What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 40

Chapter 40 This face alone is worth a few small fish!

Thunder dragon body is no longer a serious problem. Although it will take a while to fully recover, simple actions are not a problem, so tomorrow he has to continue to open the store. Absolutely not allowed.

After explaining the motive of his strange behavior, Hu Niu was very moved, and then beat him. Although the beating was not heavy, the family heirloom rattan was drawn on the newly grown skin. That feeling is out of the sky.

After dealing with the group of mentally retarded chickens and dogs at home, Brother Zhang sat alone on the steps of the yard and looked up at the stars.

Although the night is deep and even the dog at home is asleep, he can still sit there in high spirits.

As far as he is concerned, eating and sleeping are just forcing himself to do the homework that must be done every day in order to be more like a person. Things that are essential to others are nothing but one to him.

Homework can even be said to be a Cultivation.

“Brother Zhang…”

Xu Wei suddenly called him softly, then sat beside him, curiously asked: “It’s so late, you don’t sleep. Huh?”

“The stars today are very beautiful.”

Following his words, Xu Wei looked up towards the sky, but just this one glance made her deeply trapped in it. She extricates herself, because this is a scene she has never seen with her own eyes. The star River in the sky is dazzling, like being in a plateau with thin air. The sky has been obscured by light pollution for a long time, and in this brief moment, it looks shocking and the starlight is unscrupulous. shrouded in the world, unabashedly showed his appearance.

It was a long time before she came back to his senses: “This…how could this be?”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer her quickly, just watched a meteor slide down Skyrim opened the mouth and said after it was completely disappeared: “Spiritual Qi’s recovery will not change immediately, it will little by little change the world we are accustomed to. The starry sky is only the first stage, after which the original appearance of the world will be little by little. You will find that the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and the mountains, rivers and rivers will be little by little and become different.”

Xu Wei snorted, not sure if she understood She still didn’t understand but didn’t dare to ask any more. Anyway, she was soon immersed in this completely different starry sky again, until the sky turned grey and white.

When she turned her head, Brother Zhang was long gone, but she didn’t seem to feel anything wrong, as if he should be so quiet.

The matter of the starry sky doesn’t seem to attract too many people’s attention. They still go to work and go to school when the morning comes, and the early risers gather in small groups in front of the breakfast shop to chat. Where does the perfume smell best.

“Morning, brother Zhang.”


“Brother Zhang.”


The way to get up early is always accompanied by a string of greetings. This is something that Xiao Zhang goes through every day. Even the most ruffian in Chang’an Lane will maintain considerable respect when he sees him, although This respect is very unreasonable, but everyone has no opinion on it.

I am gluttonous every year. I buy some snacks at the entrance of the alley when I go to school and after school. The hardest old man at the entrance of the alley will always give her more things under various tough excuses, even if it is just because The weather today is good.

“People from Chang’an Alley.” Thunder Dragon stood at the door with a bowl of noodles and watched Brother Zhang take Nian Nian out of the alley, and sighed while making noodles, “Sometimes it’s really nice. Cute.”

Haozi stood beside him, wearing the police uniform that he had been thinking about for a long time, and his father’s siren on his chest, which looked really like that.

“Don’t be cute anymore. You were mature yesterday, and you got up early in the morning to kill yourself. I really convinced you.” : “If you die, I’ll give you a roll of cool mats and throw them into the crematorium.”

Thunder Dragon swallowed again, gave Haozi a white look, and limped. Went in, never came out again.

But Haozi just adjusted his hat and collar, with his hands behind his back and his chest out, slowly disappearing into the fireworks of the dawn.

As for Brother Zhang, after sending each year to the Games, Brother Zhang drove the cart to the vegetable market.

This kind of place will not have Zhu Zhenzhen, Zhang Yao, or demons and monsters. It is full of the fishy smell of duck feathers and the strange smell of rotten fruit. It is not high level. But very practical.

Brother Zhang is as always, how he should live his life, he won’t feel any change in his life because of someone’s joys, sorrows and joys, this young man or that master, yes To him, it was nothing but a cannonball that exploded in the night sky, and it was disappeared with a snap.

And the uncles and aunts who are also bargaining with people in the vegetable market will definitely not think that the youngster who is squatting in front of the potato pile and picking potatoes will be a world-class Legendary hero unit.

But just when Brother Zhang was picking vegetables, Zhu Zhenzhen’s car was already parked outside Chang’an Lane. She stick one’s head around to look for through the hidden door and found that It wasn’t open yet, and there was only a cat crouching on the counter looking at her.

“Is there anyone…”

Zhu Zhenzhen whispered, and then pushed the door and entered. The room was dark without the lights on. It shot in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and there was a faint aroma of wine in the room. Zhu Zhenzhen, who found a place to sit in the room, felt that the atmosphere was very comfortable, as if she had entered a warm embrace. , there is an indescribable sense of security.

This is different from the usual feeling. Although she will come here, there will always be people here at that time, so there will be a lack of tranquility.

