What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 41

Chapter 41 is unnecessary, really.

“An ex-girlfriend again?”

“So that’s it.”

Thunder Dragon pulled over the stool and sat down, and began to talk about his relationship with the Eldest Young Lady story.

In fact, things are not that complicated, but it’s just an old-fashioned story of a rich family daughter and a stray girl, but because Thunder Dragon and her were both young at that time, the two had a sincere conversation for a while. .

But later, because one has family ties, and the other has expectations for the distance, he finally made a three-life empty vow, separated from others and strayed into spring love, and in the end, futile rejoiced.

“There’s no right or wrong in this kind of thing. If I really want to say it, it’s that I don’t dare to provoke her, it’s my fault.”

Thunder Dragon spread his arms and leaned behind him. On the bar, his expression was solemn, but his eyes were empty. The corners of his mouth twitched a few times, and he stopped talking a few times, but in the end he was just sighed.

“Yes.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “Amazing.”

“What? I said so much, so you can only comment on these two?” Thunder Dragon probed his head Go: “Aren’t you going to scold me?”

“Let’s do it.” Brother Zhang laughed, got up and went to the backyard, but stopped when he approached the door, turned his head and looked towards Thunder Dragon: “You’d better make up your mind. Having a lot of girlfriends is nothing to show off.”

Zhu Zhenzhen looked at Brother Zhang, it was the first time she saw this man The way he looks when he is in his own territory is really cool…

His coolness is not the kind of coolness that is played, but the kind of coolness revealed in an inadvertent look or an action.

How to describe it, it is probably a kind of elegance with a sense of age, which is not often seen even in those sophisticated European old aristocrats, let alone those youngsters with embroidered pillows.

“How could such a person go to work with me.”

Zhu Zhenzhen looked at the place where Brother Zhang disappeared, and muttered to herself, “It’s strange.”

But Thunder Dragon said loudly beside him: “We have persuaded him about this kind of thing, but who can ponder his thoughts, it is basically impossible to study the logic behind his behavior. .”


Thunder Dragon smiled and shook the head, then got up and went behind the bar to start the day’s work.

After a while, Brother Zhang came back with a basket of fresh vegetables in his hand. He glanced at Zhu Zhenzhen and said, “Will we have lunch together?”

“Eat Eat!” Isn’t Zhu Zhenzhen’s most important purpose here just to eat.

She doesn’t have any friends herself, and most of the time she lives by takeout food. Later, after eating Brother Zhang’s meal at the company, eating those takeout food tastes the same, so she can say now. It was deliberately trying to find some excuses to eat.

“Then eat whatever you want, the vegetables are good recently.”


Zhu Zhenzhen pulled over the stool and sat there looking at Xiao Zhang Brother handles those vegetables. The tender tomatoes and plump purple cabbage make people feel appetizing. These common vegetables are quickly cut into beautiful shapes under Brother Zhang’s hands.

β€œSalty or sweet?”


Brother Zhang picked up mayonnaise, honey and mustard at a 5:1: The ratio of 1 was adjusted into a sauce, and after pouring a layer of lemon juice, he handed a plate of salad to Zhu Zhenzhen. Then he heated the pan again and melted two pieces of butter, and heated two pieces of white bread into the pan. The two sides are browned, then put two slices of cheese on the bread, put the two slices of bread together before the cheese is completely melted, and continue to heat for about 30 seconds on high heat. One point was handed to Zhu Zhenzhen.

Zhu Zhenzhen took a bite of the bread, and the hot cheese flowed into her mouth, but after two bites, she would feel greasy, but as long as she took a bite of the light and citric-scented vegetables Salads immediately have a whole new experience.

Zhu Zhenzhen, who originally had a small appetite, ate two large pieces of buttered bread and a large plate of salad.

She originally came back from studying in Europe and America, and people there often eat these, but she has never eaten such delicious salads and breads, especially the salad, the vegetables in it are rich and juicy. There is a special aroma, after eating into the mouth and mixing, there will be a special wonderful taste.

Delicious! no no no , this can’t even be described as simply delicious, this is simply a kind of redemption. She once thought that the people in the food show could cry when they eat delicious food because their acting skills are really good.

But now, even just two simple slices of bread and a plate of salad almost made her cry, there is a real satisfaction and happiness, even if it is the simplest dish.

Brother Zhang was sitting there eating salad, but he seemed to be used to everything and didn’t see whether it was good or not from his face.

“Leave some for me, boss.”

Thunder Dragon walked over to get food from the salad bowl, but was clapped by Brother Zhang, and then Zhang Brother took out a roasted meat from the oven next to him and handed it to him.

“You eat this.”

The tone was neither salty nor light, and there was no special warning, but Thunder Dragon immediately heard what he meant and took the meat. Not without emotion, she said: “Since Master left, the best person for me is the boss.” The interaction between the big men, listening to their conversation with great interest, but not as emotional as Thunder Dragon, just simply think that they are very interesting.

“Why do you call him the eldest.”

“Because he is my master’s son, and he is older than me, so what is it called the eldest? The second?”

