What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 53


Chapter 53 The bastard is stubborn

“You mean that the one who bullied my younger brother that day was you the person?”

Huang Shan frowned: “You let me forgive him for your sake?”

“No…it is to let him forgive me for my sake?”

You. Not right… He’s not mine, I’m his. Nor… Aiya, anyway, that’s the person you can’t afford to offend, Shanshan, will you listen to my advice?”

Thunder Dragon can be considered a begging, he can’t say too much, because although Xiao Zhang doesn’t mind revealing his identity, he knows Huang Shan too well. She has a stalker in her character. If Brother Zhang’s real identity is true, she will definitely make friends and get acquainted.

Xiao Zhang is easy to talk but also not a bad person. Huang Shan must not realize this. Her strong character is very good at unsatisfied. When the time comes, Xiao Zhang is really provoked, she will not There are good fruits to eat.

Thunder Dragon came to remind her that she wanted her to leave by herself and not to provoke people she shouldn’t.

“I don’t believe even a single punctuation mark you said. I know you have something to do with these things. You can rest assured that as long as you don’t interfere, I will still be concerned about my previous feelings.”

Huang Shan sat there with a firm expression: “Okay, Mr. Lei, you can go back. It’s not good for my fiance to see it later.”

Thunder Dragon sat there and took a drink He went under the water, but he had no idea of leaving. After being silent for a while, sighed: “Why are you still so stubborn…”

“I knew as soon as I heard that you were lying to me again, what kind of character are you? I know, how is it possible that someone can take care of you? You are his person, to put it bluntly, you want to protect him, but I am not the Shanshan of the year, I can’t let others bully my family, and I don’t talk about it. ” Huang Shan waved her hand: “Let’s go, as if you never came back after you left me five years ago.”






Huang Shan’s voice suddenly increased, Thunder Dragon pursed his lips, sighed got up and left, and just happened to see a man walk in at the door, the two met each other, and Huang Shan hurriedly stepped forward and said: “Mei, this is my friend, come and see me today.”

“Hello.” Huang Shan’s fiancรฉ extended the hand to Thunder Dragon: “You can come and sit at home often.”


Thunder Dragon laughed and shook hands with him: “You persuade her not to deal with those crooked things. It’s not good.”

“Thunder Dragon, take care of yourself. !” Huang Shan reprimanded from behind: “Be careful on your way.”

Thunder Dragon shook the head, turned and walked out. After closing the door, Huang Shan’s fiancรฉ suddenly grabbed the right hand complexion pale and rushed into the bathroom. After reaching the bathroom, he opened his hand and found that a large piece of skin had been burned.

He hurriedly put his hands under the ice water and dashed, muttering: “heavenly thunder True Monarch…”

“Mei, are you alright…” a voice sounded outside the door Huang Shan’s concern: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay, I have diarrhea.”

Her fiancรฉ watched as the marks on his hands gradually disappeared, and the original burnt area was restored. Covered with tender meat, and then replied: “Who is that friend of yours, why haven’t you mentioned it.”

“I’ll tell you later.”

Mei’s The voice was always gentle, but the muscles on the face were moving fast, squeezing the entire face into a weird shape, and it took a long time to gradually return to its original shape, but the eyeballs fell out, so I could only use my hands to squeeze it. Install it back.

After he fully recovered, he opened the door, took Huang Shan’s hand, and the two went to sit on the sofa outside.

“What does that friend of yours say don’t let you deal with crooked ways?”

Huang Shan hesitated for a while before telling what happened to her younger brother some time ago .

Mei was silent for a moment and said, “I think you should listen to your friend and don’t have anything to do with those crooked ways. By the way, what does your friend do? Why haven’t you seen it before? Did you mention it?”

After being silent for a while, Huang Shan still told her fiancรฉ about Thunder Dragon. After listening to this series of things, Mei became silent.

“Mei, are you… angry?”

“No, I just think your friend is interesting, but the relationship between you…”


“We are not related anymore, he is just a passerby, and we are just ordinary friends.” Huang Shan quickly explained: “I am your fiancee already.”

