What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 56


Chapter 56 can’t be seen through

Because the pressure from the top is very strong, so the investigation from the bottom is also very strong. On the first day of resumption of work and production after the GZ snow disaster, Haozi and his team had already found Qinglingzi’s residence according to the people on the list.

It was a Tuesday morning, and workers shoveling snow were busy outside, so Haozi led someone to knock on Qing Lingzi’s residence.

He felt familiar as soon as he came here. If he looked closely, it was the point that the murderer died two days earlier than the victim.

He stood outside the rental house for a while, then rolled his eyes and knocked on Qing Lingzi’s door.

“Come on.”

A crisp and sweet voice came from the door, and then a long-legged beauty appeared in Haozi’s sight.

He looked up and down the woman who opened the door for him, and felt that there was nothing wrong with him, so he took out his credentials and said, “I hope to cooperate with an investigation.”


The stunned look on the woman’s face also made Haozi feel that everything was normal.

Entering the small rental house, Haozi saw a person lying on the floor, and he asked out of duty, “Who is this?”

“I am far away. Cousin…he came here to work and couldn’t find a place to live, so he stayed with me temporarily.”

Haozi tilted his head and glanced at the blood gluttons on the ground, frowned said, “Let him get up.”

Qing Lingzi hurriedly stepped forward and squatted there to wake up the blood gluttonous food. Haozi looked at the blood gluttonous food carefully and found that it was not the person he had met in his dream.

However, Haozi was still worried, and even asked several questions. Xue Taotie looked so stupid that he couldn’t get a fart for a long time, but Qing Lingzi, who was next to him, always answered on his behalf.

“That means you did borrow money from Zhuang Hao, right?”

“Yes… I borrowed some because I needed it urgently, and plan to pay it back in the next year. …”

Haozi looked at the surrounding furnishings while asking. There was water on the stove, and there was half a pot of food left over. The refrigerator was old and should be second-hand. The washing machine in the bathroom humming.

“Do you mind if I look around?”

“No…don’t mind.”

Haozi got up and walked around the rental house, the window sill The socks, shoes, and trousers above were all the same size as this woman. There was only a relatively new black down jacket, a woolen coat, and a few old sweaters in the closet.

It is true that down jackets are not really needed in GD, so it is reasonable and reasonable that they are relatively new. The longer the sweater is, it means that the family is not rich and more suitable for borrowing money.

But Haozi always felt that something was not right, but there were indications that there was nothing wrong.

Generally speaking, if you enter a family, the family does not have a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, or fire to cook, either he is living temporarily, or he is destitute, or he is a potential antisocial personality. But is the equipment of this woman’s house a little too complete? Especially in such a small rental house.

Haozi lifted the sheet and looked towards the bottom of the bed. There was only a black box underneath. He glanced at the woman: “Open me and see.”


Qing Lingzi crouched down and took out the box in a frightened manner. Inside was a box of men’s clothes, which were not folded very much. There were also ID cards and other documents randomly stuffed into the cracks inside. In line with the characteristics of that stupid cousin.

In the end, Haozi really couldn’t find anything special, he nodded a salute to Qing Lingzi: “Thank you for your cooperation, please be safe.”

“Ah… …Okay, thank you.”

Haozi closed the door and went downstairs, while Qing Lingzi put out a long breath, it seems that this level has passed.

To be honest, I really have to thank him for being suspicious.

Two days, in just two days, he did everything in order to deal with the inspections that might be his turn.

He gave the blood gluttons false certificates, bought several second-hand clothes, and bought some household appliances, all of which were second-hand. But after buying a new washing machine and a new spatula, the old and the new together feel like a home.

Afterwards, I used magic to cover up the bloody smell of the blood gluttonous glutton, and put a lot of air freshening balls in the room, and I deliberately dispose of the clothes, socks and shoes that I wore before the change. , and even so detailed that he quit his job as a shopping guide in a shopping mall, and then performed surgery on his colleagues and Boss to make their impression of himself blurred, probably because he didn’t remember this person very much, and only had a vague impression.

After that, I cleaned up all the places in the house that could be hidden and clicked, even some floating soil under the bed was cleaned up, and the box buried in the wall was directly carved. Do more than ten spells.

To be precise, Qing Lingzi was really meticulous in the bones, but Haozi didn’t find any suspicious points.

When he checked all the people on the form, there was no problem except for one person who was missing, and the missing person happened to be Little Baldy buried in the wall.

Now all the doubts have been transferred to that Little Baldy. After all, he disappeared sooner or later and disappeared at this time. How interesting, right?

Haozi sat exhausted in the milk tea shop after a busy day. He slept there with his arms down and covered his face with a hat. He looked very tired.

Brother Zhang just got off work, walked into the milk tea shop and saw Haozi’s appearance, he just shook his head and gently laughed, then took a small blanket to cover him.

