What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Late-night wine and early-morning milk

Little Brother Zhang, who was busy until 1:30, was sitting behind the counter and eating noodles. At this time, the customers in the store had been walking back and forth for several times. , because Young Master Yang paid the bill today, so the business is particularly hot.

Overnight, Xu Wei felt that she had grown up a lot, at least she had gained some insight. Although she did not say exaggerated words such as subverting the world view, it at least opened her eyes. Bundle.

It turns out that this place is really two worlds during the day and night. It is peaceful and stable during the day, but it is so lively at night.

Although the guests who come here all look like people, Xu Wei is really not sure how many are daoists here.

“Back then, when Pangu opened the sky, the ancestor of the old man was born on the Qingqiu Plain. After the Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, the Divine Immortal fell, and the old man was forced to live in the world. Aggrieved.”

Grandfather Pi drank a little wine, sat there with a flushed face and shook his head, and when he talked about his grievance, tears dripped down his cheeks.

“What is Huangpizi talking about? When I passed by your house a few days ago, I saw a video of you flirting with people. Your ancestors seduced Shang Zhou anyway, so you are secretly flirting with others.

Ordinary people see.”

There were diners beside her who made sarcastic comments, and the room immediately burst into laughter, but Grandfather Pi was immediately annoyed when she heard it, she turned her head and pointed at the person who spoke: “Little miscellaneous hair, old man Don’t lower oneself to somebody’s level with you rude man, if you really put your old man’s temper in the past, next year’s day will be your death sacrifice!”

Seeing her height of 1.5 meters and double height The shape of the ponytail, and listening to the vicious words she said, the room became even more happy for a while.

Grandfather Pi let out a long sigh, turned his head to pick up wine cup and , and wept secretly: “I know how to bully old man!”

“Sister Dog! Someone bullied Huangpizi!”

Yang Junfeng suddenly raised his head and shouted, and then saw the backyard door creaked open, and then the big white dog slowly paced in from the yard and circled the store.

When he walked to Huangpizi, the big white dog sat there, closing his mouth and looking firmly towards everyone in the arena.

In an instant, the noisy dining hall turned into absolute silence, and the atmosphere was like solidified asphalt, so thick that it couldn’t be melted.

“Xiaotian is almost done, don’t overdo it.” Brother Zhang put down the bowl and stood up: “What would you like to eat?”

“Oh. After the big white dog answered complied, he pondered for a moment: “give me half a catty of pork belly, thank you.”

If it wasn’t for Xu Wei who really saw a big white dog, this elder sister sounded It really sounds like a mature and sexy elder sister image will appear in the mind.

But the big white dog looked so serious, Xu Wei didn’t dare to go up and talk.

At this time, Da Huang jumped from the bar to Xu Wei’s lap, raised his head and said softly, “Don’t look at it like this, it might pretend, who doesn’t know it’s a big licking dog.”

“Big Heavenly Dog?”

“Lick, lick at a glance.” Da Huang said with aggravated tone: “Wait for a while, hum…”

At this time, Zhang Jiachang, who was roasting meat, reached out and hit Da Huang’s head with a chopstick: “It’s really not wrong for you to be beaten.”

“Yes.” Yang Junfeng next to him He also helped: “Sister Gou’s nature is to protect her master, how can you call it a licking dog.”

But the big white dog didn’t seem to care. In front of everyone’s eyes, she turned into a woman who looked like she could be twenty-seven or eighty-years-old, and then sat on the edge of the bar.

When Xu Wei saw the scene in front of her, she couldn’t close her mouth in astonishment. It wasn’t because the big white dog became a man, but because the big white dog became so beautiful…

But pretty is pretty, but she seems to be very serious and cool, and at first glance, she is not the kind of person to get along with.

Xu Wei tried to say hello several times but couldn’t open her mouth in the end. This elder sister is too cold, cold and sassy.

“Where did the past few days go?” Zhang Jiachang didn’t care about that, and put the roasted meat in front of the big white dog: “Leave without saying hello.”

“Thank you.”

Sister Gou didn’t answer the question, just lowered her head and started to eat. Judging from her expression, she probably didn’t want to answer this question.

Since she didn’t want to answer, Zhang Jiachang didn’t ask any further questions, but just sat down again after laughing.

This didn’t ask, but made Sister Gou a little uncomfortable. She immediately raised her head and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m just going outside to relax.”

“Well, it’s fine. “Zhang Jiachang laughed: “I’m not your master either, so don’t be so nervous.”


The atmosphere is a bit weird, in Xu Wei’s opinion, this is a It’s obvious that the little brother Zhang at the counter didn’t care where the elder sister went, but the elder sister cared about his attitude very much, but it seemed that there was something unspeakable that he couldn’t say.

She looked so twisted and uncomfortable beside her.

The big white dog quickly turned into a prototype and returned to the yard after eating, and after such an episode, the people in the house no longer dared to make fun of Grandfather Pi.

