What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 54


Chapter 54 More and more

In fact, Thunder Dragon and the others are not nervous, but Huang Shan’s fiance is the most nervous , he caused a lot of burns just because he shook hands with Thunder Dragon, which means that he is simply not at the same level as others.

Judging from the power he showed, that person should be one of the Raibe Masami…not the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon.

As a Mastiff Servant, one of the corpses, he knows his position too well. If the opposite is Thunder Dragon, he really has no choice. It is round or flat, but casual. People get it.

Among the twelve spirits, the dragon and tiger two beasts are basically the ceiling of battle strength. Unless there are more than six corpse dismantling immortals to besiege one of them together, there is a slight chance of winning.

Today that person’s thunder technique is already brought to the point of perfection, but it’s hard to tell if he is the mighty thunder technique Heavenly Dragon.

This made Mei restless all night, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

“Mei, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay, I can’t sleep because of something.”

“Oh…” Huang Shan asked in a low voice: “Why can you tell me about it?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just something in the company, it’s a little annoying.”

What’s bothering you, but it’s her that bothers you My ex-boyfriend, it’s really the world that is inextricably cut and chaotic. After fighting with the twelve spirits for a lifetime, I finally have the opportunity to live again. Just when I was lucky enough to pick up a treasure, everything has to start all over again. , When the status, status, sweethearts and family members have everything, but never thought that his wife is actually related to the twelve spirits.

Must be targeted!

The Mastiff’s heart became more and more uneasy, and he felt more and more suspicious. After releasing the ghost in his body, he looked around and found nothing unusual.

He then let out a long breath and lay down on the bed again, but he couldn’t close his eyes and kept muttering in his heart.

On the other side, Qing Lingzi brought blood gluttons to an underground casino. Because the road was blocked by heavy snow outside, the place did not open today.

The Boss here knows Qing Lingzi’s fleshy body, the prostitute whose flower name is Tao Zhimo. Because she once borrowed money here, but she never paid it back. The bald guy who was made into a zombie by Qing Lingzi was her guarantor. Yesterday, it was because he was taught a lesson by the boss here that he would go there. After finding Qing Lingzi, he gave his life in vain.

“Yo, look who’s here. Little girl, this a debtor must pay his debt is only right and proper. You’ve owed this debt for half a year, and it won’t do you any good if the profits roll over. Benefit.”

This underground casino is called a casino, but in fact it is just a gambling den set up in a private house in the urban-rural fringe, this place sells some white noodles in addition to gambling. Not only here, but the surrounding area is full of this business model. Just like the Tazhai in the anti-drug model village, there will be people watching at the entrance of the village, so several raid inspections failed to destroy this place.

Qing Lingzi looked at the vicious underground casino Boss in front of him, full of smiles stepped forward, and said charmingly: “Boss Zhuang, isn’t this a problem that can’t be solved with your hands? You can be patient for a few more days.”

“Tolerance? I think you are impatient. Since you are here today, I will not be polite to you. Don’t leave during this time. You are also picking up customers wherever you are. , just do it here, when will the money both principal and interest be returned to me, and when will you leave?”

Qing Lingzi touched his nose, and walked towards the back room with his hands behind his back. Seeing this, he hurried forward to pull Qing Lingzi.

“You are so brave!”

“Boss Zhuang, the money is all in your house.” Qing Lingzi pointed to a hut: “Yes, I remember You have a safe.”

Zhuang Boss complexion changed, but his hand had already reached into the drawer. He was about to touch the gun, but saw the blood light flashed. With one stroke, Zhuang Boss’s arm was divided into two from the elbow, and the sharp blood claws didn’t even make Zhuang Boss feel pain.

He looked down at his broken arm and was about to shout, but a dark shadow flashed before him, and then his throat was torn open. A si si sound can be heard from the broken throat, like a leaking ball.

Then the blood gluttonous pounced on him, biting from his wound, while Boss Zhuang fell to the ground and kept twitching, not even having the strength to resist.

“It’s disgusting.”

