What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Taking advantage of his illness to kill him

The key to making Thunder Dragon disgusting is not whether it looks good or not, but It is because of the terrifying contrast between his usual image and his current image.

The eyes tell the brain that the impossible is Thunder Dragon, but the memory repeatedly insists that the impossible is Thunder Dragon.

This incoordination of memory thoughts and senses can cause intense discomfort, like motion sickness.

The biggest problem with Thunder Dragon now is that his indebtedness to Huang Die’er has reached a point where he is distorted.

It’s okay to say that he is twisted by himself, but he doesn’t. He insists on wearing women’s clothes and then dangling under other people’s noses. But the kind that stinks and disgusts when he dies.

Since Thunder Dragon tried women’s clothing for the first time last night, he has changed twelve outfits so far, and from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, his courier has not stopped.

Cosmetics, a few sets.

A few sets of wigs.

Lori skirt, here are some sets.

Princess suit, here are some sets.

There are eight sets of fake Laizi, all sizes are available.

Grandfather Pi made him vomit for a whole day, so he pestered Zhang Yao and asked her to check for himself if it was small.

The more critical issue is that he not only hates Grandfather Pi, he hates everyone. Brother Zhang’s tolerance should be pretty good. He doesn’t want to read more about Thunder Dragon. Brother Zhang, who has been Wraith for many years, actually takes the initiative to go out for a walk.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is all thanks to Thunder Dragon.

And as long as he was in the store, the number of customers dropped sharply by 80%, mainly because most of the customers here were regular customers. When regular customers saw Thunder Dragon’s aggressive appearance, not to mention eating, they couldn’t even take a sip of water.

“You have a dignified thunder technique Heavenly Dragon, make yourself like this, what are you like!”

Huang Dier pointed at Thunder Dragon’s nose and scolded him. Thunder Dragon really made this a complaint, and it is reasonable for Huang Dieer to scold him. After all, others are not very good at talking about this kind of thing. The reason is not because of Thunder Dragon’s feeling of indebtedness to Huang Dieer. what.

But when Huang Die’er scolds him, there is no psychological pressure. She is the heroine of the incident. Although she has become a young man when she reincarnates as a human being due to some misunderstandings, but correcting her. The fundamental core is Huang Die’er herself, the one who told Thunder Dragon that “there is rice in the pot” even when he was dying.

“I don’t need you to feel any guilt, and I’m not the kind of person who brings this up repeatedly. Haven’t you heard of all the dharmas? Cultivation? I think you have cultivated into a dog. Go.”

Huang Die’er’s scolding is terrible, which can be regarded as revealing Haozi’s heart, but if it is Haozi, if he is not beaten by Thunder Dragon today If Half-Life was lost, the Thunder Dragon was not the Thunder Dragon he knew.

“I didn’t hate you when you broke my heart with your thunder technique. But now I’m sick of seeing you like this!”

Thunder Dragon Low Without speaking, he silently took off the makeup and wig on his face.

“Your stockings will take off later!”

Huang Die’er scolded her sleeves and walked away: “Reflect on it!”

After she left, Thunder Dragon then stepped on the steps and slowly pulled back his stockings. Seeing the hair on his calf fluttering in the wind, Haozi didn’t hold back his laugh.

“What are you laughing at?”

“If you want me to tell you, it’s not wrong for you to be planted in her hands in your last life. Huang Die’er is really fierce.”


Lei dragon’s mouth groaned and didn’t dare to express his opinion. He just took off his two stockings and returned to the room. After a while, he put on his normal clothes and walked out.

“Isn’t this normal?”

Haozi’s words made Thunder Dragon sigh: “I don’t want to make up for her, she lived too hard in her previous life, and I too There’s nothing for her.”

“If you really want to say compensation, then it’s better to ask Brother Zhang to change your personality.” Haozi shook his head and said, “It’s just such a disgusting trick of yours, wait a minute. Next time the eldest sister comes back, she has to beat you to death.”

Thunder Dragon sat there silently and lit a cigarette, and his expression when he looked at Haozi became a little gloomy and uncertain in the smoke. stand up.

“Don’t hit me.”

After about a cigarette of silence, Thunder Dragon suddenly said, “You said, can I use the spirit of words to directly kill her? My daughter has recovered?”

“Then you are afraid that you will be punished by Brother Zhang.”

“Then I recognize it! No, I will discuss with her. Just a moment.”

Thunder Dragon jumped out of the counter and said to Haozi before leaving, “Look at the store.”

After he finished speaking, he galloped all the way. Found the crying yellow butterfly sitting on the beach outside their base.

Thunder Dragon stood behind her for a while, then sighed and sat next to her, extending the hand to wrap Huang Die’er’s shoulder: “Don’t cry, I’m here to apologize to you.”

Huang Die’er couldn’t be wronged, she leaned her head on Thunder Dragon’s shoulder, but Thunder Dragon turned her head to the side and saw a man’s face. After taking a deep breath for a long time, he said: “How about… I’ll try to restore your daughter’s body?”

“Is it really capable? But isn’t the Lord forbid?”

