What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 38

Chapter 38 is reckless and foolish

This Zuo Danshuang should be the most interesting person Xiao Zhang has met during this time.

First of all, although he is unlikely to see ordinary Spirit Physique at all, he is obsessed with various ways to see ghosts, and even went to other people’s graves to dig mud and wipe it on his face. Infected hospital for more than a month.

Secondly, this guy really likes all kinds of demons and ghosts. According to reason, there is a reason, but the source of his preference is actually because of Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Danshuang has been immersed in the world of Liaozhai and Hong Kong ghost movies when he was a child, and then as he gets older, his obsession with these things increases, but he has no choice but to fortune plays with people.

Finally, it was this guy who rented a house in the suburbs in order to see those good brothers. In the factory, it used to be a check-in spot for popular supernatural Internet celebrities, and there are even rumors that this place is more terrifying than the Kunchiam Hospital in South Korea.

It’s just that Zuo Danshuang has lived here for two years, but he has never seen anything wrong, and even he has not cycled a few twisted songs day and night in order to go to hell as soon as possible.

This did not attract ghosts, but drove away some scattered tenants around. In the end, he simply asked his brother for some money and directly contracted this abandoned haunted machine brick factory. Come down, live here every day and wait for the wind to come.

And under his warm invitation, Brother Zhang was invited to his residence. The old-fashioned tube building has also been transformed, and now it has formed a living structure with two floors above and below, with a gloomy atmosphere. No, but I still feel quite relaxed.

“Sit down, I’ll go get my brother a drink.”

Zuo Danshuang went to the next room and brought a bunch of strange things, but Brother Zhang didn’t. I was interested in eating he he, but instead, I watched from side to side.

Just this place…it may have been a real good brother, but after two years of living for a long time, this place has more firepower than the boys’ toilet in the elementary school. If Zhang Yao took a look, 80% of them would be able to see the Buddha light illuminating everything in this room from a distance of 300 meters.

“Do you really like this thing that much?” Brother Zhang turned around and asked him, “You don’t like anything else?”

“I still like it. Little child, but they don’t like me.” Zuo Danshuang leaned on the sofa and stared at the ceiling: “Those adults think I’m a fool, my brother thinks so, they all look down on me, but I don’t Blame them, I’m not smart in the first place.”

Zuo Danshuang laughed while speaking looked towards Brother Xiao Zhang: “But brother, you are different, you see my eyes are very clean, no Like them.”

It seems that he actually knows that he has the nickname of “the biggest X in the circle”, but he doesn’t care. And when he was in the crowd, he also did his due diligence to play a fool, just so that everyone could continue to play with him.

And he likes Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, demons and monsters in Hong Kong films, the root cause is probably the same, because no matter it is Liao Zhai or Hong Kong films, stupid children always have good luck.

But in reality…

“If you really want to, it’s not impossible, but it’s just a different way of yin and yang, no one knows what will happen when you meet, you Can you bear the consequences?”

Brother Zhang actually said it very euphemistically, in fact, this thing is not something in the world, although he is five fires, but Brother Zhang gave him the same The famous Great Demonic God, these two pure yang to yin collide, Xiao Zhang can’t predict the future, so he has no idea what will happen.

Zuo Danshuang was laughed heartily when he heard this. He held the graffiti with the Great Demonic God in his hand and looked at the light. , just said there: “There is someone who won’t dislike me anymore, who cares so much.” Ah, stay with me tonight, I have more rooms.”

“No, I have to send younger sister to school tomorrow morning.”

Zuo Danshuang also said that he would To send Brother Zhang, but when they thought that their car had been impounded, both of them came by taxi, so they just sent it to the door and gave up.

But when he just returned to the house, he remembered that this place is more than 50 kilometers away from the city… He hurriedly charged ahead and wanted to call Brother Zhang back, but he went out. Where there is still a silhouette, there are only empty concrete roads and dim yellow street lights all around.

“It’s weird, what about people?”

But Zuo Danshuang, his brain was not so bright, so he stopped thinking about it, turned around and held the baby Graffiti is back in the house.

Although this thing looks like something drawn casually by the little child, he has no doubts. After returning to the room, he lay on the bed, looking at the other person and felt gloomy. The terrifying picture started talking: “I don’t know your name, but if you are willing to come out and meet, I will treat you to dinner for three months.”

Speaking of this, Zuo Danshuang suddenly It seemed that something was wrong, because this was not a human being, and such things as eating were meaningless, so he quickly changed his words: “You can do whatever you want, come out and let’s meet!”

