What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 49


Chapter 49 Overlord

The corpse on the ground is getting colder, but Qing Lingzi still chooses to finish the small hot pot first.

Killing a person is easy for him, but what he needs more now is not a dead person but a dead person who can do his work.

This brawny man on the ground is the same countryman who once tricked Qing Lingzi’s current body into Road of No Return. The hatred of the woman before was naturally passed on to Qing Lingzi, and now Qingling Zi is considered to have avenged her, so the next step is Qing Lingzi’s own plan.

After eating, he first sealed all the seven orifices of the corpse with the corpse soil that had been refined these days, and then took a wooden piece filled with black stinking grave soil. box, and then he put the brawny man in the box, covering his body with the grave soil.

After doing all this, he slowly pushed the box back under the bed, turned on the TV and started watching today’s Happy Animation City program, humming a happy song.

Actually, from his resurrection to the present, this person has already had a thorough understanding of the social operating system that was established by his ingenuity. He knows that it is not yet time for him to be exposed. They are all people, but there are very few that he can easily kill and then take away as easily as two thousand years ago.

So he had been waiting for an opportunity, and this opportunity came to him today.

This man was originally a homeless man, wandering in the red light district and those underground places all day long. to the girl in the city.

Everyone wants him to die soon, even if he really dies, it won’t make waves.

So this brawny man became his first collection.

Well, this opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. Qing Lingzi is not a fool. Of course, he can only complete a comeback in this era if he prepares everything early. , Especially in this era, there is still something that even he can’t understand. When we parted in the shopping mall, Qing Lingzi really remembered that person, and in the face of such people, Qing Lingzi usually There will be two preparations, and the first one is to start accumulating strength to fight against it.

Maybe it’s because of being cheated by Zhao Gao before. Anyway, Qing Lingzi doesn’t trust anyone now. He will never take the initiative to seek any cooperation again. For him, the only one in the world. The rule is that only you can be trusted.

Now, his first step idea is to refine a few corpse soul puppets, and then slowly gain a firm foothold, and then follow Zhao Gao’s model and slowly walk to the top of the world, The next thing is naturally where water flows, a canal is formed.

Although he mentions Zhao Gao, his stomach is full of resentment, but he has to say that he can deal with the forces of several parties with a mortal body, and can completely destroy the magic under the sky. This is indeed capable. Capable, so even if there is a bloody feud, Qing Lingzi still respects the eunuch somewhat.

The box under the bed was prepared for refining the corpse soul puppet. It sealed the seven orifices of the newly deceased person and buried them in it. After seven days, they would get zombies, and then they would be treated with embalming techniques. After feeding with the master’s blood essence until the full moon, and then absorbing the Moon’s Essence, a puppet that is no different from ordinary people but controlled by the master is born.

A puppet like this is not only strong as an ox and cold and ruthless, but also neither dead nor bad. The only difference from a living person is that the body is cold and has no popularity at all. And every night of the full moon, it needs to be watered with human blood, otherwise it will lose control and devour the master, and at worst, bloodthirsty will become a demon.

But Qing Lingzi is not worried about this kind of thing. As the head of warlock, if even a small puppet can devour the master, it would be ridiculous.

After watching the cartoon and then finishing the scene, Qing Lingzi sat by the window with a cup of tea and looked at the snow in the distance, which was quite enjoyable.

And just when he was doing nothing, suddenly a feeling appeared in his heart, he secretly said something strange, then put on his jacket, opened the door and moved towards the direction of the induction.

After walking for about ten kilometers, the induction is getting stronger and stronger. He came to an abandoned unfinished building. He stretched his head to take a look, but only saw a black hole inside. Yes, but he knew that there must be someone he knew inside.

But he didn’t dare to enter rashly, because he hasn’t fully recovered to the Peak state yet. If the people inside can recover more, I’m afraid he won’t be able to bear it.

Qing Lingzi lingered outside for a long time. After making sure that the contents inside would not cause him any harm, he lifted his foot and walked in.

As soon as he entered, he smelled a scorching hot wind blowing towards him, Qing Lingzi covered his nose slightly, and frowned slightly.

He is familiar with this aura. This is the most brutal blood-reeking qi unique to Xiu Buping among the Thirty-two Corpse Deconstruction Immortals. He is a little worried and a little happy, because Xiu Buping is nicknamed the blood gluttonous qi. , the most carnivorous, has an obsessive thirst for human flesh, and even initiates addiction to not recognizing one’s family.

But it is such a person who came out first among the Thirty-Two Immortals, and they fought against the four pikas, sheep and pigs in the twelve spirits of Zhang Wangdao respectively. With Hu Ling’s subordinates, but still can save a life.