But it was probably time for the tavern to close. Strange people left one after another, and in the end, only Grandfather Pi remained.

“Brother Zhang, are you going to close?” Xu Wei straightened up and asked, “Then I… what should I do?”

Zhang Jiachang was clearing the table, he He looked up and said, “You have to deal with Grandfather Pi for one night today. Don’t worry, Grandfather Pi is a female fox.”

“You must want to ask a female fox why she calls herself old man old man all day long.” Yang Junfeng yawned and said, “She saw something wrong by reading online novels.”

Although Xu Wei doesn’t know what to do, now she can only choose to believe everything the people in this place say. talk.

Because there is really no other way, plus the people here don’t look like bad people, bad people rarely make food so delicious.

Although there is no scientific basis for this identification method, but… Brother Zhang gives the impression that it is very reliable and pretty. As a girl, she doesn’t have any resistance to better-looking boys.

“I went back to rest. Lock the door when you leave.”

Zhang Jiachang lifted Da Huang from Xu Wei’s arms, and then they were at Da Huang foul -mouthed and disappeared outside the back door.

The remaining three, Yang Junfeng, Grandfather Pi and Xu Wei, have no plans to leave at the moment, mainly because Grandfather Pi has not finished eating. I ordered a rice wine clams and ate clams while drinking, very comfortable.

They chatted while eating, and the topic finally returned to the thing Xu Wei encountered.

“This belongs to the demons and monsters. As for why he wants to go all the way to deceive people to kill, the old man doesn’t know.” Grandfather Pi was still drunk, her head rested on Yang Junfeng On his back, he muttered to Xu Wei: “But it’s all absurd things. When the old man helps you settle it, you can just give the old man ten thousand dollars.”

Xu Wei was busy nodding beside her, and then suddenly stepped forward curiously and asked, “Grandfather Pi Grandfather Pi…I ask you, why do you all seem to be afraid of Brother Zhang.”

This evening, Xu Wei could see that although this little brother Zhang is humble and low-key and doesn’t talk much, he really doesn’t have anyone to refute as long as he speaks. It feels very strange, even if it’s so noisy Neither Mrs. Gou nor Da Huang dared to say too much in front of him.

In short, there is a feeling that he is the boss here.

“Old man knew you would ask this.” Grandfather Pi chuckled: “He is the ceiling of the world, do you know what a ceiling is?”

Xu Wei was at a loss shook the head, while Grandfather Pi looked at her with a dirty dog expression on his face: “Cause and effect karma does not provoke, chaos spell does not stick, heaven’s law does not enter, Five Elements does not follow Yin and Yang. Three Realms above the six realms, alone. He is such a person, if you ask the old man whether he is great or not, he is naturally great, but if you ask the old man how great he is, the old man does not know how great he is.”

β€œHow could he be so great? This is a milk tea shop…”

“Who knows, no one can say anything about temperament. Money can’t buy you my pleasure.” Grandfather Pi hooked Yang Junfeng’s arm with his backhand: “Damn, Speak!”

“I’ll tell you what I’m talking about.” Yang Junfeng drank the last sip of plum wine in the glass, and yawned to Xu Wei, “It’s not like that, actually. He was no different from us until he was fifteen, and suddenly at fifteen he was different.”

“That’s called destiny.” Grandfather Pi added: “But this person, He’s a nice and interesting person, and he speaks nicely, and the old man likes him very much.”

“No one doesn’t like him.” Yang Junfeng also said with a smile: “Anyway, he is indifferent to the world and has no temper. Shelf is a typical good person.”

“A good person…” Xu Wei blinked his eyes quickly: “I also think he feels very reliable.”

“Then It’s quite reliable.” Yang Junfeng stretched his back: “I’m sleepy, can Huangpizi go?”

“Go! The old man is going too.” Huangpizi struggled to get out of the high foot He jumped off the bench and tugged at Xu Wei’s sleeve: “Go, go to the old man’s place to sleep, don’t worry, the old man is a thousand-year-old cultivation, and you won’t have any trouble.”

Xu Wei see He glanced at Yang Junfeng, then looked at the door of the backyard: “Don’t worry about it here?”

“No, let’s go.”

They then walked out of the door, and just The moment Xu Wei walked out of the door, her phone vibrated frantically again, but when she picked it up, it was still the same person, but this time the message it sent had changed to “I see you” .

After being continuously swiped, and the more intense exposure tonight, Xu Wei’s goosebumps all stood up all at once.

The drunk Grandfather Pi stood on tiptoe and glanced at her screen, grabbed the phone, and sent a voice to the other side.

“grandfather is waiting for you here, don’t play with grandfather, today’s naughty little girl is covered by grandfather, if you dare to come, the old man will kill you. After tonight, The old man will kill you again.”

After a paragraph, Grandfather Pi walked quickly to the side of the road, squatted down with the trash can and started to vomit, but at this time there was a dark shadow Appearing on the corner of the street, he was drifting towards Xu Wei.

(End of this chapter)

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