What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Field Cats

Among the things Zhang Yao saw, only a few would actively interact with her, and this interaction would bring her nightmares every time. Pain, physical damage and mental damage are superimposed on each other, and there is no way to solve it so far.

She has tried every solution she can think of, even living directly in Wudang Golden Peak or bombarding with photoelectric energy has no effect, if not because she knows that if high-energy particles are used, She herself will also leave this world with her, and she had gone to sneak a shot with a high-speed collider long ago.

The shadows gradually changed in front of her in various ways that frightened her, and this was only the most primary level mode. Zhang Yao rushed out of the elevator and started to dodge around, but she actually knew that there was nothing at all. effect. She first turned on all the lights in the room, trying to rely on the light to strengthen herself, but to little effect, the monster she could never name was sticking behind her like a tarsal maggot.

She sat on the sofa and covered her face with her hands, murmuring “go away, go away, go away”, but when the pain came from her body, she finally collapsed completely, covering her face like a Helpless child-like crying.

“Who will save me…”

She had no choice but to let the monster tear her body, and it was stronger every time, she didn’t know When will she be completely torn apart by this thing, but she knows that day is coming.

Pain, fear, and helplessness spread through her body, and the small sobbing turned into a big cry, but no one in the huge room responded to her cry, not even the one beside her. The monster would tear at her even harder just to enjoy his fear, and she could clearly hear the clicking of her joints.

Until the little finger of her left hand was dislocated, Zhang Yao screamed in despair. She didn’t even have the strength to go crazy, she could only shake her head and beg while watching her hands being lifted up. .

And suddenly, she felt that her body relaxed without any warning, and the pain of the tearing had eased a lot. She turned around blankly, only to find a black clothes youth holding her with one hand. The monster’s neck made a roar of si si from its mouth, and the monster that could tyrannically abuse power in front of Zhang Yao looked very much like Zhang Yao just now.

It twisted and struggled, but it had no strength at all to break free from the boy’s palm, and finally saw the boy’s hand go deep into the darkness, slowly shattering the shadow’s body, and Finally, with a forceful pull, Sombra’s head was completely twisted off his shoulder and pulled into his hand.

And next moment Zhang Yao saw a familiar person walking by, he stood in front of the shadow that was still trembling, watching its last struggle, and then said softly: ” It’s disgusting, stop playing, deal with it.”

Black clothed youth let out a wu wu sound from his throat, and then put one hand into the shadow’s chest, and pulled it out with a forceful pull. A mass of black red jumping things, opened his mouth and swallowed it.

As the mass was swallowed, the dark shadow was instantly engulfed by the light in the room, leaving no trace.

Zhang Yao looked at the person standing in front of her with tears on her face, and just wanted to get up and hug with excitement, but he put a finger on his forehead and pushed him back to the sofa.

At this moment, the boy who just ate the shadow, shrunk into a fat yellow cat and jumped on the shoulder of the person who came.

This cat, Zhang Yao knows. It was the cat that was squatting on the ceiling fan to look at her in the milk tea shop just now. At that time, she thought the cat was ugly, but now she looks so handsome…


Brother Zhang pointed to Zhang Yao’s deformed left hand. Zhang Yao sobbed and raised her hand to him. Brother Zhang just flicked it lightly, her fingers were intact as before, and the pain disappeared.

At this time, the robot steward handed a cup of hot tea from the kitchen, and Zhang Yao saw the lifeless robot and kicked it to the ground.

“You don’t need to blow your breath at it.” Brother Zhang bent down to help the robot Steward up, and even brought the water that had been turned on the ground back into the cup and placed it in front of Zhang Yao: ” It has no obligation to protect you.”

Zhang Yao raised her head with tears in her eyes and looked at Brother Zhang, who was grabbing the Da Huang cat who wanted to turn over the refrigerator.

“Why are you here?”

Brother Zhang took out his mobile phone, and a message for help appeared in Zhang Yao’s chat bar above, but Zhang Yao didn’t tell Xiao Zhang. Brother is asking for help, so it should be that the voice assistant she developed herself automatically sent a help message to the last chat and online person.

And this person happens to be Brother Zhang.

“Thank you…” Zhang Yao sat there covering her face and cried again, and after a while she continued: “I thought I would die this time.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “It’s alright, it’s been cleaned up.”

He was about to leave after speaking, but Zhang Yao refused to let him go, and even said something strange to Brother Zhang. Words: “Will you stay? You can let me do anything, no matter how much money you want!”

Brother Zhang shouted the head, and then said: “I’ll give you the cat.”

After he finished speaking, he threw the Da Huang cat on Zhang Yao’s lap, nodded at her, smiled and left, Zhang Yao didn’t even get up to stop him.