If the blood glutton really returns, it will undoubtedly add fresh blood to his revival plan, but if the blood glutton really goes crazy, I am afraid it will be very difficult for the current Qing Lingzi. Difficult things.

While he was walking forward following his breath, a red phantom suddenly appeared in the darkness like a tiger and a leopard, and rushed towards his face.

Qing Lingzi dodged, only to see the bloody figure rush back as soon as it landed, with great momentum, even a little terrifying.

But who is Qing Lingzi? That was Warlock’s boss. He had never seen anything before, so he immediately grabbed a handful from the wall next to him, and threw it on while the blood shadow was flying.

A handful of ordinary wall ashes became raging flames the moment they were scattered by Qing Lingzi. The flames adhered to the blood shadow and could not disperse for a long time. The blood shadow fell to the ground, collapsed into the shape of a mouse, and finally stopped moving.

Seeing this scene, Qing Lingzi determined that the awakened person was Xuetaotie, because this move was Xuetaotie’s famous stunt, called blood curse, which could make any living creature burn at the cost of hard work. Become extremely powerful in a short period of time, even a Haozi can feel like a leopard.

He continued to walk forward and came to a corner, Qing Lingzi coughed: “Come out, hide yourself.”

tone barely fell , a person in the corner The shadow slowly appeared. He was ragged and skinny all over, but his eyes were red, and he looked like a leopard waiting for its prey.

Qing Lingzi looked up and down the man, lightly said with a smile: “It seems that you are also reincarnated in someone else’s body.”

But the blood glutton did not clear The opportunity for Lingzi to continue speaking, he bowed his body, his hands became claws, and blood oozes from his fingertips, and the blood swelled in the wind and quickly condensed a pair of blood claws in his hands.

The sharp blood claws slashed head-on, and Qing Lingzi flashed past. The blood claws were like a knife and axe, and they cut off a piece of the reinforced concrete pillar. It is head separation.

Qing Lingzi was in no hurry, easily dodging the attack of the gluttonous blood, and even stepping on the seven stars under his feet, the crazy and messy attack could not even touch his hair.

When the blood gluttony revealed a weak spot, Qing Lingzi hung his palm upside down and hit him directly on the chin, knocking him upside down and flying out.

And the blood gluttonous gluttony hadn’t landed yet, Qing Lingzi grabbed a handful of wall ash from the side and lightly sprinkled it, the dust turned into an inch of ice, freezing the blood gluttonous food in the air.

“didn’t expect you to be so weak.” Qing Lingzi walked around the frozen blood gluttonous twice: “Damn, not obediently surrender!”

How long has Xue Taotie suffered this kind of grievance? When he struggled to earn it, the blood energy on his body boiled, and the steaming heat instantly melted the ice, but Qing Lingzi seemed to have expected him to have this move, but it was only after the ice cubes. At the moment of shattering, Qing Lingzi slapped his chest with another palm.

This palm was extremely heavy, and it smashed through three walls before it could stop, but before the blood gluttony got up, Qing Lingzi stepped out of the dust and stepped on it. his chest.

“You’re not convinced!”

Blood gluttonous is obviously irrational at this moment, just like wild beast, but unfortunately the disparity between the two is too great. Obediently got up, there was no movement at the feet of Qing Lingzi.

Seeing this scene, Qing Lingzi chuckled lightly and stroked his palm with his fingernails, and blood immediately poured out.

As the blood gluttonous throat surged, his eyes gradually returned to clarity.

Seeing that it was almost done, Qing Lingzi withdrew his hand and wiped away the wound with a gentle wipe. Then he looked down at his former capable general: “Beast, are you awake?”


Hearing this beast, the blood gluttons on the ground were silent for a while, and then suddenly crawled in front of him: “Your Majesty… is that you, Your Majesty?”

Qingling Zi shook his arm: “Who else is there besides me?”

“Your Majesty, how did you become a bitch?”

“Ah this…” Qingling Zi hesitated for a while before replying: “Follow me first to wash the filth of your body, it stinks to the sky.”

“But why did you become a bitch, Your Majesty.”

“I don’t want to answer you, can’t you see it?”


In this way, Qing Lingzi brought this former The able-bodied general returned to the rental house. This grandson is dirty… When taking a bath, the dirt on his body and head even blocked the toilet directly.

And he didn’t know how to do it either, so Qing Lingzi scolded while dredging the sewer, “You bastard, you’re really a piece of shit, don’t borrow a cleaner one for being reincarnated in someone else’s body, After cleaning up such a beggar, it’s dirty and smelly, it’s really useless!”

The blood gluttons were all scolded for being stupid, standing there with just this ass, with a face full of guilt: “It’s hard work. Your Majesty is up…”

(End of this chapter)

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