What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 63


Chapter 63 Demon God Chaos

Two Demon Gods are unable to move even if they are pressed by Thunder Dragon alone a little bit, they also struggled, but it didn’t help at all. After all, although the B person in front of him was not smart, he was definitely the best expert in the world.

After waiting for a long time, Thunder Dragon felt that the struggle of the two Demon Gods had eased, and then slowly released his hands, and then said with a serious face: “I came over and found that they were all acquaintances, and I knew that What are you guys doing? You two, come here.”

Thunder Dragon pointed at Grandfather Pi and Da Huang with a very stern expression: “Boss wants you to go back.”

Hearing that Brother Zhang summon, Da Huang and Grandfather Pi had their butt swallows clamped, Grandfather Pi was so frightened that he looked pale on the spot, and the Demon God on Zuo Danshuang’s side seemed to become very uneasy, and It’s all just because they heard Thunder Dragon mention Brother Zhang, that’s all.

“Go back, see what I’m doing?”

tone barely fell , Grandfather Pi turned into a fox and flew away, Da Huang also jumped back and forth between the shadows and then disappeared .

After that is the special time of Thunder Dragon. The reaction of the two Demon Gods attacking each other just now has reached the destructive level. If these two guys really fight, I am afraid there will be a major event.

What was the reason for Thunder Dragon the past few days to kneel down there? Isn’t it because he created a Demon God out of thin air.

And this Demon God had a conflict with the Demon God that exists naturally. This is not a fight. It is really going to fight. He doesn’t know how to end it, even if it causes casualties. , his troubles are bigger than others.

As for the Demon God fight when they meet, people in the industry know that, after all, the Demon God has a very strong sense of territory, and even this kind of suddenly created Demon God will have a sense of territory because of instinct.

The first thing two Demon God do when they meet is to expel each other from their sight. How to expel them? It’s definitely not by mouth, but by hands.

Zhu Zhenzhen’s Demon God merged with him and became the Guardian Spirit. But Zuo Danshuang’s Demon God is an independent entity. If he wants to expel Zhu Zhenzhen’s Demon God, he must fight with it in the same way. Then he naturally gets on Zuo Danshuang’s body, which leads to Both sides went into automatic mode.

If Thunder Dragon doesn’t come, in their battle of life and death today, they may directly beat Zhang Yao to the ultimate bliss…

“I give you a warning.” Thunder Dragon pointed at Zhu Zhenzhen’s head above Zuo Danshuang’s side: “Next time, don’t blame me for cleaning you up, do you hear?”

He saw that the two Demon Gods did not agree for a long time, Thunder Dragon double Electric lights flashed between their eyes: “I’m asking you something! Answer!”

When the word spirit activated, the two Demon Gods responded on the spot, expressing in unison that they knew it.

“Okay, let’s shake hands.” Thunder Dragon ordered: “Ah, yes. Hug again.”

The two Demon Gods were disgusted by Thunder Dragon’s order It’s broken. Originally, Demon God was incompatible as fire and water, but now it’s a handshake and a hug, and his grandma’s hand can’t be taken…

And after reprimanding Demon God, Thunder Dragon turned his head and looked towards Zhang Yao: “Don’t mess around, the boss means you can do whatever you want, but you must control yourself and the people under him, he asked me to send you a message, if you follow Those two little animals are messing around together, and in the end you may risk your life.”

“Why do you say so many uncertain words, maybe, maybe, maybe…”

Thunder Dragon glanced back at Zhu Zhenzhen, and muttered in a low voice, “It’s not good if you don’t say it.”

After finishing speaking, he handed Zhang Yao a letter: ” The boss gave it to you, you should read it carefully.”

After the Thunder Dragon repeatedly warned the two Demon Gods, they jumped into the clouds and disappeared without a trace, Zhang Yao opened the letter there, When she saw the words on it, she laughed, because the font on the top was the same as the font of the milk tea shop sign, and it seemed that the sign in the shop was also written by Brother Zhang himself.

This guy is… kinda cute.

However, Zhang Yao was a little surprised by the content of the letter. She thought that her secret actions were actually known to Brother Zhang.

In the letter, Brother Zhang also gave her some suggestions and opinions. There are probably more than a dozen articles up and down, mainly about the matters needing attention when she established a non-governmental organization, as well as some taboos.

Especially taboos, Brother Zhang has written a lot here, and listed fifteen taboos in general directions.

Among which is included Do not use human sacrifice, do not summon Evil God, do not believe in Evil Spirit, etc. In the words of Brother Zhang, this is Road of No Return. In the end, you will lose yourself because the power comes too easily, and will eventually be cleaned up because you have violated the fundamentals of social operation.

Among them, Zhang Yao felt that the most amazing thing about Brother Zhang was that he didn’t say a word of good and evil in the whole article, all he was talking about was difficulty.

The main idea of the summary is probably that if there are two paths in front of you, then you must choose the more difficult one, because no matter what you do, you need to pay a price, not now or in the future, easy. The path of karma will snowball the karma, and the path of difficulty will cancel out the karma in the arduous trek.

Compared to exploration, cultivation and insight, it is too easy and too easy to sacrifice human beings, believe in Evil God, use Yin force or even suck the power of other people’s lives, which will eventually cause them to pay for it.

