What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 77


Chapter 77 Perverts, Thunder Dragon

To say how unreliable Zhang Yao is now, it’s plain It’s a group of small animals planning their life goals, and if there are no accidents, there will be more small animals on Zhang Yao’s side in the future. If you know it, it’s called the Civil Anomaly Affairs Investigation Institute. .

Where are Fantastic Beasts? Of course it was in Zhang Yao’s den.

If you don’t believe me, you can take stock of the situation around her. There is a fox, a cat, a beetle Demon God, a love-brain ice skater, and the rest is just introduced by Brother Zhang. the yellow butterfly.

Although Huang Die’er can’t be said to be normal, she is also a person, and after receiving the modern consciousness, she can quickly become Full Mastery with her wisdom. Are small animals more powerful?

However, to say why Huang Die’er is still accepted as a corpse fairy, here we have to talk about the dialectical thinking of everyone from Xiao Zhang to Twelve Spirits.

The Twelve Spirits and Zombiexian are indeed mortal enemies, and they have been killing them since more than 2,000 years ago. At that time, the Twelve Spirits did not have dragons and dogs, but turtles and cranes. It was precisely because the turtle and crane were beaten by the corpse that the soul flew away and scattered and could not get back up again, so the dragon and the dog were added, and the final shape was finalized.

But in fact, not many people now know that the twelve spirits are actually the corpse and the immortals. Back then, there were dozens of doorways in the world of Xuanhuang, and they were senior and junior brothers, but they fought well. No deal.

This is the predecessor of the corpse and the twelve spirits. Afterwards, some people integrated all these people to end the disputes that lasted for hundreds of years, so they became Qimen. Qimen is in It was quite beautiful in the pre-Qin period. Even in the Hundred Schools of Thought Contend, there were ideological products such as the Yin Yang Family, Taoism and Mohism, but after about a hundred years, Qimen There were differences among the people, and some of them followed Qing Lingzi and other leaders to go out and conquer the world. The other part is left to continue to develop doctrine and magic.

But didn’t expect Qinglingzi, the Old Dog, not long after he went out, he began to lead people to counterattack his mother’s family, and Qimen suffered heavy losses for a while, but let Qinglingzi’s lineage technique take over. reputation.

Here, the Twelve Spirits are considered to be born in response to the calamity, so the strictly speaking Twelve Spirits are the corpse decomposing the immortals. After so many years of mutual struggle, some corpse deciphering immortals came to become the Twelve Spirits, There are also twelve spirits who defected and became corpse immortals. You have me, I have you, and it has long been tragic.

Otherwise, there will not be a human tragedy in which the dragon and the butterfly are married.

Therefore, in the words of Brother Zhang, the corpse immortals have received the most cruel and severe punishment for the choices they have made, and now the corpse immortals are actually completely different individuals. .

It’s just that supervision still needs to be supervised, because this group of people is a factor of instability, and they have a great probability of continuing to do evil. It is to be tied to a bronze pillar and ironed by an adult.

For someone like Huang Die’er who took the initiative to seek refuge, the Twelve Spirits themselves will not reject them, and now the master of the Twelve Spirits is Brother Xiao Zhang, who is the common Holy Master of both parties, which is justifiable. , If they betrayed, they may not be able to bear the price, because as long as she has appeared in front of Sister Gou once, she can chase the ends of the earth. There may be no one in the world who is willing to be born by Sister Gou and Hu Niu. Guardian chases and kills at the same time? That would be miserable.

Let’s get down to business, and then put my eyes back on Zhang Yao, although she doesn’t feel anything yet, but basically after taking the Grandfather Pi, one of her feet has already stepped into the Monster Realm. As long as her organization still exists, it is bound to become the connection point between the Monster Realm and the Human World, and more and more demon spirits who want to enter the Human World will gradually become familiar with this world through her.

“In other words, if this book is female, it can be changed to “Zhang Yao and Her Little Animals”.”

Brother Zhang said so of.

However, Zhang Yao couldn’t react after hearing it: “What do you mean? What female text?”

“It’s okay.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “I just said it casually. It’s just nonsense.”

“Okay, I don’t really care if it’s a demon or not, I think they’re all cute. Da Huang, Grandfather Pi, they’re all super cute.”

“en.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “You can do business slowly.”

“Okay, then I’ll go back today.”

” en. ”

Zhang Yao got up and left, and went back to take care of her small zoo.

According to Zhang Yao’s idea, although her non-governmental organization is now listed, it still needs to wait until the next year before it can be put into operation, mainly because the small animals introduced by Grandfather Pi are now Still waiting to get the year-end bonus and can’t walk away, I have to wait until after their annual meeting lottery to leave.

