What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The King and Lao Tzu are here.

The night is getting darker, and the customers in the milk tea shop are almost gone. Only Yang Junfeng and Xu Wei are left in the room.

Xu Wei looked very nervous, while Yang Junfeng kept his head down and played with his phone until Zhang Jiachang came over from the backyard to sign Nian Nian’s homework.

He was holding a cat in his hand, it was Da Huang who was chatting, Da Huang was very impatient, and he lost a piece of hair, looking like a bald spot, and behind them Followed by a big white dog.

This big white dog has never been seen before, but it looks really pleasing, at least more pleasing than that yellow fat cat. Not to mention the whole body is snow-white, and the fur on its body is very soft and smooth. It is faintly glittering and mellow like jade stone.

“How many times have I told you, don’t talk to Xiaotian, you are really persistent.” Zhang Jiachang took Da Huang to the frame next to him, washed his hands, and said again. The white dog said: “You too, you know what virtue it is, can’t you let it?”

The big white dog squatted there, but his eyes kept staring at Da Huang, a dog. A cat grinned across Zhang Jiachang, with a “Thank you for not letting go of me, or I’ll kill it”.

“Fighting again?” Yang Junfeng glanced sideways at the white dog: “Xiaotian, you are also a big elder sister, let’s get Da Huang.”

White dog head As soon as he twisted it, he got up and wanted to go with a face full of reluctance, but Zhang Jiachang grabbed his tail just after walking two steps: “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to bed, you let me Don’t bother me again, your dead cat.”

The big white dog’s mouth is actually spoken human’s words, but it’s completely different from the hoarse drake’s voice of Da Huang. Nice elder sister sound.

Yang Junfeng next to him said with a smile: “Xiaotian elder sister, I haven’t seen you recently, are you in love?”

“Fuck You.”


The white dog scolded and rolled its tail away, while Yang Junfeng, who was scolded, was not angry but laughed heartily: “My dog sister’s temper is still the same as before.”

Maybe Yang Junfeng was not surprised. After all, he knew the situation here since he was a child, but Xu Wei next to him was soaked in an indescribable emotion.

I’m scared, it doesn’t count, even if this cat and dog can talk, but in fact there is not much sense of fear, after all, it’s just a cat with a dirty mouth A grumpy dog.

But let’s say it’s normal, where is it normal! It’s a cat! It’s a dog! You can speak, swear, and use your mobile phone to go to the supermarket!

While Xu Wei was sitting there watching the white dog leave, Zhang Jiachang had already started to close the stall.

Xu Wei immediately became anxious when she saw it, because judging from the combination of the fragmented information she got, she might have been caught by a bad guy, and that weird netizen was probably the serial link. murderer.

The more critical issue is that the murderer is very likely not an ordinary person or even a person.

Although she doesn’t know the reason, she does feel an unprecedented sense of security in Zhang Jiachang’s milk tea shop, and although this Boss doesn’t look so normal, he gives the first priority. It feels like two words – reliable.

Because of his relationship, even the strange cat and the fierce dog didn’t seem incomprehensible.

“Brother Zhang… are you going to close?”

“Close?” Yang Junfeng laughed: “Come when the business is at its best.”

Sure enough , I saw Zhang Jiachang raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The decorations in the store changed in an instant. The original milk tea shop became a different scene. The original modern decoration style was switched to a retro style, and the original bar has also become In the cupboard for making food, even the high stool that Xu Wei was sitting on has become a small bamboo chair with a backrest.

It’s still brightly lit, still busy alone, but the things I make have changed from milk tea to all kinds of late-night food.

“Two shifts…” Xu Wei was stunned for a moment and then asked, “It’s so hard.”

Zhang Jiachang looked up at her slightly and smiled helplessly: “It’s hard enough to raise a big family by yourself.”

While speaking, the welcome bell outside rang. After a while of dΔ«ng lΓ­ng lΓ­ng, I saw a body A girl wearing a two-dimensional COS costume with cute makeup walked in. As soon as she entered the store, she stretched and said, “Come on, give the old man a chicken, and the skin is crispy.”

It’s strange that a cute girl calls herself an old man, but compared to the other strange things Xu Wei has seen in this place, she is really not strange enough…

“Yo, Huang Pizi came early today, why don’t you follow the big brother’s passionate video?” Yang Junfeng is like half a boss here. After seeing the people here, he greeted warmly: “Don’t say, Grandfather Pi’s dress today is quite sassy.”

“Old man warns you, I will beat you with my slut again.”

The girl raised her fist and gestured a threat. The gesture, but regardless of the tone and content of her words, her actions did not look like a threat, but rather the coquettish coquettishness of a cute little girl.

“Today, my father resigned, and I am very happy. I told Jiachang just now that I will pay for the full-scale consumption tonight. Does Grandfather Pi dislike it?”

