What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 43

Chapter 43 is… just a little pretence

Zhang Yao’s laughter rippled in the store, as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world, The whole person was laughing and trembling, and even Yang Junfeng next to her made her laugh.

Is there anything wrong with arresting Brother Zhang for research? Don’t say she’s a science person, even a passerby who sees a ghost like Xiao Zhang may feel relieved that he has to study it for a while. After all, he is as weird and weird as a bug. Although his personality is OK, But if it is unfamiliar people, it will feel that he is a bit pretending.

But it’s no wonder that his behavior pattern and thinking logic are indeed somewhat different from normal people, as if Yang Junfeng doesn’t understand why he wants to work in a strange company. What good can you get? Or is it because the place is full of beautiful girls?

But that’s not like Brother Zhang’s style. If he is willing to be a woman, then Chang’an Alley will have three days of cannonballs for him to celebrate.

Even he can pinch a beautiful girl slime with his bare hands as his girlfriend.

But he didn’t, he just wandered silently in this world like a ghost, silent, invisible, and even wanted to separate himself from his power.

This is incomprehensible. Many people think there is something wrong with his behavior, but Brother Zhang doesn’t care at all. In the end, there was no way to change his mind.

Resolute and persistent not to be disturbed by this world.

Of course, there are not a few people who think Brother Zhang is an idiot, some of whom even Yang Junfeng can’t stand it, but Brother Zhang never cares about those people, even if those people put him down. His personality has been degraded to the ground, he is still him, without any change, the shallowness that flows out of the mouths of others really becomes shallowness, and finally becomes a joke.

“Why should I arrest you for research? Don’t you think science and mysticism are sometimes different routes to the same destination?”

“Philosophy, right?” Little Brother Zhang raised his head slightly: “But I don’t understand, I don’t understand anything.”

“Humble.” Zhang Yao said with a smile: “I don’t really like people who are too modest. I feel a little hypocritical.”

Brother Zhang tilted his head and looked at her, curiously asked: “Have you ever thought about why a person needs your likes to prove himself?”

Zhang Yao was stunned by these words. She could feel that there was no malice in the tone of the strange person on the opposite side. It was really just a simple inquiry, but it sounded awkward.

And as a woman who has always been very arrogant, she was surrounded by stars everywhere. When she suddenly heard such a sentence, her first reaction was anger.

But Zhang Yao is still Zhang Yao, she quickly pulled away from her emotions, but looked at Brother Zhang with great interest, she was surprised why a twenty-year-old man The younger brother will have such a cultivation base, that kind of flattering attitude is too touching.

Who is Zhang Yao? Even if she doesn’t do anything, she will be the queen of the dance just sitting there, and Prince, no matter how noble, is willing to kiss her high heels.

But now there is such a person telling her “what are you” in front of her face, which is euphemistic, but so real and funny.

The standard in the main female protagonist is – man, you have successfully attracted my attention.

“Your meal.”

Brother Zhang put the egg fried rice and soy sauce soup she wanted on the plate and handed it to her. The rice is very simple, just oil, eggs and rice, but it is very pleasing to look at. The eggs are loose, the rice grains are distinct, and the rice and eggs are mixed just right. From any angle, it seems that every grain of rice is stained. Eggs, and the soy sauce soup are equally simple and amazing. A simple bowl of soy sauce soup, the ingredients are only soy sauce, ginger and lard, but the sauce is rich and oily. The two flavors of Dao Idol are independent but intertwined.

Take a sip with a spoon, the entrance is the sweetness of the soy sauce, then the light salty, and finally the taste of ginger fills the mouth. Eat it together with egg fried rice. Although the appearance is not so beautiful, it is precisely the simplest sweetness, saltiness and oil that can immediately wake up hunger.

No one can resist the temptation of a bowl of egg fried rice when they are hungry. The same applies to this GZ Stark. She started to try it out of her mind. I tried these two low-end foods, but after I took a bite, I couldn’t stop. One spoon after another, the spoon flew up and down, and the one I ate was full of cheeks and mouths.

Yang Junfeng, who was beside him, saw that she was eating so happily, he couldn’t help but said to Brother Zhang, “Give me a whole portion too. I think she eats so deliciously?”

Brother Zhang started to get busy again after nodding, and at this time Zhang Yao finally realized what he was going to do. After all, he obviously wanted to pick on the thorns, but she originally wanted to kill the other party’s majesty, but now she looks like It’s a starving dog…

It’s a shame to be thrown at grandma’s house.

She put down the spoon and looked up at Brother Zhang, but the contents in her mouth could not be swallowed so quickly, so she could only chew while watching Brother Zhang, like a Haozi.

