What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 52


Chapter 52 The Civil Dispute Investigation Institute is officially listed

Don’t look at Grandfather Pi as a pornographic broadcaster, but she is also It is a serious fox fairy.

Although everyone calls her yellow-skinned, in fact, although she is not a white fox or Heavenly Fox, she is also a high-profile Qingqiu fox.

Although in Brother Zhang, his status is a little better than that of Da Huang, the poor family, but he is also a well-known number one person outside.

But well, a penny beats a hero. Grandfather Pi has had a hard life since he became a fox fairy. According to reason, Yang Junfeng’s raising her is not a big problem, but Grandfather Pi is stronger in his life. , and refused to bow his head to eat and drink cheekily until he was desperate.

Although she knew in her heart that whether it was Brother Zhang or Yang Junfeng, she would not eat less, and if she wanted to open her mouth, these rascals would buy her for her, but Grandfather Pi can’t be opened. That mouth can’t hide this face. In recent years, I have found a job and become an anchor, but I was deceived in finding a job, and the anchor was also smashed, so Grandfather Pi now personally went to the door to find Zhang Yao, a rich woman.

β€œI didn’t come here to prove how awesome I am, I just came to prove that I can survive without those stinky men.”

This is what Grandfather Pi said Yes, and then by the way, she played a combination of women’s boxing, in order to prove that she was no worse than men at all. The reason why she was mixed up like that before was because those stinky men didn’t bother her.

Zhang Yao listened to her description with a smile, leaned over there and asked with a smile: “Do you know what you said, Brother Zhang?”

“I can’t say it. Sister…” Grandfather Pi waved his hands eagerly: “If you say it, I can’t go on, please, please, I’m just trying to make a good mouth, you can’t sell me.”

“Why? “

“Because…because I came to the mortal’s side and was guaranteed by Brother Zhang, otherwise I would have been arrested by patriarch a long time ago. He only needs to make a phone call, and he will meet in the morning on the second day.” Several ferocious brawny men came over and took me away, I don’t want to go back to the mountains… The mountains are so boring, you don’t even have the Internet, you know.” Grandfather Pi’s expression became horrified: “Without the Internet, it is just a human world. Purgatory.”

Zhang Yao nodded with deep understanding, but quickly looked at the head: “Actually…I think I am very happy without the Internet when I am with interesting people.”

“You’re talking about Brother Zhang, right? Hey, that’s because you’re interested in him, but it’s different in the mountains, those foxes…” Grandfather Pi waved his hands with disgust: “Don’t talk about it, that’s alright. Let’s Let’s just say if we can do this business.”

“Yes.” Zhang Yao nodded and said: “I was worried before that there was nowhere to start, can you pull people’s heads?”

“What’s so difficult about this, you don’t know, there are too many demons and ghosts in the crowd.”

Grandfather Pi’s words reminded Zhang Yao again That night they talked about the Human Demon among the crowd, which made the rookie who was confused and ignorant in the field of mysticism for the first time shudder once again.

But this time it’s okay, Grandfather Pi said that the people she knows are some people who have no ambition but good abilities. It’s good to find them to organize and build a business.

Zhang Yao agreed with Grandfather Pi after a little thought, but Grandfather Pi still asked her to make a document and sign a contract for the sake of safety.

“I can be your manager, but I still owe hundreds of thousands of foreign debts and you have to pay me, and the monthly salary cannot be less than 10,000 yuan!” Grandfather Pi seriously Said: “It can’t be too little, it can’t be too little.”

“Ten thousand?”

“Eight thousand is also fine…but you have to pack room and board.”

Zhang Yao wondered how the Grandfather Pi came here over the years, and even negotiated the conditions so cautiously.

She probably doesn’t even know her own value. A formed vixen, even if Zhang Yao is not from their demon circle, knows that this is rare, but she doesn’t seem to have that idea.

But think about it too… Look at the people around Grandfather Pi, it’s understandable that the comparison of those people makes her unable to correctly recognize her own value, after all, even Xiao Zhang is not like this Why, such a person actually walks around the stove all day, and still goes to work in Zhu Zhenzhen’s beautiful and cute love…

It’s terrible.

But no matter what, Zhang Yao’s idea is really the first step, and the next step is to recruit troops.

Of course she does not agree with Grandfather Pi’s request, because for Grandfather Pi, the price she set for herself is really low, so Zhang Yao’s suggestion is to help Grandfather Pi bear all foreign debts, And then give her a salary of 50,000 yuan a month, including room and board.

“Stay here, just stay with me.” Zhang Yao took Grandfather Pi around in his flat mansion: “There are all kinds of facilities here, and there are many more. You can choose a room by yourself.”

When did Grandfather Pi live in such a high-level place, she has lived in a rental house since she went down the mountain, and once she lived in a dilapidated place For many years, Zhang Yao’s place is not only high-end and simple, it is basically automated if it can be automated. Even pulling the pancake doesn’t have to wipe the butt by himself, there will be hot water to rinse it clean and then dry…

To ask Grandfather Pi if she is satisfied or not, of course she is satisfied, so she agreed immediately, and moved the things from her rental house overnight, such as broken cotton wool, broken sheets, broken refrigerator , and even the posters on the wall were torn down, so I almost took down the rental house and brought it here.

