What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 71


Chapter 71 Gu Dragon

β€œsuch insignificant ability to display one’s slight skill before an expert?”

Thunder Dragon’s fighting instinct was almost divine, and Haozi was still there to report the situation, he had already started.

This guy’s arms were folded on his chest, and the electric light spread all around, and there were traces of burning electric energy paths on the ground, and one of the paths was very blurred, and it was on this path. A vague shadow appeared and was pinned to the ground.

But before the Thunder Dragon could go up and open up, the shadow swishly disappeared, and then heard the sound of inhalation from the next room, accompanied by bursts of stench. It came, and almost smoked Haozi and Thunder Dragon.

“Who are you fooling?”

Thunder Dragon kicked the door next door with a jump, clutching his nose and whipping his legs into the dark.

This leg obviously kicked something, and only heard the sound of a heavy object hitting the wall, and then the sound of landing.

The house next door should be very big, but all the windows are blocked, so no sunlight can get in, so Haozi hurriedly turned on the phone to turn on the flashlight mode.

But absolutely didn’t expect Thunder Dragon exploded, just like a super saiyan transformed, electric light flowed on him, the whole person became like a big light bulb, the room Instantly it was transparent.

“I’ll take it.”

Haozi was almost blinded by surprise, but under the rays of light like a morning sun, the secret All the haze in the ventilated room was broken down by this scorching electric light in an instant.

At this point, Haozi discovered that there are altar-like things in the four corners of the room, and there is a Formation in the middle, which is obviously an array for defense, and will call out some in the dark. stuff.

But when the big light bulb of Thunder Dragon shines, lightning is like sunlight, and all the demons and monsters hidden in the dark can only hide in the corner and scream and struggle. Lightning pulls the pain of the soul.

Just take a look, there are more than a dozen defensive objects here, far beyond Haozi’s expectations, no wonder this place can use four and a half copies of the strength, if Haozi A person came, I am afraid that a fierce battle is inevitable, but in the end he was smart to shake the Thunder Dragon. This guy is the Peak battle strength in the Twelve Spirits, and he is born with bloodline suppression against these ghosts and shadow demons.

“Hey, that’s a lot.”

The dazzling Thunder Dragon clenched his fists, his lightning flashed wildly again, and even Haozi had to withdraw strategically .

But just when he was about to smash these strange little devils, Haozi stopped him: “God has the virtue of good life, don’t kill them in vain. They are also practiced by humans. There is no need to kill to the last one for a pitiful person who made a ghost forge corpse.”

Haozi stepped forward, took out a brass dagger and cut his fingers, and then dripped blood on the room’s edge. On the altar and the array, within a short while, the formation of the ghosts here came out with wisps of green smoke, and the row of urns under those altars also shattered.

Haozi took out the Magical Artifact that controlled the ghost from the ashes by lightning, and then squeezed out blood and dripped on it.

The Magical Artifact and the altar were destroyed. Except for the lightning of Thunder Dragon, there was nothing to curb the ghosts in the house. Haozi went out of the door and set up a red rope at the window. Simple death array, and then kicked open the window that was sealed with wooden boards.

A ray of light pierced the original darkness, the kicked hole was like a bottomless black hole, and even a naked eye visible vortex was formed at the entrance of the hole.

Thunder Dragon put away the lightning and watched those ghosts swirl into the black hole, and then disappeared into the branches of the banyan tree outside.

Without these ghosts, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became more relaxed, but Haozi still felt a little disgusted when he thought of the pile of bottles and jars outside.

But now that the danger has been eliminated, he can now safely remove the wooden boards that seal all the windows here.

And Thunder Dragon opened all the doors here.

“I’ll arrest you if you don’t file the record.” Haozi said to Thunder Dragon, “If you don’t kill your relatives righteously, it won’t be so cool.”

“Okay, next time. When you come across five or more flowers, go in and learn how the Buddha used his body to feed tigers, cut flesh to feed eagles, and even more cool, cool enough to cover your martyr’s cemetery with a national flag?” Thunder Dragon opened the door and took a look inside: “This man Do you still make soy sauce?”

Haozi looked over and found that the next room was filled with various pottery jars. Are you making soy sauce?

But when he opened one of the large tanks, he found that there was a large centipede that had already dried up.

Haozi leaned over to pick up the centipede and took a closer look. Although the centipede was shriveled now, even the shriveled centipede was still as long as his forearm, how big would it have been before it was shriveled? ? Not to mention the size of an arm, right?

The situation is similar in other water tanks. All kinds of poisons are present in them, but they are basically dead, and they are not dry, except for a small white snake. There is not yet dead, but the breath is already weak.

