What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Life has many parallel lines

When going through the formalities for Nian Nian, Zhang Jiachang ran into trouble, even though he is only twenty-four this year, but every year has At eight years old, this is actually not eligible for adoption.

This thing is actually quite important, because without this procedure, it would be very troublesome to study and go to school year after year, because there is no legal guardian.

“Mr. Zhang, you really don’t meet the conditions for adoption. There is also the main source of income. You can just open a milk tea shop. You don’t need to write the burning plains mining next to it.” The staff patiently Instructing Zhang Jiachang to fill in the form: “And you and the adoptee have not reached the age gap and it is a heterosexual adoption. This is very troublesome.”

“Aiya, can this be solved, she is actually He was adopted by my father a few years ago. At that time, my father did not go through the formalities, and now he has passed away.”

Some people say that people like Zhang Jiachang, of course, do whatever they want, after all, the finger One point is the mountain cry out and sea howl, and the light cluster between the eyebrows is the alternation of day and night. But in fact, some things are really impossible to say. He is always a person, and he does not have the wisdom to be close to a demon, and he cannot use his ability to make profit.

The world has its own laws of the world. Since you are in the society, you must abide by the rules of the society, otherwise it will be different from the people of the motherland.

Of course, he’s not a Holy Mother super.

This world, there are many parallel lines, on a line there must be an identity on the line, and under this identity, we must do the things of this identity, otherwise things will happen.

He tossed back and forth in the Civil Affairs Bureau for more than an hour until an acquaintance came over to pick up the matter.

“Brother Zhang, this is not easy to handle, but we still have to find a way to do this. I also know the situation every year. After all, they are all people from Chang’an Lane.” The speaker scratched his head: ” Well, let me think of a way for you to give you a temporary certificate first, otherwise, when the time comes, it will be very troublesome to apply for a school registration every year.”

“Good, many thanks.” Zhang Jiachang nodded and thanked: “I haven’t seen you lately.”

“I went to study outside. I’m going back to my mother’s place for dinner tonight, and you can chat in the shop”

” .”

After getting a temporary certificate, Zhang Jiachang hurriedly went to the wholesale market to buy something, and finally got everything done before eleven o’clock.

The shop just opened, and the first person to enter was Grandfather Pi, followed by Xu Wei who was yawning.

Grandfather Pi was in high spirits, and when he saw Zhang Jiachang, he rolled up his sleeves and shouted, “Where’s that dead cat!”

“What’s wrong with it?” Zhang Jiachang couldn’t help but sigh : “You guys fought again?”

Grandfather Pi lifted his clothes, revealing the teeth marks on his waist, and said aggressively: “It was bitten by a dead cat yesterday.”

Zhang Jiachang quite Shook the head helplessly: “It was pressed by me in the backyard to reflect, and in the morning it was provoking Sister Gou again.”

“It’s damned!”

Zhang Jiachang was actually helpless. , The dead cat really owes the sky, especially when I see canines, it’s even more outrageous, I can’t wait to blow its head with a knife.

But the cat is his own cat, and his own cat fights with people and bites people, so he has to come forward as the owner.

“I’ll give you a roast chicken.”


While Grandfather Pi elated was waiting for the roast chicken, Xu Wei was sitting He quietly raised his head and asked, “Brother Zhang, yesterday Da Huang said that that thing has found me.”

“Well, Grandfather Pi will solve it for you.” Zhang Jiachang complied: “Drink milk tea. Is it?”

“Ah? Drink…”

“Ten dollars.”

Holding the warm milk tea, Xu Wei’s mood immediately calmed down Although I don’t know why, it seems that after drinking a sip of the milk tea here, all the fears have disappeared, and I don’t know if it’s because of Brother Zhang or because of psychological effects.

“Actually, it was the dead cat yesterday.” Grandfather Pi suddenly coldly snorted: “If it hadn’t injured that spooky thing, the old man would have already surrendered it.”

“It slandered me! It slandered me!!!”

Da Huang’s high-pitched cry came from the backyard. Hearing that tone, those who didn’t know thought he had suffered a lot of injustice. .

However, being called by Da Huang, Grandfather Pi’s little face suddenly turned red, Zhang Jiachang knew what was going on at a glance, but he didn’t say anything to the head, just kept busy on.

Xu Wei was a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer. She just sat quietly and looked at Zhang Jiachang, thinking that this man is really like what they said, and it’s impossible that some people don’t like him , has a mild temperament, speaks well, looks good, and has a particularly warm feeling.

The more important thing is that as long as you see him, you don’t need him to do anything, even if you just look at him, you will have a sense of security from the inside out.

Although there is no such cool appearance as the male lead in movies and TV series, and there is no bossy setting, this person is really likable.

While waiting for the roast chicken, Grandfather Pi turned on the music on the player, and the sparrow outside the window was talking on the telephone pole. The nostalgic and soft music matched the sun today. Holding the milk tea, Xu Wei even forgot the horror she was going through for a while.

