What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 55


Chapter 55 How can time be quiet

Sister Gou dressed up very well today, wearing a small white shirt on the upper body, a black The overalls and short hair look like a community female cadre, but because she is still very delicate, she looks like a young and beautiful community female cadre.

She was called out by Haozi, and after inquiring, she heard that she was going to assist the exploration site, so she began to inquire about Brother Zhang.

“As you like, you can go as you want.” Brother Zhang wiped the glass, casually as always: “Just be careful.”

“If you want me to say, Sister Gou, as one of the only three remaining Guardians of the first generation, this kind of trivial matter should not be difficult for you, right? If you are talking about tracking, the elder sister may not be as good as you.”

Haozi saw it When Sister Gou came out, she immediately complimented her, and the compliments like cannonballs made Sister Gou blushed.

Sister Gou is definitely not as good as Hu Niu in terms of battle strength, but she is good at tracking and positioning. As the first-generation Guardian, she is the only pure demon body in the twelve spirits, and her lifespan is enough. Long Chang, but some things caused her to leave the team in the middle, and this has become a scar that she is still reluctant to mention.

Who said she was in a hurry, especially if she was in front of Xiao Zhang, she could turn her face directly.

“Isn’t it more convenient for the boss to return to the dream?” Thunder Dragon suddenly looked back at the boss: “If he uses a dream to return, everything will be solved?”

Haozi He waved his hands and said, “You rely on Brother Zhang for everything. What do you do when something unexpected happens in the end? Sit on the ground and call for help?”

Thunder Dragon was at a loss for words, but Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Why don’t you also have a young genius watch.”

And Sister Gou looked back at Brother Zhang at this time, and said, “Returning to the dream is really useful, but I I still don’t want us to rely on his strength, Haozi should understand.”

Haozi is naturally nodded: “He can bear our cause and effect, but we can’t bear his cause and effect. Wheel Karma will fall on other people’s heads, I’m actually quite worried about this kind of thing.”

Thunder Dragon scratched his face: “There’s a bug here, no… Little Brother Zhang himself is BUG, forget it, don’t think about it. If you don’t agree, then I won’t say it.”

Brother Zhang put the cup back: “You have said so much, don’t you just think Would you like me to take action and help you fight?”

After he finished speaking, he raised a finger: “It’s only once a month, cherish it. Let’s go.”

Haozi They made a look with Thunder Dragon and gave each other a high-five when Brother Zhang turned his back to them. This scene was seen by Sister Gou.

And Brother Zhang wiped his hands from the kitchen paper in front and said, “Let them be happy, they may not be happy later.”

Hearing his words, Haozi’s His face collapsed immediately, and he quickly stepped forward and said, “Brother Zhang is joking…don’t worry about it, if you can’t, let Sister Gou go.” Probably not.”

Since everyone said so, Haozi naturally wouldn’t be polite, and hurriedly brought Brother Zhang to the scene.

The place where originally sheltered evil people and accepted wrongdoing was now full of police Uncles, and two people died overnight, which made GZ, who had already had too many criminal cases this year, worse, and the high-level questioning And pressure, so many people feel on pins and needles.

Brother Zhang came to the scene. He took the mask handed over by Haozi, put it on his mouth, pushed the door and walked into the private building.

As soon as you enter the door, you can see bloodstains all over the floor and walls. There are also two human calves on the ground. There are still corpses scattered around, which looks very disgusting and terrifying.

Brother Zhang frowned and continued to walk inside. When he came to the house, he saw a half body lying there. disappeared , and there were many pieces of clothes and bones left on the ground.

There is still a half arm inside the table, and the lower end of the arm is holding a privately modified Black Star pistol.

“Clear the scene.” Bureau Chen came over and said to the surrounding case investigators with a serious face: “All irrelevant personnel will go out temporarily.”

Brother Zhang looked back at him , gestured to him nodded, and then the three came to the broken security door. After a careful investigation, Brother Zhang took a step back, and the index fingers of the left and right hands simultaneously clicked on Chen Ju and Haozi’s forehead.

Soon, the surrounding scene changed, and everything was back to the way it was last night. The half-eaten Zhuang Boss sat behind the table and settled the account, and then came the door. footsteps.

Then they saw a woman and a scrawny man walk in. The woman was wearing a hat and a mask and couldn’t see her face clearly, but it was obvious that this Boss Zhuang knew her, and the two of them had an affair. After a long conversation, the woman walked to the security door and said a few words. Zhuang Boss seemed to be shocked, and then prepared to take out the gun in the drawer.

The moment he drew his gun, the thin man suddenly cut off his hand, and then there was a scene that made Ju Chen couldn’t help retching.

