What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 46

Chapter 46, knowing well there are tigers in the mountain

After a while there were no waves.

Haozi is still busy every day, in order to fight against evil to the end. The degree of hatred and hatred is admirable, perhaps because the father’s hatred may be because of the responsibility on his shoulders.

As for Grandfather Pi, now that the entire network is blocked, and there is no way to make a living from the skin, I have to follow Haozi to be a Bounty Hunter, and when there is no Bounty Hunter, I will go fishing and play with Yang Junfeng. Playing games, going to the milk tea shop to waste time, anyway, she has long blamed Yang Junfeng for the responsibility of becoming a little loli.

Thunder Dragon’s hair is long, but his eyebrows are still sparse and sparse. These days, he has gradually lost his mind. He is also very popular in the milk tea shop. Looking at Xu Wei Cultivation, most of the rest of the time, I would like to stand at the entrance of the alley and look into the distance like Fu Shi, and my heart was whistling.

Without Da Huang in the yard, it seems a lot more deserted, but who made Da Huang go on a business trip with a rich family now? He made a video call back a few days ago. In the video, he was lying on the rush and made a cat In the nest, behind him are the most high-end canned cats, yawning and showing off his current good life to others, but he did not forget to show his loyalty to Brother Zhang, saying that he would return if there was a battle call.

Brother Zhang doesn’t mind, because he works like a fish back in water now. Everyone likes him very much. Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t approach or distance himself because of Brother Zhang’s identity. What bothered her the most was that recently Zhang Yao, who was in a dead house, always came to her to play every now and then without talking, either sleeping on the sofa in the office all afternoon, or suddenly inviting everyone in the company to eat big. Meals, anyway, are strange, and there is always a strange cat around, and that cat is not allowed to be touched.

Everything is so calm as water comes to winter.

Until the day it snowed, the three-day appointment between Zhang Yao and Xiao Zhang was not completed, and the two of them didn’t even say a few more words. Every other month, I asked Brother Zhang to renew the lease of Da Huang for one month.

Although I don’t know what Da Huang is, because this guy is always bragging, but since it appeared, Zhang Yao can still see strange things, but there are no scary things anymore. Harassing her and hurting her, she can sleep very soundly at night, so she can’t leave Da Huang at all now.

But will Brother Zhang care? Of course he didn’t care, he was still the little brother Zhang who looked strange to others. He lived a normal life every day. He went to work from Monday to Friday, and sat in a milk tea shop on Saturdays and Sundays listening to Jay Chou’s old songs. elder brother.

How everything in the world changes doesn’t seem to have much to do with him. It’s rare to pay attention to the change of seasons because it snows in GD this year.

The snow is heavy, and something that has never happened before has happened this year. He looked at the snow outside and just said softly: It snows, and there will be nothing more after that. commented.

In the past, the store was still noisy, especially on weekends. He welcomed and sent batches of customers. It seemed that nothing had changed or something had changed, but in short, he smiled more and also. I prefer to have a few simple chats with people, and sometimes even simply ask a few gossips about others.

Of course, Zhang Yao and Zhu Zhenzhen have become regulars here. They always come to the shop in their free time and sit by the window, order a little snack and a cup of milk tea, and sit down. for a while.

They don’t have too many conversations with Brother Zhang. I always ask Brother Zhang about some things. If I had to have an adjective, it would be distant.

But Brother Zhang doesn’t care, just like Li Bai doesn’t care that he has written a few poems, Brother Zhang doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion and evaluation of him.

It snowed for three days in a row, and the news of the snow disaster was being reported on TV, but it was like spring all year round in the milk tea shop, even with the rumbling sound without air conditioning.

Because of the heavy snow, Zhu Zhenzhen announced a holiday yesterday, and even the school was temporarily closed every year. The whole city was like a clock that suddenly stopped, quietly feeling the heavy snow in this early winter season. swirling.

The adults are very worried, but the children in Chang’an Lane are crazy. Many of them have never seen snow in their childhood, and this snow has satisfied all their imaginations about snow. Cheerful laughter came from outside, mixed with the reprimands of adults.

“My darling…”

Haozi got in from the outside, shivering non-stop, the snow on his body was already thick, and he looked a little embarrassed. He walked into the room and sat in front of the counter: “Hot milk will do.”

