What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 67


Chapter 67 Pray you are like a heroic Guard


Thunder Dragon took out the The beer he took was placed in front of Zhu Zhenzhen. Zhu Zhenzhen raised her head and waved at the beer box. When she took it out again, the beer had already started to emit cool white gas.

Thunder Dragon pried his fingers and the bottle cap flew up. He raised his head and drank the small bottle of cold beer, burped comfortably, and then lay down on the beach like this. After a while, the snoring sounded everywhere.

Grandfather Pi strolled over at this time, saw the Thunder Dragon who had fallen asleep, and then dug a hole less than ten centimeters beside him, and then squatted there and waited for the Thunder Dragon to fall and send out With a bang, then he laughed and ran into the distance.

Everyone is very relaxed and happy. In the free and unconstrained summer of the southern hemisphere, they are like a group of children who have not grown up.

However, the happy time is always short, and the joy of the day passed quickly. They woke up from the holiday soon with the reminder of Xiao Zhang, went through the bamboo forest, and returned to the middle of winter. the southern hemisphere.

The sky was about to end, everyone turned from extreme excitement to exhaustion, even Zhang Yao didn’t have the strength to toss any more, and slept on the small sofa in the lobby with her exclusive quilt. On top, Grandfather Pi didn’t even want to transform into a human form, so he slept and slept beside the fireplace behind Brother Zhang’s counter.

Even with a three-hour time difference, it’s almost late at night here. Brother Zhang looked at the people around him, he didn’t say anything, just sat there quietly, He took out a teapot and made himself a cup of light green tea, sat there and drank it in small cups.

At this time, Zhu Zhenzhen, who was in high spirits because of the Power of the Demon God, came over and sat opposite Brother Zhang, looking at him with her chin up.

Brother Zhang just glanced at her, then handed over a cup and poured a cup of tea.

Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t move, just propped her head up and looked at Brother Zhang without a special expression, instead, it was as if she was enjoying an incomprehensible musical, obviously it was nice but didn’t understand what it expresses.

“I watched a cartoon called Natsume’s Book of Friends.” Zhu Zhenzhen said suddenly, “I think you are like Natsume in it.”

“But Da Huang doesn’t The cat teacher is so cute.” Brother Zhang looked up at Da Huang, who was sleeping on the ceiling fan with his belly open: “It looks so bad.”

Zhu Zhenzhen wanted to laugh out loud, but was worried about affecting the house The others rested, so they had to cover their mouths and laugh until they trembled.

“Tomorrow I will invite you out to watch a movie.”

“Go to work tomorrow.” Brother Zhang still replies like this: “It’s Monday.”

“I’m the Boss, okay, I’ll just give you a holiday.”

Brother Zhang hooked the head: “The Boss is the Boss, and going to work means going to work.”

Speaking of this, Zhu Zhenzhen immediately stopped Brother Zhang, she shook her finger and said, “I don’t need to say the second half of the sentence, I know what you are going to say, you are really not romantic at all.”

Little Brother Zhang didn’t refute in a hurry, just took the tea with a smile and took a sip. At this moment, the only thing that was quiet in the room was the rubbing sound of the wall clock on the wall. It seemed that it was raining a little outside, and a slight rustling sound passed through the gap of the room, making it even more quiet.

“You said you.” Zhu Zhenzhen stared at Brother Zhang for a long time and opened the mouth again and said: He is obviously such a miraculous person, why do you have to live such a dull life. “

“Isn’t that the case with most people?” Why can’t I? Brother Zhang smiled and asked back: “Some people like spirits, some like coffee, some like weak tea, some people are destined to surging forward with great momentum from birth, and some people try to keep themselves indifferent, I can’t say who is better, just different options. “

“Yeah… so have you ever thought about having ups and downs every day?” “

“No. “

“Want to try it? “

Brother Zhang was suddenly stunned for a moment, then said with a smile: “I’ll wait for a chance, I’m actually not very good at getting along with others.” “

“I found it too. “Zhu Zhenzhen said with a smile: “Everyone was playing just now, and you were there to bridge the ants.” “

Brother Zhang laughed, even a little shy.

Zhu Zhenzhen looked at his smiling face, and suddenly felt a lot of emotion in her heart, what a strange person he is Now, he is completely out of tune with this world and seems so natural everywhere.

There is no desire, no anger in his eyes, and he has never even shown hostility once, but this person who should be cold But he likes to laugh so much, and every time he laughs, it makes people feel like a spring breeze.

“That’s it, I’ll invite you to dinner and a movie tomorrow. “

Brother Zhang stubbornly shook the head: “I can’t promise you. “

“Why? I told you to take a vacation. “

“Because I also rejected Zhang Yao. Brother Zhang replied truthfully: “I can’t refuse her and then promise you, it’s not good. “

Zhu Zhenzhen sighed, and then no longer tangled, she yawned carefree, got up and got off the chair: “Okay, I’ll go back to rest, and I’ll tell them tomorrow, For a while, they should be self-governing. I don’t have time to go back to take care of them. If I can’t make money, I will break up in 3 months. ”

Little Zhang brother nodded agreed.

