What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 64


Chapter 64 Winter Wishesโ€”Christmas Special Edition

The time is gradually coming to the deep winter, and the weather at the end of December is It was especially cold after the snowstorm, and with the advent of the deep winter, Brother Zhang’s milk tea shop business was relatively normal, but he didn’t seem to care much, and in the past few days, he was decorating the store.

This event takes place once a year, where he installs a Christmas tree, hangs Christmas flowers and sprays Merry Christmas signs in the small shop.

Those who don’t understand this can’t understand it, but Brother Zhang never explained it. If someone asks again and again, he will say that a friend is coming to play.

“What does Christmas have to do with me?”

Zhang Yao has already tossed herself to such a degree that, although it’s not unkempt, she has finally been with the long-legged guy. The delicate elder sister is far apart, with her hair tucked behind her head, carrying a lunch box, sitting on the dirty steps with a bottle of beer and chatting with Zhu Zhenzhen.

In order to prove her idea, she has been living and eating in this dilapidated warehouse for a long time these days. It also attracted a TV show called “Renovation Home”, which made Zhang Yao’s fully automatic intelligent construction team show its face all over the country.

Anyway, she doesn’t bother to care about anything now. It’s better to live up to the name of GZ Stark. She always wants to prove it to Brother Zhang. Take a breath, she can give up her life for this goal now.

“It seems that there will be an event for Brother Zhang at Christmas.”

“Event? What does he have to do with Christmas as a man who makes old-fashioned flowering sausages?” Zhang Yao He also became curious: “Is he not afraid of bumping into Three Purities? He worships Three Purities at the back and sings Christmas carols at the front.”

“Who knows, I went shopping for food yesterday and found that he had already Start making Christmas decorations, isn’t it Christmas tomorrow, why don’t we go and have a look?”

This proposal is quite attractive, because she can’t figure out why she looks like Xiao Zhang. People like brother will celebrate a foreign festival, so after a short thought, Zhang Yao decided to visit tomorrow no matter what.

On the other side, Grandfather Pi and Da Huang, who were called back, followed Haozi and Thunder Dragon and they were decorating the milk tea shop, completely pretending to be a Christmas atmosphere from the inside out, Even Brother Zhang had glowing antlers on his head, and Red’s clothes on his body.

“There must be someone who will criticize you, saying that you are a good Chinese to celebrate a foreign festival.” Xu Wei leaned on that and said to Brother Zhang: “It’s not like it’s so grand. Your style is up. And why are they busy with them.”

Brother Zhang looked up and down at Xu Wei in red Santa Claus outfit: “Keep it up until tomorrow, you will come back to thank me.”

Xu Wei curled one’s lip, she was going to rest when she went back, but as soon as she went back, she found that even a woman with a cold face like Sister Gou had put on a Santa Claus outfit, and her whole body was full of stubbornness. Sassy.

This made Xu Wei absolutely didn’t expect, but she knew that it was impossible to ask now, and the answer could only be found when the mystery was revealed tomorrow night.

The time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye it came to the second day. After the originally ordinary day was given a meaning, it immediately became different.

And Thunder Dragon shouted “snow” three times at the door early in the morning and limped into the room. It didn’t take long for the sky to snow, and the snow was not big. It can cover about one centimeter on the ground, but once again wrapped in silver and white makes the atmosphere of this foreign festival suddenly thicker.

“You guys are so careful.” Xu Wei sat there drowsily, mainly because Brother Zhang set the fireplace on fire, and the warm smoked people in the room couldn’t open their eyes and felt sleepy. hazy.

After watching Haozi, Thunder Dragon and the others start busy in the early morning, Xu Wei really became more and more puzzled.

However, she soon received a signal from Brother Zhang, saying that it will not be open for business today.

This is a rare event. Xu Wei, who was here for Christmas for the first time, knew that even on Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year’s Day and the snow disaster, Brother Zhang’s store would be open, but she chose to close the store today. Not open for business.

This is fairly new to her.

“Da Huang Da Huang…”

Da Huang, who was wearing a red bellyband and a Christmas hat, happened to be walking past the counter but was caught by Xu Wei. hugged to the corner.

“Dry hooks?”

“Why are you all celebrating this Christmas today?”

Da Huang looked oddly He glanced at Xu Wei, then yawned and said, “You won’t know until the evening, ask and ask, and you will know how to ask all day.”

“But none of you answer me. “

“Wait, it’s not good to say.”

As night gradually fell, Brother Zhang’s hands in Chinese food made a large table of Western food, which was very rich and delicious. It’s very grand. It can be seen that Brother Zhang is very concerned about today.