Brother Zhang took out a bag of milk and cut it open in a cup and handed it to him, then sat down again: “Spiritual The characteristics of Qi’s recovery, don’t panic.”

“en.” Haozi poured warm milk into his mouth and put out a long breath: “This heavy snow is going to kill people, and everything will be interrupted. Now, I heard that if we go down again, the city may have to start supplying electricity for a limited time, and the power grid will not be able to support it.”

While speaking, someone came in outside, and Xiao Zhang looked up and turned out to be Zhang Yao, who hardly walks, is now covered in snow all over her body and her boots look damp. She chose to wear thin clothes for beauty, and now she is frozen like a little wild cat abandoned by the roadside .

Brother Zhang opened a towel and handed it to her, then pointed to a stone far away from the shop, Zhang Yao took the towel and couldn’t even speak, she trot all the way to the corner , the exposed stone actually exudes an amazing amount of heat, and it is this heat that makes the place feel like spring all year round.


It took a long time for Zhang Yao to come back to her senses after leaning there and sitting down. She shivered several times in a row, and then took off her shoes and socks. They placed them on the big rock, and she felt better when she saw the heat coming out of them.

Brother Zhang came over, put a cup of hot chocolate on her table, and then pointed to her shoes and socks: “It tastes good.”

Zhang Yao sighed , Then Brother Zhang pointed to the back and put down a pair of cotton slippers for her. Zhang Yao walked to the back with her shoes and socks, and the moment she opened the courtyard door, she felt that she might be hallucinating, because the backyard There was no snow in the room, and the temperature was like that of a spring day. The big white dog was napping beside the vegetable field, and Nian Nian sat at the door and did his homework.

You must know that it’s snowing outside, and it’s even a disaster, but this open-air yard can actually be so warm? Is this a dome system? No, this place doesn’t have the conditions for a dome, but how can I explain the scene in front of her…

She put her shoes and socks on a stone that could get sunlight, and looked up towards the sky, but the sky It was clearly dark, and it was no different from what she saw outside, but… where did this sunshine come from!

She tried to look along the sunlight, but still couldn’t see anything. She went back to the front with questions, wearing cotton slippers and holding hot chocolate, and came to the front of the counter: “Inside…”

“Well, sunshine in different time and space.” Brother Zhang explained: “It’s fine, it’s the same as the normal sun.”

Sunshine in different time and space! ! ! Does he even know what this sentence means? If what he said is true, then all the rules of physics have to be subverted now!

But in the past two or three months, Zhang Yao already knew what kind of character this strange guy was, and she couldn’t figure out why if she asked herself, so she had to suppress her curiosity, and then He said to Brother Zhang, “I didn’t succeed in sending you a message just now. There must be a problem with the network. I happened to be around so I came to tell you…”

“en?” Brother Zhang raised his head: “What?”

“Didn’t I ask Zhu Zhenzhen to come and tell you before, it’s the elder sister of Dingxing’s Elder Young Master, that Huang Shan.” Zhang Yao took a sip. After the chocolate, Brother Zhang continued: “The Master she hired came from Hong Kong three days ago, you have to be careful.”

“Okay.” Brother Zhang glanced at the big snowflakes outside: “How did you get back?”

Zhang Yao was stunned for a while, looking at the slippers on her feet, and then looking at the goddamn ghost weather outside, she suddenly forgot how she should go home.

“Well, I see.” Brother Zhang pointed to a sofa in the distance: “That sofa, when you pull it apart, becomes a bed, you can rest if you want.”

“Oh…” Zhang Yao sat there who didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said, “Just let me sleep there?”

“en.” Brother Zhang said: “It’s pretty good, it’s specially used for guests to stay overnight. It’s very safe, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Zhang Yao is really not worried about safety, but let her sleep there. …Please, she is a standard lady anyway.

“Aren’t you worried about the Master invited by Huang Shan? It is said that the one who is very difficult to deal with seems to be more powerful than the White Dragon King.”

“en.” Brother Zhang absent-mindedly agreed, and then turned on the music.

The heavy snow outside and the music in the house made everything seem so peaceful. Haozi was already asleep by leaning there. He looked like he had stayed up all night, while Zhang Yao was lying on his back. Borely fiddling with a straw on the counter.

