What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 75


Chapter 75 Nonsense

As Qing Lingzi said, Huang Die’er really sold him, and the sale was very special Completely, without any suspense, went to the camp of the Twelve Spirits.

For what? Of course it’s for the man I love, otherwise what else can I do? It’s not just for a bite of Brother Zhang’s roast chicken, is it?

Her ability is very evil and rare, and can easily locate those who don’t know how to cover up their breath, and her mind reading is also very powerful. Although she can’t read relatively powerful people, don’t say It’s human, and even those who can read the idea of a dog can get a lot of information.

But the most embarrassing thing about her appearance is Thunder Dragon. This Fairy is now a man, and he is a handsome young man. Whoever sees a young man winks at himself every day. Not uncomfortable?

even more how With her appearance, Thunder Dragon’s ancient memory was awakened. The current state is that Thunder Dragon both resents the man of the other party and has strong feelings for the butterfly itself.

Thunder Dragon’s mood almost collapsed several times due to this contradiction and sense of twisting, and everyone sitting there was sluggish.

“Holy Lord, if you want me to say, it’s better for you to take the lead, I’ll help you out, and with the Twelve Spirits, the soul of Qing Lingzi will surely be able to fly away. and scattered.”

Huang Die’er was originally a lobbyist, she was neat and organized, she didn’t encourage Brother Zhang to take action, she just encouraged him to start a team alone.

But Brother Zhang obviously remained unmoved. He sat there with his mobile phone in his hand and looked up at Huang Dier from time to time. When she was almost done, Brother Zhang said, “Twelve Whether it’s a spirit or a corpse, what does it have to do with me?”

“But aren’t the twelve spirits your friends?”

“That’s also a friend’s business. It’s not about the Twelve Spirits, let alone any contradiction with the corpse, right? Everyone has their own way, and all the results in the world are caused by everyone’s choices at every node. What to interfere?” Brother Zhang asked back: “If I am partial, what position do I have to restrain me? I have said that I will help as much as I can, but which position does it make me sit on? Allowed.”

“Who is not allowed?” Huang Dier curiously asked: “Who can restrain you?”

“Me.” Brother Zhang pointed to himself Said: “The only one who can restrain me is myself, so I must restrain myself more strictly, otherwise, once the Three Realms balance is broken, don’t persuade me again, I am not interested, but if you are interested, I can give you a push Personal.”

“Okay, okay!!!” Huang Die’er clapped her hands happily: “It must be an amazing person recommended by the Holy Lord.”

In fact, who else can Brother Zhang recommend to her, but it’s just Zhang Yao. Anyway, she’s making a team at Zhang Luo, and now Huang Die’er has defected from the corpse and Xie Xian, and she will always have to live in the future. Die’er is also considered to be an insider of Peak’s industry, and she is very knowledgeable about all kinds of insider stories, so she is quite suitable for Zhang Yao’s side.

As for how she deals with Zhang Yao, that is her and Zhang Yao’s business, and little brother Zhang is too lazy to care.

“Don’t pester the boss, and tell me the whereabouts of that corpse immortal.” Thunder Dragon shouted from the side: “Who is it?”

When it came to this topic, Huang Die’er took a bit of seriousness: “It’s pig gall, the one in the Thirty-two Corpse Decomposition Immortals, this person is not vicious and merciless but also not a good master, he is like me now. I don’t really want to continue working with Qing Lingzi. Before I came to see you, I met him first. What he meant was to ask me, if he wants to live in peace now, can Twelve Spirits not find him? Trouble.”

Thunder Dragon sneered: “What do you swear to do with the law? Does he want to live in peace?”

“Then go see him. .” Huang Dier chuckled: “Take a good look at whether he really just wants to live a life.”

It’s actually quite simple, it’s not very difficult, nothing more It was to let Haozi know that the corpse deciphering immortal is not a piece of iron, and he also knew the current position of a corpse deciphering immortal, and by the way, he disgusted Thunder Dragon.

In the early morning of the second day, Thunder Dragon and Huang Die’er went to find Zhu Kugan, Xiao Zhang looked towards their backs, but in a trance, he saw a tall man with a The lively and cheerful girl does not even have the slightest feeling of two men, simply the atmosphere of a married couple.

But this kind of thinking can’t let Thunder Dragon know, or he will definitely be rolling on the ground.

β€œSpeaking of which is also interesting, there must be Thunder Dragon with an ex-girlfriend within a radius of 20 kilometers, and now this is done by a man.”

Haozi sat at the counter drinking Porridge, he just came back from the outside, and the whole night made him look very haggard, and his eyes were even on Thunder Dragon and Huang Die’er, and he took it back after they had left for a long time.

“Fate is a wonderful thing.” Brother Zhang put a small dish in front of Haozi: “No matter how far or how long it is, as long as the fate is still there, it will come back.”

