What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 58


Chapter 58 Blending across time

Zhu Zhenzhen is completely blinded now, not only her, but also the people in the property, they I called the police, and then Haozi came…

Haozi looked back towards Zhu Zhenzhen and Brother Xiao Zhang, and said helplessly: “This is something I was thinking about, it may not be malicious. , a pure and slender lady and gentleman is good.”

Brother Zhang is not as proficient as Haozi in this aspect, so he just watched with his hands behind his back, while Zhu Zhenzhen was frightened. It’s all white: “I don’t want it to beg…”

“This kind of thing really can’t be helped, let’s talk about it at night and see what the situation is.”

After finishing speaking, Haozi took Brother Zhang to a relatively remote place and said in a daze: “Brother Zhang, I know what’s going on.”


“This must be Thunder Dragon talking nonsense again.” Haozi glanced at the monitoring room, then lowered his voice again and said, “I have to contact this ghost to find out, but it can be seen from its color and energy. It can be seen that it is definitely not that kind of evil ghost. According to the truth, the two worlds have different paths, and there is no way to capture it with video without special ability.”

“Then you think it is Thunder Dragon?”

“It should be him talking nonsense, the Spirit of Words has strengthened this Ghost Spirit, and no one but you may be able to do it.” Haozi smiled bitterly: “But the problem is here. So what do you think? Should I talk to it or do it directly?”

Brother Zhang curiously asked: “How strong can it be?”

” It is very strong, when the word spirit acts on a single individual, its ability will become very powerful, and it is almost Undying and Inextinguishable, I can’t help it.”

Hearing this, Brother Zhang I understand, it turned out that after a long time, it was Thunder Dragon’s talk nonsense, the guy who didn’t keep his mouth shut.

“Okay, I see.”

Brother Zhang is still Brother Zhang. After he understood, he didn’t explain too much to Zhu Zhenzhen, he just told her After a while to wait for the evening, he sat at Zhu Zhenzhen’s house and waited.

As for Xiao Zhu, Brother Zhang is sitting here with her. She is afraid of a hammer. During the day, Brother Zhang is playing with the computer, so she sleeps there and goes back to sleep. The supermarket ordered and coaxed Brother Zhang to cook for her.

“I think if someone can marry you, that would be very happy.” Zhu Zhenzhen leaned against the door frame of the kitchen at noon and looked at Brother Zhang who was cooking inside: “It seems like you are here. Everything can be solved.”

Brother Zhang shook his head and laughed, then said, “It’s not actually, I have no humanity.”

“No, I don’t think so. You are super warm and super safe, how can you be inhuman?”

Brother Zhang still shook his head, but he still packed the dishes in the pot, took off his apron and hung it by the side, smiling at him. Zhu Zhenzhen said: “Human nature includes many things. I have no right or wrong, neither joys, sorrows, nor love and hatred. I am not a complete person. All I do now is to try my best to become a complete person. .”

Zhu Zhenzhen looked at Brother Zhang’s actions, then sat silently at the dining table, and asked softly, “I know you guys are a little… a little different, but I still I want to ask, what kind of psychology do you have when you first realize that you are different from the ordinary person?”

“Well, I am very happy and arrogant, and will spend my abilities unscrupulously, but It’s also because some things come too easily and their virtues don’t match, which has led to the change from squandering to abuse, and even abuse to satisfy one’s own desires.”

Little Brother Zhang sat there and began to whisper softly. Narrated: “I saw a cat on the side of the road was killed by a car. I thought the cat was very beautiful, so I resurrected it, and it was very good. But on the second day, it killed another stray cat. The five children. This is just the beginning, and more things happened one after another. It should have died and brought a disaster. In the end, it was beaten to death for attacking other people’s children, and that There is also a scar on the child’s face that will hardly recover.”

He looked towards Zhu Zhenzhen, smiled, and then sighed softly: “I can tell you clearly, I am in this world. There’s no real enemy, and if I want I can break anything up and put it back together.”

With that, he turned the cup on the table into a bowl, and the bowl into a bowl I made a kettle, then turned the stainless steel material into wood, and then turned the wood into ceramic.

And all these microscopic particle changes that require complex operations are just thoughts move in front of Brother Zhang.

“Of course I can do whatever I want.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “But the price of doing whatever I want is that you will bear the consequences, and the consequences are unpredictable. It takes a hundredfold to change a person’s fate. , thousand times, ten thousand times the price to make up for the butterfly effect he caused, I try my best to put all the responsibility on myself, but as long as I don’t pay attention, the punishment will spread. Innocent people will be because of me Can you imagine being punished that doesn’t belong to them at all?”

