What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 60


Chapter 60 Light

“Kneel down!”

Haozi pointed at Thunder Dragon and scolded for a long time, then gave an order Although Thunder Dragon didn’t know why, it knelt down with a thud.

“Shut up!”

After two consecutive commands, Thunder Dragon could only kneel there and couldn’t move. Haozi’s forehead burst into blue veins, pointing at the The shrine said: “Kneel here and reflect for three days!”

After he finished speaking, he exited the lobby, while Nian Nian tilted his head and walked to the side of the Thunder Dragon, looking at the poor Thunder Dragon and laughing He came out, moved over the stool, sat there and did his homework, becoming a small eyeliner for Haozi.

When Haozi came back to the front angrily, Brother Zhang was sitting there drinking tea, he hurriedly stepped forward and said, “It’s my fault, I should have found out at the time.”

However, Brother Zhang didn’t care to hook the head: “It’s okay, I’m not punishing him heavenly now, and he will be punished in the future.”

Thunder Dragon who doesn’t keep his mouth shut is really letting him down. Haozi’s head hurts, and in a simple sentence, he can make a let it go.

This in itself is a big taboo in the cultivation world, because no one knows what this person who suddenly awakens power will do, and everything she does will be partly counted on Thunder Dragon’s head .

Neither the Heavenly Dragon body nor the Lei Divine Law form can’t bear the karma of karma, which is why Haozi is so angry. Although Haozi has to be called Thunder Dragon as a senior brother, through childhood Thunder Dragon They’re all like a jerk who can’t do anything or say anything.

As a Junior Brother, when I met such a senior brother, there was really nothing to do. I was wiping the bastard’s ass all through childhood, and now he has directly dealt with such a big thing, Haozi I really feel tired.

“How’s the case in the past few days?”

“Nothing can be done.” Haozi shook his head and said, “I have searched all the places I can find, but there is still some news. No, even if we draw the restoration picture based on your dream, there is still no clue.”

“That must be some negligence.” Brother Zhang handed him a glass of lemonade: “world There are impossible criminals, even inhuman powers.”

“Well, the pony used to approach Thunder Dragon’s ex-girlfriend today, and I don’t know what happened.”

Brother Zhang shrugged, he wasn’t really interested.

On the other side, Zhu Zhenzhen is frantically testing her strength at home. She can condense boiling water into ice in an instant, and she can make the glass temperature difference too large and shatter in an instant.

She seemed curious about everything and wanted to try everything.

“Liquid Nitrogen Man?”

She stood in front of the mirror and controlled the water vapor in the air to condense into ice crystals, and then gradually gathered into a group, happy like a new five-year-old girl with toys.

And after a short period of excitement, she suddenly felt that she should go to show off.

Brother Zhang? No, no, what’s the point of showing off with that person? People can traverse the entire time with one finger.

However, she soon thought of a person to show off – Zhang Yao.

As a good sister, Zhang Yao will not sell herself, and secondly, she will not be particularly surprised, after all, she also knows Xiao Zhang and seems to have a better relationship than herself and Xiao Zhang. better. Third, she is known as GZ Stark, and she can only spray ice balls out, maybe she will have some good advice after finding her.

As soon as she said it, Zhu Zhenzhen quickly changed her clothes. Before going out, she took a close look at the small sign on her forehead and said to it, “I’m going out now.”

It took only ten minutes to drive from where Zhu Zhenzhen lived to where Zhang Yao was. She arrived at the location very quickly, but when she looked over, she found that Zhang Yao was not at home today!

This surprised her very much. She quickly took out her phone and called out, but she heard a lot of noise from Zhang Yao.

“Why are you so noisy.”

“What are you talking about.”

“I have something to do with you…where are you? “

“I’ll send you the location, you can come directly.”

After a brief conversation between the two, Zhu Zhenzhen followed the location and went to Zhang Yao’s side. It turned out to be a huge dock warehouse, with a large number of robots tinkering with the warehouse. Except for Zhang Yao, it was Grandfather Pi and the cat from Brother Zhang’s house beside Grandfather Pi.

Zhu Zhenzhen probably knew the moment she saw the cat, Zhang Yao and Xiao Zhang must have something to do, because the cat is not something that can be picked up casually, it is a good relationship To a certain extent.

Zhu Zhenzhen got out of the car and got into the warehouse against the strong wind. As soon as she got in, she felt a heat wave. Many robots were welding and welding at Tzzzzzz, and some were assembling steel frames.

“What are you doing?”

Zhu Zhenzhen looked curiously at the large warehouse being renovated. Although it is still messy, it still looks like there are some assurances. The senses’ technological atmosphere.

