What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 48


Chapter 48 People, it’s really strange

Zhang Yao didn’t know when she fell asleep, but when she woke up, it was already Near noon, the snow outside was still rising, but it was much smaller, but it was still impossible to go out. Zhang Yao, with tousled hair, sat up and found that Brother Zhang was already cooking not far away.

She curiously looked towards the “Godslayer” and asked, “Don’t you have to sleep?”

“Eat every year.” Brother Zhang replied simply, Then he continued to cook: “Do you want to eat?”

“Ah… um, eat…”

Zhang Yao wanted to slap herself, why did she talk to him? He hesitates when he speaks, and he is the queen of the circle anyway, so why can’t he hold back when he looks at such a wooden man.

“There is a place to wash up at the back.”


Zhang Yao came to the backyard wearing slippers, although she had been aware of this issue before. The completely different climates of Heaven and Earth expressed surprise, but when she went in again and felt the sun shone brightly and the warm and pleasant temperature, she fell into emotion again.

There was a pool surrounded by bluestone slabs in the yard, and it was steaming hot inside, she reached down and touched it.

Hot Springs! ! !

She has thought of a million strange places, but absolutely didn’t expect this place to have a hot spring. At that moment, her DNA moved, and she wanted to take off her clothes and jump on the spot.

“Go and wash.”

At this moment, Xu Wei walked past her, holding the clothes in her hands, then stripped off in front of her, and then thudded just jumped off.

“Come on.”

“You… this… over there…” Zhang Yao danced and pointed to the front.

“Don’t worry, let’s not say that Brother Zhang won’t come, and even if he comes, if he looks at you, I will give you my life.”

Already here Xu Wei, who has been nurtured for several months, speaks more and more like Thunder Dragon, she floats in the hot spring with an indifferent attitude, and after breathing out a sigh of relief, she said, “The main gate will not be opened until two o’clock in the afternoon. , no one can get in. And after the dead cat left, there are women in the backyard, no one will look at you.”

Zhang Yao took off her jacket suspiciously, and then hesitantly took off her underwear. He also took off, and then cautiously entered the hot spring.

The temperature of this hot spring is about 40 degrees, the temperature will be good, and people will feel light when they go, which makes Zhang Yao, who has been tense for a day, put out a long breath comfortably, and soon Forget the open-air bath, and enjoy the comfort of this almost Immortal Realm.

“You can’t wash it for too long, you’ll faint.” Xu Wei reminded: “It’s almost done. I have clean clothes in my room. You put on my clothes first. It should be… OK.”

She looked at the position of Zhang Yao’s chest, and then looked down at her own: “Well…it might be a little tight.”

Zhang Yao snorted, and then said Hearing oh la la, Xu Wei was already up, so she wrapped a bath towel and entered the room. After a while, she came here with soap and shower gel.

“I just forgot to take it.”

Zhang Yao blinked and looked at the thing in her hand: “But can’t use this in the hot spring?”

“Use it, it’s alright. You’ll find out later.”

Meimei took a bath. Zhang Yao thought that the precious hot spring in this pool had been tossed about by them, but when she looked back, she saw The hot spring pool, which was originally full of bubbles, has become crystal clear again, like a crystal of excellent quality placed there quietly.

“Look.” Xu Wei giggled loudly: “There’s more magic here.”

“What else?”

“Also What?” Xu Wei pointed to the bamboo forest behind the house: “You go in.”

Zhang Yao looked at the bamboo forest that was only 30 square meters, and thought that walking in would be like that. So she changed clothes and walked over.

Looking from the outside to the inside, you can see the bottom at a glance, but when she stepped into it, she suddenly saw a misty and rainy bamboo forest. It was obviously the envoy in the middle of winter, but the bamboo forest was dripping with water. The light rain, a few steps forward, you will see a large clear and calm lake, with colorful fish jumping out of the water from time to time, there is a road leading to the center of the lake, and there is a small island on the center of the island. The courtyard, she walked all the way along this road, pushed open the courtyard and found that although there were only simple furnishings, it looked very quiet and elegant. There was also a small stove in the room. Something like a pill furnace and a set of wood carvings of the zodiac look very pleasing.

Zhang Yao wandered around here, and slowly returned from the original road. Before exiting the bamboo forest, she also saw a few Immortal Crane wandering around the lake, and there was something from the depths of the forest. Lu Ming.

But when she exited the bamboo forest, everything returned to normal. It was still the small courtyard and the same Xu Wei, but this time there was a big white dog that was not usually seen, and Xu Wei was even talking to that one. dog talking.

