What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Iron-headed baby

The head of Thunder Dragon is iron, and the body of Heavenly Dragon is the immortal physique of all Cultivation people yearn for something even in dreams, what this golden body and that dharma look , in front of Heavenly Dragon body is a young brother.

The super durability, super self-recovery ability and natural resistance to various spells have created such a monster as Thunder Dragon.

As for why Brother Zhang wanted to beat him, it was because he had triggered the Spirit of Words just now. If he didn’t stop casting spells, Zhang Yao would die.

Not to mention that Thunder Dragon is not as reliable as Haozi, this guy has a long history of wanting to talk things out. After he has the spirit of words, he is a little restrained, but he still gets crazy when he sees beautiful girls. symptoms. When you get crazy, you really don’t care, and you come one after another with a mouthful of nonsense.

“He…is he really okay?”

Zhang Yao watched Thunder Dragon get up from the ground by himself, and his head even dented a lot, looking like It was somewhat terrifying, but he walked aside as if nothing had happened to reflect on it, and the depression returned to normal within a few seconds.

“It’s okay, he’s very sturdy.”

“Is sturdy used to describe this state?” Zhang Yao pointed at his head: “His head is sunken. …”

Brother Zhang laughed, and then he laughed louder and louder, and finally turned into a big laugh, he actually didn’t know what was funny about what Zhang Yao said, but with her The unbelievable expression and the round eyes seemed funny.

“Actually more serious injuries are fine, he…” Brother Zhang said to Zhang Yao after laughing: “He has a nickname called undying bird.”

Zhang Yao stared at Brother Zhang’s eyes, as if she was confirming something, and then seriously nodded. Although she didn’t say anything, she probably understood something. She might have met the legendary alien… an alien? Spirit man? Anyway, you can’t always be called a weirdo.

The mystery Xiao Zhang gave her from yesterday is not only not solved, but even bigger. She is not as easy to deceive as Zhu Zhenzhen. Although she does accept the saying of warlock, the more she thinks about it, the more wrong she is sitting at home. Although there is no specific problem, she just feels that the logic is not smooth enough, and she feels that there are bugs everywhere.

“Are you interested in cooperating with me?” Zhang Yao stopped asking Brother Zhang’s identity, but just looked at him with his head up: “I think you are mysterious.”

“There’s nothing mysterious, I’m just an ordinary person.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “A nine-to-five office worker.”

Even Yang Junfeng couldn’t listen to what he said. , hurriedly took over the conversation and said to Zhang Yao: “I’m his manager, what do you have to say to me, don’t harass our artists all the time.”


“Well, entertainers, they know how to dress up.” Yang Junfeng turned his head to look at Brother Zhang: “What can you do if you just say it directly!”

Brother Zhang raised his eyes and looked at it. A glance at Yang Junfeng, the eyes of the two met, and then Brother Zhang sighed and sat on the stool: “Actually, there is nothing that can’t be said. It’s just that the identities of us people are not easy to reveal, otherwise it will easily lead to a killing disaster.”

After saying that, Zhang Yao was more concerned, she stretched her neck: “I promise not to tell others.”

The story, it is really a story, it was a group of them who spent nine Years, a full story with more than a thousand bug fixes.

The content of the story is probably: Brother Zhang is actually a cultivator living in seclusion in the city, also known as an urban hermitage. As for why he hides his identity, it is to avoid the war and the use of those with bad intentions. After years of operation, this milk tea shop has gradually become an urban entertainer… an underground transportation station for superhumans. The people who come here every day are people with all kinds of strange abilities.

After listening to this clumsy story, Zhang Yao turned around and asked Yang Junfeng curiously, “How long have you guys made up this story?”

“Nine years.” Yang Junfeng scratched his head. Scratching her head: “I’m the editor-in-chief, can’t I?”

After hearing his answer, Zhang Yao lost her temper completely. Now she doesn’t know whether she entered the superhuman traffic station or the straight man. In the den, she has seen many scumbags, and suddenly seeing such a big pot of straight men suddenly makes her somewhat uncomfortable.

So Zhang Yao started patching the integrity and logic of the whole story for them on the spot. There are a few places that are particularly inconsistent, that is, who is going to hunt them down, how they avoid them, and how to dodge them. The question of everyone’s identity.

“If you add a little plot to this place and say that this is a legacy of history, there are a bunch of evil villains who can support the whole story, and you are not hiding but like Optimus Prime and Megatron has each pulled up a camp like this. Does this seem reasonable? In the end, your identities are actually real and not fake. If it is fake, do you underestimate the household registration system? , there is a business license on the wall, which is hard to believe. So there is no problem with the general direction of your story, but there are too many loopholes in the details.”

Zhang Yao said Xiao Zhang Brother remembered, after she finished speaking, Xiao Zhang even raised his head and asked, “Is there any more?”

Seeing this dead straight man’s sincere eyes and blank tone, he was originally full of hostility. Zhang Yao immediately laughed again.