“What should I do about the man’s body? Thunder Dragon is a high-density steel straight man, will it be too embarrassing for him?”

Little Brother Zhang sat in the full of smiles Looking at the sunlight outside the window: “Everything is arranged for the best, and relationships don’t have to be between men and women.”

“That’s right.” Haozi yawned: “Grandfather Pi that How’s it going? She’s very slow in her work, so don’t delay it.”

“I don’t know, it is said that she and Xu Wei have already started.” Brother Zhang shook his head when he saw Haozi’s appearance. He nodded and said, “I think you’d better not worry about this now and go to sleep.”

“Well, go after eating.”

Today is Sunday, little boy Brother Zhang doesn’t have to go to work, so he is the one who sits in the store. If he has to write a diary or something, it must be windy but nothing to do today.

He is still doing his own business calmly, and all the stories around him still have nothing to do with him, just like the sun, so bright and powerful, but nothing happens on Earth. It rises as usual on second day.

In the afternoon, the last group of customers during the noon rush hour were sent off. Brother Zhang sat at the door of the milk tea shop, quietly basking in the sun, with his precious radio beside him, like a Little Old Man holding a pot of tea, silently watching the people coming, people going in the alley.

Just when everything seemed to be calm and indifferent, in the sky suddenly flickered, Xiao Zhang looked up and found that today is the day of Unending Nine Stars.

It is recorded in the ancient book that Unending Nine Stars must have something strange going on.

Brother Zhang silently sighed: “I hope the whole world at peace.”

After he finished speaking, he put away the stool and went back to the store, but just as he started preparing for the evening When he needed the ingredients, his metal rod suddenly began to change, and the red in the second half rose rapidly, pushing it all the way to the early tenth of the scale.

Brother Zhang picked up the metal stick and looked at it, and his eyes became different at that time.

Then he walked slowly to the backyard, and the door of the milk tea shop automatically locked with a click when he entered the backyard.

“I’m going out to do some errands.” Brother Zhang said to the white dog who was taking a bath in the yard: “You take care of Nian Nian.”

“Okay.” Sister Gou Jumping up from the hot spring: “What happened?”

Brother Zhang took out the iron rod and showed her a look. Sister Gou immediately understood, and then repeatedly said: “Be careful.”

“It’s all right, it’s a small matter.”

After Xiao Zhang finished speaking, he rode his little electric donkey and walked out of the main entrance of the Taoist temple.

At this moment, the meteor that flashed in front of Brother Zhang just now is hurriedly sliding towards the north.

Brother Zhang rode his little electric donkey and followed the meteor all the way north. As the meteor got closer to the ground, his speed became faster. It can directly penetrate buildings and hills.

Bright music came from the earphones on his ears, and Xiao Zhang took 37 minutes to reach the depths of the Changbai Mountains.

He parked the small electric car, stood under a hazelnut tree and bent over to pick up the hazelnuts that fell on the ground. He saved a pocket and put it in the back seat of the electric car.

Until he picked up about three catties of hazelnuts, a light appeared in the woods deeper in front of him, and all the birds that had returned to the forest were blown up with a bang, and many small animals also scrambled for it. ran out of the woods.

Brother Zhang extended the hand to stop a squirrel, and the squirrel jumped into his hand and started chirp chirp twitter twitter.

“Don’t be nervous.” Brother Zhang took out a hazelnut from his pocket and put it in the squirrel’s hand: “Take me there.”

The squirrel hesitated for a moment, then nodded, Started to point the way for Brother Zhang.

After walking about 300 meters, a vast clear spring came into view. Brother Zhang turned his head and asked the squirrel parked on his shoulder: “Is this right here?”

The squirrel gave a positive answer, little brother Zhang nodded, and gently stroked Little Squirrel’s head with his fingers: “Go.”

Then Little Squirrel ran back with hazelnuts in his mouth. In the past, a few jumps disappeared from Brother Zhang’s field of vision.

Brother Zhang stood there and looked all around, his field of vision also entered the search mode, and the observation of the 360-degree perspective without blind spots quickly formed a complete picture of this area in Brother Zhang’s mind. , not even a leaf fell out of his sight.

And soon, he found the place where the “meteor” fell, and he walked over slowly.

But before he started to do anything, a surge of energy rushed towards him suddenly.

This spiritual power crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, everything on the road, whether it is rocks or trees, will be broken down into particles by this spiritual power.

Brother Zhang gently shook the head but did nothing, just let the manic shock wave penetrate his body, making the corners of his clothes rattle.

But when the dust settles, he’s still him, still standing motionless.

But at this moment, he saw a red-haired boy appearing in front of him, with no wisps on his body, but a fierce look in his eyes.

“Go back.” Brother Zhang said softly, “I’ll take you back now.”

“Delusional! Trifling mortals dare to give orders to me?”

(end of this chapter)

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