What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 61


Chapter 61 Everything is like the wind.

Today is more leisurely. Brother Zhang is sitting at the counter reading novels. Don’t look at his indifferent personality, but he actually likes reading novels by Shuangwen. Recently, he is chasing a book called “Become” The Eldest Senior Brother of terror-stricken at the news sometimes sits there and laughs when he sees something funny.

The past few days were very calm, Thunder Dragon would not be able to come out until a day and a half to kneel, and Yang Junfeng would not be able to come back until next month when he returned to his hometown. Haozi also went overnight to analyze the case with a team of experts from out of town.

Pony comes here often, but he seems to be quite busy recently. Brother Zhang didn’t ask him what he was doing. Anyway, it’s better to be busy than to be idle.

Except for a few of them, Zhu Zhenzhen not only didn’t come, but didn’t even go to work. Zhang Yao has not shown up for a long time, but every day she will send a few messages to Xiao Zhang to talk about some things.

Maybe it’s because it’s winter, and it’s extremely cold this year, and business at night is not very good. At night, Brother Zhang and Xu Wei are sitting in the store. Sometimes Sister Gou is in a mood. It’s good to come out for two drinks, but most of the time, Sister Gou will soak in the hot spring in the backyard and refuse to move.

“Brother Zhang.”

Xu Wei leaned on the table and looked at the blurry night outside. She hadn’t stepped out of this door for 3-4 months. The world of the head is almost unfamiliar, and one of the few pleasures every day is chatting with Xiao Zhang and playing mobile games.

“en?” Brother Zhang raised his head and looked at her: “What’s wrong?”

“You say, why are there so many bad people in the world? How could they do such cruel things?”

Brother Zhang thought for a while, then suddenly laughed, sat on his small stool, and fiddled with a small child restlessly in his hands. Bell: “Actually, I agree with the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins in the West.”

“I know I know.” Xu Wei said quickly: “Pride, jealousy, rage, laziness, greed, gluttony and lust. Right?”


“Basically all the evils in the world are born from these factors. In our cultural system, In fact, there are similar ones, but they cover a wider range of aspects, which is a bit too harsh. So the seven deadly sins are relatively forgiving.” Brother Zhang raised his head and thought for a while: “So we have always emphasized self-restraint in the process of cultivation. This Self-denial is actually to curb one’s desire for these original sins to a certain extent.”

“What about you?” Xu Wei asked curiously: “You don’t seem to stick to anything, so what is your goal? ?”

“Love this world.” Brother Zhang showed a particularly gentle smile: “And be loved by it.”

“Ah? Loved by the world? What about the manifestation? ?”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer, just turned off the light and turned on the fire in the fireplace of the roast chicken to the maximum, and there was a crackling sound. At this moment, a strong wind blew outside, followed by a heavy rain without warning.

The dim light, the warm fireplace, the strong wind and swift rain outside the window made Xu Wei tremble involuntarily, and then she slumped down on the table: “It’s so comfortable. …”

Brother Zhang slowly turned on the light, and then said with a smile: “This is the person favored by the world.”

“Don’t turn on the light, don’t turn on the light. …let me enjoy it for a while.”

But Brother Zhang looked at the head: “The strong wind and torrential rain will cause trouble for those who return late.”

The wind stopped outside After the rain break, everything returned to the calm just now. Xu Wei looked at Brother Zhang for a moment, and suddenly said, “So this is the way you love the world?”

“One of them.” Brother Zhang still chuckled: “When you become one with it, you will understand. Exclusive preference is actually a kind of harm.”

“So you will choose to be right. The bad and the bad are all turned a blind eye…” Xu Wei suddenly patted his head: “Heaven and Earth are ruthless and treat everything as a dog, right?”

“No, it’s just my own choice, you guys Everyone should have their own way, I won’t stop Haozi from pursuing his justice and I won’t stop Hu Niu from chasing Peak. Since I don’t stop them, then I have no right to stop anyone, in the end Whether the ending is good or bad is actually chosen by people themselves step by step.” Brother Zhang took a pot of rice wine and poured it into two glasses, handing one to Xu Wei and holding a glass in his hand: “I won’t go. It doesn’t make sense for me to define good or bad for anyone. Because whatever is praised is also part of the world, and the goal of not helping each other is what I pursue, but I can’t do it now , I will still help the people I am close to, and this itself means that I am not so pure.”

“You are enough, I want to replace it with you… I will tell you , conquering the world is all light, my mother has to turn the galaxy over.” Xu Wei raised her fist and said seriously: “submit to me and prosper oppose me and perish!”

