What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Yellow Butterfly and Corpse Immortal

The chain reaction triggered by the appearance of Yellow Butterfly began to appear.

Qing Lingzi clearly perceives the fluctuation of Huang Die’er’s Soul Power, but he also knows that this fluctuation is on the side of the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon.

“Unfamiliar dog!”

Qing Lingzi yelled angrily at the “two generals” who were sitting at the window waiting to be repaired. He really didn’t think about it. That Huang Die’er is a corpse fairy, but the first thing after waking up is to find the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon.

She died at the hands of this man back then, but she was still so obsessed, what kind of feeling was this?

Qing Lingzi is not very good at this aspect, but he is also deeply disappointed with Huang Die’er.

It should be known that although Huang Die’er’s overall ranking in Corpse Immortals is not high, her combat ability is very powerful.

Huang Die’er’s real name is Huan Die’er. She is good at manipulating the power of mind with one hand. Except for the heavenly thunder, no one is her opponent, even the tiger spirit can’t help her.

In this special period, if you can get Huang Die’er’s help, you can not only quickly accumulate strength, but also be able to stably avoid danger.

What a pity! hateful!

It’s a shame that this woman actually betrayed her and went to the Twelve Spirits after recovering! It’s a pity that he lacks such a powerful help, and the two wastes from the physics department are really not enough for others to fight.

And the appearance of Huang Die’er means that Qing Lingzi is going to move again, because the woman who is side with the outsiders instead of one’s own people will definitely sell herself completely, and now to Qing Lingzi. For Lingzi, the most difficult thing is to change his identity, because it has been half a year since he came to this world, and he was really broken by the ID card system.

Now the best way is to find another body by yourself and completely cut the past, but this is not so easy, because it is difficult for me to restore the bits and pieces of my current body cultivator. , and then change the body again, the upper limit of his cultivation base will be reduced by 20%, this is already less than 40%, and if it is reduced by 20%, is the Qinglingzi still alive?

In such a big unfavorable situation, Qing Lingzi impossible will take the initiative to lower the cultivation base, and judging from Huang Die’er’s initiative to release Soul Power to attract her attention, if you don’t pay attention a little, you will He was caught as a fish by the twelve spirits.

Moving! Had to move, couldn’t stay for a moment.

And when Qing Lingzi was moving, Huang Die’er was very lively.

Although Huang Die’er is a man now, it doesn’t affect Thunder Dragon’s recovery of past memories and the guilt that she came from deep in one’s heart.

“I am the yellow butterfly in the corpse deciphering fairy, the phantom butterfly spirit technique yellow butterfly.” Huang Dier pointed to his laughed and said to Haozi: “What? What’s under my pomegranate skirt, why do I see people so fierce now?”

“It’s disgusting.” Haozi shuddered: “Go on, gay dragon.”

Thunder Dragon shook his head hurriedly, seeing that Huang Die’er was smiling wildly, but it was just that the tricks appeared on a man, no matter how he looked at it, it was awkward.

“So you mean that you were possessed in a vegetative body and then gave birth again?”

“I think this may not be reincarnated in someone else’s body but… …move the soul.” Huang Die’er subconsciously flipped the hair around her ear, her movements charming and gentle: “I don’t have all the memories of this body before, but it doesn’t matter, they said I was amnesia, so I recognized it. I’ve been doing rehabilitation training for the past two months, such as literacy.”

Huang Die’er said, suddenly looking towards Haozi, extend the hand and poked his forehead: “You ah you Ah you, how did you become the leader, and how did the Twelve Spirits become like this now?”

“Ah…this…I…” After hesitating for a long time, Haozi suddenly raised his head and said sternly. : “No, what are you doing with my twelve spirits as an autopsy immortal?”

“Can’t you? You have to call me sister-in-law.”

Thunder Dragon vomited out on the spot, and Sister Gou patted his back distressedly, and looked back at Huang Die’er with a complicated look. This is indeed a bit…a bit embarrassing.

“I’ll send you, sister-in-law will send you.” Thunder Dragon shouted to Haozi: “It’s a reward for you by senior brother.”

Haozi’s expression He coughed a few times, and then said to Huang Die’er: “Can you know the location of the corpses?”

“Anyway, I used Soul Power to send a message to Qing Lingzi, he is sure It’s a resuscitation. But this wily old fox thing, after receiving my signal, immediately cut off contact.” Huang Dier coldly snorted: “The dog thief who wants to refine me into Magical Artifact, I’m not this time. To ask him a debt of blood must be paid in blood.”

“What about him?” Haozi pointed to the Thunder Dragon next to him: “Didn’t you die at his hands?”

“He… a real man stands between Heaven and Earth, it is reasonable and reasonable, how can I blame it.” Huang Die’er sighed: “This is probably my life, sometimes I think about it. I think this fellow is hateful and hateful, but when I think of those happy days, how can I bear to blame.”

“I think this should be true love.” Brother Zhang said with a smile beside him: “Lian This kind of thing can’t be blamed.”

