What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 57


Chapter 57 Wacky

“Drinking and drinking.”

A few people went crazy at night, including Zhang Yao is playing like crazy, looking at the way she drinks, 80% of the time she will have to vomit.

But Zhu Zhenzhen was fine. She knew she couldn’t drink enough, so she didn’t drink much.

“Brother Zhang never drinks?”

When Zhu Zhenzhen got up and went to the counter to pick up her meal, she suddenly found that Brother Zhang hadn’t had a sip from start to finish, so she was curious asked.

“I don’t drink it.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “I drink rice wine the most.”

At this time, Thunder Dragon, whose head was red, turned his head and said, “Boss, Give them a few more fried skewers.”

Brother Zhang continued to work, while Zhu Zhenzhen continued to ask curiously: “You are their boss, why do you always cook for them?”

“en.” Brother Zhang skillfully cut meat and side dishes, and then began to heat oil: “I like to cook.”

I like to cook…Zhu Zhenzhen once listened to mother She said that most people who like to cook are good-for-nothing, but Brother Zhang is obviously not within the scope of this sentence. He is so powerful that everyone has to call him the boss…

This is super cool, isn’t it, there are so many people here, everyone makes Zhu Zhenzhen feel amazing and amazing, but they are very good in front of Xiao Zhang, such people like to cook…

While speaking, a stranger came in outside. Brother Zhang glanced at him, then said with a smile: “Why are you here.”

“I don’t have any materials over there. Come and get some.”

Thunder Dragon also saw the person coming, he raised his hand and shouted enthusiastically: “Yo, An Sheng. long time no see.”

” Well, long time no see.” After the person who came nodded to the people around him, he took some things from Brother Zhang’s freezer, and said to Brother Zhang, “I’ll go back first, I’ll go to me next time when I’m free. Let’s play.”


After a brief communication, the person left, and Zhu Zhenzhen became curious again. She put one hand on the table and looked at Xiao Zhang Brother asked: “Who is this person, it feels very cool.”

“He’s a colleague who runs a restaurant.” Brother Zhang looked at An Sheng’s back, who was far away: “I take care of Three Realms. “

Zhu Zhenzhen: “???”

But before she could continue to ask about the topic of Three Realms and Three Realms, she was already dragged by Zhang Yao Continued to drink in the past.

After another round of wine and meat, everyone was a little drunk, and Zhang Yao was even more drunk and delirious, but when Zhu Zhenzhen was about to help her back, she was pulled away by her hand. Then I saw Zhang Yao staggering to the corner of the small shop, pulling the sofa hard, pulling the quilt next to it and lying on it, just like returning to his own home.


“Let her sleep, she’ll be fine.”

To be honest, if it was someone else, Zhu Zhenzhen would definitely not worry about Zhang Yao like this One of the big beauties slept in an unfamiliar place like this, but this is Brother Zhang’s territory. Although I don’t know why, as long as Brother Zhang says it, it can give people a sense of stability. Just can be assured.

“Then I’ll go back first.”

“en.” Brother Zhang glanced at Haozi, who had fallen asleep on the chair, and Thunder, who had slipped under the table. Dragon, and the pony lying there slumbering loudly, laughed helplessly: “I’ll take you back.”

“No need…” Zhu Zhenzhen waved her hands again and again: “You still have to. Take care of them, I’ll go first.”

Brother Zhang stared at Zhu Zhenzhen’s back, then looked back at Sister Gou who was reading a book, and Sister Gou also looked up at him, and the two of them joined together. She didn’t speak, but Sister Gou stood up in tacit understanding and followed Zhu Zhenzhen quietly.

Zhu Zhenzhen drank a lot. Rao is a good drinker. Now she is a little dazed by the cold wind, but she still likes this feeling very much. Can temporarily get out of the predicament of not being able to love.

She’s actually glad that she met so many interesting people, and it’s a good feeling to have a drink with these heartless guys when she’s most hesitant and helpless.

The reason why he didn’t want Brother Zhang to send her off was because he wanted to be alone, so she just walked aimlessly on the deserted street, the street lights were dim but the atmosphere was just right.

From Chang’an Lane to where Zhu Zhenzhen lives, there is a bridge. This bridge is also an ordinary bridge, just like all bridges in the world, people often jump from it, some are dead and some are still alive.

When Zhu Zhenzhen was passing the bridge, she felt a little sick and lay on the guardrail and started to vomit, but she vomited when she suddenly saw a face facing her across the guardrail. watching.

At that time, she was shivered by fright, she stepped back a few steps, and saw a speeding car approaching, but before Zhu Zhenzhen could react, she She felt a force behind her push her back.

The car was also startled by her. It slid for a long time before it stopped. The driver was about to get out of the car and curse, but he seemed to see something. As soon as I got out of the car, I hurried back to the car and left quickly.

“You have mental disorder!”

Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t know the situation. She was drunk and pointed at the driver and cursed loudly.

After scolding, her mood suddenly improved a lot, and then she continued to walk home just like that.

On the way, she felt that there was nothing special except that it was a little cold. As soon as she got home and closed the door, she just lay down on the bed without taking a shower, and slept until dawn.

After getting up in the morning, she stretched like a newborn, ordered a takeaway and continued to lie on the bed without moving until the deliveryman called her.

“Hey…Miss Zhu, the takeaway is left at the door for you, you can pick it up yourself…I’ll go first.”

After finishing speaking, the takeaway little brother said Hastily hung up the phone. Zhu Zhenzhen was feeling strange. Usually this guy would chat with himself while he was delivering food. Why did he suddenly seem to be a different person today.

But maybe he was busy, so Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t think much, put on slippers and opened the door.

But as soon as she opened the door, she realized that something was wrong. There were many, many footprints next to the takeaway, which looked like the footprints of adult men, but those footprints were very strange. It’s like stepping on the floor with bare feet, and it’s all black muddy water that doesn’t dry out, and it also exudes a faint smell of water.

What made Zhu Zhenzhen feel a chill down her spine was that these footprints were piled up at her door, not one or two but densely packed, as if someone had been wandering around his door for a long time.

Seeing this scene, she didn’t even want takeout, and quickly closed the door and hid in bed. After taking out his mobile phone, he thought for a long time but didn’t know who to call. In the end, in desperation, he finally called Brother Xiao Zhang.

“Brother Zhang~~~”

“What’s wrong?”

At the moment when Brother Zhang’s voice appeared, Zhu Zhenzhen felt as if she was being attacked. As if Buddha light illuminating everything, all the fears disappeared in an instant, and she couldn’t help but put out a long breath.

“Can you come to my house…I…I think I’ve run into something dirty.”


Brother Zhang Talking and doing things are never sloppy, and only asking him to do things is basically asking for an accuracy. This kind of neatness makes Zhu Zhenzhen feel the unprecedented stability in her heart.

After a while, the doorbell rang. Zhu Zhenzhen looked through the cat’s eyes and found that Brother Zhang was standing there. He hurriedly opened the door and almost hugged him.

Little Brother Zhang did not enter the door, but just stood at the door and looked at the footprints, and then looked at the coins that he left on the door last time and hadn’t been taken down.

“This, don’t take it.” Brother Zhang pointed at the coin: “Well… you can’t take it down either.”

“Yes, I don’t know which one it is. The pervert embedded a coin on my door, and I can’t pull it, even a vise, isn’t this some kind of dirty thing?”

“Hmm…” Brother Zhang pondered for a while: “I put it.”

“Ah? Why?”

Brother Zhang hooked the head, pointing to the footprints on the ground: “Let’s go and see the situation.”


With the company of Brother Zhang, Zhu Zhenzhen felt a lot more confident. The two came to the property and asked to check the surveillance from last night.

I have never been ambiguous about this requirement. After all, everyone who can live in this community is a first-class Boss, so it is still easy to watch the monitoring.

However, after the monitoring was released, let alone Zhu Zhenzhen, even the unemployed who accompanied the watch felt their legs were weak.

Because the surveillance shows that Zhu Zhenzhen got home at 12:30 last night, and within ten minutes after she got home, a naked man came to the floor, and that person’s body In the monitoring, it showed a strange pale white, and the whole body was even white to shiny.

And the way he walks is also very strange, with one deep foot and one shallow foot, like swimming.

When he came to Zhu Zhenzhen’s door, he just wanted to reach out to push the door, but suddenly he flew out backwards, and then he went up to the door for the second time, and it was still the same. Wandering until dawn.

But there is something here that aroused the idea of several people here, that is, when Zhu Zhenzhen went out with fishing gear at four o’clock, he passed by the wandering man, but he As if he didn’t know it, he didn’t even look at it.

This is very wrong, because any normal person sees a naked man wandering in front of someone else’s house late at night, even if he doesn’t care, he will at least take a few glances, right?

“Do you have the phone number of this family?”

Brother Zhang asked.

The property was quickly nodded, and then went out to call up the registered phone number of the family, and it was connected to the opposite side not long after calling. Hearing the wind, it should be fishing, and the staff of the property asked directly, Did he see the wandering naked man when he went out in the morning?

The fisherman immediately said that he didn’t see it. The property asked him to think about it, but he laughed and asked, “You saw a naked man swinging at the door in the middle of the night. Can you forget it? I said I didn’t see it, I didn’t see it!”


Brother Meng, let me tell you, this book is probably a flop. But don’t worry, I really like this book, and I will finish it no matter what. Now I don’t have any special requirements. I’m just waiting for it to be put on the shelves in a few days. Everyone can do a favor and subscribe. This is one of the few requirements.

(End of this chapter)

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