What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 73


Chapter 73 The standard mode of entrapment

If you want to ask which entrapment is stronger, it must be the Grandfather Pi professional.

Although the work she once did was not very glorious, but in a short period of time, she became one of the most skilled members of the network in the milk tea shop, and she was also the moderator of the spiritual forum and the moderator of the spiritual group. Management, every day you only need to post pictures of legs and selfies wearing white socks, and there will be a lot of dog men working for her.

“I think it must be natural first, and it is definitely not good to go up rashly.” Grandfather Pi said after thinking for a while: “So we have to have a discussion first.”

“Well , this is reasonable, the difference in IQ between people is only five minutes.” Haozi looked at Thunder Dragon who was playing Gobang every year not far away and said, “Except for Thunder Dragon.”

“I’m going to get you a few numbers, and then whoever writes a topic thread will ask a question, ‘Is there any dragon in the world?'” Grandfather Pi looked calm, as if deceiving people was commonplace for her Similar: “Then we started to perform, first quarreled, and then someone threw a picture of little White Dragon, and then we insisted that it was P, and then the person who was questioned opened a separate post and broadcasted Little White every day. Dragon’s daily life.”

Grandfather Pi said, shaking his finger and saying: “I can’t tell anyone the address, don’t reply to any private messages, but I need to bring out some vague environmental characteristics in the picture, To give the impression that we are amateurs.”

The idea of the Grandfather Pi was immediately accepted by everyone, because the dragon is not a scumbag at any time, it must be Scarce and precious, so if that organization can have the resources to raise dragons, it will definitely not be a small-scale street organization, so they will definitely pay special attention to this news.

This psychic forum is the largest Chinese psychic forum, they impossible will not pay attention to this content. But if you go fishing directly, it would be too salty to hook straight bait, so you must twist a little bit, make the setting of this little White Dragon to be picked up by accident, and then keep it at home as a pet.

In this case, the other party will soon discover the little White Dragon, and as long as a professional player can see at a glance whether the little White Dragon is a P picture, so as long as you publish the beautiful photos of the little White Dragon every day, Soon they will be visiting.

Considering that for the first time, they will not send high-end battle strength, nor will they know any deeper inside information, so they decided that if they send low-end personnel, they can be less anxious, Just let them hit soft nails. Then step by step lure the enemy deep, and wait until the opponent’s high level battle strength arrives, then…hehe.

Actually, Haozi can’t imagine what would happen if someone took the initiative to release offensive skills to Xiao Zhang, because in the ten years since Xiao Zhang woke up to the present, he has never blushed with anyone. He is very gentle. Whenever I see him, he is always sitting on a chair under the sun or turning pages or listening to songs or looking up at the sky.

So humans can’t imagine things they haven’t seen before, so how little Brother Zhang will face the attack has become the focus of everyone’s curiosity.

“You just want to see me do it with people?” Brother Zhang also found it funny: “I think you guys are perverted.”

“It’s not perverted, but really curious. .” Thunder Dragon suddenly jumped high from behind the crowd, with lightning in his hands: “Leiqie!”

Brother Zhang just smiled, his pupils moved a few times, and the surroundings seemed to be slowly Like the solidified asphalt, it started to slow down, and under such relative stillness, Brother Zhang first took off the electric light in Thunder Dragon’s hand, then grabbed a sausage and put it in his hand, and finally dragged him from the air. Get down and put it on the chair, and after all this is done, the bullet time mode is released.

The Thunder Dragon that attacked with lightning just now was sitting on a chair with a sausage in his hand, his face full of confusion. In the eyes of others, the whole process is that Thunder Dragon suddenly exploded like crazy, and then nothing happened, he sat on the chair with the sausage in his hand, like being slapped by someone on Mount Emei The monkey who slapped but couldn’t react.

“Let me tell you, you can’t see how my boss shot.” Thunder Dragon shook his head and said, “Give it up.”

Brother Zhang said with a smile : “You guys are all normal.”

“Promise me! If there is a day when Must be handsome, don’t disappear so suddenly, it’s very uninspiring.” Thunder Dragon leaned forward and said almost begging : “Are you okay!”

Brother Zhang is still very helpless in the face of this kind of guy, he can only sigh and answer: “Okay okay, are you satisfied?”

“Satisfied It’s over!”

Then they continued to discuss this aspect, until at night, Haozi answered the phone and left in a hurry. scattered.

Only Thunder Dragon and Xu Wei were sitting in the room, studying thunder techniques, while Brother Zhang was putting the mud-sealed roast chicken into the stuffy stove.

Everything seemed to be in order, but at this moment, there was a sound from outside, and after a while, a youngster in his early twenties came in, stick one’s head around to look for. After arriving at Brother Zhang, I greeted nodded with a smile on my face.

“Good evening, good evening.” The man walked in and sat down: “I want to ask, are there any twelve spirits here? I came here following the breath of the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon. “

tone barely fell , Thunder Dragon stood up with a snort, and looked at the young man with bright eyes, his expression was very bad: “What?”