Huang Die’er’s attitude towards Brother Zhang has changed 180 degrees at this time, she turned around and bowed to Brother Zhang: “Last night I really didn’t know that you were the Holy Master… and I asked you to cook for me, but that’s damned.”

Brother Zhang waved his hand gently: “I’m not in the same system as you guys, It doesn’t matter.”

“That can’t be true, the Holy Master is the Holy Master, and you can’t neglect it for a moment.” Huang Dier said, and suddenly patted his forehead: “Look at my memory, you know that this season is Spiritual Qi has recovered?”

Of course everyone knew about this, but there seemed to be some special secrets in his words that he didn’t say.

“You know that I can read minds, right?”

Haozi clutched his chest and took two steps back when he heard this, while Brother Zhang shook his head and said: ” Don’t be afraid, this is the realm of forbidden magic. Outsiders can’t cast spells here.”

“Even if not, I wouldn’t dare to show off in front of the Holy Master.” Huang Dier continued: “That’s right. While walking in the crowd, I found some news, because Spiritual Qi has recovered, there will be many so-called Sects that will reopen the gates one after another in the future. I went to find out about those sects. Why are they so weak?”

“No matter how much, you should talk about seeing the spirit child clearly.” Thunder Dragon resisted the nausea and asked, “Why can’t you choose a woman? What about my body.”

“What do you want to do? Do you think I will have a skinship with you? I said I forgive you? I forgive you if you don’t blame it? Dreaming!”

” It’s good to dream… it’s good to dream…” Thunder Dragon let out a long breath, patted his chest and beeped softly: “It doesn’t matter if I dream, I’m just afraid of you dreaming.”

“What is there to say about Qinglingzi? Yes, an Old Dog, wily old fox.” When Huang Die’er mentioned Qing Lingzi, it was called gnashing teeth, the kind of gnashing teeth he wanted to eat his flesh: “But I’m here to remind you, clear Lingzi now has less than 80% of his skill left at most. As far as I am concerned, the ability to move the soul is completely reduced by 30%, and it will take many years of cultivation to recover, and the same is true of Qing Lingzi.”

“Oh? That’s not a good opportunity?”

“No, on the contrary. You don’t know Qing Lingzi’s Old Dog.” A first-class person, he has a 12-point certainty to calculate the eight-point account. If he only has eight points, then he will completely hide and wait for the opportunity. Don’t believe it, you can find it as you like. If I can find him, I will lose.”

However, he added: “Except for the Holy Master, but if the Holy Master does this kind of thing, it will simply humiliate the Holy Master’s name. Head, I’ve never heard of anyone helping the dog in the house to fight.”

“I don’t like this name, hurry up and withdraw it.” Thunder Dragon frowned said: “What’s not a dog, I’ll talk to you about it. The boss is the owner and the dog? That’s the brother, dear friends and relatives!”

“Well, it really doesn’t sound good.” Brother Zhang also echoed: “I don’t think of them as dogs, and I don’t either. I don’t really want to take care of these things, it’s not my business, and I’m not interested. “

Huang Die’er nodded again and again, cup one fist in the other hand and bowed: “What the Holy Master said… The Holy Master should not care about this. “

“That is, not every leader will order the front-line machine gun squad to move forward twenty meters.” “Haozi nods and said: “That is to say, it’s not too late for me to find out Lingzi now?” “

“Yes, I advise you not to waste your energy. The reason why Qing Lingzi is a cunning Old Dog is that he never exposes himself to danger, and was deceived by Zhao Gao again. , Now that he has become more suspicious and suspicious, I am afraid that even if it is a corpse, he may not completely trust it. Huang Die’er said: “But don’t worry, I want to find a way to kill this Old Dog, and I even want to make the old lady into a Magical Artifact, and the old lady has never suffered such a loss when she grows up. “

“Thunder Dragon is the initiator of this.” “Haozi pointed to Thunder Dragon and asked, “Isn’t he the culprit? “

“I want you to take care of it?” “Huang Die’er gave Haozi a white look: “There are too many words. “

“Yes! “Thunder Dragon also echoed next to him: “You are so much bullshit, I want you to take care of it!” “

The second monk Haozi was puzzled, and was speechless by this pair of enemies from the previous life, and could not understand the operation of these two people at all.

“I want Join the Twelve Spirits. “Huang Die’er suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Holy Lord…you see?” “

Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “It’s not what I said, the Twelve Spirits have nothing to do with me. I don’t even know what the Holy Master is in your mouth.” “

“Huh? You don’t know what the Lord does? “Huang Dier asked in astonishment: “No one told you to listen?” “

“No, but I don’t care what I can do if I know, anyway, I know what my responsibilities are. “

Brother Zhang’s words made Huang Die’er nodded again and again, and then Huang Die’er continued: “The Holy Master understands well… But you still have to be careful, Qing Lingzi is a genius amongst geniuses, he Maybe it will be restored soon. And also know the location of a dead body, do you want to know? ”

(end of this chapter)

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