What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 47


Chapter 47 The Strange Talk Association

Haozi’s case is actually very complicated and obviously involves supernatural forces. This kind of thing should be completely confidential. After all, if it is leaked, it will destroy the materialistic values of the general public, and it will also cause unnecessary panic. If something strange happens, there may even be a situation where cults like South Korea get together, so even if it is to maintain stability, these things must be controlled.

But fortunately, the people here are actually standard idealists themselves. There are fox spirits in the true sense, fur eggs that can discharge electricity all over their bodies and can shake their palms, and they hide all over their bodies. Hedgehogs, who are armed with weapons but seem to have nothing, and…

The ultimate creation of idealism – OAA Zhang.

So telling them this is nothing more than a story, nothing more.

“Later, we followed that clue to track down and cooperated with the economic investigator to screen out those islanders from the telecommunication fraudsters for strict control, and later found out that they had an islander on the island. The den is near Nantou. We are looking for evidence from the Internet…”

“Is this what I want to hear?” Xiaoma interrupted Haozi, with a very rough attitude: “What I want is The spiritual program is not a legal program, hurry up and get to the point.”

Zhang Yao, who was next to her, had already wrapped her quilt tightly, hiding in front of the low table next to Brother Zhang, only showing a head, but He looked very focused, as if everything was ready.

Haozi cleared his throat and coughed and said: “According to Taoist theory, there is no direct progressive relationship between the five hells, they are relatively independent, and according to our investigation results Judging from the fact that the first Monster Dao who was hit by the tongue-pulling hell was named Jin and his name was Jin Shengtu. The name must be fake, and his identity is still unclear, but although he has been rescued, not only has he lost his language ability, but also because of After being stimulated, his mind is still unclear, so he is basically useless, but we have traced some useful information based on several of his identities.”

After that, Haozi probably meant to describe What is the origin of this tongue-pulling person? In fact, he is not a Taoist priest in the true sense, but a Malay warlock. There are various evil sects in their organization, from the last century to the present day. The existence of the living Magical Artifact, there are also some sacrifices and so on.

“Their organization should belong to two organizations with the cult we are investigating. They are likely to use money to do things, but this time they messed up their affairs and were sacrificed directly by the experts in that cult. Five hells, but so far we haven’t found a second victim, but that can’t be the criterion for us to judge that there is no second victim.”

At this time, Thunder Dragon tilted his head and asked. Said: “What happened to the Taoyuan ban that trapped you and the middle age person before?”

“I also checked that, it was a powerful technique in the ancient pre-Qin period. Law, used to trap the Resentful Soul and some powerful warlocks, some people at that time have been cultivated to Undying and Inextinguishable to the point that even cutting off their heads and burning them to ashes can’t kill them completely They, so Zhao Gao united these people in order to gain more power, but Zhao Gao eventually betrayed these warlocks and let the first emperor bury all these warlocks in the name of treason. This is also part of burning books and betraying scholars. When Haozi said it, his mouth was full of foam. He used to eat food with his mouth. Now when he talks about it, it sounds like a storyteller: “But Zhao Profound knows that these people are highly capable, so simply burying them alive is not an option. Then he joined the alchemist leader Xu Fu to let these people cut off all their heads and take them out to sea before they were buried alive, and then set up a great formation and this Taoyuan formation to trap these magic souls.”

“And then…” Zhang Yao’s voice came weakly from behind. She was already very scared when she heard those things like tongue-pulling hell just now. Now she is buried alive and beheaded. In addition to this and that, she was even more afraid, but she was afraid, so she still had to ask.

“Then these warlocks, even Undying and Inextinguishable, will be trapped underground for two thousand years because of the extremely powerful Formation and Taoyuan Array. And maybe someone predicted something, and it was there. Spiritual Qi wanted to use human sacrifices to revive these warlock dead souls before recovering, but Xu Wei had good luck at the time and came to me to do the math. Later, because of the protection of Xiao Zhang, those people could not hurt Xu Wei, so they forced Yu had no choice but to activate the Resurrection Formation in advance and cast those magic souls.” Haozi patted his thigh and said, “These people are working too secretly, if they had found out earlier, it wouldn’t have been like this. The eight girls who died before were really wrong. !”

From this angry blow, it can be seen that Haozi is really brooding about this matter, he really hates, so much that he doesn’t want to tie this group of mad beasts. As far as the law is concerned, it is to the degree that one cannot rest in peace.

“The previous eight? What happened to them?”