“Don’t get me wrong, don’t get me wrong.” .” The young man quickly stood up: “Introduce myself first, I am Huang Die’er from the Thirty-Two Corpse Deconstruction Immortals, hehe… an old friend.”

Thunder Dragon heard this name , the expression changed from surprise, astonishment, doubt, fear and finally to astonishment.

Who is this person? In fact, it is also interesting. This is the first love girlfriend of the first generation Thunder Dragon and a tragic woman who was killed by the first generation Thunder Dragon. Although she is one of the thirty-two corpses, she is also the most sorry for the first generation Thunder Dragon. people.

Because she was like Asura to others, but she was meticulous to the original Thunder Dragon. In the end, even if she died in the hands of the original Thunder Dragon, she still said to Thunder Dragon just before she died. There are four words “there is rice in the pot”.

This place is boring to take a stand, because Thunder Dragon is indeed right in the big picture, but this has also become the heart of Thunder Dragon for two thousand years. No matter how many generations of inheritance, Thunder Dragon is I am in this torment all the time.

Now that Huang Die’er is back, even though she has completely changed her appearance, when she heard the name, Thunder Dragon’s DNA was fucking moved. Thousands of years of pain suddenly returned from the depths of my heart.

“Long time no see.” Huang Dier sat on the small stool in front of the counter, turned around and asked, “Are you still doing business?”

Brother Zhang nodded : “What do you want?”

“Let’s have a bowl of… vegetable soup and rice.”

Hearing these three words, Thunder Dragon’s heart almost broke, the kind of hidden The pain in the depth of one’s soul was fully mobilized, and he couldn’t help crying.

Brother Zhang curl one’s lip, he doesn’t know what happened two thousand years ago, but from the current situation, Thunder Dragon may be worse.

Thunder Dragon squatted on the ground clutching his chest, the usual thunder technique Heavenly Dragon of aloof and remote is now like a helpless child.

Though they were now facing one of the thirty-two corpses they had been searching for, Thunder Dragon couldn’t even speak.

Xiao Zhang smiled and shook the head, bent down and got a handful of cabbage, washed it with lard, then added some seasonings to make a pot of soup, and then put the leftovers. The meal was poured down, and while waiting for the water to boil, he took a stool and sat there watching the two wonderful performances in front of him.

“You’ve changed quite a bit.” Huang Die’er looked at Thunder Dragon for a long time: “You used to be full of dust, but now you have soft skin and tender meat.”

Thunder Dragon sat there with his head down, the memory area was constantly pouring out fragments, emotions and memories were pouring into his head crazily, which made him suddenly become very dazed.

“Okay, I’m not here to collect debts from you.” Huang Dier said with a smile: “I’m just telling you that the Thirty-Two Corpse Immortals have recovered one after another.”

Thunder Dragon took a deep breath, and when he looked up again, his face was covered in tears, and he said in a hoarse voice: “You wait for a while, why I don’t know you, but I want to cry when you come out? “

“I haven’t recalled yet? It’s alright, I’ll eat first, and you’ll recall slowly.”

This man said he wasn’t here to collect debts, but he obviously did. Debt collectors, this villain is very powerful, and when he comes up, he can toss the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon into this.

At this time, Sister Gou seemed to smell something, and slowly walked in from behind, and when Huang Dieer saw Sister Gou, she immediately screamed and rushed up: “Xiao Bai!!! “

Sister Gou was startled, turned into a human shape, looked at the man who was hugging her in front of him, sniffed his scent slightly, and showed an unbelievable expression in her eyes: “Butterfly!~ “

“It’s me, it’s me! I’m back!” Huang Die’er looked very excited, and she seemed to be very familiar with Sister Gou: “I’ve missed you so much for so many years.” “

Sister Gou slowly pushed him away and looked up and down: “How did it become like this?”

As for how it became like this, it is naturally It’s a long story for a child without a mother. After serving Xiao Zhang’s soup, Huang Die’er chatted with Sister Gou while eating, probably since she died that year.

She didn’t have body dies and Dao disappears, but was restrained by Qing Lingzi’s Magical Artifact. If she guessed correctly, Qing Lingzi planned to use her Dao Soul to refine Magical Artifacts.

But it’s probably God’s will. Before Magical Artifact began to be refined, Qin King Zhao Zheng ordered the Qing Lingzi to be dealt with, and then her Dao Soul was sealed underground. a long dark time.

She was suddenly released a few days ago for no reason, but after a long period of darkness, she was actually a little muddleheaded, so she drifted with the wind between Heaven and Earth.

Until two months ago, she inadvertently saw a body without a soul lying on the bed, and entered this body almost instinctively.

“It took me two months to learn how to stand up to pee!” Huang Die’er complained to Sister Gou: “But I still always pee on my body.”

( End of this chapter)

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