What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 69


Chapter 69 Offended People

β€œIt’s definitely not a human being!”

Zhu Zhenzhen second day early in the morning I came to the milk tea shop to tell my story from yesterday. Halfway through the story, Zuo Danshuang also came. They got together to make a total of it, hehe… they encountered the same experience.

“That person is very fast, sou sou.” Zuo Danshuang said: “But I am a good brother also not to be trifled with, ka ka just do it all and then throw that person I went to the rubbish heap.”

“I ran away anyway, and I didn’t dare to go forward.”

In response to the description of the two of them, Haozi sat there and drew with a sketchbook With the recovery picture of the situation they met yesterday, among which is included the recovery picture of the two people.

The person who attacked Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t see his face clearly, but he could be a sturdy black man with a height of two meters. The attacker who attacked Zuo Danshuang was a small and rickety man like Little Old Man. His facial features were compact, but his eyebrows were raised about 45 degrees, which was very unnatural.

“Yes, yes, like the protagonist of the lion boy, I remember.” Zuo Danshuang patted his thighs and said, “Slim eyes, especially wide and upturned between the eyebrows.”

He raised the corners of his eyes as he spoke: “Just like this, it’s very uncomfortable to look at.”

After several revisions, Haozi took out the picture and showed it to him, left After watching it for a while, Danshuang nodded again and again, and then gestured on his chest and said, “He likes to scratch people, but it doesn’t hurt, but it hurts a little bit, but it’s cool after the pain is over.”

At this time, Grandfather Pi next to the stove woke up, she stretched her limbs, shook off the hair on her body, and then suddenly turned into a human shape, yawning and walking to them: “What are you talking about early in the morning? What?”

Zuo Danshuang and Zhu Zhenzhen recounted what happened to her again, while Grandfather Pi sat there silently for a long time before saying: “No need to draw, no use. “

Haozi turned his head to the side and asked curiously: “Why?”

Grandfather Pi lay limply on the table, his face pressed against the table, and he said weakly: ” There are books in our clan, and there is a famous demon named raccoon in the books, do you know?”

“The one from a hill?” Haozi asked.

“en.” Grandfather Pi said while shaking his head back and forth: “It was later spread to the one in Japan. Some people say that the raccoon dog is good at Illusion Technique. No, the fox is good at Illusion Technique, and the raccoon dog is good at Illusion Technique. Change form.”

“I think I’ve heard of it.” Haozi said to Grandfather Pi: “And then?”

“Then people learned the raccoon dog’s skills, I The elder sister told me that more than a thousand years before I was born, there was an alchemist warlock imitating us, and then various spells and alchemy appeared one after another, from Illusion Technique to Wu Qin Xi. Then you can see These are one of them called raccoon fans.”

“Raccoon fans?” Haozi turned his head and listened seriously: “An explanation?”

Grandfather Pi raised a One finger: “Look at 10% or even hundreds of thousands, it’s the Camouflage Technique. Use your brain, who would do bad things with such an obvious face? At least you have to wear a mask, right? People dare Showing such an ugly face to you shows that they don’t care, but why do they care so secretly? That’s what they care about? If they care and show you their faces, it shows that they are fake faces, the trick of raccoon dog fans. “

When Haozi heard this, a string of inspiration suddenly lit up in his mind. He said to Zhu Zhenzhen and Zuo Danshuang: “You guys rest here, I’ll be right here.”

Hurrying back home, Haozi rummaged through the boxes and found out the father’s books, and started to search according to the catalogue above. He never thought that he really found the analysis of the raccoon dog’s magic.

The raccoon dog trick is actually not a special brilliant technique. It is mainly used to make people disguise. It is said that the proven warlock can completely change his appearance, voice, appearance, body and even gender, as long as A powerful warlock wants to hide, almost no one can find him.

But this technology has been completely lost with the withering of warlock.

Grandfather Pi is still very trustworthy on this issue, because although she has a big problem with her brain circuit, she is indeed Qingqiu’s fox in her identity. She doesn’t need to fake this, and Qingqiu Fox Race is also The highly modernized goblin group has lived with humans for more than 3,000 years, and they have recorded information that many human societies have long since disappeared.

Well, as Grandfather Pi said, this is the magic of raccoon dogs, Haozi can be sure that this must be that some of the magic souls have returned to their souls one after another, and their goals were very clear last night. , that is, rushed to the two Demon Gods.

Once the pairing of warlock and Demon God is successful, it is no exaggeration to say that, except for Brother Zhang personally, only Thunder Dragon and Sister Zhang will be able to withstand it with full firepower.

And after knowing about this raccoon dog, Haozi also had a clear comprehension for another case, and he realized that all his previous efforts were in vain, because he went in the wrong direction.

