What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 51


Chapter 51 There is a dream in my heart

Zhang Yao likes Xiao Zhang’s milk tea shop too much, even if it is sent back by Haozi After getting home, she took a hot bath and sat in the huge mansion, watching the whole city without water and electricity because of the snow disaster, but she was brightly lit here. But her mind was full of those two days snuggling up on someone’s sofa.

I miss the weird hot springs there, miss Brother Zhang’s meals, miss scary ghost stories, miss those weird people.

She looked back at the time, thinking that Grandfather Pi should get up to eat and drink at this point, and Xu Wei also got up and started the night shift. Chang’an Lane, which had been busy all day, was quiet, but that house The milk tea shop and small restaurant became lively.

If it wasn’t for the snow, she would have forgotten how long it had been since she had been in a crowd like this, being a little trash who only eats he he, listening to other people’s stories scared to the point of shivering, and then slept on the warm sofa until noon on the second day.

There is no mess, let alone the so-called rotten people in the circle, electric cars can also be used as transportation, not necessarily Ferrari. Soy sauce rice can still be delicious, and French food is not a must.

β€œDa Huang Da Huang.”

Zhang Yao was lying in front of Da Huang who was eating canned food, holding her cheeks with both hands, and her legs kept flapping back and forth, while Da Huang was just Glancing at her, she continued to eat, simply as if she didn’t exist.

“Da Huang, let me ask you, why do you think Brother Zhang’s milk tea shop is so interesting?”

“What’s so interesting.” Da Huang raised his head and licked his lips Said: “I think you are interested in him.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Zhang Yao was lying there enjoying the fully automatic blower blowing her hair, but her expression looked different. Not so happy: “My life is a tragedy.”

“Your life is a tragedy? You are lying at home eating he he doing nothing and earning more than one million a month, even eating The rice is one hundred and twenty-one kilograms, and the basin in the toilet costs 120,000 yuan. Every day, workers come to clean you, and even when you blow your hair, there is such a stick to help you. Look at me, every day I have to eat rubbish industrial cat food and be bitten by dogs, am I a tragedy?”

Zhang Yao giggled while covering her mouth, while Da Huang was foul-mouthed and continued. After eating the canned food, when I was full, I went to the cat’s nest next to me: “If you want me to say, if you like him, like him, don’t tell yourself any stories, what I am a tragedy, my life How miserable, you are talk nonsense. If you like it, you like it, although he is a bit strange, but it is still worth liking.”

Da Huang’s tail swayed up and down: “The cans are running out. You can buy some more.”

“How much? I’m afraid the delivery will stop.”

“Six months.”

“Six months?” Zhang Yao curiously asked: “Is it almost gone?”

“Old man… No, this is the mantra of that stinky dog. Uncle me , living for thousands of years, six months is just a flick of a finger.” Da Huang sighed silently, turned over, and muttered to himself: “If you like it, you have to say it, you don’t say it’s just here. I think, I will never be able to bloom and bear fruit in my life, but if you say it, whether it will be successful or not, anyway, you have no regrets. Back then, I rejected the love of a man. At that time, when I first arrived in the Central Plains, where I lived, I’m not familiar with it, and I was taken care of by a local little man for several years. It’s a pity…he is a human, but only has a hundred years of life.”

“When did it happen?”

” I can’t remember, I just remember that the man was a general at that time, and he always talked about asking Wang Shibei to look north, but he didn’t end up depressed, alas…” Da Huang sighed: “I think about it now, I’m afraid I’ll never see you again. .”

“But aren’t you a male cat?”

“Reincarnation, reincarnation, reincarnation, how many times have I said it. You are really annoying as a woman.” Da Huang twisted over f oul-mouthed said: “Uncle, I am not under the control of your mother Meng, and I don’t need to drink Meng Po soup. If the body is not good, just change another one. I used to be a girl, do you hear? My name is Bastet, Bastetto Goddess. “

“The contrast is quite large. “

“I’m too lazy to tell you. Da Huang wrapped himself with his tail: “I’m sleeping, don’t disturb.” ”

Zhang Yao also found it funny when she looked at Da Huang, but she still clicked on the database next to her and searched.

It turns out that Da Huang is really the Guardian God of love and family, the Guardian of the courtyard, the ruler of darkness, and the god of harvest. In Greece, Da Huang is even with Goddess of the Moon and the god of hunting Al Themis is equally famous and is also respected by people.

However, the Goddess of the year has become the current Da Huang, the female cat has become a male cat, and the image of human beings has also changed from a strong black-skinned girl to a black-skinned girl. The handsome black clothed youth has to make people sigh the magic of time, even gods are not immune.