“Hey, I’m afraid you don’t know…” Thunder Dragon suddenly closed his mouth when he said this, and then changed his mouth: “There is a way anyway, but there is a ban, I can’t tell others.”

Huang Die’er doesn’t blame him for refusing to tell him, after all, there are so many messy rules in their business, and there are even some things that are hard to even mention.

It’s just that this transformation of the daughter’s body is a major event, and it’s definitely not something that can be done by going to Thailand for an operation, or even… It may violate the ban, because Huang Die’er is using it now. The body is not her own.

“It doesn’t matter, let it go.” Thunder Dragon got up and looked back at Huang Die’er, then cleared his throat and said, “Wait… wait…”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’ll organize the language.”

Thunder Dragon said after thinking for a long time: “Turn Huang Die’er’s current body into her own. body.”

The voice fell to the ground, Thunder Dragon’s chest suddenly seemed to be penetrated by a sharp blade, and blood gushed out.

Huang Die’er was stunned for a moment, and immediately rushed over to cover Thunder Dragon’s wound: “What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay, I am Heavenly Dragon.”


After finishing speaking, Thunder Dragon continued: “Turn Huang Die’er’s current body into her own body.”

This time it was still unsuccessful, Thunder Dragon’s left hand clicked and was knocked out. Broken, he screamed in pain, and bounced on the ground like an ornamental fish jumping out of a bathtub.

Seeing him like this, the Yellow Butterfly people were scared and dumbfounded. She cried and begged for help, but was lightly covered by Thunder Dragon’s right hand, Thunder Dragon said weakly and tremblingly : “For you, I’m willing to pay any price…! Turn Huang Die’er’s current body into her own body!!!! Now!” She began to feel a change in her body, but she couldn’t care less about it, picked up the Thunder Dragon, who had completely fainted, and entered the warehouse.

Zhang Yao was testing a robotic arm there, and when she saw Huang Die’er rushing in, she was startled: “Who are you?”

Huang Die’er For a moment, she pointed to herself: “I am, Huang Die’er.”

Zhang Yao looked at the Thunder Dragon in her arms, then looked at the completely unfamiliar Huang Die’er, and finally chose to take it. A mirror came out.

When Zhang Yao put Thunder Dragon on the table, Huang Dier began to look in the mirror. She was shocked to find that she had completely changed into what she used to be, with red lips, white teeth, Fair-skinned, every frown and smile are sexy bearing and charming temperament.

Zhang Yao started the medical robot next to Thunder Dragon to check, but she kept looking at Huang Dier.

To be honest, although Zhang Yao has seen a lot of strange things these days, this level of strangeness is the first time.

It’s not that it’s male-to-female, the main reason is that it’s too good-looking, right? That skin, that appearance, that figure, and even had a feeling of Immortal Qi fluttering, pure and wanting to say, and looking cute.

Is this what Huang Die’er looks like?

But the good times didn’t last long. With the sun set behind the western hills, Huang Die’er’s appearance once again returned to a man’s body. Although she was shocked by her own changes, she was more worried about Thunder Dragon’s injury .

Because even Huang Die’er is the first time to see Heavenly Dragon’s injury that cannot recover on its own, and is still in a coma.

“Why did you change back?”

Zhang Yao just took the adrenaline and was about to give Thunder Dragon a tube to go in, but found that Huang Die’er had returned to her original appearance. .

“I don’t know…how is he?”

“I’ve lasered him to stop the bleeding, but he’s still dangerous.”

“Why don’t you go to the hospital?” Huang Die’er was about to cry in a hurry: “It’s better to go to the Holy Master.”

“It’s okay, I might go to the hospital for nothing.” Zhang Yao was treating Thunder Dragon’s wound while answering Huang Die’er’s question: “I already sent him a message just now, and he said he doesn’t care.”

“Ah? The Holy Master doesn’t care? Why?”

Zhang Yao shrugged: “Who knows, don’t talk nonsense, come and help me fix his hands and feet.”

On the other side, Brother Zhang sat there, eyes wide open. But he always seemed to be looking somewhere, and he answered when others talked to him, but his eyes never took back.

“Thunder Dragon said that at the time, and I don’t know if he will do something stupid.”

“He has already done it.” Brother Zhang replied: “In the In Zhang Yao’s warehouse.”

tone barely fell , Grandfather Pi slammed open the door of the small shop: “Not good, not good, Thunder Dragon seems to be dying.”

Brother Zhang slowly lowered his eyelids, but did not move.

“You don’t care? He may be dying…”

“I said that everyone’s ending is their own choice.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said: ” The power of words didn’t make him do anything wrong, he called himself repercussions.”

“But he’s going to die!” Grandfather Pi stamped his feet anxiously: “Zhang Yao can’t be saved soon. “

Brother Zhang finally retracted his eyes this time, looked towards Grandfather Pi: “There is an old saying, you have to admit your mistakes, and you have to stand firm. Let him hurt for a while.”

Hearing this sentence, Grandfather Pi sat down on his butt instead, his expression was no longer in a hurry, his face looked good, and he even took out a hundred-yuan bill from his butt pocket: “Boss, here’s a roast chicken. .”

(end of this chapter)

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