At 7:00 p.m., the welcome bell dฤซng lรญng lรญng rang, and Zhu Zhenzhen probed in. She first gave a wow, then stepped aside, and finally Zhang Yao also walked in from outside and saw this The configuration of the head can’t help but wow.

“What’s this for?”

At this time, Grandfather Pi in a sexy Christmas outfit walked over quickly: “Quick, quick, change your clothes, or it will be too late, eight It’s time to start.”

The confused Zhu Zhenzhen and Zhang Yao were pulled over by Grandfather Pi and put on red Santa Claus costumes, not to mention that once the girls are dressed in uniform After that, it was really eye-catching.

While the two of them were in a state of confusion, the sound of eight o’clock had already echoed in the room, and then there was laughter outside, followed by a foreign old man and a foreign middle age. person walked in together and opened the door of the milk tea shop.

Brother Zhang stood behind the counter and smiled at the two of them, and the two of them also bowed gracefully to Brother Zhang.


Thunder Dragon ordered, the table was put together into a long table, full of hearty food, roast chicken, roast meat, steak, fruit, etc. Wait.

During the meal, the two foreigners simply exchanged a few words with Brother Zhang, and then kept chatting with the “young friends” around them. The content of their conversation was very light. It’s just some life, food, travel notes and experiences of the year.

This meal was eaten until after twelve o’clock, and the two foreigners left, but Zhang Yao, who served as the background board throughout the whole process, just took off her hat and said to Zhu Zhenzhen, “Come here. Just to accompany two foreigners to dinner? When did I become so cheap?”

After she finished speaking, she walked away angrily, while Zhu Zhenzhen apologized to Brother Zhang repeatedly, and then chased out.

However, Brother Zhang just smiled and signaled Thunder Dragon to return everything to the way they were. At this time, the snow stopped and everyone went to rest.

Zhang Yao was actually very angry, and she was even a little disappointed with Brother Zhang. She couldn’t understand why he would be so enthusiastic about two foreigners of unknown meaning. This kind of enthusiasm has never been reflected in others. Pass.

With this resentment, she went back to the warehouse and slept in the rest room.

Only the morning of the second day, when she woke up, she found that a big box with a length of one person appeared beside her.

Zhang Yao is very careful, she is not an impulsive woman, so when she finds this thing, instead of dismantling it, she immediately chooses to monitor it.

But something outrageous happened. At 3:40 in the middle of the night, the monitoring completely turned white, and the recovery time was 3:40 and 30 seconds. The monitoring resumed, this box It has already appeared beside Zhang Yao.

She sat there in amazement for a long time before finally reaching out to touch the box.

The box is extremely heavy, at least it can weigh more than 300 kilograms. It took Zhang Yao a long time to fully open it, but the things after opening it made this “not easy to be impulsive” woman sharp. Call out the voice!

This is an all-titanium-aluminum alloy individual combat armor, which is somewhat similar to Iron Man’s Mark 1, except that it does not have a small reactor and needs to be charged to complete activities, and the activity time It is very long, about three to four hours, and the specific functions have not been fully discovered.

But the reason Zhang Yao was surprised was not that someone gave her a gift, but that this thing was a design work that she stayed on paper but could not complete due to technical limitations!

In other words, someone made her dream come true!

After a brief period of consternation, she picked up her mobile phone, which had already been swiped by Zhu Zhenzhen’s message.

She said she woke up with a box on her bedside table, and inside the box was a complete set of Queen’s suits, including a crown set with seventy-two large and small gems and all jewelry from top to bottom, from her From a professional point of view, these things are all true…even better than the Queen’s set.

Zhang Yao’s head was buzzing at this moment, she didn’t care about anything else, she directly rode her big motorcycle and hurried all the way to the door of Xiao Zhang’s shop, but at this time Xiao Zhang had already gone to float. Pretty, cute and cute went to work over there, and only Thunder Dragon was eating beef jerky.


Thunder Dragon, seeing her unkempt and hurrying look, didn’t ask anything, just chuckled, and the smile was meaningful.

“When did I become so cheap?”

Thunder Dragon imitated people so vividly that Zhang Yao’s face turned red, and she coughed a few times. : “You must know the reason, right! What did you get?”

“Twenty catties of beef jerky!” Thunder Dragon happily took out a bag from his pocket: “Do you want to eat?”


“That little brother Zhang?”

“It should be a postcard, he really likes postcards.”


At this time, Xu Wei, who was on the night shift, rushed out from behind and danced happily: “The latest pineapple phone! The 1TB version!!! Who gave it to me???”

At this point, Zhang Yao finally Aware of a problem… It seems like everyone who was there yesterday, everyone got a gift of their yearn for something even in dreams.

(End of this chapter)

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