What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 59


Chapter 59 Loyalty is directly full

As soon as the door opened, Brother Zhang’s blanket was already put on, and then Zhu Zhenzhen I saw a strange scene, a blanket formed a circle in the air.

Then I saw the blanket slowly and cautiously entering the room, Brother Zhang stood beside him and didn’t speak, and Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t really feel anything scary.

But when the thing wrapped in the blanket gradually showed its true colors, it really surprised Zhu Zhenzhen.

A person with a pale face all over his body appeared in front of her out of thin air, and his eyes were still looking at her, which would be a momentary fear for anyone. and dazed.

Brother Zhang laughed when he saw this scene: “It’s here, don’t you guys want to chat?”

Zhu Zhenzhen nervously and vigilantly looked at the man in front of her. This thing, she was unimaginable one day ago, but now this kind of supernatural thing really appeared in front of her.

“You… hello…”

Zhu Zhenzhen greeted Xiao Zhang several times after seeing him several times, and the thing wrapped in the bath towel was He was very excited after hearing Zhu Zhenzhen’s greeting. You could see that its pale skin was shaking, and its mouth kept moving.

“Brother Zhang…what’s the matter?”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips: “It’s talking to you.”

” What did you say?”

For this, Brother Zhang was laughed, and extended the hand snapped his fingers in front of Zhu Zhenzhen.

Looking back, she suddenly understood what the strange thing was saying, but…

“I love you…I love you…I love you… …I love you…I love you…I love you…”

“Ah this…”

Zhu Zhenzhen was all stupid and looked towards Xiao Zhang in a panic , and Brother Zhang just spread his hands to express his helplessness.

To be honest, although Zhu Zhenzhen is not bad-looking, has a cheerful personality, and has a wealthy family, who would have thought that the first person to show her love so violently would be such a thing.

But a woman is a woman, although it is difficult to accept psychologically, but the unique Sixth Sense system can clearly perceive the other party’s strong emotions towards you.

In other words, what does it mean? That is, almost all men’s love can actually be felt by women, but all the “I don’t know” in the world are actually just excuses for not loving.

“You two talk, I’ll play with the computer.”

Brother Zhang has no intention of coordinating anything. Many things in the world are not so difficult to explain. As long as we can communicate, then Many problems will not be problems.

As expected, after a short period of embarrassment, a person with a lively personality like Zhu Zhenzhen is still very easy to communicate with people, especially the other party is a person who shows her love violently.

Not long after, just as Brother Zhang expected, Zhu Zhenzhen’s laughter rang out in the living room. The laughter meant that she had a good conversation with that thing.

Brother Zhang walked out slowly, holding a glass of water in his hand, and seeing that Zhu Zhenzhen was chatting and dancing with that terrifying thing, he knew that this matter could basically be calmed down.

“Brother Zhang, Brother Zhang, he said he is a river god.”

“It’s a water ghost.”

Brother Zhang squinted at that Guy, when he looked at it like this, that thing actually lowered its head as if shy, with a face full of shame.

“It’s good to get used to it. As long as it’s a man, it’s unavoidable to say a few words when facing the person you like.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “But he doesn’t say that he is a river god. For the sake of it, he was strengthened.”

Zhu Zhenzhen looked at the guy curl one’s lip: “You lied.”

The thing looked back at Xiao Zhang helplessly. Brother glanced, and there was an expression of not knowing what to do on his pale face.

Brother Zhang pointed at him: “Be honest.”

In fact, Brother Zhang always thought that ghosts are the least terrifying things in the world, even worse than cockroaches. Because any fool is someone who can’t be seen by others for years for day and night. Being able to see it is fate, whether it’s good or bad, it’s all self-made cause and effect.

In fact, most of the fundamental reasons for seeing these things are because of their own sins, and like Zhu Zhenzhen, it is because of Thunder Dragon’s words, which is basically a good fate.

Ghosts don’t act indiscriminately like in horror movies, because they also have Karmic Retribution on them. If a person ends up in their hands for no reason, then the karmic karma is theirs. unbearable.

This is like the law of the world, even the most ignorant people understand what it means to kill for life, and the same is true on the other side, chaos comes with punishment, even more severe than people think. times.

So ghost, not terrifying. The real terrifying is the Demon, the Human Demon. They use Ghost God methods to escape the mortal laws and are not controlled by the lower realm, so the extreme evil in the world is done by human beings, and Ghost God is rarely involved.

Of course, there is another one called Demon God. For example, what Zuo Dan had in mind before was Demon God.

And the dead licking dog in front of him can actually be regarded as a Demon God after being enhanced by the spirit of words.

The characteristic of Demon God is that the Three Realms do not care about the six realms, possess extraordinary power, and can easily accomplish what others cannot.

