t understand the hexagrams, he stared blankly at the rotation of the Myriad Manifestations Disk, and asked in confusion: “What’s the point of this?”

“There are clouds in the alchemy, myriad forms The time of renewal is the day when yin and yang alternates and reincarnation restarts. This is also a hexagram of great peace. It represents the dissolution of Dharma End Era at this time of the year. major event.”

Haozi stretched out a hand, quickly squeezed out a hand formula, and recited the mantra silently in his heart, only to see the compass in front of him lightly open, and the position of the law was unified.

Though Thunder Dragon does not have such ability, but he has Heavenly Eye which is further than Yin-Yang Eye, which is a complete true vision, which can see the escape of psionic energy in the air.

Just after the Dharma disc bloomed, a large amount of spiritual power was suddenly released between Heaven and Earth. Those light blues were like the light and shadow of fireflies, and even the most simple cultivators could feel Spiritual Qi in their bodies. The surging, even without trying to breathe, spiritual power will get in from the limbs and bones.

“I feel like I’m done.” Thunder Dragon suddenly said something like this, and then the electric light flashed on his body: “Fuck fuck fuck…”

After he finished speaking, he quickly Rush out the door, leave a message of Haozi watching the shop, and then people disappear without a trace with the lightning.

Then the sky suddenly exploded with lightning, as if the entire world was half lit up, and countless heavenly thunders were continuously gathered from all directions and all hit the Thunder Dragon. He stopped in mid-air, his eyes had turned blue, and his entire body had been tempered by thunder and lightning into a translucent appearance, looking painful but dazzling.

On the other side of the city, in a dilapidated rental house, a woman is sitting cross-legged on the bed, her hands are constantly changing postures, and with the cultivation technique of Innate breathing, a huge amount of spiritual power is crazy. It poured into her body, repairing this broken body at a very fast speed, and nourishing the internal organs that had been tortured to the point of being broken down by illness.

Unconsciously, she completed the tempering of Refining Qi, Transforming Spirit spirit refinement, and finally gathered at the top, which can be invincible. It’s just because Yuanshen is dissatisfied with the resurrection, so he is still one step away from the realm of holy light, but Qing Lingzi knows that if the spirit of Spirit of Heaven and Earth can continue to be like this, he will definitely be able to make a new, shedding body, exchanging bones, Essence, Qi, and Spirit are united, so much so that they return to Peak.

If there is no accident, the recovery of Spiritual Qi tonight will gradually stabilize after a few days of outbreaks, but even if it is stable, it will be dozens of times better than the previous thin state.

In such an environment, Qing Lingzi thinks that it won’t be long before the thirty-two corpses under his command will be reincarnated and resurrected. At that time, he will no longer have to be so terrified and over-cautious. I think there is a little excitement.

But at this moment, he suddenly remembered the man he met in the mall and looked back at the man, and the throbbing of fear came again, which caused him to not temperament. Steady, the mouth spurt blood poured out at that time, and the cultivation base collapsed a lot. He quickly restrained his mind and stopped thinking about other things, and continued to concentrate on cultivation.

It’s just that at this moment, little brother Zhang, who even thinks about it makes people uneasy, is surrounded by a group of people asking all kinds of things.

His ability to hypnotize is really powerful and exciting. After a heated discussion of what happened just now, most of the people present are really impressed by the experience just now. It stimulates the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. This group of people has a good family background and has not lacked anything since they were young, so they always get together to seek stimulation.

Even though the stimulation was a bit high for them this time, the key stamina was sufficient, and they could still feel the throbbing of the bloodline after waking up.

This is so much more exciting than going to a nightclub.

It’s just that not everyone can handle it. For example, Dingxing’s Crown Prince has left angrily, mainly because everyone is fine, but he has wet his pants. Such a person has always been expensive. The master person suddenly made such a big ugliness in front of others, his self-esteem couldn’t stand it, and even his girlfriend left without answering.

