What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 65


Chapter 65 Winter and Spring Outing

Zhang Yao felt that either she was crazy or the world was crazy, she is now She found that she could not understand this world more and more. After Zhu Zhenzhen got to know the milk tea shop and the people in the milk tea shop, she felt that she had overturned all the knowledge systems and cognitive systems in the past 20 years.

She always feels that everything is not so real, but the problem is that the metal combat armor that she has identified as existing in this world impossible is actually lying there. It can be easily worn and moved, and it is suitable for It is a very useful weapon platform that can be adapted to all current systems and pre-installed with a system that even Zhang Yao has never seen before.

She can even easily jump up to ten meters with the power of this strange outer skeleton armor and she thinks the power of this thing is much more than that.

If there is no accident, this thing should have something to do with the foreigner they ate with that day, but according to the level of this kind of creation out of thin air, it is estimated that it should also have some kind of rule-level power like Brother Zhang. .

She is very curious now, but she can’t pull her face down to chat with Brother Zhang. After all, she still lost her temper that day.

Yes, the temper that day was also very strange. She didn’t realize that she would lose her temper. Will get angry about this.

Don’t talk about losing your temper, the curiosity from the beginning may not be there.

It’s hateful to say it, it’s been a few days, and I’m sorry to contact him, but he doesn’t even take the initiative to contact him?

Is this a bit too much?

And thinking about it, she looked at the time and found that it seemed that the time for today’s training had arrived, but there was no one around except her, not even Zuo Danshuang, who normally regardless of weather conditions did not come.

She was panting with rage and took out her phone, but she found that they had already sent an invitation to her a few hours ago, saying that today was the spring outing day for Brother Zhang, and they all I was asking Zhang Yao if he would go and play together for a while.

After Zhang Yao read it, everyone laughed angrily. Spring outing day… This is the middle of winter. This year is not only cold but also windy. The weather is such that ghosts want to go out to play.

So she immediately sent a video call to Zhu Zhenzhen, but after the call was connected, she found that Zhu Zhenzhen was wearing a swimsuit and playing in the water in the blooming sun, there seemed to be many people around, and from The waves in the blue sky in the distance looked like, she was actually by the sea?

Zhang Yao stretched out her head and looked at the gray sky outside, and also thought that this season was all dim yellow water, she really didn’t understand, why did she suddenly go to the beach with a stick?

“Come on… come on… ah!” Zhu Zhenzhen let out a cheerful laugh, followed by a burst of exclamation, it turned out that another land duck, Grandfather Pi, had fluttered to her side, it seemed to be to pull her into the water.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Yao was furious, and then she dialed Zuo Danshuang’s video, and saw that this fellow was wearing floral clothes, big pants, a straw hat and sunglasses, with his hands up. With a bottle of beer and a barbecue in front of you.

Beside the grill, the black clothed little brother that Da Huang turned into is grilling fish, and the little tug on the back of his head makes him look particularly dazzling, while the one next to Da Huang is wearing only big pants Thunder Dragon, he was pointing fingers at Da Huang.

In their backgrounds, without exception, are blue sea, blue sky, breeze, heat waves, coconut trees that seem to dance salsa, and the soft white sand.

“Ah!!! I’m going crazy!”

Zhang Yao threw the instant noodles at hand, got on her motorcycle again, and rushed towards the milk tea shop. On the way, she almost froze to death because she wore little clothes. She was able to survive because of her passion and eagerness for the sun, beach and waves.

When she arrived outside the store, she found the sign that the store was closed today. She stared blankly at the locked door from the inside, her heart suddenly dropped to the bottom, and the cold that she had not felt before suddenly surged up. In my heart, my whole body felt as if I was going to freeze to death.

But at this moment, the door was opened, revealing Brother Zhang’s face. He glanced at Zhang Yao, who was shivering in the cold outside, and then glanced at the park behind him. The motorcycle, and the weather that looked like it was going to rain outside, smiled and made way for Zhang Yao.

Zhang Yao, who was full of resentment, lost her temper the moment she saw Brother Zhang open the door for her. Originally, she had accumulated a lot of complaints in the past few days, but she couldn’t say a single word.


“en.” Brother Zhang nodded, and then pointed to a large plate of food on the table: “We’re preparing food for them.”

“But…” Zhang Yao glanced at the yard, and then walked straight in regardless.

Brother Zhang didn’t stop her, but just let her go to the bamboo forest. Zhang Yao was silent for a moment, looked back at Brother Zhang who was busy making food, and stepped in. .

At the moment when both feet entered the bamboo forest, the strong light made her unable to open her eyes and greeted her face with a salty and hot wind, followed by scorching heat The temperature and the sound of seagulls in the sky.

After she got used to the sun a little, she opened her eyes and found that what caught her eye was a huge sandy beach with beautiful sapphire seas on both sides.