After Brother Zhang left, Zhang Yao looked down at the cat on her lap, and the cat also looked up at Zhang Yao. The cat and the cat looked at each other for ten minutes. Finally, Zhang Yao let out a sigh of relief and leaned on the sofa. It seemed like he had lost all his strength.

And Da Huang also jumped off her lap at this time, came to the floor-to-ceiling window to watch for a long time, then turned leisurely and jumped onto the coffee table in front of Zhang Yao, with her tail erect in front of her. Strolled back and forth.

“Five thousand years ago, in the desert of Egypt, the pyramid of Tutkamen opened. My brothers and I were very ambitious. Who would have known that it was less than a thousand years old, and it was swept away on average 1 to 10 years ago. 3 times, 6 brothers died in a thousand years.” Da Huang cat stopped in front of Zhang Yao at this time, and sat there solemnly: “Fortune tellers say that I am a success, but I don’t believe it. I think it’s up to you to decide whether you live or die. You have known me for the shortest time, and you have the cleanest foundation. It’s up to you to choose how you want to go. Either you are tortured by those dirty things every day, or you treat me as For your faith, offer it to me every day, now it’s time for you to make a choice.”

The cat spoke, but Zhang Yao was not too surprised, because just now it was the cat who made the other one The demons who couldn’t get rid of them were eaten like a ball of flax, and they seemed to be fine after eating them.

“But…” Zhang Yao sat at eye level with Da Huang and said embarrassedly: “Who would believe in a cat? Or a local cat.”

“But…” p>

“I was originally a black man, and I was a girl, but… Forget it, there’s nothing to say, it’s all over.” Da Huang got up again: “Since I was left as a security guard, then I this can be considered for a business trip, since you don’t want to believe in me, then let’s calculate that the salary is not too much?”

Zhang Yao hiccupped: “Ang?”

“Every time The hourly wage is seventy-five, is it okay? It’s not high, right.”


“And as a bodyguard, twenty-four hours a day, That’s seventy-five times 24 pairs, right? One day is…one day is…”

“One thousand eighteen.”

Da Huang shook his head and looked up in surprise. Zhang Yao said, “Okay, little girl, your brain is fast.”

“Thank you…” Zhang Yao wanted to poke Da Huang.

“What are you doing!” Da Huang shrewdly avoided: “I owe it. It’s not over yet. The travel allowance is 20% per day… 20%…”

“Three hundred and six.”

“Yes, yes, three hundred and six. With the food allowance, one hundred a day is not too much?”

“en. ”

Da Huang swayed around and continued to calculate: “There is still a fee for lost work, one day… fifty? Fifty is almost.”

” Good.” Zhang Yao nodded and said: “But can you really protect me?”

“Don’t be a chicken, you are a god.” Da Huang scratched his paws on the coffee table. : “I’m being despised by you, you bastard!”

“Then can I touch you?”

“What? You want me to be your dream lover. Cat? Okay, this Uncle doesn’t care if you are touched or not, but for my identity and my figure, I have to pay more.”


“I count. Forget it.” Da Huang was lying on the coffee table: “One thousand eighteen plus three hundred and sixty-six, count you three hundred and five, plus one hundred, plus fifty. Two thousand one hundred and five plus one hundred and fifty… Yes…”

“Two thousand and three.”

“That’s right, two thousand three a day. A month is…” Da Huang was silent for a while: “Six thousand nine is Three days, ten days is three six thousand nine and two thousand three, and thirteen days is…”

“Sixty-nine to seventy-one thousand three.”

” That’s right!” Da Huang seemed to appreciate Zhang Yao’s arithmetic ability: “You’re the smartest person I’ve ever met.”

In this brief moment, Zhang Yao suddenly felt that this cat was a little bit weird. Poor… what kind of environment does it live in?

“If you want to touch it, one hour should be counted as… 50? Even if it is 50, it’s already the lowest price, so you can’t bargain.”

Da Huang seriously Zhang Yao smiled and watched this strange cat settle accounts. For her, if tens of thousands of yuan a month can be exchanged for her to no longer be harassed, then tens of thousands of dollars will be added. how?

She’s on the brink of death, so what’s money for.

“Let’s make a letter.”


Soon, the agreement of one person and one cat was reached, and Da Huang officially became Xiao Zhang Brother Wuming Milk Tea Shop is temporarily dispatched to Zhang Yao’s high-altitude luxury villa office. The return time is unknown, and all expenses are paid by Zhang Yao.

“Should this be labor dispatch or labor contracting?” Da Huang immediately studied carefully before the agreement in duplicate: “Is labor dispatch better?”

“Um…” Zhang Yao nodded: “Can you… become that handsome guy just now?”

“Sorry, that’s my fighting stance, the shape of the two-legged beast is ugly, I’m not happy.”

“Oh… well.” Zhang Yao held her chin and looked at it at this time: “I don’t doubt that you can protect me, I just want to ask, how did you get in just now.”

(End of this chapter)

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