What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 66


Chapter 66 Summer Mammy Tea in Winter

“The power of the Thirty-Two Corpse Resolving Immortals is not yet formed , but this time is the most dangerous time.”

Third Uncle, Brother Zhang, and Thunder Dragon sat far away from the crowd, and most of their conversations were about the corpse.

“You said they didn’t form, and the Twelve Spirits didn’t even come together.” Thunder Dragon shook his head and said, “Sometimes I don’t have any. It’s only half of that with the six rascal pigs. It’s really going to be done, so what can we do?”

β€œWell, Xiaohao also told me about your encounter before. When it comes to the matter of the blood gluttons, I learned from the classics. The blood gluttons have never been alone, and will never be in company with others. If they encounter a blood glutton with people, then it will represent the thirty-two corpses. Lingzi also appeared.”

Qing Lingzi.

This name first appeared in the current Twelve Spirits camp, but he has been like thunder piercing the ear for two thousand years.

As a former warlock leader with a child in his name, he was able to meet Mozi and Han Feizi head-on in the era of Hundred Schools of Thought Contend, and that Qinglingzi It is said that at the age of thirteen, he is proficient in the arts of the world, and at the age of nineteen he can become the first under the heavens in the world.

In his later forties, he seems to have already had the realm of Earth Immortal, and later there were thirty-two corpses and disciples of the Nine-Nine Demons. Few of the disciples of the evil star have the ability to reincarnate, but each of the thirty-two corpses has a unique skill.

As far as the current state is concerned, no one knows how many corpses have been reincarnated. Coupled with the recovery of Spiritual Qi, it is estimated that it is only a matter of time before they regain their strength.

None of these people is someone who is easy to deal with, even the weakest ones are Peak’s smart people.

And more terrifying than them is the leader Qing Lingzi, who is smart and cunning and can bend and stretch. If he is allowed to take root in one place, I am afraid there will be some major event in the future.

“I would say, instead of guarding against the Qinglingzi, it is better to be careful to guard against the remnants of the spells scattered all over the world.” Thunder Dragon hugged his knees and said: “The Qinglingzi At this level, he knows exactly what he wants, and the purpose is very simple. On the contrary, after so many years, those remnants have no idea what they are doing, they are messing around, and it is certain that they will end well in the end. , but until then I don’t know how many people have been harmed.”

“en. ”

Third Uncle agreed with Thunder Dragon’s words, although he was three senior and junior brothers The youngest and most useless in the world, but after all these years wandering around all over the world experienced and knowledgeable, the friends he made can be considered all over the world.

Many times he is better informed than everyone else. He has been paying attention to this matter since the very beginning when an overseas organization tried to revive the soul of the dead to open the kingdom of the dead. Those people even forcibly released the soul of the art without even gathering the formation eyes. They were obviously gambling, and the chips were their lives.

The horror of gamblers lies here. They don’t care about the cost and consequences. It’s normal for them to come, but they don’t care about the cost, so how can they follow along?

That obviously won’t work. With such a layer, things will always be difficult to handle.

Then they chatted a little more about those overseas remnants, but now the problem is that those people are hiding deep enough and many places have soil that can grow these things, so they want to solve the problem It’s hard, but it’s much easier to solve the person who asked the problem than to solve the problem.

But simple is simple, the number of Twelve Spirits lineage is too thin, only six have been born, and their abilities are uneven at this stage, as far as they are in this state, let alone overseas remnants, I am afraid that they are imminent. Thirty-two Corpse Resolving Immortals and Qing Lingzi are not necessarily something they can solve.

Unless the Twelve Spirits can find the Mo Family and the Yin Yang Family as helpers as they did in the past, and rely on the foundation of Taoism itself, the one to emerge victorious in this battle that spans time and space is still unknown.

However, a hundred schools of thought have either been compatible with each other or have been disappeared.

And even if the new Hundred Schools of Thought Contend and secret technique are to be developed, it will not be achieved until Spiritual Qi’s recovery enters the next stage. It is still in the gestation period. Many are still busy restoring their past glory.

But this is not bad, because everyone is busy with revival, so there will be much less fighting in the whole arena, which undoubtedly gives the twelve spirits lineage time to breathe.

“Anyway, you have to speed up to find the remaining six unawakened partners. The six of you must listen to Ah Chang’s scheduling.”

“I see.”

Thunder Dragon doesn’t think it’s a problem to listen to the boss, because the biggest advantage of the boss is that he doesn’t have a mother-in-law. He has the purest perspective in the whole world, and can not be affected by any external things, although This will definitely destroy his Cultivation, but in fact, compared to Zhang Jiachang, a mascot, they would rather see a ruthless brother Zhang who can immediately kill the danger in Xumi.