Xiao Zhang laughed heartily, then shook his head again and again: “Okay, come on.”

“That little brother Zhang…there really is such a person, will you come forward to stop it?”

“I have thought about this issue.” Brother Zhang said after nodding: “When I think a certain power should not appear, I will stop it, or even eliminate it.”

“But this power is Shouldn’t it be your subjective judgment?”

After thinking about this problem for a long time, Brother Zhang took out something like a thermometer from the drawer, but the center was not mercury but a metal rod about fifteen centimeters. The lower half of the swatch is red and the upper half is silver white, and this thing has a scale every one centimeter or so, and the scale has no numbers, just a scale.

Now the red part is about the center point, it looks like this thing is half white and half red.

“When the red part is more than ten or less than five.” Brother Zhang raised his eyes and looked at Xu Wei: “I’m about to change my form.”

“What is this? ?”

“It’s the world balance indicator, I made it myself.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Above ten means something on the head came out. Below five means Spiritual Qi The end has come.”

“The thing on the head…”

“Look up.”

Xu Wei looked up and suddenly saw a figure appearing on the ceiling There is an endless space, and above the space there is a huge mountain in the shape of an awl floating there. The mountain is so huge that it can’t see the end at a glance, but it is vaguely visible that there are houses, clouds, and white clouds. With multi-colored light, the rays of light are dazzling.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Xu Wei was almost addicted, she swore she had never seen such a beautiful scene in her life.

But just when she was obsessed and stunned, two entangled lights appeared on the mountain peak, rushing straight towards her.

It was too late to speak, Brother Zhang snapped his fingers, and the rays of light dissipated in an instant, and the ceiling became the ceiling again. Everything just now was like a mirage. Disappeared.

Xu Wei raised her head for a long time but couldn’t come back to her senses. The shock in her heart couldn’t be further added. She even vaguely heard the distant and loud bell ringing in the deep blue sky.

After a long time, Xu Wei used all her strength to take a deep breath, her face was flushed red, and the whole person seemed to have just floated up from the water.

“What is that… so… so beautiful.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “That is something that should not belong to this world.”

Xu Wei didn’t answer after listening, just continued to look up towards the ceiling, even if there was nothing on it.

At this moment, Zhu Zhenzhen, who was receiving the Grandfather Pi special training, was tired and slumped on the river.

She just sat like that, and there was actually an icicle that was much higher than the water surface in the gurgling water under her feet, but if you observed it with naked eyes, it seemed like she was suspended directly above the water surface.

“I can’t run anymore…”

“Okay, it’s not too early today.” Grandfather Pi took out his phone and glanced at it: “Come on tomorrow.”

Zhu Zhenzhen let out a long sigh. She got up and ran quickly from the river to the shore, and every time she lifted her foot, an icicle would grow out of the water to serve as a foothold for her, so Even in the water she was still on the ground.

“It’s still in the water, I’ll have to teach you how to fly in the air in a few days.”

“Fly in the sky?”

“Just fly!”

“Oh…” Zhu Zhenzhen curiously asked: “Can I really fly?”

“I can really fly.” Grandfather Pi nominee and said: “Not only can I fly? , you can fly very fast. But with your current proficiency, I’m afraid it won’t work.”

While the two of them were discussing flying, Zhang Yao walked out of the warehouse. , sipped and said to the two of them, “Zuo Danshuang called me just now. Mysteriously said that he wanted to meet me tomorrow. I asked him and he didn’t say anything, he just said that he would know when we meet tomorrow.”

“What good things can he come up with with that brain?” Zhu Zhenzhen yawned and said, “No way, I’m going back to sleep…”

“You might as well move to my place too. Let’s go.” Zhang Yao hugged her arms and said to Zhu Zhenzhen, “You need to grow up quickly in your current state. It just so happens that Pippi can teach you here.”

“It’s so tired, please forgive me Let me go, but why are you so interested in this kind of thing all of a sudden?”

“What kind of thing?” Zhang Yao asked back, “Oh…you said you were involved in this civil organization. Yes, I actually just want to prove to Brother Zhang that it is absolutely right that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.”

“But people don’t take you seriously.”

When Zhu Zhenzhen said this, Zhang Yao was obviously unhappy: “I don’t care. Anyway, I said I will do it! I can’t keep him down.”

Grandfather Pi curl one’s lip next to him: “He won’t look down on you, he doesn’t even look at you…”


“Okay, okay. , old man knows that you are strong.” Grandfather Pi waved his hand: “Come on, as long as you earn a lot of mine, I will work with you.”

(End of this chapter)

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