They hugged each other, but Mei’s eyes looked straight towards the window. After a brief contact, he was not sure if Heavenly Thunder real monarch found his existence. If he did…he might even have to give up this one. Good skin.

“By the way, what do you think about the younger brother?”

“Whatever you want, don’t go too far… He’s not too young, so he should learn from himself Handle the problem.”

“en. โ€

And Thunder Dragon, who was walking outside at the moment, looked back at Huang Shan’s villa and frowned.

On the other hand, Haozi, who was waiting for him next to him, urged: “Why are you still reluctant to give up?”

“No.” Thunder Dragon rubbed his mouth: “It feels weird. “

“Don’t be weird. If you don’t leave, you won’t be able to make dinner in time for dinner. Today, Brother Zhang bought catfish to make boiled fish, and there will be no hair left after going late!”

“Walk around…” Thunder Dragon stepped on Haozi’s motorcycle, hugged his waist and said, “You can’t drive? Do you have to ride a motorcycle?”

“big brother , in such thick snow, what kind of car can drive, and only this snowmobile can drive, which is still borrowed from Xiaoma.”

“What is he doing with this thing…”

“Ghost knows.” Haozi started the snowmobile: “I saw a man entered just now, didn’t I?”

“Well, the ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend… fiance .”

“There’s something wrong with that person.” Haozi said while driving his motorcycle: “The breath on his body is a little weird, don’t you feel it?”

“Isn’t that just like that? You say this, but you can’t tell what’s wrong all of a sudden.”

Haozip nods.” “Look back and check it out.

The two walked through the city. However, it has become a beautiful landscape, and in such a snowy day in the south, it has several points of the scenery of the north.

After returning to Chang’an Lane, they pushed open the store door and walked in, just as little brother Zhang brought a large pot of boiled fish to the table, and the pony next to him was already rubbing his hands impatiently. .

“several brothers, just found something wrong.” Haozi threw the key to the pony, then straddled on the stool and said, “You said that there are two sets of souls in a person, isn’t it very strange? Is it normal?”

“It’s normal, isn’t it eldest sister, beast soul plus human soul.” Xiaoma turned his head and looked over: “What? Did you find twin souls?”

“What about the set and a half?” Haozi nuked Thunder Dragon with his mouth: “His ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend has a set and a half of soul in his body. But it doesn’t look abnormal. What do you think is going on?”

The pony was silent for a while, thinking for a long time, then slapped his thigh and said, “There is only one set of reincarnated in someone else’s body, and there is only one set of body possession, one set and a half… Possession? But possession should be It’s two sets.”

“It’s outrageous.” Haozi hehe smiled, took the meal from Xu Weisheng, took a bite of the dish and ate it: “I think there must be something wrong here, one set and a half Interesting.”

At this time, Brother Zhang had already brought the other dishes and put them on the table, and sat down and started to eat.

After hearing their discussion, he raised his head and said softly, “Have you ever thought about swallowing.”

When everyone heard this, they slapped their thighs and immediately cleared the comprehension.

“It’s just swallowing!”

Haozi said decisively: “One person swallows the other person, gradually digests it, and then inherits the other person’s memory, face and swallows the swallowed one. Humans are made into ghosts in the body. This half set is ghosts!”

“How do you say?” Thunder Dragon narrowed his eyes: “Do you do it?”

“big brother , a society ruled by law.” Haozi knocked on the table: “A society ruled by law doesn’t allow you to mess around, you have to give evidence.”

“What kind of evidence can there be for this shit.” Thunder Dragon didn’t Know whether to cry or laugh: “You said you inherited everything from the other party, where is the evidence.”

Brother Zhang poured himself a glass of water: “There won’t be such a perfect fit. Yes, it’s fine.”

“Well, listen to the boss.” Thunder Dragon nodded.” and said: “Let’s find a way to get closer to that person

” I’ll go.” The pony made two spoons of soup for himself: “I’m a raw face, and I’m a jixiu, so I won’t carry spiritual power like you.”

“Well, Good idea.” Haozi looked towards the pony: “Let’s discuss what to do when we eat.”

Several people were sitting here eating he he, the snow had stopped outside, and only The residual snow on the branches kept falling.

(End of this chapter)

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