“Thank you Big Brother Yang for the roast chicken.” The girl immediately bowed to Yang Junfeng with a beaming smile, and then said to Zhang Jiachang, “Two roast chickens, plus a dozen beers, great!”

“hahahaha, Grandfather Pi, Grandfather Pi, you have today too.”

Hearing Yang Junfeng’s mockery, the girl was a little embarrassed, but her mouth was still stubborn, she raised her neck and said, “as the saying goes Good, a penny beats a hero man. These days, the old man’s live broadcast room has been blocked for making a traitor and framed, and he can’t get a reward. Life is tight, but it’s not your turn to laugh at a kid like you. .”

“Ha, Grandfather Pi has a backbone.” Yang Junfeng knocked on the table: “I don’t know who told my intestines a few days ago to touch a chicken for ten minutes, Grandfather Pi finally came out for sale.”

“Then…then…the matter between men and women, can you sell it?”

“Okay.” Zhang Jiachang from the stove He took out a roasted chicken sealed in yellow mud and put it in front of the girl, and then put a dozen beers there: “Don’t run on Grandfather Pi, she’s been having a bit of trouble lately.”

“That’s right.” The girl rolled the eyes towards Yang Junfeng, and then she saw Xu Wei who was staring at the side with round eyes: “Chang, who is this naughty little girl? Why haven’t you seen the old man?”

Xu Wei didn’t know what to say for a while after hearing her ask, but she heard Zhang Jiachang ask: “She is entangled in something, hide from me.”

“Oh… that’s it.” Grandfather Pi didn’t ask any more, just smashed the yellow mud on the outside of the roast chicken with his hands, revealing the lotus leaves that had been soaked in the oil juice, the aroma of the roast chicken immediately It permeated the whole house.

Agitated by the scent, Xu Wei’s stomach also growled, thinking that she hadn’t eaten anything until now, she coughed, then raised her head and asked, “Brother Zhang, I Can I order here?”

“Yes, he will pay for it tonight.” Zhang Jiachang took out a classic menu and handed it to her: “Order whatever you want.”

Xu Wei saw what was on the menu, and cautiously ordered a few skewers of grilled meat and some staples that could fill her stomach. Zhang Jiachang took a note and began to work hard.

“naughty little girl, you are entangled in something, and you have to hide here to avoid disasters.” Grandfather Pi tore off a chicken leg and said while eating: “But your luck is That’s great, as long as you don’t go out this door, even if the King of Heaven comes, you have to wait at the door.”

Xu Wei opened her mouth, not even knowing how to ask a question, she was silent for a while. Remember what question you want to ask.

“Old man knows what you want to ask.” Grandfather Pi opened a can of beer and drank it with a sad face: “Old man was originally a fox fairy in the mountains, and he was about to ascend to the fairy in just one breath. Now, the rule in this mountain is to find someone to ask for a seal, and you have seen it in the horror novels. It is also a sin, the old man is so dead that he found such a thing to ask for a seal.”

Grandfather Pi pointed at Yang Junfeng, who was playing on the mobile phone next to him: “The old man asked him that day, do you think I look like a human… ah…”

Xu Wei blinked her eyes and asked curiously: ” How did he answer?”

At this time, Yang Junfeng turned his head and said, “I think she looks like a little loli with a flat chest and a short buttocks of one meter five.”

Grandfather Pi leg raised cradled in him on his butt, and then pointed at himself: “Here, old man has become like this.”

Yang Junfeng laughed happily, even Zhang Jiachang, who was reserved, also smiled. There is a cheerful atmosphere in the shop.

“Okay, everything is over.” Zhang Jiachang put Xu Wei’s order in front of her, then sat on the stool and said, “Has Grandfather Pi lost any income recently.”


“Alas…it’s hard to say.” Grandfather Pi sighed: “The website has closed the live broadcast room of old man, saying that old man is doing yellow. Originally, there were tens of thousands of rewards that could not be taken out, and now it is still not available. I owe the guild hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is a headache.”

Zhang Jiachang nodded, then pointed at Xu Wei: “You help her solve the problem and charge her ten thousand dollars.”

Grandfather Pi was refreshed when he heard it, straightened up and looked towards Xu Wei: “Good idea, those demons and monsters are really not seen by the old man. But why don’t you go?”

Zhang Jiachang raised his eyelids and squinted at Grandfather Pi, Grandfather Pi shivered involuntarily, and then extended the hand and slapped himself: “When I fart, old man goes outside to smoke a cigarette .”

After Grandfather Pi left, Zhang Jiachang opened his mouth and said to Xu Wei, “Isn’t there a problem with 10,000 yuan to solve this problem?”

“Yes…but this one Is it better to call the police?”

“Well, the police must be reported, but there are two systems.” Zhang Jiachang said with a smile: “Grandfather Pi is very difficult to deal with.”



The day before the contract arrives is one more update, and after the contract arrives, there will be more, Just these two days.

(End of this chapter)

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