And after Zhu Zhenzhen went out, she actually felt a little strange in her heart, neither happy nor happy, maybe unhappy The point is that Brother Zhang rejected her invitation, and the reason why he was happy was that he also rejected Zhang Yao.

Although I don’t know why, the more I think about her, the more refreshing she feels. The main reason is because Brother Zhang also rejected Zhang Yao.

Thinking of this, her footsteps became lighter and lighter. Although it was drizzling outside, cold and damp, her mood became more and more The better, I even want to play a song in the rain.

But just as the “dududu, dudu, dudu” prelude of the song in the rain started to echo in her mind, a dark shadow suddenly appeared On the road in front of her.

She looked carefully, but found that it was a black man standing across the road, looking towards the road, Zhu Zhenzhen shrugged around and continued to walk in the direction of home.

But suddenly, she felt that the airflow behind her was chaotic, and her Guardian Spirit also launched a movement in an instant, Zhu Zhenzhen suddenly rushed forward involuntarily seven or eight meters away.

etc. When she turned around again, she found that the black man who was almost two meters tall had been disappeared, but before she could think about it, an ice wall appeared on his left.

But the next moment the ice wall was She was crushed, and then she saw a hand bigger than her head grabbing straight at her.

Zhu Zhenzhen is not the weak little girl she used to be, in these days Grandfather Pi is tall Under the intensive training, this level of attack was simply nothing difficult for her.

The moment that huge palm was about to touch Zhu Zhenzhen, a cold air instantly condensed, and the huge slap gave her The ice was frozen, and Zhu Zhenzhen also took this opportunity to use the rain to create a very smooth passage of about ten meters under her feet. With the strength of the black man, she slipped to the distance with a squeak.

Seeing that the target was lost, the black man quickly adjusted his posture again and punched the guardrail next to him, breaking the ice on his hand, and then hurriedly flew towards Zhu Zhenzhen.

However, Zhu Zhenzhen, who was prepared, would not be caught by him so easily. Because of the water on the surface, Zhu Zhenzhen made the black man’s foothold quickly condense into an ice surface that was smoother than a mirror. Coupled with the light rain, the ice surface was It became extremely slippery, and the black man fell on a big horse as soon as he landed.

But he seemed to have no pain and continued to move forward, but this time Apparently it was Zhu Zhenzhen’s home ground. She released the ice surface continuously, causing the black giant to keep wrestling on it.

And then maybe after it realized it wouldn’t work, he started crawling on all fours, like an ugly lizard or a foraging white-fronted spider. , the state is distorted but extremely fast.

The moment he approached Zhu Zhenzhen, he jumped up, but it was too late, and a blue Icicle thicker than a washbasin appeared out of thin air from its side and stood upright. up its waist.

At that time, the giant man seemed to be hit by a truck and flew out for dozens of meters and rolled back and forth on the ground for dozens of laps before stopping.

But even if it was hit by such an impact, it didn’t seem to be injured, and it stood up staggeringly after a while.

But at this moment, it has completely lost its advantage, and it is not a good thing to be distanced by the mage, especially this is still an ice spell.

Zhu Zhenzhen just flicked her hands a few times, and the raindrops in the air turned into sharp icicles and began to hit it. The crisp sound was especially clear in the silent night.

And that dense force also bent the Iron Pagoda giant, but just as it was bowing to meet the dense Icicle, a huge icicle suddenly shot out on the ground, hitting it. It bounced it into the air on its lower abdomen.

After being shot into the sky passively like this, he couldn’t take advantage of the external force at all, so the speed slowed down. Zhu Zhenzhen opened his hand to the giant man in midair, and countless water droplets stagnant in the air for a short time. After that, he suddenly rushed to the giant man like crazy, and wrapped him up.

In the end, Zhu Zhenzhen clenched her fist fiercely, and the water mass turned into ice but the volume did not increase.

Anyone who has studied physics knows that the volume of water becomes larger after it turns into ice. If the external volume does not change, the internal pressure will become very large, although only water and Ice, but this force is enough to destroy sand, steel, and even diamonds.

The mass of solid ice shattered in mid-air due to the high internal pressure, blasting out the shaved ice, and the giant Iron Pagoda inside also fell heavily to the ground, and there was no one on it. The place is good, even the skin and skeleton like gold and iron have turned into a muddy mass under such terrifying weight.

When Zhu Zhenzhen saw this scene, she was about to call the police, but found that the giant man who was about to become a mush was struggling to get up again. It ran slippery… The speed was so fast that it was not like a human being, and ran to the house in a hurry.

(End of this chapter)

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