Zhang Yao held a safety helmet and put it on Zhu Zhenzhen’s head, but Zhu Zhenzhen waved her hand and refused, and said to Zhang Yao with a mysterious expression: “You throw something at me.”


Zhang Yao looked Zhu Zhenzhen up and down, and curiously asked: “Is there something wrong with you?”

“No, you throw me.”

Zhang Yao He picked up a small nut and threw it gently at Zhu Zhenzhen. After hitting her arm, the nut fell slowly.

“Shit…you must have something wrong.” Zhang Yao rolled the eyes.

Zhu Zhenzhen laughed: “Use something big and work harder.”

Zhang Yao felt that this sister was somewhat ill, so she stepped forward and touched her forehead: ” Have you been to the hospital? You must have something wrong.”

And Zhu Zhenzhen shook her finger, picked up a piece of steel pipe on the ground and threw it into the sky, then she adjusted her position and stood on the steel pipe above the drop point.


Zhang Yao didn’t have time to stop it, and saw the steel pipe fall straight to the top of the head of Zhu Zhenzhen, but just as the tragedy was about to happen In an instant, the steel pipe seemed to be slapped flying by something, and the force was directly inserted into the ground in the distance, and it was completely submerged.

From Zhang Yao’s perspective, she clearly saw a white shadow appearing from behind Zhu Zhenzhen, slapped the steel pipe just now with a slap.

With the appearance of this white shadow, Da Huang and Grandfather Pi all stood up and entered a fighting stance in an instant.

“Don’t get excited, don’t get excited…”

Zhu Zhenzhen quickly comforted Zhang Yao and Grandfather Pi, and then began to narrate the bizarre story she encountered yesterday, and rubbed a few times in the middle. Root Frostbolt demonstrated one.

After listening to her bizarre story, Zhang Yao curiously asked: “Do you feel moved?”

“Yes, very moved.” Zhu Zhenzhen pointed to herself The sign on the forehead: “I will never leave you forever.”

“What’s so touching, it’s just a big injustice who is not very clear-headed, but how can a normal person do this kind of thing? Decided, what do you think he wants? You go to bed without taking a bath when you are drunk? You sweaty feet stink? Or do you want to put three layers of sponge before you have a B cup?”

Zhu Zhenzhen raised her head Looking at Zhang Yao, the level of inconceivability in his eyes was even more incredible than when the big resentful seed decided to protect her last night.

This is a good girlfriend. It’s a relationship of going to the toilet hand in hand. She absolutely didn’t expect Zhang Yao to say such a horrible thing to her.

“Why am I not worth it? I’m just as worthless as you say?”

Zhang Yao did not explain but instead asked: “How good do you think you are? To what extent can you let someone give their life for you? No one is worth another person’s life for it.”

Don’t say that Xiao Zhang is a straight man, Zhang Yao’s opening is definitely evenly matched, In a few sentences, Zhu Zhenzhen was speechless, and she didn’t even have spirit slowly recovers for a long time.

But Zhu Zhenzhen, who apparently did not let her go, continued: “Since they chose this step for you, you have to be grateful to him, don’t be so complacent, all the gifts you get are It’s not because of how good you are, but because people like you.”

“Oh…I see.”

After Zhang Yao finished speaking, she took a deep breath with her arms on her hips. : “What’s your plan now? You suddenly have this ability.”

“I don’t know, why don’t I ask you, and you scolded me…”

Actually, Zhang Yao didn’t mean to scold Zhu Zhenzhen, but she was really angry when she saw her complacent look. No one should talk about other people’s love for her so lightly at any time, even if they love her. That is not human.

But the Grandfather Pi next to her was very surprised to hear this. She actually didn’t know about the Thunder Dragon’s word spirit, but she knew that only the Demon God could give such an ability to an ordinary person. God generally does not have feelings for human beings, and even if he has feelings, he will not choose this extreme way, and most of them achieve symbiosis.

Like Venom, man is man, Demon God is Demon God, and each still exists. And like Zhu Zhenzhen, this is how much distorted love can come directly to incarnate Guardian Spirit.

And watching Zhu Zhenzhen’s performance, that stupid and mindless rubbing of ice arrows, Grandfather Pi felt anxious for her, which did not exert % of the power given to her by Demon God at all. One, the power of a formed Demon God is very terrifying, and some are even comparable to the Great Demon.

Zhang Yao sighed and turned to look at Grandfather Pi: “Pippi, is there any way? She doesn’t look that smart.”

Grandfather Pi lowered her head and thought for a while. The douzi spicy sticks were eaten slowly, and after a long time, he said: “Let her join the gang, and if she doesn’t join the gang, she won’t teach.” The ignorant girl was pulled into Zhang Yao’s small group in such an unfathomable mystery, and she didn’t even know what the group was doing.

(End of this chapter)

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