What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 68


Chapter 68 Two-game losing streak

Looking at Kui Nuer who came back from running away, Qing Lingzi was almost unbelievable. It is hard to believe that a Demon God can have such a large formidable power.

Qui Nuer is his most proud Blood Soul puppet, impervious to sword and spear, neither water nor fire can approach, how could he be dismantled like this?

No part of it is intact, like a banana that was run over by a road roller, although this and the banana were not completely finished because of Vajra’s undefeated skin, but after running back, it was already It doesn’t look like it.

It will take some time to fix it, but what makes Kiyoko more strange than the damage a puppet takes is the Demon God’s formidable power.

It’s not that he has not come into contact with Demon God, and it can even be said that he has come into contact with many Demon Gods, but very few Demon Gods can have such power.

And now that he thought about it carefully, he felt that there should be a complete logical line here.

First of all, Demon God at this level should be at the level of the Lord of Heavenly Demons, right? Since it is the Demon God at the level of the master of heavenly demons, it must not be in the same group as the Twelve Spirits. But if it’s not a gang, why can the Twelve Spirits tolerate the existence of such a level of Demon God?

The answer is about to come out, that is, the Twelve Spirits are not in a complete state now, they have not yet been integrated, there are even only two or three, and at most no more than six are alive.

The second is that since the Twelve Spirits can’t do anything about the Demon God, if you integrate this Demon God with your Blood Soul puppet, does that mean you can directly kill the Twelve Spirits’ hometown? went?

But in the end, this is just an idea. At first, Qing Lingzi just wanted the whole Demon God to come, but didn’t expect him to encounter a hard problem in the first battle after his resurrection. The idea is too hard…

But fortunately there is an alternative, because a few days ago he sensed that in addition to this Demon God, there is another Demon God that also exists in the world.

There was a brief confrontation between this Ice Demon God and that Demon God. I think these two Demon Gods are not in the same group. If the two Demon Gods meet, they will definitely fight, but as for the two Demon Gods. Why didn’t they fight? Qing Lingzi felt that Demon God had already wandered into the human world and was conscious, so he had to be careful, or… he should be afraid of the “missing sight”.

After making up his mind, Qing Lingzi called Xue Taotie, whispered a few words in his ear, then reached out and wiped a handful of wall ash on the wall and then put it on Xue Taotie’s face. After wiping it, he changed everything from his appearance to his body shape to a different one.

After getting the order, Xue Taotie left happily, running all the way towards the suburbs, until he came to a strange building, Xue Taotie licked his lips and muttered to himself: “I am I haven’t tasted the Demon God yet.”

But tone barely fell , his body was thrown out by a punch, smashing a section of the wall, and then a black shadow suddenly fell in the sky , stood in front of him.

“You said he smelled disgusting?”

The speaker seemed to be murmuring into the air, but it seemed like he was talking to someone.

“Eating people! That’s really disgusting…how to say brother.”

“Okay, get it right!”

tone barely fell , The temperament of the man in front of Xue Taotie suddenly changed, and his body was wrapped in a thick black shadow. , constantly changing its appearance, and a raised sharp horn grew on its head.

With the change of shape, Zuo Danshuang’s body has also undergone tremendous changes. Originally, he was just an ordinary brawny man, but now he is nearly three meters tall.

Seeing the opponent in front of him, Xue Taotie is also a classic reckless man. Although he was knocked to the ground for the first time, he was after all the battle strength ceiling in the Thirty-Two Corpse Destruction Immortals. If you are willing to admit defeat, you are not qualified to be called a blood glutton.

As Demon God revealed his true face, the bloody eyes gradually became crazy, he bit his lip excitedly, and after the blood gushed out, he let out a si si roar in his throat, like Is an enraged snake.

Then he jumped high on the ground with one hand, and his left hand condensed blood claws and slashed at Demon God’s chest with lightning speed.

But this time he miscalculated, the bloody claws that had cut tendons and broken bones only made a white mark on Demon God’s armor, and Demon God was obviously angered by this provocative behavior. , Going up with a fist will give the blood gluttonous pestle, and then Demon God is like hitting a wooden stake, Euler Euler’s punch is more than 100, and the last punch is so strong that it even breaks the sound barrier.

This circle hit Xue Taotie, and he was shot hundreds of meters away like a cannonball on the spot, slammed into a small hill, and raised layers of sand and gravel.

However, the blood gluttonous glutton is still resistant to beatings, so he can actually stand up and shout for fun, and as there are more and more bleeding places on his body, his strength is further strengthened.

He did not wait passively this time, but jumped up in the air to meet the high-jumping Demon God, the two bodies collided hard, and then fell to the ground at the same time.

Blood gluttonous and Demon God began to punch to the flesh in the way of men in the pit they smashed, which is basically equivalent to a turn-based system. Don’t beep for one person and one punch, the one who can’t hold it die first.