Qing Lingzi covered his mouth and nose, and slowly came to the door of the small room next door, looking at the heavy security door, he just used He stroked the wall next to him with his fingers, drew an oval on the security door, and then blew lightly, the security door with a thickness of fifteen centimeters was cut along the traces he drew. Come on.

“You idiot, keep your voice down.”

After he scolded the blood glutton, he lowered his head and burrowed into the oval gap.

“It’s not a safe.”

There is only one dim light in the hut with walls on all sides, and there are four or five safes with a height of four or five people around. There are a dozen small ones.

Qing Lingzi stepped forward and knocked gently, and the safe was opened.

Most of the large safes are cash and gold bars and some real estate books, etc. Most of the small safes are gold rings, cheat bracelets and other things that others have mortgaged here.

“It’s rich enough.”

What makes Qing Lingzi didn’t expect is that a trifling underground casino can hide such a large amount of money, no wonder this thing Since ancient times are not allowed to exist, it is really harmful.

The terrifying sound of chewing on bones was heard outside. Qing Lingzi was thinking about how to take away such a large sum of money.

After thinking about it at last, his fingers swayed in the air, and then a rope fell in front of him out of thin air. His fingers turned flexibly, and the rope rolled back and forth like a life. , After a while, all the money in a room was disappeared, and Qing Lingzi nodded out of the room.

At this time, the blood gluttons outside had almost eaten up Zhuang Boss’s upper body, his internal organs had been hollowed out, and the scene was full of blood.

Qing Lingzi covered her nose and secretly said, “It’s time to go.” He couldn’t go down anymore, he just kicked his head when he went up: “Let’s go!” Taotie immediately became honest, licking the blood on his hands while following Qing Lingzi obediently and honestly.

But just as they opened the door, an eleven- or twelve-year-old child rushed in, shouting “father for dinner”.

After she came in, she glanced at Qing Lingzi and the blood-covered gluttonous glutton. She was stunned for the next moment and was about to run, but Qing Lingzi pressed her shoulders: “Don’t worry. Just run.”

After he finished speaking, he pushed the child in front of the blood gluttons, and he walked straight through the door, closing the door by the way, standing at the door listening to the strangeness in the room The voice, Qing Lingzi called the head: “I’m old, I can’t see this.”

When the blood gluttonous reappeared, Qing Lingzi looked at him obviously strong and laughed lightly: ” Go back and wash up.”

After speaking, the two slowly disappeared into the darkness.

The time turned and came the second day at noon. Haozi hurried into the milk tea shop, clutching his hat and anxiously said: “There is a major event in the suburbs.”

Brother Zhang stopped what he was doing and raised his head and looked towards him, and Thunder Dragon also looked over curiously: “Why?”

“Two.” Haozi was out of breath. , picked up Thunder Dragon’s water glass and drank it down: “Two died.”

“How?” Thunder Dragon curiously asked.

Haozi sat down for a while before he said, “It’s a father and daughter who died. You can’t watch the scene at all. It’s like being eaten by life. The man’s upper body is gone. , his daughter is only left below the knee.”

Brother Zhang frowned slightly, but Thunder Dragon slapped the table heavily: “Blood glutton!”

“Yes.” Haozi’s teeth creaked, “It’s the way of dissecting the blood gluttons in the Thirty-Two Immortals.”

“Then you’re still here? Why don’t you check?”

“I can’t find it. The camera in that place last night only captured two groups of black shadows, not to mention the silhouette, even the clothes were not photographed, and the scene is an underground casino with thousands of fingerprints. They are all highly mobile people, and they need time to investigate slowly.”

At this time, Brother Zhang handed a glass of honey water to Haozi: “No fingerprints will be left.”

“No matter whether it will be investigated or not.” Haozi said angrily: “This matter is very serious, the top has already put pressure on Bureau Chen, and now the special department is officially on the agenda.”

“Take me to see.” Thunder Dragon said to Haozi: “Maybe I can find some clues for you.”

“You can find a fart.” Haozi stood up: ” Sister Gou…Sister Gou, come and do me a favor, I’ll treat you to a big dinner tonight…”

(End of this chapter)

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