You don’t have to listen to what others say, but Brother Zhang’s opinions and suggestions are to be listened to at once, which has become a widespread recognition and tacit understanding, whether it’s Zhang Yao, Zhu Zhenzhen, or even Zuo Danshuang They all agree with what Brother Zhang said.

“This will become our action program in the future.”

Zhang Yao announced the action program of her own organization on the spot, and then repeatedly warned Zhu Zhenzhen and Zuo Danshuang to do their best control over what’s on them.

After that, Zuo Danshuang was asked to perform the show.

Because Zhu Zhenzhen’s Demon God ability is very clear, it is Aisha, cool is cool, but it does not give people a very amazing feeling.

But Zuo Danshuang’s ability just now is really amazing. He smashed so many ice walls with one punch. Although the two seemed to evenly matched, Zuo Danshuang’s Demon God is really handsome.

And from chatting with Zuo Danshuang, I also learned that his Demon God is different from Zhu Zhenzhen’s. Zhu Zhenzhen’s is the Guardian Spirit and Zuo Danshuang’s is by his side. Zuo Danshuang can see it alone, even Zhang Yao Yin-Yang Eye can’t see the Demon God.

But she was able to see Zhu Zhenzhen’s.

So although both of them use Demon God power, the system is completely different.

Zuo Danshuang’s brain is not very smart, but his greatest strength is sincerity, courage and enthusiasm. Although everyone around him can’t see the Demon God, he is still afraid that others will ignore him. Like friends, the introduction is very detailed.

“Don’t be shy, everyone will be friends from now on.” Zuo Danshuang said.

And Zhang Yao absolutely didn’t expect, in front of Zuo Danshuang’s enthusiasm, he couldn’t even hold Demon God, and he became shy.

He even took the initiative to apologize to Zhu Zhenzhen and her Guardian Spirit, saying that it was all his own fault, and that he did not explain clearly to his good friend, which led to a misunderstanding.

He doesn’t want anything at all. Seeing everyone is very enthusiastic, in the end, Zhu Zhenzhen, who was a little unhappy because she was attacked when she came up, was really embarrassed.

“Okay, my buddy said, let’s get along well in the future. It’s all my own.” Zuo Danshuang patted his chest and said, “In the world, I only recognize Yao sister, in Yin Sector I only recognize Yao sister. Recognize my brother, I will do whatever the two of them say anyway!”

Zhang Yao rolled the eyes, then looked at the two Demon God capable people in front of her, holding Brother Zhang’s letter and turned around Go to the big warehouse: “We have a meeting, we have to hold a meeting to determine our future policy.”

Zuo Danshuang is a homeless man, and he doesn’t need anything at home, as long as he doesn’t cause trouble, but Since Zhu Zhenzhen was involved in Zhang Yao’s business, she has not gone to the company now. I heard from the sisters in the company that she is now completely self-made by her beautiful and lovely Love Media Co., Ltd., and even because she did not have her blind guide, The past few days even turned losses into profits…

After Zhang Yao’s “battle” policy came out, Zhu Zhenzhen probably understood that she might not be able to return to the company, so she could only Begin to command remotely in the group, and spend the rest of the time doing special training here with this well-known big idiot in the industry X Zuo Danshuang.

Only the special training is obviously not enough for Zhang Yao. Not only does she want them to be trained, but she also arranges ideological and political classes every day to give every “organization” staff moral standards training.

As for Brother Zhang, he called any cat or dog back to take a politics class, but it was not him but Haozi.

As a lawful good camp Haozi, he doesn’t want anyone to disrupt the current established order and peace, and after knowing Zhang Yao’s plan, he can’t interfere with Zhang Yao, but he still wants Grandfather Pi I can stop messing around with Da Huang a little bit.

Da Huang and Grandfather Pi, who are in the chaotic neutral camp, said that they only listen to Brother Zhang, and what others say to them is fart.

But Brother Zhang is absolutely neutral, so he won’t say anything. Writing a letter to Zhang Yao is a ghost.

“That’s right.” Brother Zhang suddenly raised his head and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, what about Zhenzhengu and Zhang Yaogu, I have heard more than one or two times, are you there? Bet on me?”


Haozip< and said: "We... secretly buy who your first love is with."

p> Brother Zhang helplessly shook the head, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, he sighed: “Do you think I’m suitable for dating? This stage.”

Haozi didn’t Talk, but silence already represents the answer. But at this time “love expert” Da Huang has something to say.

“People, you should always take that step bravely. I can ask my friends to find the reincarnation of Cleopatra. Would you like to try it?” Da Huang said seriously: “Go and try. , mortal. Love is the eternal theme, it will sublimate your understanding of the world, just like there are no two identical leaves on the world, every relationship will not be the same, try a lot, open a harem, and become a seed Ma, first set yourself a small goal, you randomly select a county-level city on the map, and then swear that you will have enough girlfriends in a county-level city before your age.”

Da Huang’s head was still talking, when a steamy and wet dog’s head appeared at the door, and then she bit Da Huang’s neck and dragged it into the backyard.

Hearing the tragic cat meowing in the backyard, Brother Zhang suddenly turned his head and asked Haozi, “Is Da Huang the age to be sterilized?”

(End of this chapter)

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