What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Things of Heavenly Works

How to describe Thunder Dragon and Hu Niu? Do not provoke others.

This pair of dragons and tigers has really been like this since Thunder Dragon was four years old, when Tiger Girl was one thousand seven hundred and sixty-two. And now Thunder Dragon 23, Tiger Girl 1781, they still do.

Back then, it was Hu Niu who bullied Thunder Dragon while teasing his elder sister. Later, it was the sixteen or seventeen-year-old Thunder Dragon who pointed at Hu Niu and shouted “don’t be too arrogant”, and then it became “one day I’ll take care of you”, until now, although he still can’t beat Hu Niu girl, but she has also become Thunder Dragon’s heart knot.

And the prodigal Thunder Dragon has made a lot of girlfriends now, and every time he brings it to Tiger Girl to show off, although the result of doing so basically can’t escape a beating, he is still Happy to show off.

But Hu Niu is the eldest sister. In fact, most of the time, she will not kill him, but Thunder Dragon’s style is very mean. Hu Niu has a big temperament and has a very bad temper. But always use various means to provoke Hu Niu Qiqiao into smoke.

Other people are in awe of the eldest sister, except Thunder Dragon, who really suffers from both psychological and physical discomfort without being beaten for three days.

“Did you tell the eldest sister?” Haozi looked at Brother Zhang, took out his mobile phone and typed for a long time, and then curiously asked: “It’s so late, can she see?”

” I don’t know, it should be possible.”

Xu Wei, who watched the whole process of Xiao Zhang’s typing, probably understood why Xiao Zhang always didn’t speak in the group, or it would be cool if he appeared. The reason is that although he is quite good at computers, his typing is extremely slow and he is prone to typos. He seems to have obsessive-compulsive disorder and has to delete, delete, and correct it for a long time before sending it out, and she also found that it seems that there are only Grandfather Pi and Grandfather Pi here. Except for the two goblins of Da Huang, everyone else seems to have an inexplicable rejection of technology products. Thunder Dragon looks very stylish, but always insists on using handwritten bills, Haozi is also like an ordinary person, but also has a finger when typing.

But the dead cat is proficient in mobile phones and computers, and can play online games. He can even get a girlfriend in it and post his selfie in VX, saying it belongs to his family. cat, in order to deceive his girlfriend to buy canned cat food for himself.

Just yesterday, Xu Wei also saw Da Huang’s phantom Human Transformation sitting in front of Xiao Zhang’s computer and talking to people on a black line. Such an elegant Da Huang cat.

While Xu Wei was thinking wildly with her head sideways, a violent wind erupted outside, and the surrounding tree shadows that were just swaying with the breeze suddenly became frantic. When it reaches my ears, it feels like the sky has suddenly changed.

After a while, the strong wind stopped, and then walked in from outside a woman who was wearing a formal suit. As soon as she came in, she was full of aura. She was beautiful and sassy, and there was an aloof and remote. The temperament, but Xu Wei felt as if she had seen her somewhere, and felt very familiar, but she couldn’t remember it for a while.

Seeing him come in, Da Huang, who was originally watching the fun, ran away with a swoosh, and even omitted the familiar part of bad breath. And Haozi performed a stand at attention directly on the spot.

“Eldest sister…”

The eldest sister didn’t respond directly, she just nodded lightly at him and came to Thunder Dragon, who was covered in still ash, and squatted down to investigate carefully. his injury.

When she raised her head, her eyes had turned golden green, her canine teeth were exposed, and her face was extremely fierce and tyrannical. At a sudden glance, Xu Wei almost lost her soul.

“Who did it!” Hu Niu raised her head and questioned Haozi, then turned her head and looked towards Brother Zhang: “Why don’t you care?”

Brother Zhang took care of himself He poured a glass of water and drank it, not paying any attention to Hu Niu’s fierce appearance, but casually said: “Your emotions are best controlled.”

Hu Niu’s ears began to deform, and her eyes began to show She went crazy, but Brother Zhang just extended the hand and pushed her forehead gently, and her beast soul came out of her body on the spot, and then saw Brother Zhang take out a feather duster from the bar and pumped it with a broken sound. On the body of the beast soul.

The beast soul screamed, and then Xiao Zhang took advantage of the situation and sent it back to Hu Niu’s body. This time Hu Niu was neither angry nor arrogant, and her eyes returned. At first, she looked like a big elder sister with a lot of personality.

“How many times have I told you? Control your emotions.” Brother Zhang pointed to the Thunder Dragon on the ground: “Why don’t you ask clearly before talking?”

At this time Haozi finally had a chance to speak, he hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Big sister, big sister…don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s like this…”

Haozi took Thunder Dragon’s stupid thing with him. As soon as Hu Niu said it, Hu Niu immediately understood, because of her cultivation base ability, of course, she knew that all spirits had suddenly recovered before, and she also knew that the most direct consequence of Spiritual Qi’s recovery was her Transcending Tribulation in advance.