But just as the little blanket was covered here, the Thunder Dragon suddenly rushed in like a gust of wind: “Brothers, I won the lottery today! Thirteen thousand! I’ll treat you to dinner tonight and take a walk outside! ”

This voice made Haozi bounce off the chair in fright. He wiped his face and looked at Thunder Dragon’s discoloration, which was both angry and funny.

He sat up, rubbed his face, yawned and said, “We’re at an impasse again, and now there’s no clue except one who’s missing.”

Thunder Dragon asked in confusion. Said: “Then go look for the missing person.”

“Dead is easy to deal with, but it’s really difficult to live or die.”

Haozi’s words It’s not unreasonable. In this state, it is not an easy task to find a missing person in the vast sea of Mistakes do not make small mistakes constantly, swindle is wandering everywhere, trying to find such a person among hundreds of millions of people is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

Let’s not say whether he is alive or not, even if he is alive, he is still not in GZ, if in GZ, why hasn’t he appeared in the places he often goes these days?

A series of questions are placed here. Although Haozi is good in the secret technique world, he is still young in criminal investigation. He still has to go to Bureau Chen for help with many problems. This is the first time he handles a case independently. Definitely a big test.

While they were chatting, outside Zhu Zhenzhen’s head poked in, seeing that they were all there, chuckled, and jumped into the store.

“Good afternoon, everyone! I’m here to eat again.”

These days, Zhu Zhenzhen has gradually gotten rid of the pain of lovelorn, and the frequency of coming here to eat is getting higher and higher, except for the heavy snow Outside of the days when the city was closed, she spent the rest of her spare time in this small milk tea shop.

Or should it not be called a milk tea shop, but a tea restaurant? In fact, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the food here is delicious, the people are fun, and there are strange little stories. It’s much more interesting than watching those people show off their wealth and pretend to be aggressive.

“The policeman Uncle is good.”

“The hairy egg is good.”

“Little Zhang brother is good.”

Zhu Zhenzhen came in Greetings one by one, even if Brother Xiao Zhang is his employee, after work, he will still call Brother Zhang Xiao Zhang, not only her, but also Zhang Yao.

“What are you talking about?” Zhu Zhenzhen moved a stool and sat next to Thunder Dragon and Haozi: “Brother Zhang, one serving of pineapple oil, seven servings of frozen lemon, and one serving of flowering sausage. .”

“Let’s talk about the case.”

Haozi yawned and said, “I can’t talk about it when you come.”

Zhu Zhenzhen curl one’s lip , looked up and looked towards Thunder Dragon: “Did Mao Dan miss me recently?”

“The ghost misses you.” Thunder Dragon hides to the side: “I like quiet ladies, but you are making noise again. And frizzy, who likes you.”

“I’m not happy when you talk about people like that.”

Zhu Zhenzhen said this, but she still smiled hehe , apparently not taking Thunder Dragon’s words seriously.

“That’s right.” Thunder Dragon suddenly asked curiously: “Are you familiar with Huang Shan?”

“Sister Shanshan? It’s familiar, but because of his younger brother’s The reason, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. What’s wrong?”

Thunder Dragon shook the head: “It’s his fiancΓ©, are you familiar with it?”

“Brother Mei? He’s a good man.”

Thunder Dragon quickly moved a stool and sat beside Zhu Zhenzhen: “Tell me about him.”

Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t doubt it. If anything, I introduced Huang Shan’s boyfriend.

This Mei Ge’s real name is Mei Junsheng, a native of Hong Kong. At the beginning, I participated in several TV dramas, but I switched to business when it was not too prosperous. It was a good business in the business world. At the age of 30, he was already a prominent figure in Hong Kong, and he also had a good personal relationship with many bigwigs.

Later, I met Huang Shan at a cocktail party, and the two fell in love at first sight, and they quickly fought hotly. At that time, Hong Kong newspapers also published photos of two people shopping in Japan hand in hand, and even the always poisonous Hong Kong tabloids Call them golden boys and jade maidens.

Later, the two of them were about to get married, and they admitted it generously. And that Mei Ge is very friendly to all the friends around Huang Shan, and he is also knowledgeable and gentle. Basically, everyone thinks that Huang Shan is a blessing to be with him.

“Then has he had any special changes recently?”

“I really don’t know that.” Zhu Zhenzhen shook her head and said, “I don’t have much contact, you can Ask Yao, she has worked with Huang Shan and his family, and they are very familiar with each other.”

Thunder Dragon glanced at Haozi, then nodded: “She hasn’t been here for several days.”

“Well, I heard that I’ve been a little busy recently, so I’m going to discuss something. But I’ll be here later. I sent her a message, and she said she’ll be there soon.”

(This chapter end)

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