At this time, there was a little more noise in the room. Zhu Zhenzhen followed the sound and saw that the orange cat got in through the back door. She didn’t think much about it, but continued to sit there and wait for the little one Brother Zhang.

But after a while, a black clothed youth entered the backyard.

How to describe this young man, he is probably the most beautiful person Zhu Zhenzhen has ever met, with a slender and tall figure, bright star eyes, three-dimensional features, deep eyes, and thin lips with a shallow expression. smile.

The sudden appearance of such a beautiful boy, Zhu Zhenzhen was unable to react for a while, and the beautiful boy came to her with a smile: “Is this young lady okay?”

“Ah…I…” Zhu Zhenzhen even felt a little flustered all of a sudden, she quickly adjusted her posture, forced a smile and said, “I came to Zhang Jiachang, but no one answered the call to him.”

“He, he is always careless.” The beautiful boy pointed to the counter, and there was a mobile phone on it: “He forgot to take it out.”

“Oh oh oh …” Zhu Zhenzhen was busy nodding, then looked at the charming young man in front of her and asked, “I haven’t seen you before… Are you?”

“Me? I’m his cousin, He just graduated recently and came here to join him.” The boy leaned over there and said with a smile: “By the way, do you like cats? I am now a volunteer of the Stray Cat Rescue Association, and there are many poor kittens around here. Can eat low-quality industrial cat food, I plan to launch a public welfare activity ‘let every kitten eat canned cat food’, are you interested in participating?”

Zhu Zhenzhen repeatedly nodded: “Okay , do you want to donate money?”

“We don’t charge money, you just need to buy some canned cats and write the address here, the poor little kitty will receive your kindness.”


Zhu Zhenzhen just opened the shopping website in a daze, and with one pass of ka ka, bought the sales of other people’s stores for half a year.

“Grass the grass, big customer!” The young man squinted at this, and immediately went to the front to pour tea: “You are really a kind person.”

Zhu Zhenzhen waved her hands repeatedly: ” What else do you need?”

“Look at this dried yellow croaker…”

While speaking, the braised egg Thunder Dragon walked over from the backyard and saw After Zhu Zhenzhen and the young man in front of the hall, he went up and grabbed the beautiful young man’s hair and scolded: “Cheat! I cheat every day! I cheat everyone when I see it!”

“Let go! The imperial master is not polite to you!”

Zhu Zhenzhen was taken aback by the scene in front of her, she had no idea what was going on, and Thunder Dragon foul-mouthed took the boy back to the backyard, Then Zhu Zhenzhen heard the roar of dogs and the screams of cats in the backyard.

Not long after Thunder Dragon came out again, he instinctively touched his hair, but only touched a marinated egg…

“You didn’t buy him anything Right?” Thunder Dragon stepped forward and asked, “That bastard is really hopeless.”

Zhu Zhenzhen shook her head blankly: “It’s nothing, just…canned cat food?”

“Returns and returns, you have been deceived.”

It happened that Brother Zhang walked in with two pockets of vegetables and about ten fresh chickens, and when Thunder Dragon saw him Immediately come forward to report.

Brother Zhang laughed dumbly after listening to it, and looked back at Zhu Zhenzhen and said with a smile: “If you see that guy again in the future, you can treat him as if he doesn’t exist. You can refund the item.”

“It’s fine, it won’t cost you a few dollars.” Zhu Zhenzhen got up: “I was just about to come to you.”

“en?” In the freezer: “Do you work overtime on Sunday?”

“No… I just heard from a few friends that Huang, he went to his elder sister, and his elder sister had already asked someone to go to Hong Kong to find him. The Master came to avenge him.” Zhu Zhenzhen said with a bitter smile: “I asked you to support me, I’m worried…”

“I’m worried about what this thing does.” Thunder Dragon leaned against The man shook his legs and said, “What’s the matter, Master is not Master, I have never seen any Master in the world, you let him come.”

“You should say a few words.” Brother Zhang turned around After handing Zhu Zhenzhen a cup of hot tea, he said to her: “It’s alright, we are a society governed by the rule of law, and this is all fake and a blind eye.”

“Yes, yes, long live materialism.” Thunder Dragon was busy Nod and said.

Zhu Zhenzhen was amused when she heard what Brother Zhang said, but when she saw Thunder Dragon, she remembered: “This is… have you seen it before?”

” I’ve seen it.” Thunder Dragon gestured to himself: “That handsome guy with long bangs and a little tug at the back, remember?”

After saying this, Zhu Zhenzhen remembered it, but look at him again The current shape is a bit unresponsive.

Thunder Dragon is also a bachelor. He has a bare head: “A wise man doesn’t fall in love, and it is useless to keep three thousand troubles. It’s better to leave early and seal the love from now on. By the way, what is the name of the elder sister of that surnamed Huang? Dingxing…couldn’t it be Huang Shan?”

“You know?” Zhu Zhenzhen looked at Thunder Dragon in amazement: “How did you know? “

“Ah this…” Thunder Dragon was silent for a moment: “Huang Shan…”

(end of this chapter)

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