She doesn’t have the Heavenly Dragon body, and she doesn’t have the blessing of the Taoist body. Even she can’t handle the unprepared Heavenly Tribulation. That’s why the foolish child of Thunder Dragon, when Heavenly Tribulation is approaching, goes outside and uses magic to induce Thunder Tribulation, so that the difficulty of Heavenly Tribulation, which should have been split on Hu Niu in all directions, turns to him.

This thing is not something that Thunder Dragon should resist, let alone what he can resist. Even with the blessing of Heavenly Dragon body and thunder technique golden light, under that terrifying power, Thunder Dragon is still Being queried by Barbie to the outer coke and inner tenderness.

“Lord… I beg you to save him.” Hu Niu simply knelt down to Brother Zhang after learning the truth.

“You are usually called Zhang Jiachang and Xiao Zhang, and you only call the Lord when you have something. Tell me if you are sincere or not. And you really don’t understand the rules. Apologizing is to reveal where you are.

Don’t you know the mark?”

Hearing this voice, Hu Niu straightened up in astonishment and looked at the Thunder Dragon who had opened one eye even though it was covered with dust in disbelief. The black-grey wound covered on it has begun to scab and fall off, revealing the new tender skin inside, but the only regret is that his beard, hair, eyebrows are all disappeared, and even the eyelashes are gone. boiled eggs.

When Hu Niu saw what he looked like, she suddenly became angry, but when she was about to step on it, Brother Zhang said: “If you step on it, he will definitely be gone. You know I can’t resurrect the dead. Yes.”

“Don’t resurrect the dead, don’t create life, don’t let others fall in love with you, three taboos.” Hu Niu’s tone of voice is different from before, a little more relaxed and ridiculing, and also Instead of being cold and serious at first, she is just like an ordinary girl.

Brother Zhang turned around and took a can of wine from the shelf and handed it to Hu Niu: “Originally I don’t serve alcohol, but you are an exception.”

Hu Niu took the drink , whispered: “I’m sorry just now… I’m in a hurry.”

“It’s okay, I punished you.” Brother Zhang took out another plate of braised beef liver and placed it in front of Hu Niu: “What are you busy with recently?”

When they were chatting, Xu Wei didn’t dare to say a word. Although many things happened by chance, she is now considered a Cultivation entry player. Experts only know what kind of terrifying creatures the regular customers in this milk tea shop are, and the most terrifying one is this little brother Zhang.

When this tiger-like woman was angry just now, even if Xu Wei was not hit by a frontal blow, she still felt uncomfortable everywhere, and there was a feeling of almost bloodline suppression there, making her feel uncomfortable. People cannot move even a little bit.

But just relying on imposing manner to intimidate people who can make people stay in place, Xiao Zhang solved the problem in one go, and even seemed to have taught himself a lesson in messing up his hair. cat.

As for the Thunder Dragon on the ground, although he looks a bit ridiculous now, but strictly speaking has not completely passed the dangerous period, his body is slowly recovering, the reason why Xiao Zhang did not directly add a The big one is because of the need to observe the wound healing during slow recovery. If a big one is given directly, no one knows what internal injury Thunder Tribulation will cause him.

When the time comes internal injury, if one is not careful, he may die suddenly. Brother Zhang may be very strong, but he is not omnipotent.

“Haozi Haozi…”

Xu Wei whispered twice and called aside Haozi who was holding instant noodles because he was hungry all night and had not eaten. .


“Who is that elder sister? She looks so handsome.”

“That’s the Guardian Spirit beast from Old Zhang’s family. .” Haozi looked back at Hu Niu: “We all call her big sister.”

“Huh?” Xu Wei stared wide-eyed: “She’s not human?”

“Of course not, but there is basically no difference. She is different from ordinary demons. She is a Spirit Beast and is attached to people. Big sister is almost two thousand years old…” Haozi whispered: “Don’t provoke it casually. She, except for Brother Zhang, she has a bad temper with others.”

“I see…” Xu Wei repeatedly nodded: “Then I think she is called Brother Xiao Zhang master?”

“Have you never been to a maid cafe? That’s what it means.” Haozi crossed his arms and nodded: “She is actually the high level steward of their Zhang Family for generations. She bared her teeth at Brother Zhang just now, That’s why I will be punished.”

After knowing these contents, Xu Wei probably understood that there are still many secrets waiting for her to explore in this world, and the previous mistakes seem to be true now The ones are excellent value for money.

“I think your arrangement is very interesting, Haozi, tiger, dragon, is there anything else?”

“Yes, birthday messenger.” Haozi went to Pulling his face in his mouth, he said, “Have you seen Hokage?”

“Have you seen…”

“We are the people who come from Zhuli. Once in the pre-Qin era, they In order to fight against the thirty-two corpses in the warlock, the ancestors of the Zhang Family invited the ancestors of the twelve o’clock to return to their positions, and later inherited it.”

“But aren’t you Junior Brother? , why is it called Haozi?”

“Because… no, where do you come from with so many questions?” Haozi looked at Xu Wei curiously: “You haven’t officially apprenticed to your teacher yet, when you become my Martial Nephew There are some things I can talk about.”

(End of this chapter)

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