But he said, The paper did not respond at all. After looking at it for a while, Zuo Danshuang was also a little discouraged. He put the paper aside and said, “It seems that you are not willing to come out and know each other, alas…”

But tone barely fell , the lights in the room suddenly flickered without warning, and they all went out before he could respond.

The dim light of the street lamps outside penetrated into the room through the window, making it more gloomy than complete darkness.

Zuo Danshuang jumped up from the bed as soon as he stood up, and then heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside the door.

At this moment, he didn’t even dare to blink, staring at the door for fear of missing a little detail.

The sound of footsteps gradually approached, and then I saw a pair of dark and huge hands holding the door frame, and the door slowly opened, making a creaking sound of disrepair.

Then, something more than two meters tall walked into the room. It was black all over, but it was not a shadow. It walked with the sound of footsteps, but it looked like a Fluffy.

Zuo Dan scrutinized for a while, but couldn’t see it clearly, so he took his mobile phone and stepped forward to take a closer look. When he got close, this huge and gloomy thing extended the hand and wanted to choke him. , but didn’t expect to be hugged by Zuo Danshuang.

He shouted excitedly: “It’s true! It’s really coming!!!”

This one made the black bushes confused. , It wanted to get rid of Zuo Danshuang, but found that the reckless man in front of him had actually run to the side, pouted his butt, and rummaged through a box to find something.

In a short while, he took out a series of strange things, including paper money, ingots, incense candles, oil-paper umbrellas, plain flowers, etc. that he had bought at swindler before, and hua hua threw them there. In front of that dark thing.

“Look, take what you like!” Zuo Dan crossed his waist with a proud look: “Not enough!”

The dark thing slowly He tilted his head and looked at the scumbag in front of him, but he didn’t even move.

“Come, come, sit.” Zuo Danshuang dragged a chair and dragged its arm, then came to the chair and sat down: “Do you want to eat or drink? It’s okay, My brother’s friend is my friend!”

At this time, the lights in the room also turned on, and the dark thing began to gradually reveal the True Form under the light, which reminded that it was huge and its body was naked. The outer bones are covered, and the skin is completely black under the bones. The face has facial features similar to people’s, but it is extremely terrifying when put together, especially the serrated sharp teeth in the mouth that are almost completely exposed, and the The exaggerated eyes and azure black skin make it seem that it is not an ordinary thing.

“Do you want to drink beer?”

Zuo Danshuang said.

At this moment, Brother Zhang was looking up at the spell on the roof. The spell representing the ghosts and demons in the night had been freed from the shackles and was falling down.

The spell landed on Haozi’s head. Haozi dragged him down to look, turned pale in fright, but was pressed by Brother Zhang’s shoulder: “It’s okay, take care of that guy first.”

The “that guy” he was talking about was Thunder Dragon. Thunder Dragon had no good skin on its body at the moment. Both sides were charred brown, the favorite of Michelin chefs. The tender meat is still exposed, but this tender meat also presents a strange red, as if it is cooked.

What’s more important is that this dang hair…has been burned like this, he is still alive, lying on the milk tea with a straw zi zi, although he can’t speak, he can’t actually see How painful he is.

“Why do you think I’m senior and junior brothers?” Haozi looked at Thunder Dragon angrily and amusedly, then sighed helplessly, raised his head and said to Brother Zhang, “Before the master leaves, why are you? I didn’t take him away.”

“Maybe I’m in a hurry.” Brother Zhang couldn’t help but start complaining about Thunder Dragon on the ground: “If you don’t have the ability to transform, don’t be brave, You can’t bear the Nine Thunders Prison Fire, it’s because you are a Heavenly Dragon, you have to be replaced by someone else seven years later and try to go to Old Lin’s teacher’s class, he is the key class.”

Thunder Dragon raised his hand vigorously on the ground, even if his skin was cracked, it still couldn’t stop him from making a comparison.

“It’s okay, stop.”

Haozi helped him deal with his injuries. After a while, Xu Wei also walked in with a basin from behind, Start covering the Thunder Dragon’s body with a special dust.

At this time, Grandfather Pi strenuously sneaked in through the door, leaned forward with a smile on his face, and circled Thunder Dragon twice: “hahahaha, in the middle of the night, I heard that there was a fool. I don’t know who is the Divine Immortal without the Thunder Fire, absolutely didn’t expect, it’s Brother Long.”

Thunder Dragon At this time, the ninja pointed at Brother Zhang with pain. , and then made a 3-character gesture in the air with her finger.

“en?” Brother Zhang raised his head and looked at it: “You mean that if you don’t make a move, the fire will hit Hu Niu?”

Thunder Dragon nods, Then the head tilted and there was no sound.


I went to the countryside for a wedding at night, and I will write another chapter when I can get back.

(End of this chapter)

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