Brother Zhang stood there and watched the whole process with a dignified expression.

The subsequent plot was performed very smoothly, until the thin man finished eating Zhuang Boss’s daughter, and then the two slowly disappeared into the night.

Even if the plot here is over, and the return to dreaming here is also interrupted, Xiao Zhang turned his head to look at Haozi and Chen Ju who were not looking very well: “This person is very careful, she is around The spells were used to interfere with the retrospective spells, and they couldn’t hear their conversations even in their dreams.”

Brother Zhang’s words shocked Haozi, he raised his head and looked at Brother Zhang curiously asked : “Even back to the dream can interfere?”

“Theoretically, there is nothing that can’t be interfered, but they can’t completely block the back to the dream. If other methods of backtracking are used, they will be invisible. If you don’t believe me, try it.”

Brother Zhang’s words made Haozi curious. He took out a handful of rice from his pocket and began to perform the rice-questioning technique here. .

Of course he wouldn’t admit defeat. After that, he took out the golden tortoise armor and wooden money, and performed the most powerful arithmetic, but what he got was still blank.

“It’s amazing…” Haozi took back the tortoise shell angrily and muttered: “I really can’t see anything except my dreams.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “I’ll go back first.”

“Ah…I’ll send you off.”

But when Haozi chased Brother Zhang to the corner, he was gone. , as if it disappeared out of thin air.

Haozi scratched his head and walked back, looked at Chen Ju, who was still immersed in the horror just now, and asked, “Let’s start sketching.”


In fact, the biggest role of Huimeng is here, and it is not a good thing for someone to interfere with Huimeng, which shows that the ability of the other party is definitely what they have seen so far. The most powerful of the aliens.

Of course, with the exception of Brother Zhang.

But that’s all that Brother Zhang can help here. Haozi also knows that there can’t be too many foul powers in this world. It’s actually fine, it’s not a foul. But this dream is a magical skill, and it is not even an exaggeration to say that it is an ability to distort time.

This kind of foul power is too concentrated, and no one knows what kind of butterfly effect it will cause. Brother Zhang is very careful whenever he uses Huimeng, because… If he If you accidentally control your power, you will not be a dream if you return to your dream.

A similar situation has been recorded in Indian Buddhist scriptures, probably because a certain great master caused a conflict between world boundaries, many people disappeared out of nowhere, and many more people appeared out of nowhere, while small ones. Brother Zhang’s skill has this kind of risk.

How to describe it, all the abilities of Brother Zhang are prepared for those who are qualified to change the world, and he is equivalent to using the Yamato battleship 406 for what Haozi and the others encounter now. The millimeter-caliber naval gun went to bombard a smelly fisherman on the shore.

The fishing guy has what skills and abilities…

Soon the restoration map was drawn under the description of Haozi and Chen Ju, and the face of the cannibal was compared Clearly, but the woman beside him who seemed to be the leader could only see it roughly.

He is about 1.6 meters tall, has long hair, wears a white down jacket, a certain peaked cap and a mask, and there is not much useful information for the rest.

However, this information is enough for experienced criminal investigators, and the rest is to investigate slowly.

First of all, it can be confirmed that this woman and Zhuang Boss know each other. Judging from Zhuang Boss’s mouth, he repeatedly mentions debts, repayment and other information, then this woman must be borrowed from Zhuang Boss. Excessive loan.

As long as you find his ledger, then everything will be understood.

After questioning his family and the horse, Haozi quickly obtained a list of debts from his computer.

Seeing this table, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, because as long as you grope down according to this table, you will definitely be able to find clues.

At the same time, Qing Lingzi, who was meditating on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes. At that moment, he sensed an inexplicable sense of crisis, as if he was being targeted by something.

“Get up, don’t go to sleep!”

Qing Lingzi kicked the snoring blood glutton up on the ground: “We have met an expert!”

After he finished speaking, he pulled out the box with the corpse hidden under the bed, but soon he stuffed the box back, closed his eyes and thought carefully.

Soon, a long black glow suddenly burst out from his eyes, and then he saw the skeletons all over his body crackling, and under the terrifying pain, her height was raised. After ten centimeters, he wiped a handful of wall ash from the wall and then wiped it on Xue Taotie’s face. In the pain of Xue Taotie’s ouch, the faces of the two had completely changed.

Then he stretched out his hand and pressed it on the wall, and a dark space suddenly appeared on the wall that was tightly seamed. After that, he put the box under the bed into the wall, and then raised his hand gently, and the wall was unexpectedly closed. A tight fit was restored.

After doing all this, he looked at his ill-fitting clothes and the distinctive hat, and his eyes gradually narrowed.

(End of this chapter)

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