There is also a small pavilion on the beach, which is playing dong dong music, many people are playing there, and the laughter can be heard clearly.

Zhang Yao was stunned for a long time, then silently backed out, and found that it was still the backyard of the milk tea shop when she quit…

But the last time she came in, it wasn’t that one. It looks like, the place last time was crouching tiger hidden dragon, with bamboo, hut and lake, Yo Yo Lu Ming and Immortal Crane Yo Yo.

No, you have to verify it.

Zhang Yao felt weird in her heart, so she went back and forth several times, but every time it was the silvery beach and the bright, sweet and hot sea breeze.

The last time she decided not to verify, anyway, there are too many things that violate science in this place. As Xu Wei said, it is better to accept silently instead of struggling.

Seeing Zhang Yao also coming, they greeted her very warmly, but seeing that these people are all wearing clothes that are only worn by the sea in summer, Zhang Yao will take a look at the equipment on her body , no matter how you look at it, I feel that it is unreliable, but fortunately there is Grandfather Pi here. Grandfather Pi has a lot of clothes, so she quickly found a swimsuit that suits Zhang Yao’s size and let her change it.

“Why do you have so many sizes of clothes?”

Zhang Yao asked Grandfather Pi curiously, and Grandfather Pi’s answer was simple and bachelor, saying that Boss likes it , and then jumped into the sea with a thud, and continued to thrash in the water with a swimming ring on.

And here, Zhang Yao also saw a woman she didn’t know. The woman was super cool at first sight. She didn’t participate in group activities. Resting, there is a pile of coconuts by my side, and when I am thirsty, I break one out with my bare hands and drink it.

“Who is that…”

Zhang Yao curiously asked Da Huang who was grilling skewers. Only Grandfather Pi and Da Huang are familiar to her.

Now that Grandfather Pi is about to go out to sea, Da Huang is the only person she can ask questions.

Anyway, you can’t ask Zuo Danshuang, his Heaven-class idiot.

“She? Big sister.” Da Huang grilled fish with sunglasses and a pair of wireless headphones hanging from his ears, looking quite cool: “Let her be there if you have nothing to do, she is not too good. She likes to deal with people.”

“She has a great figure…”

Zhang Yao, who has always been conceited, is somewhat sour, because the big sister in Da Huang’s mouth has the power to make people She has an incredibly good figure, long hands, long feet and abdominal muscles. The muscles on her body look beautiful and strong. Compared with Zhang Yao herself, she feels that she is nothing.

About an hour later, Zhang Yao, Zhu Zhenzhen, Grandfather Pi and Nian Nian were all brought back from the high seas by Hu Niu. These four land ducks will continue to float down, and they will soon reach New Zealand… …

Zhang Yao, who was fainted by the sun, was lying in the shade of the tree and kept flushing herself with mineral water, while Zhu Zhenzhen, who was next to him, was making ice for others. The explosion in the summer made people sweaty but very comfortable. .

“This is Australia, right!” Zhang Yao suddenly got up and asked, “Are we in Australia?”

Although no one answered her, she finally gave her My own answer: “It must be Australia…otherwise there are very few uninhabited islands so clean and empty.”

“This is not an uninhabited island.”

Thunder Dragon walks with a beer Come and lean on the chair: “This is the property of the eldest sister’s family.”


As he was talking, a helicopter tΓΊ tΓΊ tΓΊ tΓΊ flew from afar He came over and landed firmly in the open space. A fat old man came down from above, he looked very kind and kind.

“Have fun, everyone, just treat it as your own home, and order whatever you want.”

After he finished speaking, he went straight to where Brother Zhang was, and the two chatted. stand up.

“Who is that person?”

Zhang Yao curiously asked: “I think he is a little familiar.”

“He is a child adopted by the eldest sister, It is also our third Martial Uncle.”

“Xiao Zhang’s father is my master and the eldest. Haozi’s father is the second child, so Haozi is my Junior Brother. He is the third Martial Uncle, It was adopted by the eldest sister.”

“This generation… I can’t turn it around.”

“Don’t switch.” Thunder Dragon waved his hand: “The eldest sister is inherited, It’s not a reincarnation, her Divine Soul Inextinguishable can stay like this forever. And we are a reincarnation, so even if you are young, you still have to call her big sister, Third Uncle is because of her seniority, and the big sister is not able to feed children. The person she picked up must not be my master and the others? Isn’t this the third child?”

Hearing such a complicated relationship, Zhang Yao, who was already dizzy, was about to faint. dazed.

“You guys are playing, I’m going to chat with Third Uncle.”

Thunder Dragon rolled up his sleeves and walked towards Brother Zhang, and the Third Uncle waved at once: “Come on, come on, just about you.”

(End of this chapter)

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