She laughed, and Brother Zhang laughed too. After both of them finished laughing, Zhang Yao got up and said, “I’ll invite you to dinner in a few days, how about leaving a phone call?”

Brother Zhang raised his finger and pointed to the reservation number on the top of his head. Zhang Yao also looked up and recorded it. Then she got up and shook the phone: “See you at my house in three days.”

As soon as she left, the dead straight men around him coaxed Brother Zhang around like flies, and even the dogs and cats in the backyard ran over, just to hear him talk about how this bad relationship was. come.

They asked everyone talking at once, and Brother Zhang just answered with a smile.

“I don’t think it’s right.” Yang Junfeng shook his fingers and said earnestly and firmly: “Who of you has ever seen me laugh like that?”

“Never.” Da Huang jumped on the lamp and shouted, “Never seen it before!”

Thunder Dragon was about to speak when Brother Zhang glared back at him. And Yang Junfeng continued: “And you don’t know, that’s a very famous person, but she looked at Chang’er with that little look… There must be something wrong with these two.”

Brother Zhang doesn’t like to explain , but after being told this, I have to explain that this is the second time they met, but this time the meeting was more dramatic, and Zhang Yao… that woman seems to have a pair of bright and intelligent eyes, staring at people. There is always an illusion of affection when looking at it.

Although Brother Zhang doesn’t know much about this kind of thing, he is calm enough that he can clearly distinguish the emotions contained in a person’s eyes. Zhang Yao’s emotions are obviously more curious and expectant. , and there is no such emotion as these dead straight men said.

But… men, they die as teenagers, they always have a million ways in their own world to think a woman has fallen in love with them, like the next door at eighteen The little girl in the class smiled at them, and they had already thought about where the third child would go to kindergarten.

“Then are you going to make an appointment?”

“I don’t think so.” Brother Zhang said slowly, “She makes me feel weird.”

“Let’s go.” Yang Junfeng said seriously: “You’ve already gone out to find a job anyway, so why can’t you go on a date? That’s Zhang Yao.”

“That’s right, she looks like Very rich, if you become one, then canned cat food is enough.” Da Huang said with emotion, and even licked his mouth: “Canned food that can’t be eaten…”

Little Just as Brother Zhang was about to speak, he heard his cell phone ring, and when he looked down, he found that Zhang Yao had actually added his VX friend, and Zhang Yao’s avatar inside was a robot, which looked very cool.

After the two added friends, a message came over immediately: It turns out that your online name is feel at home wherever one is.

“Go back to her!” Yang Junfeng urged excitedly: “Go back to her!”

Brother Zhang picked up the phone, looked up and down, left and right, and waited for a while. Press a word to go out: ah.

The moment the word was sent out, the audience was boiling, and the excitement was the same as the Chinese team took the lead in scoring the Brazilian team.

“You can’t do it.”

Brother Zhang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh said: “This is too exaggerated.”

At this moment, Zhang Yao sent another message, and when he opened it, he saw two selfies, with a sentence behind it: Which hairstyle looks good? I will do whichever you like.

Yang Junfeng took off immediately after watching it. He was so excited that he rushed out of the gate and shouted to the outside: “The iron tree is blooming!!!”

This voice made Grandfather Pi, The pony and other people who just came back called out, and even called Xu Wei, who had been sleeping until now after watching the stars all night.

After listening to Yang Junfeng’s narration, all the men in the room were boiling, and Grandfather Pi and Sister Gou obviously didn’t look so happy.

“Is Huangpi jealous?” Yang Junfeng walked over and put his hand on Grandfather Pi’s shoulder and laughed wildly: “Hahaha, it’s useless, you’re just a pet.”

Huangpizi swung his body, and turned around, an overlord disarmed and turned Yang Junfeng’s hammer over, and said fiercely: “No matter how big or small, the old man will kill you.”

Seeing the arrogance of these people, Brother Zhang didn’t know what to say, just silently looked down at the phone, he typed slowly, and when he replied to the previous sentence, the opposite was already ka ka. ka has spoken a lot. Brother Zhang can only reply to one of the questions by scratching his head and scratching his cheeks, but this is obviously entering a vicious circle. Unconsciously, the opposite side almost has to swipe his VX screen, which is the legendary social fear of autism. ? This is clearly a social madman, right?

“Okay, I know you’re annoying me. This is your revenge for embarrassing me in the afternoon. See you in three days.”

Zhang Yao also gave her a message when the driver opened the door for her. Brother Zhang sent the last message, and then she held the phone like this, but her face was full of smiles, and while sitting in the elevator, she used the phone as a mirror to play with her hair.

At this moment, she saw a dark shadow slowly appearing behind her. She immediately took a deep breath with deathly pale face, and then quickly lowered her head and pretended not to see anything, but she was very pale. Soon she saw the black shadow coming down from the top of her head, bent over and put her face in front of her, t.

“Help…help…help…Anne Anne Anne…”

She rambled quickly until she heard a familiar voice in the earphones behind her ears. The answering sound of the smart assistant.

“Quick, quick…anyone to save me…it’s here again.”

(end of chapter)

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