Although it is a bit selfish, it is no exaggeration to say that as long as he can participate in the war, all demons and ghosts, demons and monsters are all jokes.

But I’m afraid it’s a joke to want him to join the war, after all, Third Uncle also knows that Jia Chang actually has a more important task.

Third Uncle chatted with them for a while, then went to chat with their friends for a while, then went back.

Only when Zhang Yao got here, did she know that this place is not an uninhabited island. About ten kilometers behind this hill is the home of Third Uncle and Hu Niu, which is a manor…and another one. A large industrial park is definitely an invisible rich man in the industry.

But who cares, since there is such an environment to play in in the middle of the winter, just play.


When the stars appeared in the sky, the bonfire by the sea was also lit. Under the cover of night, Zhang Yao took advantage of others to not notice. Next to Brother Zhang, he sat down and called him reluctantly and proudly.

“en?” Brother Zhang raised his head and looked at it, what caught his eye was a pair of long legs and a flat belly, not at all a twenty-five- or six-year-old engineering house girl : “What’s wrong?”

“That day…” Zhang Yao whispered: “I blame you, sorry…”

“What day?”

“That day…” Zhang Yao was at a loss for words, and then she immediately reacted when she saw Brother Zhang’s smile: “Are you kidding me?”

Brother Zhang un’ed, hugged his arms Lord Knees, watching the Grandfather Pi in the distance spewing fire on a huge pile of wood, actually laughed.

“What’s so funny…”

“I’m still wondering why you are so angry all of a sudden.” Brother Zhang looked at the gradually burning fire, and the A group of guys who were having fun and making noise, curiously asked: “I have nothing to be sorry for you.”

“It’s not… it’s just… it’s…” Zhang Yao suddenly felt at a loss for words, she waved her hand for a while Then he said: “Actually, I didn’t ask clearly… Who are those two people?”

“Santa Claus.” Brother Zhang still hugged his knees and looked towards the distance: “With his Deer.”

“Huh? Santa? Really exists?”

“Of course there is, and he’s also one of the few rule-level True Gods who won’t be restricted.” Little Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Because he only gives gifts to good children.”

Women, even like Zhang Yao, can’t help but be praised for being a good child. With a smile on her face, she gently swayed her body back and forth, and asked with a smile, “I’m a good child?”

“Do you have a gift?”


“That’s it.” Brother Zhang said softly, “He will not satisfy his greedy and brutal wishes.”

“But…but he gave me a gift. It has surpassed the technological level of any country in the world…”

“What does that have to do with him, he only knows that you are a good child.”

Zhang Yao’s Heart, at that time, it was like eating a whole set of pegasus meteor boxing, and was beaten by Xiao Zhang’s realistic romance.

She turned her head to look at Brother Zhang, under the whole heaven’s star light and moonlight, looking at the face that had been looking into the distance and the peaceful smile on her face, she couldn’t even tell the difference for a while. Come out, what kind of emotions do you have towards him?

But it doesn’t matter, some things don’t need to be studied carefully, once it is too entangled, it will appear less comfortable, just like no one sees a beautiful girl using a Microscope, otherwise the most beautiful woman will be seen. There are mites crawling on the skin.

Who says engineering children don’t understand romance, right?

In the evening, they not only want to camp here, but also plan to go to the sea early tomorrow morning, but their idea of camping is achievable, but it is a bit difficult to catch the sea, because it is one o’clock in the morning, and they are still riding the Grandfather Pi in the sea It’s a race against Aisha Zhu to reach a hazy reef in the distance faster.

“Right, I’ll ask you.”

Zhang Yao bumped Brother Zhang’s knee with her knee: “Why does it seem like you have a new one when winter comes People, the change of seasons is also related to personality?”

“No, there are many activities every winter.” Brother Zhang said softly: “Winter is already depressing enough, so why let it be Does it become more depressing?”

Zhang Yao thinks that little brother Zhang is…a bit miraculous, what he said doesn’t sound like any beauty. But if you put the words in your mouth and smack the taste, you can find that the taste in the words is still full.

“Then I’ll ask you out tomorrow, will you go?”

“Go to work tomorrow.”

“Your boss is here!” Zhang Yao pointed at Aisha Zhu, who was running away in the distance: “What are you doing?”

“Boss is boss, work is work, I like my work atmosphere.” Brother Zhang Say so.


Thanks to all readers, Alliance Leader, and Silver Alliance for their support. Rest assured, even if this book is not as good as the previous one, I will not give up. Some people said that I have no confidence before, do I mean that I have no confidence when I say flutter? I don’t quite understand that person’s brain circuit, but it should be abnormal.

(End of this chapter)

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