What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 76


Chapter 76 The gods are not allowed

The red-haired boy, while speaking, ignited a scorching flame all over his body. The temperature of ten kilometers suddenly increased, and the snow that did not melt all year round quickly thawed, and the closer it was to him, the higher the temperature.

And there was even lava under his feet. This power is obviously not what the world can and should have.

Brother Zhang still had the same expression: “Go back!”

“You are delusional!”

The red-haired boy suddenly turned into a maddened The meteor rushed towards Brother Zhang, but Brother Zhang didn’t even move. He just flicked his finger to the side, and the hot meteor hit the lake, stirring up a hundred-meter-high water curtain.

The high temperature coupled with the water made it shrouded in mist in an instant, but Brother Zhang just flicked a fan with his hand, the mist dissipated in an instant, and he came to the red-haired boy who was confused. : “Go back.”

“I don’t!”

Stubborn as a teenager, he rose up again to attack Brother Zhang, but Brother Zhang was still expressionless, just He reached out his hand and hooked it, and then he saw an earthen wall rising up on the ground.

The red-haired boy coldly snorted slammed his head into the earth wall, but the expected shattering did not appear. The earth wall seemed to have life, no matter how many times it shattered, it would be reorganized in the first Time Shatter .

A wall, three inches thick, but the red-haired boy found himself with full firepower for more than a minute and didn’t penetrate it?

Even a fool knew something was wrong, so he exerted all his strength, the flames burst open, and dozens of kilometers suddenly turned into a fire sea.

Little Brother Zhang pinched up with one hand, all the flames went out on the spot, as if they had never appeared, and then he pointed at the red-haired boy with his finger.

The mountains, rivers and the earth came alive in this brief moment, and countless giant hands stretched out on the ground to try to grasp the red-haired boy.

Seeing this scene, the young man finally showed consternation on his face. He didn’t understand why such a terrifying power existed in the mortal world.

He nimbly avoided the countless hands in the air, waiting for an opportunity to escape. After agilely dodging the giant hand of the earth spirit, he accelerated and flew into the distance, the speed was rare in the world, and the bursting air waves even crushed dry weeds and smashing rotten wood for dozens of kilometers around. Forests were destroyed.

Brother Zhang shook the head, hands gently clapped, the boy in midair was like a bird hitting the glass, making a loud noise like muffled thunder, and then fell straight down.

“What monster are you!”

The red-haired boy who was held by the giant earth spirit roared at Brother Zhang: “Do you know who I am? I It’s Heavenly God! You dare to disturb a Heavenly God! Do you know how you will be punished?”

Brother Zhang didn’t seem to hear his roar, just turned his head and slowly raised his head Hand, in just one breath, everything that was destroyed by the red-haired boy was pulled up again, and within a few breaths, everything had recovered.

Seeing this scene, the red-haired boy stared wide-eyed in disbelief, because as a god family, he has seen all the terrifying destructive power. The world is shaking terrifying existence, but he has never seen an existence that can revive broken things with a wave of his hand.

How to explain it with science? Yes, entropy increase is irreversible.

But Brother Zhang can do anti-entropy…

This kind of power is desperate, it may not have the power to break a mountain with one punch, but the problem is To dry a mountain at once, even a human can use tools to achieve this level, but to turn a tree from withered to green at once, this is the ability that Divine Immortal does not have.

“Go back.”

Brother Zhang walked up to the red-haired boy and looked up at him: “This is not where you should come.”

Seeing the light in the center of Brother Zhang’s forehead, the red-haired boy immediately knew what he had encountered… Goddamn Guardian!

“I’ll go back! I can’t go back!”

Hearing what he said, Brother Zhang asked the chaotic giant to put him down, but as soon as he landed, He suddenly shifted his position and entered a city in the blink of an eye.

Looking at the heavy traffic downstairs, the red-haired boy sucked in a breath of cold air: “I’m free! Go back? Go back to Yin Sector, I won’t go back, I finally took advantage of the Unending Nine Stars to run. Come out.”

After he finished speaking, his body shook, and a set of clothes appeared on his body, and this set of clothes was exactly the same as that of a man on the side of the road.

Then he jumped down from the tall building: “Human world, lord come!”

But when he closed his eyes and took a big breath in the bustling world, he felt his nasal cavity The inside was suddenly filled with the fragrance of earth again.

He opened his eyes quickly, only to find that he had returned to the broken place just now.

“God, just let me play, I promise to do nothing… I just want to live in the world.”

It’s hard to see, red-haired boy He began to beg: “God…please do me a favour.”

But Brother Zhang didn’t say a word, just waved a hand towards the void, and then a path appeared in front of them. door.

He looked up at the door, which opened slowly.

The moment the door opened, there were countless light spots that were about to rush out, but Brother Zhang just raised his hand, and the light spots braked suddenly one after another, and then naked eyes. The visible gray has darkened, and there is a feeling of being covered in dirt.