The pain of each punch will make him stronger and stronger, but Demon God’s power is not weak at all. Both sides feel that this is simple and simple. And the stupid play is very enjoyable, so I continue to increase the power in my hands.

The chest of the Demon God will be rumbled by the blood gluttony, and the blood gluttonous eats the Demon God, and there will be a crisp sound of the bones bursting.

However, Demon God’s fighting ability and blood gluttony’s recovery ability were both top-notch, and the two cumbersome guys continued to fight for twenty minutes.

In the end, Demon God’s excitement reached its peak, and he suddenly jumped out of the pothole.

Blood glutton didn’t listen, he also got up to attack, the two sides collided again in midair, but this time the force was dozens of times before, and the impact of the two sides shattered directly All the glass products in the package, even five kilometers away, can hear the explosion of the impact.

It’s just that the fun is fun, but the blood gluttony can’t surpass the Demon God in strength after all. He was smashed into the pit and couldn’t get up again, but the Demon God was just thrown to the ground. On the side, although a lot of things were also smashed, but the chest was sunken a little, and he was still able to stand up.

The Demon God walked slowly to the front of the pit, looked at the bloody gluttonous gluttons, sneered at the corner of his mouth, grabbed his feet, and threw it out in the direction of the garbage dump outside the city.

“Trash.” Demon God’s hoarse voice was like sandpaper rubbing against a blackboard, making people’s ears hurt.

The blood gluttonous glutton who was threw away flew for three minutes and twenty-seven seconds and landed directly in the center of the garbage dump. He was lying on top of a large pile of garbage. Although he was not dead, But also has lost the combat capability.

The skeleton of the whole body was in a mess, and the enviable self-healing ability could not make him recover, and the pain could no longer become the driving force for his expansion, just pure pain.

The sky was slowly getting brighter, and Qing Lingzi pinched his nose and found an inhuman blood glutton in the garbage, and at this time, the blood glutton even gave him a thumbs up, using almost listening The voiceless voice said: “Enjoyed…”

Get the stinking blood glutton back to the house and watch a Blood Soul puppet crushed by a banana and beaten like a boneless chicken Liu’s blood gluttonous, Qing Lingzi first began to suspect that he was born.

What the hell is Demon God? Can a normal Demon God have this ability? I’m afraid it’s not that the Lord of Forgotten River is here, right? Or Asura in Asura Path.

One is like this and he recognizes it, and both are like this. Has this world been so terrifying? Didn’t Spiritual Qi just come back to life? How can a monster of this level appear?

Would it take a few days to get the level of Huanglong, Rain Dragon and Torch Dragon? Will there be a fucking Investiture of the Gods in the end?

Qing Lingzi is very confused now. He suffered two consecutive defeats when he took the initiative to attack for the first time, and his morale was lost on the spot. How the hell does he still want to kill the Twelve Spirits? According to the strength of this server, let alone the world, if you really go out to eat a king meal, you will not be able to keep your ashes raised.

Sitting on the small stool, Qing Lingzi took out a cigarette that he had taken out of his teacher’s pocket when he was doing massage. He slowly lit the cigarette with his fingers and took a deep breath. Looking at the two wastes lying in front of him who are slowly recovering, he is full of sadness…

How to say it, this is not to blame Qing Lingzi, really only fate can be used It’s unfair to describe it.

The two Demon Gods he picked… let’s just say, that is the level where the Lord of Forgotten River would have trembling legs when he came over.

One is strengthened by the rule-level word spirit. The appearance is Peak, and it has endless Frost Power. Even if half of the power is removed for the beloved girl, this half of the power is strong enough, even more how In an emergency, people can combine their powers and master the host’s body to fight on behalf of them.

The other one, that is the strongest Demon God in 1,700 years. It is the king of ghosts who needs the level of Xiao Zhang to overthrow his anger himself. Who is Primordial Spirit is unclear. , but the last one to wrestle with it was the Great Demon King.

The blood gluttonous is at this level, it is not a bad little bit compared to the Great Demon King of Baiqi, even if people don’t have any ill-will, the foundation is there, how can it be a trifling just reincarnated The deflated three in someone else’s body can compete.

So it’s not wrong to say that the loss is not wrong, that is, Qing Lingzi is a bit pitiful. He was full of confidence just because he recalled the blood gluttonous and made a top puppet. He returned to the liberation overnight, except for sitting there smoking. In addition to worrying, I have to take care of two wastes.

“I’m so stupid, really. I knew Zhao Gao was a perfidious villain, I wouldn’t believe him, I wouldn’t believe him, Qin Country wouldn’t be able to win the world, Qin Country wouldn’t be able to win In the world, I will not be guarded underground, if not suppressed, I will not appear here, if I do not appear here, I will not have to deal with those monsters, and I should have become an immortal long ago.” Qing Lingzi looked blankly ahead. To himself: “I’m so stupid…”

(end of this chapter)

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