“Take this to make wine!” Thunder Dragon happily reached out to grab the little white snake, but the weak little white snake didn’t expect it suddenly turned around and bit Thunder Dragon.

The bite was firm, and Thunder Dragon pulled out his hand with a squeak, and by the way pulled the little white snake out.

After this was pulled out, they only found out where this was a little white snake, simply a little white four-legged snake.

“Wait! Wait a minute!” Haozi leaned over and looked closely at the four-legged snake biting the Thunder Dragon’s fingers, and saw that it was all white, and although it looked extremely weak, its scales were still beautiful , The four legs on the body are like eagle claws, and there are two small drums on the head. It is still hard to touch with the hand, the boundary is clear and there is a clear foreign body sensation.

“It’s a dragon!”

Thunder Dragon stopped throwing it when he heard it. He lifted his finger and observed it carefully: “Hey… it’s true!”

“Raising a Gu to raise a little White Dragon? No!” Haozi slapped his forehead: “He just wants to make a dragon! This is his finished product! But before he can harvest the fruit, he is killed. I found a dragon in this kind of place. In theory, it has to be handed over to the country, but the problem is that Thunder Dragon is not willing. He feels that once it is handed over, this little White Dragon will definitely He was going to be tossed to death, so he said directly: “I’ll give it to the boss, if you want, ask the boss.”

“You…” Haozi was at a loss for words, and looked down at Bureau Chen. He had already brought someone up, but then he also waved his hand and said, “Go, go, they are coming soon.”

ThunderWhite Dragon nodded, grabbed the little dragon in his hand, and jumped up on the guardrail. , just as he was about to take a leap into the air, he suddenly turned his head and asked, “What did you use to break the formation?”


“Why are you an ordinary person? The blood can break the formation?”

“I…” Haozi clenched his fists with both hands: “The blood of pure Yang…”

“A virgin is a virgin, and pure Yang.” Thunder Dragon sneered: “didn’t expect, I’ve been gone for several years, you’re still a virgin, rubbish.”

After scolding, Thunder Dragon jumped out with a swoosh, and the speed was even He couldn’t even react with naked eyes, so he couldn’t see his back anymore.


After Haozi scolded, the hurried footsteps of his colleagues also came from the corridor.

After Chen Ju came over and saw the scene, he had nothing to say. He went straight to summon headquarters to block it. If this is a murder case, let alone a small bureau chief, I am afraid that even the top and the top will be blamed, and it will affect his career.

The forensic team immediately came to investigate what happened to the dead man in the house. The first thing that can be determined is that the man was about forty years old and died four months ago. His body was highly decomposed, and the cause of death was preliminarily determined to be due to pain shock.

As for the large number of other human limbs in the house, it is estimated that it will take some time for the screening to come to a conclusion.

Haozi also analyzed according to the situation at the scene. If there is no accident, this person will be in the second prison. After the tongue is pulled out, he will have intestinal pumping. The cause of his death is not accidental because his intestines were pulled out of the body. And was hurt alive.

There have been two of the five prisons of reincarnation…

In the innermost room on this floor, I found a diary, but it didn’t record anything useful. The thing that is probably recorded some bad tastes of the owner of the diary, that is, the deceased.

Among them, all kinds of beauties are mostly written, and from the content of the diary, it can be seen that Xiaoxiao is one of his concerns, but the problem is that Xiaoxiao lives close, and she doesn’t like it very much. Going out, so I was observed by this dead man for the longest time.

The duration is about three or four years, which just corresponds to the time of the small and medium gu, and as for why the small gu will continue to drop his head after that, this matter still has to wait for the follow-up investigation. to draw conclusions.

However, it can be seen from the record of this person and the situation at the scene that the deceased is very likely to be isolated from the world in a dark environment for a long time, and he has been studying implant techniques and head down all his life. So the character and thinking are very distorted.

And if you want to understand such a person, it is difficult and difficult, and simple is also easy. After all, for a pervert, what he does is not difficult to understand.

Later, according to some social software information of the deceased and the content of the email, it can be found that he has indeed been in communication with overseas, and every month, a certain bank card is fixed to him. A sum of money is remitted .

This basically confirms that this person is also a member of that organization. As for his status, it is hard to say. Still need to wait for the follow-up investigation.

“Ahao.” Bureau Chen stood on the corridor and lit a cigarette and said, “The boss approved, we set up a special event team, I thought about it for a long time, and decided to make you responsible. .”

Haozi stared wide-eyed when he heard it: “Really?”

“Really, other people are not as professional as you.”

“Guaranteed to complete the task!” Haozi saluted at Jue Chen, “I will live up to the expectations of the organization!”

(End of this chapter)

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