What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 62


Chapter 62 Death is always with me

The Qing Lingzi who received a lot of money has now moved to the city At the center of her life, she changed her identities and the blood gluttons into new identities through the underground channels in her memory, and the previous identities were completely useless.

And his new identity is to replace a woman who was abducted and sold to the mountains, and the blood gluttonous to replace a man who has been smuggled to Hong Kong for more than ten years.

With the adaptation of their new identities, their current life can be said to be quite moisturizing. At this stage, they don’t have to worry about money at all, let alone take the risk of exposure to seek prey everywhere.

He lives in a deserted villa area in the city with his only subordinate at this stage and the box containing the Blood Soul puppet. As for here, why is it deserted, probably because I heard that it is not very good here. clean.

But no matter how unclean it is, it can’t be more unclean than Qinglingzi, so he can be said to be very satisfied with this place, and there are no neighbors around, which makes Qinglingzi like a fish back in water.

It’s just that he is not without worries now, that is, he can perceive the existence of twelve spirits in this city, and the mighty thunder spirits are emitting dangerous dangers all the time. signal.

Needless to say, the Twelve Souls with this formidable power are only the mighty thunder technique Heavenly Dragon in the Heaven and Earth double stars. If Qing Lingzi encounters the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon in his current state , he will be beaten to ashes without three moves.

In general, Dragon Horse, Dragon Tiger or Dragon Snake are often accompanied by existence. As long as there is a dragon, there must be one of the three phases of horse, tiger and snake, and there may even be two phases at the same time. even three-phase.

Qing Lingzi didn’t have the confidence at this time to face the top ones in the Twelve Spirits, even more how he still remembers the man who made him “blind”, If he is too arrogant and leads the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon, it is not bad, he can escape no matter what, but if he attracts that man, he may not even have a chance to escape.

As for why he refused to leave the city, speaking of which is also bitter, because they were awakened here at that time. It would be better to say if they were awakened completely, but because the awakening was incomplete, they needed to be awakened in a short period of time. Find the right body in time.

If it is too far, the Divine Soul will be destroyed, so if the Thirty-Two Corpse Immortals can be revived through various means, then their resurrection time will not be long and the distance will not be far.

That’s why Qing Lingzi can only wait alone in this city of danger lurks on every side.

But today is a good day to make him happy, because today is the day the Blood Soul puppet was born.

This is the first puppet after his recovery, and this puppet also consumes a lot of his energy and a lot of medicine ingredients.

So today, the day of Kaifeng, he is looking forward to it.

Let the blood gluttons go outside to catch the wind, while Qing Lingzi one-knee kneels beside the big box, slowly erasing the spell on the box, and then open the Vajra lock one after another until the outside seals After all of them were lifted, there was no accident, Qing Lingzi only put out a long breath.

Then he recited method and slowly pushed the underground damp air into the room. Soon water beads began to appear on the surrounding walls, and the air became damp and cold. Under the urging, the big box in front of him also began to make a restless noise.

Warlock does not need to chant a spell to cast spells, but Qing Lingzi still couldn’t help reciting some of the method incantations that his master taught him in the early years, but it was of no use, mainly to show his current nervousness .

Slowly, a black human hand stretched out from the gap of the box. The skin of this hand had a metallic luster, but the texture of the skin was very clear. The material of the box scratched on him. There is even a creaking sound in the hands.

Then the lid of the box popped open, and the lid flew to the ceiling and smashed into two pieces.

The puppet in the box sat up slowly, it opened its eyes, revealing its woody eyeballs, but those eyes were fixed on Qing Lingzi.

Qing Lingzi noticed something was wrong, and subconsciously took a step back, saying that it was too late, and the Blood Soul puppet flew to his position without warning, the fingers of both hands were as deep as sharp steel bars. Deep into the floor.

Qing Lingzi took a few steps back again, while the Blood Soul puppet moved forward step by step, his feet collided with the ground and made a crisp sound, like a moving iron plate.

“Evil creature! Dare to devour the master!” Qing Lingzi squeezed his hand with both hands: “Sacrificing the puppet to destroy the spirit!” Kneeling down on both knees, the whole body began to tremble violently, and the painful howl could even reach far away.

Qing Lingzi kept his hands and came to the puppet and then exerted his strength again, the blood soul puppet’s invincible body of Vajra began to crackle and flicker, and the thick black blood slowly flowed from his seven orifices. outflow.

“Evil creature, you won’t accept it!” Qing Lingzi shouted loudly, “You won’t accept it!!!”

The puppet is still struggling violently, it’s obviously disobedient, Because most of this kind of evil puppet kept the memories of his life, it clearly remembered that the woman in front of him was the one who was bullied and manipulated by him, but finally killed him.

