What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 70


Chapter 70 Five Prisons 2

“Is there such a thing?”

Haozi who is working on the case got The news was astonishing, because a normal person would be three feet tall after being hit with so many tricks.

And this girl is still able to support her so vigorously for several years, which is a miracle in itself.

However, what amazes Haozi is that as a colleague of Xiao Zhang, she can still get so many tricks by working with such a lucky person every day. It should be said that her life is evil.

In addition to Haozi, Zhu Zhenzhen also ran over from Zhang Yao. After all, Xiaoxiao is her subordinate. Although she vaguely felt that this girl was not right before, she didn’t expect that something was wrong to this extent .

“Brother Zhang, why did it take you so long to find out? Isn’t her symptom quite obvious?”

“Blame me.” Brother Zhang smiled dumbly: “Because I didn’t Curiosity…”

What can I do, he is a person without curiosity, a person would not go deep into those novel things without curiosity, and I happened to see that black thread today. The video tape is wrapped around Xiao Xiao, otherwise even if he sees a black line on her head tomorrow, Brother Zhang will just do it because she did yoga last night.

Of course, if Brother Zhang goes to do a full body scan on her, he can find it. But please, that’s rude.

“That’s not right, it’s weird.”

Haozi walked around Xiaoxiao for a few times, and even Zhu Zhenzhen couldn’t stand the babble, she shouted to Haozi : “Speak quickly, it’s killing me.”

“There are so many things, it seems that someone is not simply offending someone, but someone is feeding her.” Haozi patted his forehead, and then Seriously asked Xiao Xiaodao: “This may not have anything to do with Southeast Asia. When did you start having strange symptoms?”

“Three years ago?” That’s it after coming here.”

Haozi glanced at Thunder Dragon, then coughed and said to Xiaoxiao: “Take me to your place to see.”

Haozi today He didn’t wear work clothes, he appeared in plain clothes, so Xiao Xiao didn’t know what his identity was, but seeing his professional appearance, he thought this was the expert Xiao Zhang said.

She took Haozi to the place she rented out of her trust in Brother Zhang and Boss.

Zhu Zhenzhen had to follow her, Haozi felt a little helpless, but it was not a bad thing to take her there, and she could rub the car…

Soon, their entire group came Small rental place, this place is the kind of classic old GD building. Judging from the surrounding streets and decorations, this building is probably a hundred years old at least, but although it is a little noisy, the overall Also, the location is more lively.

“It’s my house.”

Xiaoxiao brought Boss and Haozi to her home, Haozi immediately wandered around like an occupational disease, but Zhu Zhenzhen was comforting Xiaoxiao all the time, Let her not worry, if she can’t do it, just ask for a leave, and not deducting her salary is such a big deal.

Haozi stopped at a window after walking around for a long time. The window was facing the old building opposite. That building and this building should be sister buildings, but obviously because of that building. The building is not facing the street, so it did not get much attention, even if it is only about ten meters apart, the two front and rear buildings are like Yin-Yang two sectors.

Haozi looked at the building opposite carefully, and before he could speak, the peach blossom tattooed on his left ring finger opened.

“So fierce?” Haozi glanced down at the peach blossoms on his fingers, and then took out the swing stick from his waist: “I’ll go to the opposite building to see, you guys stay here.”

But Haozi is not a rude man. After he got downstairs, he saw that the five fingers of his left hand had opened three flowers. At this time, he realized that this trip might be dangerous, so he directly made a video call. call to Thunder Dragon.

“Pinch my mother, I’m ranking.”

“Do you feel uncomfortable if you don’t say a few dirty words?” Haozi pointed the camera at the gloomy building in front of him. The building: “Will you come? Thrilling and exciting.”

He then gave Thunder Dragon a look at the fourth flower that was slowly blooming in his left hand.

“Fuck! Four?” Thunder Dragon finished scolding and finished the game: “Come on.”

Thunder Dragon always works swiftly and decisively, after a few seconds, This hairy egg had already appeared in front of his Junior Brother, and when he saw the smoking shoes on his feet, he knew that he was running all the way again.

“You’re not afraid of being seen.”

“Look at a hammer.” Thunder Dragon wiped his nose: “Come on?”

“Four flowers. , I don’t dare to go.”

Haozi has a clear understanding of his battle strength. He is the best at mental activities among the twelve spirits, but his battle strength is the last one, two or three. , In order to be able to perceive the danger more clearly, he used the secret technique to plant seven flowers in his hands.

One, two, or three are all he can handle, and if there are more than four, he has to find help. Although this method is sometimes ineffective, for example, the last time I dealt with the resurrection spell, it didn’t work, but it was always better than nothing, and this skill saved Haozi eight times at least.