“By the way, Da Huang very difficult to deal with. After he went, I really didn’t bother with those things anymore, thank you.”

“Thank him. , I didn’t do anything.” Brother Zhang smiled and said to Zhang Yao, “Does he talk nonsense every day?”

“Well…except for this, the others are really great.” Zhang Yao’s big eyes flickered at Brother Zhang: “When are you going to make an appointment, I still owe you a meal.”

Brother Zhang took a step back: “Why don’t you Now you can cook a meal.”

“I can’t cook!” Zhang Yao looked at him angrily: “Did you do this on purpose?”

Brother Zhang just laughed but didn’t speak, Zhang Yao looked at him and smiled, and then suddenly sat back in his seat: “You did it on purpose.”

One sentence immediately lifted the atmosphere, Little Brother Zhang pursed his lips and smiled, and Zhang Yao was laughing too, and then she gently clapped the table: “You are really annoying.”

The snow is still falling, and there is no momentum to stop, the milk tea shop No one came here, and the power supply network was finally overwhelmed. Most of the city was plunged into darkness. Zhang Yao was trapped here. He sat in front of the warm floor-to-ceiling glass and looked at the shimmering snow outside. , I have some inexplicable feeling in my heart.

β€œI forgot how long I dared not sit in the dark. Through childhood, as long as I was enveloped in darkness, bad things would happen. They just wanted to kill me.”


Brother Zhang didn’t answer, just sat there, rocking back and forth, following the music.

“Why do you still have music here?” Zhang Yao looked back at him: “The power is out.”

Brother Zhang still didn’t answer, just raised his head and asked a question : “Are you hungry?”


A bowl of noodles, two fried sausages and a poached egg, Zhang Yao is very happy to eat, although he never talks about it Ken admits it, but she really likes this place, and despite all the doubts, this is undoubtedly the only place where she can completely relax mentally when she grows up.

Warm, slow, and a fool who can only laugh…

I don’t even know when she started to sing along with the singing, quietly letting herself go.

It’s healing, as if everything in the past is less important now.

In the middle of the night, the snow is still falling, and the electricity is coming. But the number of people in the store gradually increased. Xu Wei who was on the night shift, Grandfather Pi who just woke up, Xiaoma who opened the small supermarket diagonally across the door, Thunder Dragon who had been playing in the snow all day, Yang Junfeng who came to forage, and Haozi, who was sleepy, and Zhang Yao, who never left.

Zhang Yao is very envious of Brother Zhang. He always has a bunch of friends who are funny and informal, but he only has one cat most of the time…and this cat is rented from Brother Zhang. come.

And it is obviously impossible to open for business today, but everyone who is used to gathering together at night has no intention of leaving. Even Sister Gou turned into a human figure and came to the front after coaxing her to sleep every year. Participated in the Midnight Chat Club.

“Is she really called someone?” Thunder Dragon scratched his head after listening to what Brother Zhang said, “Okay, I’ll go find her tomorrow, so she won’t make fun of herself.”

“Can people listen to you? You really treat yourself as a dish.” Grandfather Pi said with a smile: “I really think you are some kind of attractive male protagonist.”

“Then come if you don’t listen. I want to see what Master can be a demon here.”

At this moment, the ultimate ghost story hobbyist, Xiaoma, came up and said, “Don’t force it. Now, in this atmosphere, wouldn’t it be a waste of fine moment and beautiful scene to not tell a few ghost stories?”

His statement was unanimously agreed by everyone, although even Yang Junfeng is not afraid of ghosts, but this Storytelling in context is a favorite activity of their group since childhood.

But they seem to have overlooked one thing… Zhang Yao is still here, she seems to be so sensitive to these things.

“I’ll tell you first.” Haozi raised his hand: “I’ve been investigating a case related to Xu Wei recently, so let me tell you about it.”

“Tell me about…” The client is the most enthusiastic. She now knows how many nine deaths and still alive she was at that time after in-depth understanding, so she is particularly interested in these now.

Zhang Yao hugged the little blanket that Brother Zhang gave her, dragged the plastic stool to the crowd, and pricked up her gossip ears…

(End of this chapter)

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