Wait until she returns to her warehouse. After this period of renovation, the warehouse has completely changed. It can be said to be very high-tech. It is equipped with electronic fences from the door. If an authenticated person or something breaks in, Zhang Yao will be immediately notified.

After Zhang Yao was notified, she could completely close the warehouse, counterattack or even destroy it directly.

In the warehouse, there are many relatively advanced technology products. Although it has not reached the level of the real Iron Man, it is definitely the ultimate dream of any man.

In order to prevent her computer from being invaded, Zhang Yao even changed a system platform that only belongs to her based on the system in the iron battle clothes that “Santa Claus” gave her.

But it’s funny to say it. After she worked so hard, she realized that the things she may face in the future seem to have little to do with high technology, but instead get more offensive weapons is the right way.

Sitting in the warehouse, Zhang Yao was sorting out the future expenditure budget on the computer when she suddenly heard a loud noise from outside.

She turned her head to the side only to find Grandfather Pi rushing in crookedly and headed into her own cabin.

Zhang Yao hurried over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Monsters…there are monsters!!! It’s disgusting!”

Grandfather Pi The words made Zhang Yao’s heart suddenly twitch. Although Grandfather Pi is quite good at Xiao Zhang’s side, in fact, she is definitely an expert in other places, and it can make Grandfather Pi scare like this, Zhang Yao How much is a little heartless.

But now she is no longer the little girl who had no one to rely on, she learned a trick – Brother Zhang~~~

Quickly connect After watching the video, Brother Zhang was working, he put his phone on the phone stand, and looked at Zhang Yao in the video curiously: “What’s wrong?”

“Grandfather Pi just said that there are monsters outside, I Go and have a look, but I’m afraid…” Zhang Yao’s voice sounded pitiful: “Will you accompany me~~~”

Brother Zhang heard Haozi there before he spoke I learned Zhang Yao’s coquettishness, and learned it vividly. There was a clear and audible laughter behind Zhang Yao’s invisible, obviously there were many people there.

This time even Zhang Yao blushed a little, she coughed and gradually returned to normal: “I’m going out, if I see danger, immediately come to protect me… OK? “


Brother Zhang is a soft-hearted and talkative person. As long as someone begs him, as long as the request is not excessive, he will basically not refuse. So Zhang Yao clearly and keenly grasped this point, and has begun to gradually put forward some small requirements that are almost no effort at all.

After Brother Zhang promised to protect her, Zhang Yao walked out slowly with her mobile phone in her hand. By the dim light outside, she saw two people standing there not far away. The outline should be a man and a man. Female.

“Did you see Brother Zhang? Are there two people? Or is it only me?”

“It’s two people.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “No Only you can see.”

“Then I can rest assured, I’ll walk in a little now.”

Zhang Yao approached the two with her mobile phone, about five meters away from the two of them. At the time, I could already hear their conversation, and the man was a new member of the Little Animal Paradise, Huang Die’er.

But that girl… seems to be very strange, never seen before.

What are they talking about? Zhang Yao didn’t listen carefully, but just pointed the camera of the mobile phone at the woman who was chatting with Huang Dier, so that Brother Zhang could see who that person was.

This time, Brother Zhang was not the only one on the side of Brother Zhang. All the people present rushed over, wanting to see who the person who was chatting with Huang Dier was.

Not to mention, that woman is pretty good-looking, with a high nose bridge, an oval face, big eyes and a tall figure, which is simply the template for the perfect lover.

The only downside is that the hairstyle is a bit weird, it’s like buying a wig.

And Huang Die’er, who was chatting happily, suddenly reached out and grabbed the man’s hair, revealing a hairy head.

“This hairstyle is a bit like Thunder Dragon.”

When the people in the phone saw this scene, their expressions suddenly became a little distorted, and Haozi asked in horror: “I’m afraid it’s not really him, right?”

And when she heard the voice on the phone, the woman from Dalailai suddenly turned her head and shouted at the camera: “It’s Lao Tzu, it’s Lao Tzu, it’s Lao Tzu! Ask Excuse me, what is there to ask? And you, what to shoot? You have nothing to do, right? You are not looking for something uncomfortable when you are in menopause, right?”

This time, Zhang Yao’s phone The sound of retching became a continuous stream, and even Brother Zhang’s expression became distorted. After Zhang Yao carefully looked at the new Thunder Dragon shape, he thought of the restlessness of Grandfather Pi just now, and suddenly felt his stomach. A little uncomfortable.

Soon the scolding started on the phone. Everyone was screaming Thunder Dragon, but Thunder Dragon remained unmoved and continued to chat with Huang Dier.

Finally, even Huang Die’er couldn’t take it anymore, took a few steps back, and wa’ed vomited.

“What?” Thunder Dragon weighed his Diners: “I’m not pretty?”

(End of this chapter)

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