The breeze rose suddenly, causing the tree shadows to sway, but there was no fear of last night, only the warmth of the warm autumn sun.

Zhang Jiachang, who was sitting at the bar, was also in a daze, staring outside, humming softly to the rhythm of the music, and Brother Yang just pierced through the glass wall and hit him. His side face gave people infinite peace.

Grandfather Pi lay on the bar and stared straight at Zhang Jiachang, and Xu Wei also glanced at him from time to time, time seemed to freeze.

“Whoever talks first is the dog.” Grandfather Pi suddenly said something unfathomable mystery: “Mr. Zhang, Wang Wang…”

Zhang Jiachang sneered and reached out to touch it Touch her head, and Grandfather Pi, who has always had a great temper, is as happy as a rewarded pet when he touches her head.

This smile is really killing people. Xu Wei felt like she was hit by a lightning bolt. She had never seen such a sunny man before. He was unimaginable and unimaginable. It feels… like the sun at 10:30 am in the late autumn in late November, transparent and clear, neither the hot electric stove wire nor the lamp in the refrigerator.

At this time, guests came in one after another, and Brother Zhang was busy again. Everyone who comes here will greet him warmly, and he will greet him one after another, always with that unique warm smile.

“Chang, have a cup of red bean and coconut fruit, remove the sugar.”

There was a crisp call from the door, like a yellow warbler coming out of the valley, Xu Wei looked back subconsciously and found that A woman wearing glasses and a mask pushed through the door.

Although I can’t see the real face, just from the exposed forehead, neck and arms, it can be 100% sure that this girl must be a super beauty.

As expected, she walked over to Grandfather Pi and sat down, taking off her mask and sunglasses. Although I only saw a profile face, Xu Wei felt that she might not be fair after three days of death, and that kind of blowing can break…

It’s sour, really sour.

“Only with you can I be more comfortable.” The girl let out a long breath and half-squatted on the bar: “Make me another sandwich.”

“Okay. “Zhang Jiachang took out the materials from the cabinet: “Have you not been running around recently?”

“Run, how could you not run, I have received several dramas recently, so I don’t have time to sneak over to eat my meal.” Well, I miss you~~~”

Xu Wei shuddered when she heard this delicate voice, but Zhang Jiachang just laughed, and put the milk tea just made in front of her: “Don’t Let your fans hear me, I will be eaten raw.”

“haha…that can’t be done, I will eat it.”

Zhang Jiachang reluctantly shook the head , turned around and went to work. But Xu Wei started after carefully observing this woman, she turned out to be the hottest new top-notch florist in the entertainment circle recently, Bai Mengjie, and she even chased after her TV series!

didn’t expect to meet the daoist in this little place today, and the daoist is prettier than the one on TV.

That kind of inferiority complex filled up all at once, and the flames that were still in Xu Wei’s heart were instantly poured out by a basin of cold water.

“Grandfather Pi is also here.” Bai Mengjie turned her head and glanced at Grandfather Pi: “How are you doing recently.”

“Get up, the smell of rouge gouache, old man Disgusting.”

Bai Mengjie giggled, she put one hand on the bar and looked at Grandfather Pi: “Grandfather Pi, your conditions are not bad, do you want to introduce him to acting?”

Grandfather Pi ignored her, but Bai Mengjie was not angry, she just turned to look at Grandfather Pi: “If you little fox-spirit go to play, you are guaranteed to become a big star soon.”

Originally, Xu Wei wanted to see how Grandfather Pi would deal with this beautiful woman, but didn’t expect her phone to ring again at this moment.

Grandfather Pi frowned, pulled up Xu Wei and left: “Go, take advantage of his illness to kill him!”

Watching Grandfather Pi run out, Bai Mengjie turned her head to look at Zhang Jiachang : “Chang, who is the girl next to Grandfather Pi? Her face is not very good.”

“I see?”

“en.” Bai Mengjie said: “Forget it. , I don’t ask about this kind of thing, I’m just an ordinary person.”

Zhang Jiachang put the cut sandwich in front of her: “It’s best not to ask, Haozi introduced it.”

Hearing Haozi’s name, Bai Mengjie’s face immediately fell: “Haozi is a jerk! I haven’t settled with him yet.”

“You think he can let you catch him. ?”

“That’s true, that bastard really killed me.” Bai Mengjie snorted: “He helped my nemesis change his life for the sake of money, if it weren’t for him, I would have been fired a long time ago!”

“You are already hot enough. Life is like a fire in a furnace, and when it is red, it will turn to ashes. Haozi is actually helping you.”

“I don’t believe it, I have you to protect me, when you were young I said that I wanted to protect me, but I didn’t forget.”

On the other side, Grandfather Pi and Xu Wei were already riding on a shared electric donkey on the road.

“Hurry up and hold him, make an appointment with that thing, and I’ll turn into a tattoo on your body and come with you later! This time the old man will let him run!”

(End of this chapter)

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