What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Wen Zhuangyuan and Wu Juren

“She must have found someone to harass me.”

Dingxing’s young master returned home and put his present day When he said this to his elder sister in the family, it was like the more he thought about it, the more angry he was, and what made him even more unacceptable was that no one there was on his side.

However, he is not stupid. He thought about the entire process of development a little bit, and it seems that Zhu Zhenzhen was unable to find a warlock to deal with him.

“Okay, I got it. Leave this to me, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Young Master Huang’s elder sister is named Huang Shan, which is also considered to be in this province, Hong Kong and Macau. A relatively well-known strong woman, even in the rich and powerful Hong Kong, she can be regarded as the number one person, even the paparazzi dare not take pictures casually.

She heard that her younger brother had been harmed, and she was still angry, and he knew some “Master” on the way, so she made up her mind to go back to Hong Kong tomorrow to find a Master to follow him. Those little fellow fights.

But obviously this Young Master Huang was not satisfied with the elder sister’s arrangement. After he returned to the house, that was a forbearance for a while, the more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and the more he thought about it, the more he lost.

“Ah Zhong, go find me some more powerful masters.”

Huang Shao called his assistant, and after the assistant heard his news Also confused: “Boss, what kind of master do you want?”

“What kind of master do you want! You want a foot-washing master? Of course you want a master who knows how to do it! Money is not a problem, you can Someone will find it for me.”


Just when they were thinking of a way to get back to where they are today, Brother Zhang faced a brawny man The enthusiasm is a little overwhelming.

“Brother, go, get in the car.” Zuo Danshuang’s big bull stood in front of Brother Zhang: “I’ll invite you to have a late night snack, let’s have a good chat with our brother!”

Zhu Zhenzhen just picked up the car and saw this scene, she thought Zuo Danshuang was looking for something, she quickly got out of the car and trotted over, standing between Brother Zhang and Zuo Danshuang: “Zuo Danshuang, you What are you going to do again? You beat up Chen Fei’s boyfriend last time, and you forgot about such a big thing?”

“I invite my brother to have a late-night snack, and you have to worry about it. Ba Po.”

“What do you call me?” Zhu Zhenzhen was angry and funny: “You are really helpless.”

“I said Ba Po, don’t block me Good brother, it’s time to eat.” Zuo Danshuang tugged at Zhu Zhenzhen with his hands: “Get out of the way.”

Zhu Zhenzhen saw that this person was like a brown candy, so she had to look towards Brother Zhang, and Now Xiao Zhang can be described as a proven mystery in her eyes. Although she is still her own employee, she actually has some respect in her heart.

“Okay.” Brother Zhang is also a very good talker. He smiled and said to Zhu Zhenzhen, “Will we go together? I don’t think he would mind asking for one more.”

Zuo Danshuang glanced at Zhu Zhenzhen with disgust upon hearing this: “It’s not for the sake of my good brother, I won’t invite you, but you are in the light of my brother.”

Zhu Zhenzhen was really amused by this guy. Just as she was about to say something to refute, she heard a car show up next to her. The window was rolled down to reveal the smiles of a few girls. They moved towards Zhu Zhenzhen and shouted: “Zhenzhen, Would you like to go to Sister Liang’s bar? Let’s go together.”

This is a good thing, although Zhu Zhenzhen doesn’t know why they are so kind to herself all of a sudden, but who would refuse to have new friends.

So she agreed and said to Brother Zhang: “You will go to dinner with this big fool later, I don’t care about you.”

“en. “Zhang Jiachang nods to you: “If I don’t go, he probably won’t let me go.”

“He will go home.” Zhu Zhenzhen giggled and returned to the car, then chatted with the new sisters. And go.

Zuo Danshuang watched them leave, and said foul-mouthed: “Women are boring, brother get in the car!”

Brother Zhang reluctantly sat down on him On the co-pilot, cut the Blade Sect level, the Daniel’s motor roared, and Zuo Danshuang roared out as if he was taking a little girl for a ride.

Then four and three-quarters of minutes later, he was caught by the traffic police at the intersection and the car was towed away.

The two stood at the intersection for a while, you look at me, I look at you, Zuo Danshuang’s face was dull and he didn’t dare to attack the police, looking very aggrieved.

“Brother, what should I do?”

Brother Zhang turned his head and looked towards the shared tram by the roadside, Zuo Danshuang also looked over, and after a moment of silence he said: ” No, if I want to meet my brothers, where do I put my old face?”

Of course, in the end, he rode the orange-yellow shared tram and took Brother Zhang crookedly. to a tea restaurant.

This place is not a high-end place, but the business is very good. Most of the elderly people are sitting there eating supper, and there are few youngsters. But this admittedly idiot seemed to be very familiar with this place. He went up to ka ka and ordered it, then sat there drinking a cup of black pine salsa and waved to Brother Zhang: “Come on, I’ll order it for you. “

Brother Zhang thinks that this guy is really the weirdest person he has ever met, and he acts with a strong wuxia novel style, although Rude and disrespectful, but certainly not offensive.

