What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 72


Chapter 72 Little White Dragon

“How can there be such a pervert!”

When all the faults of Xiao all come from a perverted prying and selfish desire, she looks quite irritable, but what can be done about this kind of thing, who can stop a perverted perverted behavior, even more how he is still so secretive .

But fortunately, this pervert has died, and the death is very tragic and painful, this can be considered in disguise to avenge Xiao Xiao.

It’s just that she has been eroded by venomous insect’s poison and head down over the years, and she now needs some time to recover.

“The problem is not a big one, but it will take a long time. I will come to you once a week in the future.”

Haozi said to Xiao Xiao seriously: “But it may be The process of poisoning will be a bit painful, you have to endure it.”

It’s not strange for a boy to show his ability in front of a girl, he can obviously go to Brother Zhang with Xiaoxiao, Brother Zhang solved it in ten minutes.

But… people are probably selfish, because whether it is venomous insect’s poison or head down, there is no big problem in the case of no one’s control, even if it is associated with it for a lifetime, He didn’t even feel any special pain, and Brother Zhang also helped Xiaoxiao get rid of the most terrifying Hungry Ghost Curse.

Then Haozi can say that he’s here to help Xiaoxiao’s wounds, that’s not a problem, right…

Of course, it’s not nice to say this kind of thing , but Xiaoxiao is really cute. He is Haozi’s food, and if you really want to ask Xiao Zhang to help, with Xiao Zhang’s behavior, this venomous insect’s poison will kill Xiao Xiao’s half-life. of.

Slowly detoxification like Haozi, can communicate feelings without pain, very good, very good…

At the moment at the milk tea shop, Thunder Dragon and Xiao Zhang Brother’s heads were put together to look at the little White Dragon who was eating and eating in a small jar.

“Dragon actually eats beef?” Thunder Dragon curiously looked at the little White Dragon gorge oneself: “But if you didn’t look carefully, I really thought it would be a large four-legged snake.”

Brother Xiao Zhang is nodded, after all, this guy is too small, it seems that he is a dragon raised by the technique of raising Gu, but no matter what kind of dragon, it is a dragon.

This is a Level 1 spiritual object. Although I don’t know why those people raised it, if there is no accident, it will definitely be used to refine the top Magical Artifact.

Looking at this poor and lovely little fellow, Thunder Dragon is a heartfelt liking.

“Let it stay.” Thunder Dragon raised his head and said to Brother Zhang: “It’s fate to meet this kind of spiritual object, and it’s white. Our fox is shit yellow. Yes, it’s not too much to get a White Dragon, right?”

Brother Zhang laughed and teased the little White Dragon who had just eaten and drank with his hand, the little thing seemed to like Brother Zhang very much. In the aura, he raised his body and gently rubbed his fingers with his head.

Thunder Dragon saw this scene and stretched his hand in happily, but he was bitten again without any accident…

“Boss, if you want me to see, it’s still Let’s get the wine.”

Brother Zhang patted his hand, picked up the little White Dragon and put it into the bamboo forest, then returned to the store and sat down: “didn’ t expect also has an unexpected harvest.”

“You can put it in the woods, right?”

“Born to be a dragon, no matter how weak or unbearable it is, the dragon is in the end. It’s still a dragon, nothing else can compare.” Brother Zhang sat down and whispered: “There are Spiritual Qi feet in the woods, and the other end is connected to the Spiritual Illusory Realm, so it can find suitable food for it.”

Hearing what Brother Zhang said, Thunder Dragon was relieved.

But after a while, he who was frightened and flustered suddenly patted his thigh and shouted, “If it is really the dragon that those people cultivated, if such a precious thing is lost, will they come to find fault? Ah.”

Brother Zhang’s expression immediately became strange: “Find the fault?”

Thunder Dragon thought for a while, then slowly raised his hand and slapped himself : “Boss, I feel so stupid…how can I be so stupid.”

“I’m used to it.”

“Can’t you comfort me…” Thunder Dragon lay on the counter and said weakly: “But boss, why do you think someone would raise dragons?”

“Go ask the King of the Mountain, I don’t know.”

“You’re right.”

Actually speaking of which is a bit funny, the smartest among the twelve spirits is the pig and the bravest is the rat, which basically doesn’t match everyone’s common sense , and sometimes even their own people may not understand the truth.

But if you can’t figure it out, you can’t figure it out, as long as someone can explain the origin of that little White Dragon.

Thus Thunder Dragon directly called the King of the Mountain, who had only played once.

This Shanda, who always likes to use non-standard Mandarin to advertise that he is a rich and local businessman from Shishi, after meeting Brother Zhang, his Mandarin is extremely standard, and he can even catch up with the news host.

“I lost it, you can speak Mandarin, so standard.”

King Shan looked at Thunder Dragon coldly, and didn’t even bother to pay attention to him, just to Xiao Zhang Said: “Bring me a bottle of beer, and some more sausages.”

“I tell you, don’t be shameless.” Thunder Dragon shouted beside him: “Give me another face. , I really beat people up.”

Although Thunder Dragon is an idiot in the eyes of Shan Dawang, but this idiot can’t stand the high battle strength. Cost-effective…

This is probably the helplessness of people with high IQs being crushed by people with high martial power. After all, IQs are useless when they are beaten.

