What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Guardian in the courtyard

The dark shadow was like the wind, accompanied by bursts of coolness, taking advantage of Xu Wei’s stunned effort to have rushed behind her.

But in the blink of an eye, a black glow suddenly flashed, and a cold light disappeared in a trance under the moonlight, and the dark shadow was like a midsummer firefly, and the stars dissipated.

Xu Wei couldn’t react at this time. When she felt movement behind her, she turned around and found a slender man standing there.

This man has bright star eyes, and his body is as strong as a cheetah.

“very handsome…” Xu Wei took a deep breath and looked at the man who was reflected in the halo by the street lamp, but the first impression that this man gave her was a little familiar.

At this time, Huangpizi, who was vomiting, also looked back, and then continued to vomit as if he hadn’t seen him.

“Yangpizi! Look straight at me, you bastard! I’m calling you!”

Upon hearing this voice, Xu Wei groaned in her heart, and she looked up and down at the concave shape The handsome guy, curiously asked: “Have we met before?”

The handsome guy turned his head to her, narrowed his eyes and coldly said: “I am the Guardian of the courtyard, the leader of darkness, and the gift for mankind. The gospel of warmth and joy! You don’t know me? Mortal, you are in danger.”

Xu Wei only heard a buzzing sound in her head, and sure enough…she finally knew why she heard that voice familiar Well, it turned out to be Da Huang.

“Big…Da Huang?”

“Dry hair?” Da Huang took two steps forward, turned into a cat with a bang, and jumped onto the trash can: “Huangpizi, dog thing!”

Grandfather Pi grabbed Da Huang’s neck with dim-blue flames from his nose: “Who’s a dog!”

Da Huang Struggling to get out of his hand, he jumped on Xu Wei’s shoulder in three or two steps: “I asked you to protect people, what are you doing? The Guardian in the courtyard really can’t stand it anymore. If I don’t take action, she has already been taken away. It’s over.”

Grandfather Pi was stunned: “Is there such a thing?”

Yang Junfeng and Xu Wei, who were next to the conversation between the two of them, couldn’t make up their minds at all, because they two One did not feel any abnormality at all.

“Almighty God can still deceive a canine like you? Oh, you dogs, there is no good thing.”

“Today the old man must kill you! “Huangpizi hated people saying she was a dog the most, and when she became furious, she turned into her original form and rushed out.

Da Huang was also not afraid, the yellow cat and a yellow fox scuffled under the street lights like this, chickens and dogs jumped for a while, and the yellow hair flew all over the sky.

Xu Wei was numb, she didn’t even know how to persuade her, so she could only watch the fur of the two little animals flying all over the sky.

At this time, however, Yang Junfeng stepped forward, put his arms together and said, “What about cat and dog battles? There are almost two battles every day. Usually Da Huang loses, but it has been defeated and fought, and it has persevered. .”

“Just…the handsome guy just now was really Da Huang?”

“Yeah, it’s Da Huang. Don’t look at it like that, in fact, what you owe the most is It’s okay to be beaten up. Grandfather Pi is provoked by it, and the dog sister is provoked by it. As long as it is a living creature, it will be flirting around, and other people in Chang’an Lane will not be beaten as much as it is.”

Xu Wei took the first two steps, but couldn’t get close, so she could only beep softly: “Don’t fight…don’t fight…”

But such words are obviously useless. One cat and one dog fought more and more fiercely, but it could be seen that Da Huang was obviously losing ground. After a while, Grandfather Pi bit his tail and barked.

In the end, there was nothing to be done. Da Huang turned into a black wind and flashed out. Yang Junfeng, who was on the side, nodded and said: “Da Huang is admitting defeat when he flashes.”

As expected, flash Da Huang, who was on the side, limped away, and his mouth was still foul-mouthed when he left, while Grandfather Pi changed his shape again, spitting cat hair in his mouth while walking in Xu Wei’s direction.

After this battle, Grandfather Pi was much more awake, she looked around, raised her nose and sniffed carefully: “Well, there is indeed a stench of sprites, it seems to be eyeing you. That thing is indeed here.”

Xu Wei exclaimed, subconsciously hiding behind Yang Junfeng.

Yang Junfeng flashed: “Don’t hide from me, I’m also afraid, I’m just like you, an ordinary person.”

But Grandfather Pi narrowed his eyes at this time, A few obvious beards appeared on her fair little face, and her eyes became faintly green: “The old man is here, and he doesn’t dare to make a fool of it!”

Although she said so, But her cute appearance is really not deterrent at all, and Xu Wei is a little skeptical.

When they reached an intersection, the two of them separated from Yang Junfeng, and Grandfather Pi brought Xu Wei to his residence.

This is only about 20 meters away from Zhang Jiachang Milk Tea Shop. It is a very old one-story house.

In her house, the living room is empty, with only a sofa and a broken coffee table. The walls are covered with pictures of various chickens, such as rooster and hen, Luhua chicken, red chicken and white chicken are too beautiful. There is also a basketball on top of the refrigerator next to it.

“You play basketball too?”

“This is the chicken mascot.” Grandfather Pi replied.