“It’s like we can’t go back to the past to kill Hitler, right?” Zhu Zhenzhen looked at Brother Zhang curiously: “Fate is right. Let’s do it.”

Brother Zhang was silent for a while, then spread out his hands: “It’s pointless to discuss this, what I’m trying to do now is how to control this kind of force that can affect cause and effect in a safe place. I also want to live like an ordinary person, because I am an ordinary person. I am not a noble bloodline, and I have no inheritance, but suddenly one day ka ka will become what it is now. And in order to make me Gradually adapting to the mismatch between my abilities and thoughts, my father even paid the price of my life. In fact, in other words, all the gifts in the world are marked with a price behind it. If you want to get something, you have to pay something, some Giving more and giving less, then how much is actually very subjective, just like some people can sacrifice everything for strength, and some people are willing to give up strength for even a cat.”

“I am willing to give up strength. , but I can’t give up.” Brother Zhang closed his eyes, but his eyebrows lit up: “I am an evil dragon.”

After he finished speaking, he opened his eyes again, and the light between his eyebrows dissipated. Going down, and the way he looked just now was really cool, Zhu Zhenzhen stared wide-eyed, and his eyes were full of amazement.

“Wow… so cool!” Zhu Zhenzhen’s face flushed with excitement: “Is there anything cooler?”

Brother Zhang looked at her and blinked his eyes , a hand lightly tapped on her forehead.

Only when Xumi was in an instant, Zhu Zhenzhen found herself suspended in the vast and boundless universe, and all eyes were dark. Then she moved her thoughts and saw a dazzling light, and then A barren world, the world changed rapidly, water began to appear, algae appeared in the water, algae formed animals, animals landed, groups and groups began to appear in the world, meteors fell from the sky, the world began to freeze, and then I saw the ancestors of human beings step By step, they used their thumbs to differentiate themselves from other species, and then to the emergence of civilization, war, and high-rise buildings…

Finally, Zhu Zhenzhen was shocked, returned to her home, and looked at the time It was only 3 minutes, but she had finished reading the long and distant life of this world.

“I understand!” Zhu Zhenzhen put out a long breath: “I’m sorry…I’m superficial.”

For Zhu Zhenzhen, the walk just now, Just one word – shock!

And even after experiencing such a brief shock, she probably understood part of the psychological process about Xiao Zhang. A person who deals with the universe, all things, time and space all day long will feel that human beings have no meaning in themselves. Love, grievances, emotions, and anger are all nonsense, and they are all a drop in the ocean.

Only the starry sky is eternal, and the joys and sorrows of human beings are not worth mentioning.

“Can you always see this?”

“I always watched it before, but now I don’t.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “I want to return to the original me.”

He then added, “I think…I’ll try to talk about a relationship when I’m ready one day, but not now.”

“I don’t think anyone deserves you…” Zhu Zhenzhen sighed: “I thought you were stupid before, I was wrong… I’m sorry.”

Brother Zhang shouted the head: “It doesn’t matter.”

Zhu Zhenzhen actually doesn’t know much about Brother Zhang’s state, but he is more or less like the high-dimensional creature that Zhang Yao told him at the time.

The existence of time and space can’t restrain him, but he can control time and space.

She said it when she seemed to be watching a movie at that time, Zhu Zhenzhen can’t remember. But one thing is certain, Brother Zhang is definitely not something that people like her can understand. Everyone can only see his appearance and cannot understand what the world that really belongs to him is like.

If he wants, he can really be omniscient and omnipotent, but fortunately he doesn’t want to. The experience of the ordinary person in the first half of his life is always one of his pursuits, and it happens that he is not so obsessed with power.

In the afternoon, Zhu Zhenzhen asked Brother Zhang a lot of questions, she was really curious, after all, it was a brand new world that had never been touched before.

As for Brother Zhang, he won’t hide it either. He will answer if he knows, and if he doesn’t know, he will say he doesn’t know. He won’t hide it or understand it deliberately.

As night fell, Zhu Zhenzhen was still unsure, but there was an abnormal noise at the door.

Brother Zhang interrupted her question and pointed to the door: “It’s coming, do you want to see it?”

In normal times, Zhu Zhenzhen must be very troublesome. Shaking it into a rattle, but today she is different. She has been immersed in a kind of high-dimensional creature’s cognitive crushing of low-dimensional creatures all afternoon. At this moment, she is not afraid.

“See you! I want to see it!”

(end of chapter)

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