Zhu Zhenzhen looked at Brother Zhang curiously: “Shouldn’t that be called Senior Brother?”

“But he is not a sect person, so how can he be called Senior Brother?”

This kind of feeling of being blocked is really bad. Men really hate it…

The little brother Zhang next to him just sat there and looked at the sky outside the window. Eat quietly, don’t speak or even look away, with a deep mysterious feeling.

“I ask you, has he always been like this? I found him, he is quiet everywhere, he doesn’t talk much, and he always sits there alone and doesn’t know What are you thinking about?” Zhu Zhenzhen asked Thunder Dragon curiously: “Is it really so affectionate?”

Thunder Dragon nods: “The old man calls Liang Chaowei in Chang’an Lane, and the melancholy little Prince.”

“Can you carry someone behind your back when arranging me?” Brother Zhang turned his head and looked at the two in front of him: “I just don’t know what to say.”

While speaking, the bell on Thunder Dragon’s backpack hanging on the wall suddenly rang, and the sound attracted the attention of everyone present.

Thunder Dragon walked over, watched the bell whispering for a while, then took it off and put it in his pocket, while Zhu Zhenzhen asked curiously: “What is that?”

“Call reminder.” Thunder Dragon casually said to Brother Zhang, “Boss, let me go out.”

“en. ”

Thunder Dragon hurriedly left the room. Only Zhu Zhenzhen and Xiao Zhang were left in the room. Xiao Zhang was sitting there eating salad one by one, while Zhu Zhenzhen looked at him with her chin up: “Why do you want to work in my company? I think You should be able to find a better job, right?”

Brother Zhang looked up at her, then continued to eat, as if he had no desire to answer this question.

“Hey… Anyway, give me some reaction, I’m your boss.”

“en.” Brother Zhang nodded: “I’ll be asked about this in other people’s companies too. The problem, then I have to have a place to work.”

Zhu Zhenzhen was at a loss for words, but now that she got acquainted with Xiao Zhang, she has gradually adapted to this way of speaking. Take this embarrassment to the past: “By the way, how do you feel about Zhang Yao?”

“It’s okay.” Brother Zhang replied naturally.

“Do you think she is beautiful?”


“Do you think she is interesting?”

” It’s ok.”

After a series of questions, Xiao Zhang’s answer is always the two-word “okay”, which is basically equivalent to asking what to eat at night in front of a woman and answering “whatever you want” “.

The fire in Zhu Zhenzhen’s heart, she simply stopped pretending in the end, and said directly to Brother Zhang: “Okay, okay, I won’t ask. I’ll tell you directly, before I come today. Zhang Yao asked me for your WX, she also told me about Huang Xuan’s elder sister, and she also asked me a lot about you.”

Little Brother Zhang raised his brows: “Oh .”

“Oh? It’s just one?” Zhu Zhenzhen stared wide-eyed: “Do you know who Zhang Yao is?”

“Your friend.”

His answer made Zhu Zhenzhen laugh. She sat there and let out a long sigh of relief. She pointed at Brother Zhang and said, “If you didn’t pretend to be like this on purpose. Yes, then you can really say that you are a rare Top Grade in the world.”

After she finished speaking, she turned on the phone, entered Zhang Yao’s name, and selected the one she knew from the long list of names that popped up. That Zhang Yao opened it and handed it to Brother Zhang.

I don’t know if I don’t see it, but at first glance, she is really an amazing woman. This Zhang Yao is actually the winner of the National Science Progress Award. He is a talented player specializing in robotics, AI and aerospace. He entered Massachusetts at the age of 14 for further study. The patent is also a military technology, among which is included satellite autonomous orbit change technology, robot automatic pathfinding technology and hypersonic fast autonomous identification technology.

As the youngest weapons engineer in the world, she is known as GZ Stark in the circle. Even if her home is placed in the whole world, it is the most cutting-edge demonstration of interaction between people and AI. Product testing area.

Aside from these things, she also has ten civil patents. These ten patents involve civil aviation aircraft, automobiles, navigation, games and exploration. The annual patent fee is astronomical. .

And she seems to be playing on purpose, nineteen patents at the age of nineteen, twenty at the age of twenty, and twenty-one at the age of twenty-one, and one patent is added every year until she is two years old. As soon as her fifteenth birthday passed, she immediately announced that she would retire and enjoy life at home.

It is precisely because of this that Zhang Yao is also known as one of the most difficult women in the world. Ever since Zhu Zhenzhen knew her, she has never talked about falling in love, even when talking to a man. With great effort, countless men tried to conquer this thorny rose, but all returned in low spirits after failing.

People are independent, self-improving, and powerful. What kind of wealthy family is not a wealthy family? How many divisions can a wealthy family have? After a few skills, let’s talk about the strength of two divisions. Which giant has this strength to align with her?

But today, she actually took the initiative to ask about a man’s news, and the question was very detailed, even a little bit like asking for acquaintance.

Is this reasonable? This is obviously unreasonable! Unreasonable is a problem, Zhang Yao has a problem!

(End of this chapter)

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