But the shortcomings are also obvious, because the Three Realms Six Paths can’t handle it, and naturally it is easy to do some strange things, because Demon God can be made regardless of the variety, so Most of these things will become the public enemy of carbon-based creatures, or they will seal a large row on the beam above Brother Zhang’s head.

But there are exceptions, such as the dog licking dog outside, who doesn’t know whether it’s because of Yan Ling or just love at first sight.

Brother Zhang listened to their conversation, even someone as ancient well without ripples almost spit out a mouthful of water.

Because this grievance Demon God took the initiative to reach a contract with Zhu Zhenzhen, to be her lifelong protector.

Zhu Zhenzhen is a stunner, she just thinks it’s quite funny, this water ghost is quite interesting. But Brother Zhang knew it. After he hesitated twice, he still couldn’t speak.

Demon God’s request is very rare. Unless it is a bond from a previous life or great kindness and virtue, it is absolutely impossible, because once a contract is formed, it is forever. No matter how many times Zhu Zhenzhen is reincarnated, Demon God will find her. , and then continue to perform the contract with her.

And Zhu Zhenzhen, who has a Demon God behind her, can basically break away from the category of mortals. What will happen will vary from person to person, but it is no exaggeration to say that her future life will be better than the current one. Brilliant exaggeration a thousand times.

Brother Xiao Zhang didn’t stop it. This can only be described by fate. A single word of spirit created a Demon God, and this Demon God should know that he and Zhu Zhenzhen would not have a relationship.

As a result, I gave up everything just to protect Zhu Zhenzhen forever.

“Is that so?”

Zhu Zhenzhen spread out her hand and put it in front of Demon God, and the Demon God who was resentful was just nodded, and then put a finger in her palm .

“It’s so cold…”

tone barely fell , Zhu Zhenzhen felt a whirlwind, and then she collapsed on the bed as if she had lost her strength, and her palms and forehead appeared There is a mark, and there are three wavy lines in a circle.

Brother Zhang also sighed when he saw this scene. Although he didn’t know whether this would be good or bad for Zhu Zhenzhen’s future, one thing is certain, a Demon God strengthened by the spirit of words is definitely no less than that. The kind of long-established Old Demon’s.

Even if Zhu Zhenzhen doesn’t do anything now, let alone Cultivation, she’s already among the top experts. Maybe it’s a bit hard to play Thunder Dragon, but it’s not a big problem to get a Haozi or something. .

When Zhu Zhenzhen woke up, it was already the morning of the second day. She sat up slowly and found that Brother Zhang had left at some point, but she always felt that something was wrong with herself. But I didn’t feel anything was wrong.

It wasn’t until he went to the bathroom to wash up that he saw the mark the size of a fifty-cent coin on his forehead and the mark on the palm of his hand. She then remembered what happened yesterday, so she rushed out and rushed out.

Called Brother Zhang.

At this moment, Brother Zhang is already working in her company, and he was preparing lunch when he answered the phone. After hearing Zhu Zhenzhen’s question, he said with a smile: “Don’t worry, you will gradually feel it. It’s different.”

Zhu Zhenzhen took a shower, but just as she was about to go out, she saw the water vapor in the bathroom, she suddenly had a thought and waved her hand, and the cold air rushed in in an instant Arriving in the bathroom, the originally hot bathroom was frozen solid in an instant, as if it was an old refrigerator that had not been deiced for more than ten years, and all the utensils were frozen.


Zhu Zhenzhen screamed, and quickly stepped back outside the bathroom, looking at the bathroom that was frozen just because of her slap, her eyes full of disbelief .

“Brother Zhang!!!!”

Just like calling her mom when she was hungry when she was a child, now Zhu Zhenzhen immediately starts to call her brother Xiao Zhang when she encounters something.

“Well, it is like this. Demon God will be divided into two parts, one part is transformed into attributes related to his abilities to strengthen you, and the other part is the incarnation of Guardian Spirit to passively protect you when you are in danger You, even if you are fatally injured, will have one more life than others.”

Brother Zhang explained this way.

And Zhu Zhenzhen was shocked all of a sudden, she asked nervously: “Then… what about him?”

“It turned into a Guardian Spirit.”


“Don’t ask.” Brother Zhang’s voice on the phone was smiling: “It can only be said that it is a special fate, he is willing to use himself as a Give you a wall to protect you from the wind and rain, life after life. Even if your Divine Soul is destroyed, he will continue to protect your descendants.”

Zhu Zhenzhen hung up the phone and leaned against the wall, suddenly moved … She didn’t even understand why, but she was guarded by a very powerful thing with her life, and she even felt a little unworthy.

“Thank you…”

(end of chapter)

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