Brother Zhang lowered his eyelids and glanced at the red-haired boy, then gently poked his hand into the void for a while, took out his tablet and charger and shoved it into the red-haired boy’s hand, Then he threw him in the door.

The door slammed shut, gradually disappearing between Heaven and Earth.

Brother Zhang checked again and found that nothing was missing, so he whistled, and a star horse ran out from the depths of the woods and turned into an electric car in front of him.

Brother Zhang got on the electric bike and rode for more than ten meters on the uneven ground, and then disappeared in place with a swoosh.

When he reappeared, he was already on the road of GZ, he just appeared out of thin air, but it seemed that no one felt anything wrong.

Brother Zhang, who was riding a small electric donkey, returned to Chang’an Lane slowly and leisurely. When he first arrived at the door of the store, he found Thunder Dragon crouching behind the glass wall, waiting for Brother Zhang like a wife stone.

“What? My friend sent it away?”

Brother Zhang returned to the store, opened the door, and let Thunder Dragon in. Then he took out his small iron rod and glanced at it, and found that the reading had returned to eight. Brother Zhang nodded and continued to ask, “Why are you frowning.”

“Boss, can you help me? “


“Go and help Huang Die’er change her personality…you know how it feels, I know she’s my wife and I really want to…but she Now it’s a man! I almost kissed it today, and after I reacted, I threw up and ate all the dinner for nothing.”

Thunder Dragon’s words made Brother Zhang laugh out loud, and he said The lights in the store were turned on, and I sat back in the same place: “I don’t care about this, you can either take care of yourself or make mistakes.”

“No! .” Thunder Dragon shook his head vigorously: “Boss, how about this… you turned me into a woman? I’ll try the feeling of being stabbed.”

Brother Zhang didn’t bother to pay attention to him, just looked down Looking at the roasted meat and roasted chicken in the stove, he found that it was not overdone, so he raised his head and asked, “What would you like to eat?”

“Let’s roast pork rice.”

Thunder Dragon Sitting down, watching Brother Zhang skillfully pick out a piece of barbecue ka ka, chop it up, and then accompany it with rice, he sighed: “Boss, I don’t usually talk much… just help me and let me I might as well try being a woman.”

“Have you found pig gall bladder today?”

“No.” Thunder Dragon shook his head and said, “I heard from his family that he went out to buy goods. I’m done.”


“Hahaha, he really seems to be thinking about his life. He was in a car accident before, and he was killed by a pig as soon as he died. Bitter gall is possessed, but he is good. After people reincarnated in someone else’s body, they have done a career. He actually inherited the identity and memory of others. Now Zhu Kudan is the boss of an auto repair shop. No, go to another place. I went to adjust the accessories.”

“I live my life quite seriously.”

“No… I called him and said that the representative of Twelve Spirits wanted to chat with him, He said yes, but he had to wait until he came back on Wednesday. We made an appointment to come here at night, do you think it’s okay?”

“You can decide.” Brother Zhang sat there and took out the hazelnuts: “I picked up a lot of hazelnuts. I’ll roast them first.”

“By the way, where did you go just now?” Thunder Dragon curiously asked: “The gates are closed.”


Brother Zhang replied to Thunder Dragon while stuffing hazelnuts into the stove: “Didn’t you see hazelnuts? ? “

“To the northeast…” Thunder Dragon suddenly stared wide-eyed: “Unending Nine Stars!” Did something dirty come over? “

“en.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “Level 4.” “

“Oh… Level 4 is not something I can compare to. According to the level over there, I am at most Level 6.” “

“Eight. “Brother Zhang still looks slow and steady: “Maybe it will be better than the child before enlightenment.” “

“What a failure…” Thunder Dragon sighed: “Peak in the world is just that dog.” “

“A dog is better.” “Brother Zhang said with a smile:” So they are not allowed to appear here. “

While they were chatting, a person came in outside, and at a glance, it was Zhang Yao.

It’s been a while since she had appeared, but now I look at her. It’s in good shape.

“Hey, there’s a new guy on the other end of me. He said it was introduced by the Holy Master. I guess it’s you. “Zhang Yao sat opposite Brother Zhang: “Are you still thinking about me? “

Thunder Dragon shuddered, hid and started eating with the rice, so as not to be too disgusted by Zhang Yao to eat.

“He is very difficult to deal with , I don’t know if you can do it. Brother Zhang reminded Zhang Yao politely, “But I don’t think it’s a big problem. “

“Hahaha…don’t worry, he’s been coaxed by me for a while now.” “Zhang Yao turned around and said with a smile: “By the way, I think my team can start picking up jobs, what do you think? “

“As you like.” Brother Zhang raised his head and looked at her, then suddenly laughed: “Let’s wait for the new one to get used to it, you are a bit unreliable now.” ”

(end of this chapter)

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