Whether he will hate Brother Zhang, in fact, Brother Zhang doesn’t care, he hates it or not, he chooses the game himself, and Brother Zhang doesn’t take care of anyone in particular, Everyone accepts the upper limit of fear is about the same.

Of course, except for the classic big X that forced Zuo Danshuang, he was judged to be unsuitable to participate in the game because he had no ability to detect, so he saw the content of the power outage during the whole process, and nothing else see you.

He even complained several times about this, and he wanted to have a good time.

However, after this round of games, other people’s attitudes towards Zhu Zhenzhen have really changed 180 degrees, because of her heroic fearless in the game, it is really a female The leader, who doesn’t love the hero who rushes forward while crying.

When they got over it, some of them started to surround Brother Zhang while others talked about the story of someone peeing their pants while discussing the plot.

“Ancient tricks have this kind of technique. It’s a thing that is repeatedly implied, and then the spice and sound are used to let you both enter an illusion together. This is not rumored, and it is dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. .” Brother Zhang simply refused to deliberately mystifying in the face of questioning. Although he couldn’t explain the thing “his heart” and “returning to his dreams”, it could be explained using ancient techniques. , there is no way to even verify it.

Zhu Zhenzhen repeatedly nodded: “I know I know, I have been to your house, and I saw a Taoist temple behind your house!”

With Zhu Zhenzhen’s help, little Brother Zhang’s problem was quickly recognized by everyone, and he didn’t go into it, but simply thought it was super interesting.

But at this time, Zhang Yao did not participate in the topic. She was holding an electronic telescope to observe the sky on the other side of the city. There seems to be a person…

The person is hovering in the air, constantly suffering from lightning strikes, and every time the person glows, and when he shines, he can be caught by the high-speed camera on the telescope. to catch down.

She believed in this kind of thing, but now seeing this, she is suddenly full of doubts about this world.

This head can still use ancient color tricks to fool people, what did that thing say that day? It must be a person. A person hangs in the sky and gets struck by lightning? Is this reasonable?

After watching it for a while, Zhang Yao couldn’t help it anymore. She called Brother Zhang to the window when he was free and let him look at the contents of the telescope.

Brother Zhang glanced at it, frowned…Isn’t this Thunder Dragon? Brother Zhang didn’t understand what he was doing, so he walked aside and took out his phone to call Haozi.

Haozi’s whispering doesn’t make sense either, that is to say, the plate left by the old man at the back of Xiao Zhang’s house has blossomed, and then Thunder Dragon suddenly said “I’m fine again” and ran to the sky. Thunder struck.

“You say it’s Thunder Tribulation, but it doesn’t look like it. You say it’s walking Jiao, it’s not. It’s most likely that the Thunder Dragon kid is leaping over the dragon’s gate, but it doesn’t look like it. , how can there be such a simple leaping over the dragon’s gate.”

Brother Zhang hung up the phone, and then sat back as if nothing happened, but Zhang Yao looked like he looked Somewhat at a loss, Zhang Yao, a self-proclaimed male killer, couldn’t understand this man’s behavior pattern at all.

But anyway, this party was very successful. Although Huang Shao left the venue angrily, there were not many people who cared about it. Even his female companion didn’t say anything. Like he was abandoned by everyone, he even chatted with the big guys about the embarrassing thing about Young Master Huang urinating his pants.

But there is still an odd number here, that is the kind of Zuo Danshuang, he has absolutely no way to enter the discussion of the people around him, because he did not see anything, just saw Young Master Huang throughout the process The panorama of urinating pants, a pool of water slowly dizzy from the crotch and dripped down the trousers.

Is this a horror game? This is clearly a gay porn game, okay? This scene made Zuo Danshuang disgusting, so he kept looking for opportunities to question Brother Zhang face to face.

This time he finally found an opportunity, taking advantage of the time when Brother Zhang called back, he sat down beside him and hugged his shoulders: “Brother, why are you playing all the time? So happy, why didn’t I see anything? You explain it.”

(End of this chapter)

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