What he really needs to investigate now is the trajectory of the other party, not the identity. In this era, it is too easy to cheat on the identity, but it is too difficult to cheat on the trajectory.

At this moment, Brother Zhang was being pulled by Xiao Xiao, a colleague from the unit, and sat downstairs in the herbal tea shop.

Xiao Xiao asked him with a mysterious face: “What method did you use?”


“I heard you I really vomited out a lot of that kind of insert from my stomach, I checked, but no one knew what kind of insert it was!”

After hearing her say this, Brother Zhang remembered telling her before. The past is about what she eats and eats all day.

At that time, Brother Zhang knew that she did not simply eat a lot, but won the prize.

Although I don’t know what the prize is, it is probably something that only exists in some parts of Southeast Asia.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve seen something similar before.”

Brother Zhang answered the little question truthfully, he did see something similar before, but at that time When he was seven years old, someone came to the father’s Taoist temple for help, saying that he ate more and more every day, even more than the amount of three normal people, and the hospital could not find anything at all, and later the father was also given to that person. After taking the medicine a few times, it almost recovered completely, and I also heard that something was spit out.

At that time, Brother Zhang used Huimeng to go back to that time to see the medicine recipe opened by father, and then gave it to Xiaoxiao, didn’t expect really worked.

“Really?” Xiao Xiao looked at Brother Zhang with surprise: “Same as me?”

“Have you been to Southeast Asia?” Brother Zhang raised his head and asked, “The person I saw went to Indonesia, and after coming back, your symptoms appeared.”

Xiaoxiao looked shocked: “Me too! I went to travel a few years ago. It happened once, and then it became like this.”

“Well, it should be fine now.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “But still be careful, because I am not sure, I can be specific. Ask my friend for you.”

Although Brother Zhang’s father is Thunder Dragon’s master and Haozi’s uncle, Brother Zhang is not senior and junior brothers with them, because Brother Zhang is not the same Not suitable for Cultivation, and there is no outstanding innate talent, so the two of them are senior and junior brothers, and Haozi is called Xiao Zhang, and Thunder Dragon is called Xiao Zhang and the boss.

He doesn’t know much about this aspect, most of it comes from hearing and seeing him over the years, so about small things, he still needs to ask Haozi or Zhang Jun, the king of the mountain. .

At this moment, Xiaoxiao looked at Xiao Zhang’s expressions all with some admiration, and asked him with a smile on his face: “Would you like to have dinner this weekend to thank you?”

“Not good Yes.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “Let’s do it later.”

While speaking, Brother Zhang found a dark shadow on the ground slowly moving under the little feet and following her Her ankles crawled up her skin.

Brother Zhang frowned. He raised his head and asked, “Did you have any special feeling just now?”

“Feeling?” There was a confused expression on Xiao Xiao’s face. , and then called the head: “No, what’s the matter?”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer, just watched the black line slowly stick out from her chest and go around her. On her chin, it slowly wrapped around her face.

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Brother Zhang slowly shook his head and said, “Did you offend who?”

“Ah? What’s wrong?”

Although Brother Zhang still can’t figure out what the situation is, judging from this performance, it should be that Xiao Xiao offended who, which is obviously a head-dropping technique.

Brother Zhang’s vision is the real vision, and he can see things that others can’t see, so he can see the black line, and if there is no accident, this black line will disappear in a few days. It will cause the small snacks to be full again, and eventually will slowly wither and die.

“Then come with me first, my friend should know what’s going on.”

This time Xiaoxiao didn’t take Brother Zhang’s electric donkey, but rented it An electric car followed him to the milk tea shop.

Thunder Dragon was squatting at the door to have lunch at the moment, and saw Brother Zhang coming back at this point, followed by a petite and exquisite girl, Thunder Dragon opened his mouth to ridicule, but the words haven’t come out yet, He realized something immediately and shut his mouth.

“What kind of deep hatred is this.”

Thunder Dragon jumped up from the steps and circled around a little twice: “If you want to be intoxicated, you will be intimidated, and if you lower your head, you will drop down. Head, what kind of Sect is this two-in-one?”

“You know?” Brother Zhang turned his head and glanced at Thunder Dragon: “Is Haozi not here?”

“Boss, you But it’s too contemptible, well, I’m a senior brother anyway, I can’t see this thing.” Thunder Dragon stretched out two fingers and gestured on the small forehead: “With fish spots.”

Then again Moved behind her ear: “Plum Blossom Seal.”

Then moved her hand down and gestured on her shoulder: “Ghost face pattern.”

“I don’t want to go further down. It’s convenient for gestures.” Thunder Dragon pointed to the small abdomen: “Corpse Qi knot, there is a ghost tooth on the thigh. Isn’t this a full head drop surgery? Look at her yellow face, blue eyes, and tongue. With black on the top, isn’t this a hungering curse.”

(end of this chapter)

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