“I bought all of these, and brought them all here.” Grandfather Pi looked at the pile of things and said, “There’s still half a roast chicken in the refrigerator. Do you want to eat?”

Zhang Yao held back a smile and waved her hand, then pointed to the wall, and then the wall opened automatically, and it turned out to be a private refrigerator with all kinds of ingredients in it…

“Aiya…It’s good to have money!” Grandfather Pi stood outside the cold storage and looked towards the inside: “This place is bigger than my room…”

That’s it , the second one who was kidnapped from Brother Zhang officially settled in Zhang Yao’s house.

She was actually somewhat worried, so she secretly sent a message to Brother Zhang explaining the situation here, and asked Grandfather Pi for his opinion.

Brother Zhang, of course, is easy to talk about, and his advice is also very simple, that is, as long as they are happy, they can do whatever they want, but there are three points that need to be paid attention to.

The first is that Grandfather Pi is essentially a monster. She is very bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty, so once she becomes mad or aggressive, she must immediately send him a message.

The second is that Grandfather Pi does not have a sound view of the world. She has no way to distinguish right from wrong, so I hope Zhang Yao can give some guidance so that Grandfather Pi can survive better go down.

The last and most important point is that Grandfather Pi’s character is very similar to a dog and will be hostile to strangers, so Zhang Yao must be careful not to let her touch strangers too much to prevent it from happening. attack.

It seems that Brother Zhang is still very concerned about Grandfather Pi, and he is not as insensitive as he has shown.

So following this topic, Zhang Yao began to go further, and began to ask Brother Zhang if he would come to save people if he was in danger.

Brother Zhang’s answer is: You’d better buy a young genius watch.

Zhang Yao rolled on the bed with laughter because of this answer, and even attracted the Grandfather Pi who had been turned into a prototype and placed in a salute. Seeing the huge fox head at the door, Zhang Yao covered her stomach and said : “It’s okay, it’s okay… How can your little brother Zhang be so funny?”

Grandfather Pi turned into a human figure and came to Zhang Yao, picked up the phone she put next to him and watched a few minutes. Yan: “You went to ask him…”

“He agreed.”


Of course Zhang Yao She won’t wear a young genius watch. She has a special satellite frequency band and her own encrypted radio station, as well as various contact methods. As long as she has Xiao Zhang’s mobile phone number, she can be in any environment. Send him a message.

And she has already done this. As long as Brother Zhang’s phone is turned on, he can receive Zhang Yao’s messages without restrictions, but it is obvious that Brother Zhang doesn’t understand, he doesn’t know himself In fact, Zhang Yao has already been framed in the technology circle.

After one night, Grandfather Pi began to get busy on the second day. She sent messages and made calls. Anyone who knew grotesquely shaped would send messages to them. In short, it was for Zhang Yao. Things are very serious.

At about three o’clock in the afternoon, the people summoned by Grandfather Pi were almost there, and Zhang Yao also started the first round interview.

At the same time, Thunder Dragon, a long-haired braised egg, knocked on the door of the Huang Family and saw Huang Shan, who had not been seen for a long time.

The two sat down in the living room, Huang Shan pursed her lips and didn’t speak, just leaned there and looked at Thunder Dragon, while Thunder Dragon had been peeling the oranges on her low table.

“You still haven’t changed.” Huang Shan propped her chin and looked at Thunder Dragon: “Why did you come back all of a sudden?”

“I’m working in a milk tea shop now, so I don’t want to go out. .” Thunder Dragon said with a smile: “No, come and see you when you come back.”

“Just look at me?” Huang Shan chuckled: “Are you short of money?”

“Don’t insult people, okay, when will I ask you for money.” Thunder Dragon waved his hand and said, “My lord, I just came back and confessed to you. It’s time to leave you.”

“Five years, do you know how I spent these five years?” When Huang Shan heard Thunder Dragon’s words, her tears blurred her vision: “I begged you that way back then. Please don’t go, you don’t even hesitate.”

“Ahhh, we agreed not to talk about the past.” Thunder Dragon coughed twice: “But this time, I’m here. I really have something to tell you.”

“I’m getting married.” Huang Shan said.

“What?” Thunder Dragon was stunned for a moment, then sighed silently, rummaging through his pockets, finding a five-six hundred dollar bill in half and half, and took out a napkin from the table , turned the napkin into red with a single wipe, wrapped the red paper around the money, and handed it to Huang Shan: “There’s nothing to give… This is my new wedding gift for you.”

Huang Shan pushed his hand away: “Don’t give me this set, I don’t need it.”

“That’s right, did you invite it from Hong Kong? A Master to come…”

“Yes, so what?”

“Send him back.” Thunder Dragon sighed: “You can’t afford to offend the person on the opposite side. , Shanshan, listen to my advice.”

“I used to listen to you, but it didn’t work out well, this time I don’t care who is on the other side, you’d better leave it alone.”

“I can ignore me.” Thunder Dragon sat next to Huang Shan: “If that Master really starts to do it… ah, how should I say it.”

“Speak straight. “

“Tell me, I’ll say it!” Thunder Dragon slapped his thigh: “You’re going to mess with people you shouldn’t mess with, I’ve said it all for the sake of it, you can’t listen Me once?”

(End of this chapter)

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