“Alas… Da Huang Da Huang…”

“You again what to do? Da Huang raised his head impatiently: “Uncle is going to sleep, do you hear?” “

“Let me ask you, didn’t Brother Zhang say that God is not allowed to appear on the world, why are you allowed?” “

“Do you think I still have Divine Spark?” Egyptian civilization cut off, it cut off! Civilization is gone, Divine Spark is gone, I’m just a poor kitten, understand? “

The poor kitten? This surprised Zhang Yao, because this poor kitten was too strong. The demons and ghosts who have troubled her for a long time have been since Da Huang came on a business trip. It never appeared in front of her eyes again. This is not something a kitten can do.

But since Da Huang said so, there is no need for her to ask questions. Da Huang will wait. Huang can really scratch people.

Lying on the sofa and looking out lazily, what Haozi said before suddenly appeared in Zhang Yao’s mind, if you can spend money to form a team to deal with some If there is a supernatural phenomenon, can it be possible to have a common language with the people in the milk tea shop?

To be honest, Zhang Yao is not short of money, her patents can give her several decades of peace of mind, and her hands There are still a few high-value patents that have not been released, and she really has no special pursuits. At this moment, she suddenly feels that if she can really get one, it seems to be pretty good.

It’s her character to do what she says, so while Da Huang was sleeping, Zhang Yao logged into the spiritual forum that she usually goes to, and then said her ideas on it.

As soon as this post was posted, it immediately caused an uproar on the forum, and many people began to give advice to Zhang Yao here.

In the end, they discussed the key point, which is what will these strange people do? In what way do they live in this world, since Zhang Yao is sure that these people really exist, then how do they live in the world in what way and how can they distinguish good from bad?

The main thing is to distinguish good from bad, Because if you can’t distinguish between good and bad, an ordinary person can’t control the behavior of these people at all, and may even be killed by an unfathomable mystery.

Someone on the forum suggested that Zhang Yao find someone who knows how to help. Get in touch. If there is no accident, these strange people will theoretically have a community that belongs to them. As long as they can get online, everything will be easy.

Zhang Yao is watching all the After the discussion, it was late at night, when there was a sudden thumping sound outside the window, Zhang Yao jumped up from the sofa in fright, turned her head to look over, but found that the Grandfather Pi was attached to the glass and tapped with her hands

She quickly got up and went to open the window and let Grandfather Pi enter the house. As soon as Grandfather Pi came in, she saw Da Huang sleeping there. Huang’s tail picked it up.

β€œI advise you not to Kill it, bitch. “

Da Huang started scolding again, and Zhang Yao hurried up to grab Da Huang, and then asked Grandfather Pi curiously: “Why are you here?” “

“I saw your post, I, I, I, I! “Grandfather Pi patted his chest and said, “Please, please, please! I’m cheap and easy to use and haven’t worked for a while…”

“Huh? “Zhang Yao was stunned for a moment: “You?” “

“Yes, I am.” “Grandfather Pi seriously nodded and said: “I am the administrator of that website group. Someone shared your post in the group just now. When I saw that this was not you, I rushed over.” “

Zhang Yao opened her mouth, she didn’t know what to say for a while, she was still thinking about where those strange people would be nesting, and she turned around… …and it’s so close. Not only the group owner in the forum, but even someone I know.

“But Brother Zhang…”

“No, it’s not. I have nothing special to do with it. “Grandfather Pi sat down, rubbed his hands together and said expectantly: “Wait for me to organize the language…”

“Well…” Zhang Yao waved to the robot Steward, and Steward was soon soaked. A pot of tea came over and set it in front of them.

Grandfather Pi picked up the hot teapot Ton Ton Ton and drank half of the pot and said with a touch of his mouth: “Their group of people are fighting high, they are spending money. Can’t be invited. And they have their own responsibilities and are generally not employed privately. And they have a teacher, no one can come out to pick up private work unless Brother Zhang is nodded, and they basically have to listen to Brother Zhang unconditionally. “

“Huh? “Zhang Yao stared wide-eyed: “Brother Zhang… is he so powerful?” “

“What’s more, you don’t know how awesome he is…”

Grandfather Pi was talking, but found Da Huang staring at him next to him , She realized that she had said the wrong thing because she was too excited, and hurriedly turned her head away.

“You ask me to help you! “Grandfather Pi patted his chest: “I’ll shake people for you. “

At this time Da Huang was coldly snorted by the side: “She can shake her mountain of yellow skin for you.” “

“No one will treat you as dumb if you don’t speak. “Grandfather Pi scolded Da Huang: “How can you cut off people’s wealth. ”

(end of this chapter)

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