Zuo Danshuang started to introduce this old-fashioned tea restaurant, saying that this was the first place his father came to work here from the north, and later his home gradually became a horizontal one. A giant in the catering industry across many places, but he has always protected this old shop. He has tried to protect it after several demolition and rectification. He has eaten here since he was a child, and especially likes to bring friends to eat here.

This guy’s description is neither detailed nor sensational, but the thick stall style can easily make people’s eyes show the excitement when this place gathered Three Doctrines and Nine Philosophies, but it is quite interesting. Some old Hong Kong films are mixed in with it.

“Brother, let me tell you, the first time I saw you, I felt a relationship. Then I decided that you were a brother.”

“What’s the matter?” Brother Zhang curiously asked: “It wasn’t very pleasant when we first met, didn’t we?”

“hahahahaha, it’s okay. I’m not very smart, I’m not born to study, I didn’t study in high school, I Dad asked me to study abroad, so I didn’t know the rules, but you don’t think I’m not smart, but I can see it.” Zuo Danshuang patted his chest and said, “You used your feet to pad my knees at that time. I knew from the time that you were a good person with a big heart. I like to play with people with big breasts.”

“Heart.” Brother Zhang added the words he missed. a bit.

“Yes, yes, heart, heart!” Zuo Dan repeatedly nodded: “If you say that your literati speak well, you can sum up everything in one word.”

” I only read the second year of junior high school.”

“oh?” Zuo Danshuang looked at Brother Zhang curiously: “Then you have to call me brother in the future, I’m the third year of high school.”

Even Brother Zhang couldn’t hold back with this sentence. When did the size depend on academic qualifications? He even had some doubts if he had been out of touch with the world after being away from the world for too long.

Perhaps seeing Brother Zhang’s bewildered face, Zuo Danshuang stared at him and explained to him: “Look, you are the second year of junior high school, that is, fifteen or sixteen years old? I am the third year of high school, ten Nine years old! Nineteen years old must not be older than fifteen or sixteen years old? Then what’s the problem with you calling me brother?”

Little Brother Zhang sat in the mouth with his habit in his mouth, blinking quickly. , although I think his algorithm is somewhat problematic, but he didn’t explain much, and it was nodded to take advantage of the situation.

“I’ll call you brother from now on.” Zuo Danshuang laughed: “Brother, big brother asks you, how did you do that last night? Let me tell you the truth, big brother. Brother, I have always liked these things since I was a child, but I have tried all the methods, but I can’t see them. Not to mention those on the Internet that are not easy to use, even the remedies that I specifically asked for are useless, and I watched them one by one. It’s all maddened, and I’m in a hurry.”

After listening to his words, Xiao Zhang remembered that the person who had discussed the ten ways of hell from the moment he entered the door was this guy…


This is really the same as raising a hundred different kinds of people. There are still such people in the world.

But, there are some things that really don’t go according to people’s wishes, and others are okay to say, but this Zuo Danshuang will definitely not see what he wants to see if there is no great opportunity in this life. .

Because people have a few fires on their bodies, most of them are Yin-Yang Ginseng, a small part is Yang Huowang and a small part is Yin Fire Wang, Yin Fire is easy to be the first. Three types of contact. And like Zhang Yao and Zuo Danshuang, they are exactly two extremes. Zhang Yao is a Six Sect full yin, so he was born with Yin-Yang Eye and can see Ghost God. As for Zuo Danshuang, the Six Sect has five doors, and one of them is still unpopular.

In the vernacular, is it firepower? Most of these people are not smart, but they absolutely can’t see those strange things.

This is exactly in line with Zuo Danshuang’s character characteristics. He is just like a textbook with little heart and firepower. Such a person, Ghost God, can’t be avoided. According to legend, Veduo is such a character in Buddhism.

So he can’t see it’s normal, even if it uses any special method, the demons and monsters who are generally not very capable have to find a way to a strategic withdrawal, lest it force entrapment.

But since he asked, Brother Zhang will give him the answer. Generally speaking, Brother Zhang is the kind of person who can say everything without saying anything, and will not be deliberately mystifying. , not because of how noble his character is, but because he doesn’t really care much about taboos.

Just like when Zhang Yao asked him why he dared to reveal his identity, his answer was the same.

“So that’s the case, then, is there any way for me to experience it?” Zuo Danshuang asked curiously after listening to the explanation: “I really want to try it.”

Brother Zhang took out an unused piece of paper from his arms and handed it to him: “When you go back, ask it yourself, if it wants to, it can do it, if it doesn’t, then it can’t be helped.”

Zuo Danshuang became happy when he heard this, and quickly put away the piece of paper carefully, and then suddenly asked: “Huang Shao was scared to wet his pants, is that what it is? Is it really that scary? ?”

(end of this chapter)

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