Zhang Yao couldn’t help but ask, Haozi thinks she has such a good relationship with Brother Zhang, it must be So he didn’t hide it from her, so he told Xu Wei about the state of the eight girls before Xu Wei, and in order to tell them how crazy those people were, he also specially emphasized that all sacrifices needed to live. Pick.

Both Zhang Yao and Xu Wei’s faces turned pale… Zhang Yao is because she has Yin-Yang Eyes, but she has never touched such terrifying things, while Xu Wei is because she has Yin-Yang Eyes. The ninth is her…

What happened to the eight deceived girls before they were unimaginable, but it is certain that they must have endured great fear and pain, and they felt terrified when they heard it.

“Although we are eating this bowl of rice, I still think those unregulated cults deserve to be damned.” The original meaning is that people move towards a better direction instead of using it to satisfy their own selfish desires.”

“Then why those people want to revive those magic souls, it’s not good for them…” Xu Xu Wei curiously asked: “What benefits can they get?”

At this time, the pony opened his mouth and leaned back in his chair lazily, holding a jar from his small supermarket in his hand. The beer he brought in, he grabbed a handful of peanuts and rubbed it in his mouth. After adjusting to a comfortable posture, he said, “Each of these magic souls is a once famous warlock, and everyone has their own unique skills to become famous. There is also our mortal enemy of Sect, called Corpse Xie Xian. As long as they can get one and provide believers with some cultivation techniques or cheats in a systematic way, guess what they can do? You have to know that these warlocks once But it can subvert the country.”

“But now there are guns.”

“Can that person be solved with guns?” The pony turned his head sideways, looking towards Xu Wei, in his eyes cold glow suddenly appeared: “Whether it’s for rights, money, or feelings, it will be a big trouble for a corpse to appear in their camp. And you have to know, this time they are likely to have top-notch on their side. The expert.”

“Top stream…” Xu Wei looked back at Brother Zhang who was leaning on the counter and listening to the story: “What about Brother Zhang?”

” Come on, let’s compare to normal people.” Thunder Dragon patted her head: “We promise not to be the first to use the boss.”

The room burst into laughter, and they raised their beers and drank it together After taking a sip, Haozi continued: “Actually not, Brother Zhang has other missions.”

“What mission?”

This question is Zhang Yao When she brought it up, Haozi glanced at her, then turned to Brother Zhang and said, “Brother, can you say no?”

Brother Zhang smiled: “It doesn’t matter.”

“Under the emperor, the gods forbid it!”

“What… what do you mean?”

Seeing Zhang Yao’s confused expression, the pony sneered and said, “Mortals fight, Divine Don’t interfere with Immortal. The leader is the one who guarantees that these Divine Immortal will not interfere.”

“What if I interfere?”

Zhang Yao’s The stupid question made everyone look towards Brother Zhang, who just smiled and asked, “Do you eat sausages? “

“The whole set. “

Everyone tacitly ignored this topic, and then Grandfather Pi whispered to Zhang Yao’s ear: “kill without mercy.” “

“Kill…” Zhang Yao stared wide-eyed looking at Grandfather Pi: “Kill Divine Immortal? “

“en.” Grandfather Pi> noun ”

Zhang Yao looked at the little brother Zhang who was frying sausages behind him. He exuded a kind and stupidity all over his body. Matches, even the expressions all don’t match.

It’s late at night, the snow outside is still rustling, the bent branches are squeaking overwhelmed, the wind blowing through the eaves makes wu Wu’s voice.

But the small milk tea shop was full of happy laughter and cheerful voices, a group of people sat there chatting indiscriminately, and even dispersed until the sky was bright.

The heavy snow has not stopped, but the momentum is slightly weaker, the electricity has not come, the whole city has launched emergency intervention, the traffic has been paralyzed, and the snow outside has not covered the calf, which may not be the case in the north. It’s nothing, but it’s a disaster in the south.

Zhang Yao is completely trapped in this place. She feels that if it’s not Brother Zhang but someone else who is trapped here with her, there is a high probability of this time next year. The child will be a hundred days old, and now she can only sleep in the hall under a quilt until drooling.

The things they talked about last night were very bizarre. Zhang Yao was an eye-opener, but aside from that. Those are bizarre, she really envies the relationship of these people, they make trouble, chat and chat, everyone grew up together but never separated, everyone has their own work but never separated.

This kind of feeling is really enviable. The kind of happiness that cannot be exchanged for money and status is probably the real happiness.

Zhang Yao, who was lying on the sofa bed, looked at the ceiling. Looking at the falling snow outside and the vast world in the distance, I suddenly had the urge to stay here forever.

(End of this chapter)

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