“Isn’t it enough?” Brother Zhang finished speaking and put a spoonful from the small pot on her plate: “I’ll give you some more.”

Zhang Yao looked down. With the rice in the bowl, she looked up at Brother Zhang again, then picked up the spoon inexplicably, but she put it down again before taking two bites: “I don’t want to add rice!”

“Add Soup?”

“Can I add a boiled egg?”

“en. ”

Wait until Zhang Yao peels the boiled egg and eats it up After eating egg fried rice and drinking soy sauce soup, while she was sitting there and stuffing eggs into her mouth, she suddenly realized a problem, that her thinking seemed to be tampered with.

That’s right! It was because she was tampered with. She was never someone who was easy to be hinted at, but what happened today left her in a daze, because she always couldn’t make her thinking form an inertial circuit, in other words, she was What you think will always be interrupted artificially, and you will follow the hints of the Guide for the next step.

In other words, his thinking has been completely dominated by others, which is a terrible thing, because since he can make himself eat a meal in peace, he can make himself naked. Clothes, there is no substantial difference, only a degree of distinction.

At this time, Zhang Yao has already begun to be vigilant. Her alertness is directly full, her defense mechanism is instantly lit, and even the expressions all begin to change. When I look at Xiao Zhang again, she is curious. Not much, and even more hostility.

“Do you want rice soup?” Brother Zhang took out the freshly boiled rice soup and handed it to Yang Junfeng, but looked at Zhang Yao and said, “Just boiled.”


After eating another cup of rice soup, Zhang Yao suddenly felt like she was a failure. This is called a real defense break. She didn’t even have the ability to resist. To remove the defense mechanism.

She tilted her head and looked at Brother Zhang with a weird face, and Brother Zhang also tilted his head and looked at her. The two looked at each other for a while, but Zhang Yao didn’t notice anything special. thing.

“Did you do something to me?”

Brother Zhang was at a loss when faced with such a question. He didn’t do anything at all, so he didn’t know the end. What did Zhang Yao mean?

But Thunder Dragon, who was leaning on the cracking biscuits to eat, suddenly laughed, and said to Brother Zhang, “Deterrence.”

Although there are only two short words, little Brother Zhang just patted his head and realized where the problem was. This small shop has always been shrouded in Formation. These Formations were originally used to contain attackers. Although it has hardly been used, the formidable power is still there. .

It will debuff everyone who enters here and is not branded. These debuffs are called sixteen thieves. Some are weak, some are blind, some are doubtful, and deterrence is one of them. It can make people lose their resistance to the orders of the caster and implement them carefully.

When Brother Zhang asked Zhang Yao just now, he didn’t actually remember the existence of this thing, because the welcome bell at the door is the thing to break the spell. After the bell rings, the spell will be invalid, but Zhang Yao When she came in, it was a probe, and her movements were gentle and cautious, so the welcome bell was not triggered, which caused her to be trapped by Formation, one of the sixteen thieves.

“What do you mean?”

Zhang Yao looked back at the braised egg blankly, while the braised egg Thunder Dragon pointed to the door: “You go out and come in again.”

The direct command made Zhang Yao go out the door involuntarily, and after she came in again, the welcome bell at the door rang, and she suddenly felt refreshed, no longer the feeling of muddleheaded just now .

“What’s the reason for this?”

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “I didn’t do anything to you, you just accidentally touched it. Touched.”

Of course Yang Junfeng also knew, but he didn’t actually care about these things, he just leaned on the side with Erlang’s legs crossed and watched the Legendary woman being tossed by Brother Zhang to be obedient.

It felt great, it wasn’t something he did, but it was more enjoyable than doing it himself. After all, Yang Junfeng can also be called a rich second generation, but in front of Zhang Yao’s level, he is only a well-off household, and he is not even qualified to enter the rich circle.

On the contrary, Thunder Dragon always talks a lot. He is still eating the tin box biscuits in his hands, but he can’t stop his mouth. He slowly moves over, his face is full of tears. Gloomy and mysterious: “Knowing our secret, there are only two ways to choose, one is to join us, if you don’t… dead people won’t reveal the secret.”

“Dang”, Brother Zhang knocked Thunder Dragon on the head with a spatula, watching him roll on the ground holding his head, Brother Zhang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said to Zhang Yao: “He talks nonsense. “

“But…” Zhang Yao glanced at Thunder Dragon and found that he was lying there motionless, and couldn’t help but panic a little: “Is he all right… You are too heavy.”

“But…” p>

(End of this chapter)

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