The two rooms inside are Grandfather Pi’s workshop. In addition to a computer, there are various live broadcast equipment. There is a bed next to the computer. There are many strange things on the bed and a Digital camera fixed there.

The other room is quite normal, like a little girl’s bedroom, with a pink carpet and a faint scent in the room, which looks pretty good.

“You live with the old man today, and we’ll make plans tomorrow.” After saying that, Grandfather Pi quickly took off his clothes, turned into a fox and got on the bed, and then she He stretched out his tail from the quilt and pointed to a door next to him, “You can take a bath there.”

Xu Wei’s brain is still buzzing, and since this afternoon, it seems that she has no She encountered a normal person and a normal thing again, so she didn’t know how to take a shower, only that Grandfather Pi had fallen into a deep sleep when she came back.

Cautiously got on the Grandfather Pi’s bed and felt the furry and warm fox beside her. Xu Wei really didn’t know what words to use to describe her mood. It was all released at this moment.

The sound of the wind is still blowing outside, the trees outside the old alley make a sound of hua hua with the wind, the moonlight is faintly shining into the window, and the shadow of the tree is cast on the curtain, no matter how you look at it, it looks like is a silhouette.

Xu Wei finally felt fear at this time, she subconsciously hugged the big soft and warm tail beside her, after all, in comparison, a vixen is much cuter than a life-threatening ghost. .

She didn’t know when she fell asleep, and the sky was bright outside.

The time came to 7:30 in the morning. Zhang Jiachang, who was sleeping, was awakened by Da Huang’s justice. He sat up and picked up Da Huang and put it on the cabinet next to him.

“Yesterday Huangpi beat me, and she dared to attack the Guardian of the courtyard and the ruler of the dark night. I think you should help me out.” Da Huang was lying on the bedside table, whispering the complaint: “it’s up to you, the baby is not happy.”

Zhang Jiachang ignored it, just rubbed his eyes and got out of bed, went to the next room Nian Nian, and gave this little girl who never spoke to her. Picked up on the bed. Then the two went to wash in the yard outside together, and while washing, the big white dog had already prepared breakfast and put it on the table. After seeing Da Huang strolling around the room, she frowned.

“What are you looking at? Dog stuff.”

Da Huang scolded and continued to walk out. Sister Gou rushed up to gather strength and hit Da Huang with a kick, Da Huang. He was kicked out of the house and slammed into the wall.

But it seemed to stand up from the wall unconsciously and came to Zhang Jiachang who was washing: “Have you seen it? These dogs don’t have a good thing.”

It’s just that its complaints have no effect at all. After all, everyone here knows how much this dirty thing Da Huang has to dedicate a beating. People are beaten to ask why. should.

“Hurry up, Nian Nian, class is about to start.”

Zhang Jiachang is very busy today, he has to send Nian Nian to class first, and then he has to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for Nian Nian After that, I had to go to the wholesale market to buy things, and finally I had to come back to open for business before noon.

In short, it is very fulfilling.

But at this time, Da Huang outside began to provoke Sister Gou again. Zhang Jiachang walked out with a piece of steamed bun and saw Da Huang jumping up and down there, mocking Sister Gou.

He hooked the head, stretched out a finger and volleyed Da Huang, and then threw it down hard, Da Huang fell to the ground in a flash, and he seemed to have a heavy weight on his body, no matter what. Break free to move even a little bit.

β€œZhang Jiachang, you are so cruel! We have been living with each other for so many years, yet you have pressed me under the Five Elements Mountain for a dog woman! Zhang Jiachang!!!”

Zhang Jiachang walked over and shoved a steamed bun directly into its mouth: “Reflection for the morning.”

Sister Gou squatted and stared at Da Huang, looking at the posture, she knew that this kind of thing was not The first time it happened.

“Are you going out?” Sister Gou asked softly, “Do you want me to help you?”

“No, keep an eye on this scumbag.” Zhang Jiachang walked away Go to the nearby shed and push the electric car out: “I’ll send Nian Nian to school first.”

“Okay, be careful on the road.”

Such days are repeated every day, just like Like an ordinary ordinary person who can no longer be ordinary living in this city, there is no joy, no sorrow, no waves, and few people know what kind of existence this person in this place is.

After sending Nian Nian to the school gate, Zhang Jiachang stuffed twenty dollars in her pocket, and then warned repeatedly: “Eat a little at noon.”

Nian Nian nodded, Although she can’t speak, her bright eyes have said everything she wants to say.

“Okay, then I’ll go first. If there is anything, I’ll tell Master Old Lin.”

Nodded was about to enter the door every year, and happened to meet their teacher Old Lin. Came over with a bag.

When he saw Zhang Jiachang, he immediately stepped forward and whispered: “It may not be peaceful recently.”

“It has nothing to do with me.” Zhang Jiachang laughed: “You can solve it yourself. Good.”

“Well, I see.” Old Lin teacher nodded, looked down at Nian Nian, then squatted down to help her put on the red scarf: “Okay, I will bring Nian Nian in, Go get busy.”

(End of this chapter)

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