The voice of the big white dog is particularly nice, which made Zhang Yao immediately think of the voice of the nine-colored deer in the cartoon “Nine-colored Deer” that he watched when he was a child, with a pure and flawless Bodhisattva sound, with that I know the difference between Heaven and Earth, the dead cat who eats canned food in the cathouse every day.

“It’s amazing…”

Sister Gou glanced at her and slowly entered the bamboo forest disappeared, while Xu Wei smiled and said to her: “So I say it’s magical here. There are still more places.”

Zhang Yao now feels like a fool, the world view established so many years ago has collapsed, if she hadn’t cultivated enough, I’m afraid she would have lost self-control by now , but even so, her heart is still stormy sea.

Because compared to Talking Cat, film and television dramas, anime or novels are all poorly written plots, the sunshine in other worlds, there is another world in the bamboo forest, etc. The plot that is more sci-fi than science fiction is what really made her belief collapse.

The laws of physics have collapsed at this moment, and so has the world she stood for.

She sat there for a long time but couldn’t recover, but now Xu Wei came to her with melon seeds and said with a smile: “I was the same as you a few months ago, although I don’t understand it, I was shocked, but then I figured it out. In fact, some things are simply not necessary to understand, right? Mountains, water or people, as long as you know that they are all there, they are all very good. You are from the world Part of it, they are too.”

Zhang Yao pursed her lips, nodded: “en.”

“Let’s go, let’s go eat.” Xu Wei suddenly turned around halfway Zhang Yao said, “We eat food cooked by the most powerful people in the world. Wouldn’t it be particularly rewarding to figure this out?”

“Why would he do this?”

“You go ask yourself.”

Xu Wei left without looking back. Anyway, she doesn’t know what other people think of her, but since she knew Brother Xiao Zhang, she felt in In this world, I am afraid there is no man with a better character than Xiao Zhang, and I have never met such a gentle and good-natured man.

As long as he is willing to open his mouth, he can meet almost any reasonable request of anyone, and he has never seen him lose his temper, and he has never seen him in a hurry. This man is always slow and slow. Living, talking slowly, listening to retro songs and eating slowly, the biggest hobby is staring at the blue sky, white clouds and trees outside.

I don’t have any pressure or fear of anyone. I don’t even regard anyone as an enemy. Maybe there is no bad person in his eyes. Anyway, he is such a person. He is really good and very good. But…

Xu Wei wants to remind Zhang Yao that her current state is not quite right, because although little brother Zhang is really good, but if he likes him, he will suffer the greatest pain in life , because he doesn’t understand what hate is, naturally he doesn’t understand what love is, so it’s better to like Haozi than to like him, at least Haozi knows love and hatred.

But in the end, she didn’t say anything. What if someone really can make Brother Zhang Tieshu bloom? Wouldn’t that be a great thing? The universe is uncertain, and anyone may be a dark horse.

Going back to the front again, Zhang Yao went to the door and picked up some snow with her hands. That feeling… It was really amazing. I just experienced summer in the yard and spring in the bamboo forest. Back to winter.

It’s just that when he turned around and saw the stinky man who was busy, Zhang Yao suddenly felt a very stable feeling.

Yeah, like Xu Wei said, he’s still here, and he’s fine too. That’s enough, why bother to explore those so-called mysteries. People, why do you need to think about it, just relax your heart, and treat these as surprises that the world presents to you, which is also a good thing.

When she turned her head back to the store and saw Brother Zhang again, Zhang Yao actually had a very special feeling, but she didn’t know what that feeling was.

At this moment, in a small house far away on the outskirts of the city, Qing Lingzi was sitting in front of a small hot pot, eating beef rolls in small bites.

He has gradually begun to adapt to life in modern society, and learned to watch TV, use mobile phones and surf the Internet, but there is still no news about the Thirty-two Corpse Immortals he is thinking about.

At this moment, there was a rude knock on the door, and Qing Lingzi’s eating was interrupted, which made him very dissatisfied, and angrily walked over and opened the iron door.

But didn’t expect someone to push him to the back as soon as he opened the door, and then a bald man walked in, looked left and right for a while and said, “Stinky bitch, life is getting better now, When will I pay back the money I owe me?”

Qing Lingzi raised her brows, looked up and down the bald head, and began to search in the memory of the former prostitute named Tao Zhimo, and locked on to the After this person, Qing Lingzi laughed.

The bald head saw Qing Lingzi laughing, but suddenly became fierce and savage, and slapped him with a slap, but although his body was like an ox, Qing Lingzi with small arms and calf used a finger with one finger. Blocking the slap, then Qing Lingzi tilted her head and looked towards him, lightly said with a smile: “It’s really only to return and find it easily.”

(End of this chapter)

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