So at the moment of waking up, there is only one thought in its mind, which is to completely tear the person in front of it to shreds.

But its plan fell through. It never imagined that a prostitute it had manipulated for years would suddenly become another person, someone so powerful that it didn’t even dare to think about it.

“I refuse to accept it!!!!”

The opposite side exerted force again, the pain that devastated the soul came from all directions, making it inevitable, a powerful force Pressing its body to the ground, despair gradually began to erode its mind.

Finally, after half an hour, the Blood Soul puppet completely lost the last trace of spiritual wisdom and became the tool of Qing Lingzi.

However, Qing Lingzi did not get much better. He fought a fierce battle with the soul of a Final Struggle, and forcibly suppressed the stubborn soul with his own soul, which made him all over. Wet thoroughly up and down, and leaned against the cold wall, his hands trembled uncontrollably.

But he knows that all his efforts are worth it. Although this Blood Soul puppet is a hasty work, thanks to the recovery of Spiritual Qi, it is stronger than the one he has refined. All puppets.

It has the power of drought, it can be said that it is not weaker than any one of the thirty-two corpses, or even stronger.

It’s just because the puppet has the power of drought, the skin of the whole body becomes black, and it looks like a piece of black coal.

But fortunately, this is not a problem. After all, this is GZ, and there are many people who are covered in black carbon. No one will care that there is a black carbon in the middle that is no longer human. In addition, after the puppet was cultivated into a dry body, its figure skyrocketed a few times, and it looked exactly similar to the Kunlun slaves all over the street.

“From today onwards, your name will be Kui Nuer, do you hear?”

Blood Soul puppet nodded.

Seeing its submissive appearance, Qing Lingzi stood up from the ground, took out a dagger from his waist, made a cut on his finger and dripped blood on the Blood Soul puppet. on the forehead.

The blood drops, the Soul Spirit is unified, and the Blood Soul puppet’s eyes gradually return to their human appearance.

This is the finishing touch to the puppet, so far the puppet is finally complete, and with its completeness, its power boils up again, and the whole body turns from black to red, but with the Qing Lingzi It finally calmed down.

It’s just that when it stood up again, its muscles bulged high, and its height reached about two meters, looking like a humanoid tank.

“Good good.” Qing Lingzi patted his strongest Blood Soul puppet laughed heartily: “You will help this seat.”

At the same time, Zuo Dan Shuangzheng drove to the place agreed with Zhang Yao. While driving, he was chatting with the empty co-pilot. The picture was very strange.

“Let’s meet a friend later, don’t embarrass me. Hahahaha, it’s alright, don’t be shy, it’s alright. Well, it’s okay to not show up, don’t force you.”

He chatted like this all the way, and didn’t even stop when he stopped to buy something. The cashier of the small supermarket was so frightened that his hair stood on end.

Until he…they bought a lot of snacks and came to Zhang Yao’s warehouse, and met Zhang Yao who had been eating and lodging here for a while and Zhu Zhenzhen who was resting.

“Morning beauties.” Zuo Danshuang came out with a lot of things from the car and said to Zhang Yao with a smile on his face: “The beauties are getting more and more beautiful.”

But before he could finish his words, Zuo Danshuang suddenly turned around and stretched out his hand to grab something: “What’s the matter with you? Don’t be impulsive.”

And Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t start to feel right, and was eating energy there. The awesome Zhu Zhenzhen suddenly jumped backwards more than ten meters, and then an azure pattern on the ground spread towards Zuo Danshuang’s side.

When this line came to him, suddenly an ice wall stood up in front of him, and then the ice wall turned into thousands of ice thorns, and Sou Sou shot both at Zuo Dan. past.

Those Icicles hit the concrete floor and can make large and small potholes on the ground, but they couldn’t hurt Zuo Dan in the slightest. It will shatter into powder before he gets on it.

After Zhu Zhenzhen’s first round attack, Zuo Danshuang suddenly moved. He raised his fist and hit Zhu Zhenzhen. Although the two were tens of meters apart, he still waved his fist.

At that time, Zhu Zhenzhen had seven or eight thick ice walls in front of her, but then she saw the ice walls shatter one by one, and it didn’t stop until the last one.

Zuo Danshuang squinted his eyes, and there was a long red light in his eyes, and the mark on Zhu Zhenzhen’s forehead also lit up, and then she suddenly jumped into the sky with a swish, and Zuo Danshuang also jumped. When they got up, the two sides were about to touch in mid-air… Time seemed to stand still.

Then I saw a dark shadow in the sky accompanied by lightning, and then walked through the middle of Zuo Danshuang and Zhu Zhenzhen. When everyone present responded, they saw Thunder Dragon grabbing with one hand. One, pressed them to the ground.

“His grandma’s, I thought it was some kind of evil fighting method, it was you two after a long time.”


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