There are four flowers in my hand now, and the fifth one is also budding. At this level, Haozi may be okay if he is desperate, but he really can’t do it… After all, it can be solved with a phone call, so why bother? Right.

Anyway, this fellow Thunder Dragon is also idle. If you let him come, I am afraid that all seven flowers can be smashed by him with a heavenly thunder.

The two entered the old building slowly, and Haozi instinctively felt uncomfortable seeing the dull and dreary tones around him.

Most of the people living in the building are old people. They maintain the living habits of half a century ago, and they even seem to have traveled in a trance. It is precisely because of this, coupled with the serious lack of light, that this old building is destined to lack yang.

This kind of dark and humid place is most likely to breed some strange things, and many people who play that kind of evil things also like to play in such places, such as Xinmatai, Hong Kong, WW and other places. Most of the things like raising little ghosts and raising gu are also in this kind of place.

“Oh, why hasn’t this place been demolished yet.” Thunder Dragon walked away and complained, “It smells bad.”

“The old buildings are like this, and the musty smell is strong. Haozi also covered his mouth and nose with one hand: “It’s just that this place smells so bad…”

“It smells like carrion.” Thunder Dragon jokingly said: “You said it would only be to return and find it easily?”

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you been looking for people who are involved in overseas cults? I think there is something here. Maybe.”

“If it is true, I may be on a business trip.”

“Will you take me on a business trip?”

“I will take Brother Zhang !” Haozi replied without thinking: “You are somewhat unreliable, but taking Brother Zhang is different.”

“Are you bringing me? Don’t take me back.” Thunder Dragon foul-mouthed said: “Dog thing, help you come out to work for your life, if you want to go on a business trip, you will be long-winded, you can fight yourself, and the boss will resurrect you when you die.”

” You talk nonsense just want me to die?” Haozi pointed at Thunder Dragon and cursed.

And their noisy noises are particularly clear in this old and dilapidated building, and the echoes around them even have some odd tones.

When they arrived outside the corresponding floor, before they could go up the stairs, Haozi suddenly raised his hand to signal Thunder Dragon’s attention. The two who were talking and laughing suddenly held their breath.

The atmosphere on this floor is completely different from that on the next floor. There are still some old people walking down the corridor chatting, but this floor highlights a dead air, even if there is no sun shone brightly outside here. A little bit of sunlight, the canopy of the big banyan tree in the vestibule just blocked out all the sunlight on this floor, and this is also the top floor. The roof of the disrepaired building is seriously leaking, so this floor is covered with moss. It looks like a ruined place that has been abandoned for a long time.

They walked slowly in the corridor, the dead leaves squeaked under their feet, and Thunder Dragon couldn’t help opening the mouth and said: “Do you think this looks like Silent Hill?”


The two continued to move forward. Haozi came to the middle section and took out a positioning compass. Following the instructions of the compass, he took a few steps forward and found that this position was facing a window opposite. At a glance, you can see that the window is the small bedroom of Brother Zhang’s colleague.

“Hey.” Haozi laughed, turning to look at the green-painted tin door in front of him. Although the top was rusted, Haozi still shouted to the inside: “You have been I’m surrounded, I can’t run away.”

After he finished speaking, he made a look at Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon put a finger on the door, only to hear a click from behind, the door was closed like this Thunder Dragon opens.

“Have you gone to the institute to file a record?” Haozi looked at Thunder Dragon: “I have time to file a case.”

“Why are you talking so much nonsense and your mouth is so idle? Can’t stop.”

Thunder Dragon foul-mouthed kicked the door, but Thunder Dragon, who was still trying to babble at the next moment, closed his mouth instantly, because he felt that it might be possible to take another breath. To be poisoned by corpse…

This room is very big, and it is gloomy inside, and it is full of wooden shelves. The wooden shelves are filled with various bottles and cans, and there are also There are all kinds of bizarre creatures, from a full-term baby to a complete black-backed dog, and even a human head…

Haozi couldn’t care less when he saw the scene in front of him. So much, just take out the phone and start calling for reinforcements.

“I think that head should belong to FJ.” Thunder Dragon covered his mouth and nose with one hand, but still couldn’t stop his slut: “This time GD people eat FJ people’s real hammer. I’m done.”

“Can you please stop talking nonsense!”

“Okay…” Thunder Dragon held up a finger, the electric light flickered on it for a while, and then his finger It turned on like a light bulb.

And at the moment when it lit up, Thunder Dragon wa’ed spit it out…

Haozi was more resistant, he turned on the phone and said to it: “Chen Bureau, Intestinal hell has been discovered.”

(End of this chapter)

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