“I graduated from the Broadcasting Department of Zhengjing Media University. Do you think I can speak Mandarin?” Shan Dawang pointed to himself and said, “I! Media University! Broadcasting Department!”

“It’s over if you don’t say it, you’re all itchy.”

When encountering such a person, most people will actually feel like a scholar meets a soldier, and they can’t go anyway. Think about it, it’s very unfortunate.

And Xiao Zhang smiled and watched them make trouble. After waiting for a while, he opened the mouth and said: “Don’t forget to ask the king of the mountain.”

“Yes, yes, you don’t. Saying that I forgot about my business, why would I compete with a pig.”

The King of the Mountain rolled the eyes and continued to be too lazy to pay attention to him.

But after Thunder Dragon told him all about today’s events, the King of the Mountain actually became interested.

As a living encyclopedia of folklore, he can retrieve the relevant memory in his brain in a very short time, but he has searched for this entry for a long time before he can get it from a deep place excavated.

“I once saw it in a book by accident. That book is a bit more eccentric. It is just a supplementary record of a branch under Huainanzi, and there is a theory in it that says Land of Extreme Yin raises the Extreme Yang thing, and if you guess correctly, they developed the technology to raise dragons with venomous insect’s poison based on this theory.”

“Can this thing still develop technology?” Thunder Dragon’s face was full of faces. Shock.

“The times are changing, aren’t there still mobile devices and APPs to cast spells? Chonggu is a disease, and must continue to develop in order to adapt to the society and not be eliminated.” King Shan said: “I, the information processing terminal in the Twelve Spirits, was bullied all day long by your anthropoid with the fiery biceps in your head. That’s quite unwilling. So I’ve been collecting ways to deal with you, and I’m in a hurry. I can make you miserable for the rest of your life, that’s keeping pace with the times.”

Thunder Dragon blinked his eyes quickly: “See what you can.”

“According to you What I said, I think this person should have been lurking here for a while, because he successfully raised a dragon, and the probability of this is probably 1 in 1 million.”

β€œ Yes, yes, after we went in, there was a room of pottery jars, only the little White Dragon.”

“Well, where’s that guy? I want to meet him, he must be a genius in the insert technique.”

“Dead.” Thunder Dragon spread his hands helplessly: “It’s been half a year since he died, and when we passed, he was about to become soy sauce.”

King Shan felt very It’s a pity, but he didn’t say anything, he just offered to take a look at the dragon, but after hearing that he was put into the illusion by Brother Zhang, he stopped struggling.

After that, Thunder Dragon asked him a lot of questions. After all, Shan Dawang is the mobile hard disk and processor of the Twelve Spirits. Generally speaking, they will solve the problems encountered during this period of time. Summarize and submit it to King of the Mountain, and then he will analyze and process it.

The Xu Wei case some time ago, the Five Prison Reincarnation case, and today’s Gu Dragon, etc.

Shan Dawang will store this information in his memory area, and then automatically match when he encounters relevant content, and then gradually solve those unsolved mysteries.

Although he can be said to be the last in battle strength among the Twelve Spirits, as a powerful processor, his sense of existence is no less than Thunder Dragon.

It’s just that he doesn’t like talking to the Thunder Dragon gang, because he instinctively thinks they’re all stupid…

“Okay, I’ll sort things out for you. You listen.”

After getting all the information during this period, King Shan began to say what he had concatenated.

The beginning of everything is actually not the Xu Wei case but the recovery of Spiritual Qi who was followed closely from behind. That is to say, it is because of Spiritual Qi’s recovery that there is Xu Wei’s case and everything that follows.

After the Xu Wei case, the story line was divided into two, one part was the organization that tried to revive the magic spirit, and the other was the resurrected magic soul organization.

According to what happened during this time, the organization of the soul of magic has begun to target Demon God, so it means that there must be a top warlock resurrected, and the organization that hopes to resurrect the soul of magic has also followed suit.

Haozi and the others have declared war, and they are trying to make things happen using the forbidden technique of the five prisons.

And that organization must be a huge organization with a highly modern network that can even penetrate into every aspect of society.

And the variable here is the resurrected magic soul organization, they must have started their own power accumulation, because the resurrection magic was not successful, so they will also penetrate into the corners of society horn.

“There must be something wrong with your ex-girlfriend’s fiancΓ©. It would be better if you can arrest him directly. Also, investigate the case of killing the Boss. Since the murderer died earlier than the victim, then this must be the case. Reincarnated in someone else’s body, but now the other party uses Golden Cicada to shell out, but the distance is not too far, that is, about 20 meters away, how many people can be in the 20 meters? It is easy to check. “

The most mountainside king concluded: “Now the first thing to pay attention to is the supernatural forces outside the country. They have many sources of funds outside the country, and they can develop a lot. The second is to shift their attention to the arts.” On the soul, because there is not much breeding ground for them in China, and at this stage, especially when the two have been almost destroyed by Demon God, warlock, an organization that has escaped from the private sector, will continue to dive deeper. Until they feel that they have accumulated enough strength. And now we can lead the snake out of the hole, only the overseas organizations, they will allow the achievements of their hard work for many years to be cut off, and more importantly, they may not know the ten The existence of Erling.”

After finishing speaking, King Shan looked up at Brother Zhang: “I don’t even know about the existence of the boss.”

(End of this chapter)

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